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Title:National Heritage List for England
Originator:English Heritage

Associated Monuments (first 1000 links displayed, contact Devon HER for more information)

MDV238021 - 27 Clarence road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV244641 - 5 Redgate, Bartows Causeway, Tiverton (Building)
MDV246181 and 1a Chapel Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV894001 and 1A St Paul's Square, Tiverton (Building)
MDV237541 and 2 Albion Terrace, Exmouth (Building)
MDV229721 and 2 Rooklands, Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV442521 and 3 Beavor Lane, Axminster (Building)
MDV295091 and 3 Highweek Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV235981 and 3 Rolle Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV229631 and 3 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV233951 Church Street (Building)
MDV989251 Church Walk, including attached Gatepier to Churchyard (Building)
MDV990321 Cooper Street and 53-55 Mill Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV229911 Courtenay Park Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV989851 Honestone Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV484911 to 4 Bridge Buildings, Tiverton (Building)
MDV245861 to 5 (odd) Angel Hill, Tiverton (Building)
MDV245091 to 6 Twyford Place, Tiverton (Building)
MDV1009271, 2 and 2a Dolvin Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV2302010 - 12A East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV4024310 and12 Fore Street, Moretonhampstead (Building)
MDV2378610 Bicton Place, Exmouth (Building)
MDV8939510 Bridge Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV84610 High Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2303410 Highweek Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2376410 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV91942100, QUEEN STREET (Building)
MDV24605101 and 102 Bampton Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV8919710-14 (even) St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV92137102 High Street, Crediton (Building)
MDV23435103 High Street, Crediton (Building)
MDV23438107 and 108 High Street, Crediton (Building)
MDV2076511 and 11A Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2378911 and 13 Bicton Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV9924911 Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV393211 Market Street, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV2376511 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2295911 Torquay Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2296611 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV140881-11 Elm Terrace, Leat Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9899911-14, Silver Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV893791-15 (odd) Castle Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV89305115-119 (odd) Chapel Street, and attached outbuilding to 117, Tiverton (Building)
MDV8771-16 Butcher's Row, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV91616117-123 East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2299612 and 13 Courtenay Park Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2459012 and 14 Angel Hill, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2379512 Bicton Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV3875512 Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2223112 Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV9897712 Market Place, Bideford (Building)
MDV2465612 Newport Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV8912712 St Andrew Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2376612 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV4930712 to 22 Church Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV91841120 and 121 High Street, Crediton (Building)
MDV23442129 High Street, Crediton (Building)
MDV2451113 and 14 Twyford Place, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2378713 Bicton Place, Exmouth (Building)
MDV5965513 Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV9896413 Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV8914613 St Andrew Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2376713 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2458913 to 17 (odd) Angel Hill, Tiverton (Building)
MDV23443130 High Street, Crediton (Building)
MDV91610131 East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV23032133-147 East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV23445137 High Street, Crediton (Building)
MDV2299714 and 15 Courtenay Park Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2459414 and 16 Bampton Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV4040314 and 16 Fore Street, Moretonhampstead (Building)
MDV2379614 Bicton Street, Exmoouth (Building)
MDV246121-4 Bridge Terrace, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2340914 High Street, Crediton (Building)
MDV9601814 Joy Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2376814 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV9888614 Torrington Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV8939314 Wellbrook Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2358714-22 Montpellier Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2301114-24 Devon Square, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2376915 and 15A The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2341015 and 16 High Street (Building)
MDV2451215 and 16 Twyford Place, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2379015 and 17 Bicton Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2462715 Fore Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2358915 North Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV8914715 St Andrew Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV8917915 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV989831-5 Victoria Terrace, Bideford, including Raised Pavement and Railing (Building)
MDV2299816 and 17 Courtenay Park Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV9888416 and 17 Torrington Street (Building)
MDV2459116 Angel Hill, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9897416 Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2463416 Fore Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2199716 Highweek Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2377016 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV9703216, 17 and 18 North Road, Bideford (Building)
MDV9194516-34 Queen Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV9896317 and 18 The Strand, Bideford (Building)
MDV9705017 and 19 Meddon Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV9924617 Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV6573817 Castle Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2380017 Chapel Hill, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2308217 Ford Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV2341117 High Street, Crediton (Building)
MDV2359017 North Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV8914817 St Andrew Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV8918017 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2377117 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV9896518 and 18a Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2341218 and 18a High Street (Building)
MDV2379718 Bicton Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV230091-8 Devon Square, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV4040418 Fore Street, Moretonhampstead (Building)
MDV2303618 Highweek Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2377218 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2465718 to 22 (even) Newport Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2448918 to 22 (even) St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9681819 and 20 Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2299919 and 20 Courtenay Park Road, Newton Abbot. (Building)
MDV2341319 and 20 High Street, Crediton (Building)
MDV1352519 and 21 Sandpath Road, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV2379119 Bicton Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2359119 North Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV9903819 The Strand, Bideford (Building)
MDV2463719, 21 and 21A Gold Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2446619-23 (odd) St Andrew Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV915311a Courtenay Park Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV238102 - 6 Henrietta Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV234532 and 3 Parliament Street, Crediton (Building)
MDV230062 and 4 Courtenay Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV992612 and 4 Honestone Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV235862 and 4 Montpellier Road, Exmouth. (Building)
MDV397632 and 4 Sandygate, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV988952 Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV246312 Fore Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV990162 Meddon Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV246622 Park Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV235972 Queen's Court, Exmouth (Building)
MDV246172 to 10 (even) Castle Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV989282, 3 and 4 Church Walk, Bideford (Building)
MDV397612, 4 and 6 Vicarage Hill, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV2379820 - 72 Bicton Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2377420 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV9903620 The Strand, Bideford (Building)
MDV6454021- 23 North Street and Cob Cottages, North Tawton (Building)
MDV9894021 and 22 Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2300021 and 22 Courtenay Park Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2447921 and 23 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV3875421 Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV9601921 Joy Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2377521 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2360621 The Strand, Exmouth (Building)
MDV493062-10 Church Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9704021-25 The Strand, Bideford (Building)
MDV9618522 and 23 High Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2450222 and 24 Silver Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2377622 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2226722, 24 and 25 Bartows Causeway, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2462823 and 23b Fore Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2300123 and 24 Courtenay Park Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV8938323 and 25 Castle Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2379223 Bicton Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV9681923 Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV3976623 Sandpath Road, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV8938424 and 26, Castle Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV244752-4 St Paul's Square, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2449024 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2463524 to 26 Fore Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2459624 to 28 (even) Bampton Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV8915024-25 St Andrew Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2301225 and 26 Devon Square, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2302425 and 27 East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV3976525 Sandpath Road, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV2300225 to 29 Courtenay Park Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV9618726 and 27 High Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2449126 and 28 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9887926 Barnstaple Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2461926 Church Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV8915126-27 St Andrew Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9887727 and 28 Barnstaple Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2460027 Bampton Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2379327 Bicton Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2301327-33 Devon Square, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV1803128 and 28a Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2303728 and 30 Highweek Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV8938528 and 30, Castle Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9701928 High Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV9596228 Silver Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2446728-29 St Andrew Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2460129 Bampton Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV8699529 Bicton Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV9925029 Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2380329 Clarence Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV8938629, 31 and 33, Castle Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV237553 and 4 Albion Terrace, Exmouth (Building)
MDV235813 and 4 Louise Terrace, Exmouth (Building)
MDV891053 and 4 Lowman Green, Tiverton (Building)
MDV237593 and 4 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV970473 and 5 Meddon Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV988923 Bridgeland Street (Building)
MDV229923 Courtenay Park Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV989863 Honestone Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV9889630 Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2449230 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9610431 and 31a Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2380431 and 33 Clarence Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV8934031 Bampton Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV8939831 Church Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9160631 Highweek Village, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2448031 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2359231 to 41 North Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV8938732 and 32A Castle Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9897232 and 32a Mill Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV9744632 High Street (Building)
MDV2449332 to 36 (even) St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV8916432-33 St Andrew Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2463033 and 33a Fore Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9897033 Mill Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2463933-39 (odd) Gold Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9897334 and 35 Mill Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV9183634 High Street, Crediton (Building)
MDV2301534-36 Devon Square, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2360735 The Strand, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2462035 to 41 (odd) Church Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV8935335a Fore Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV80236 Pilton Street, Pilton, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2360836 The Strand, Exmouth (Building)
MDV8934137 Bampton Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV3977837 Fore Street, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV9367037 North Street, Okehampton (Building)
MDV80137 Pilton Street, Pilton, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2301637-39 Devon Square, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV8931038 and 38A Gold Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2449438 and 40 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV3978239 and 41 Gestridge Road, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV2302639 East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2448239 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV8892439, 41 and 43 Tidcombe Lane, Tiverton (Building)
MDV238054 - 8 clarence Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV893664 and 4A, 6 and 6B Fore Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV230044 and 6 Courtenay Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV229884 Bank Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV237824 Bicton Place, Exmouth (Building)
MDV989324 Bridge Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV990204 Buttgarden Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV990284 Cooper Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV549214 Cross Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV402444 Fore Street, Moretonhampstead (Building)
MDV397744 Golvers Hill Road, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV246534 Newport Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV959874 St Peter's Terrace, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV234584 St. Lawrence Green (Building)
MDV245834 to 12 Greenways Almshouses, Gold Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV234774 to 9 Park Street (Building)
MDV229934, 5 and 6 Courtenay Park Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV8931140 Gold Street and 2 Barrington Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2360940 The Strand, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2464041 and 43 Gold Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2448341 and 43 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV919404-12 St. Pauls Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2361042 and 43 The Strand, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2449542 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2464344 and 46 Gold Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9153544 Devon Square, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2463644 Fore Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2449644 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2361144 The Strand, Exmouth (Building)
MDV9701145 - 47 Torrington Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2448445 and 47 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9154045 Devon Square, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2464145 Gold Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2361245 The Strand, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2379445 to 53 Bicton Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2296945 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2449746 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2361346 The Strand, Exmouth (Building)
MDV2447346 to 60 (even) St Andrew's Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2295146-62 Queen Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV9010847 Fore Street, Totnes (Building)
MDV2449848 and 50 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2464448 Gold Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV6339348 Mill Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV9888348 Torrington Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV9926348, 49 and 50 High Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV3978149 and 51 Fore Street, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV8914349 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV891945 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV235825 and 6 Louisa Terrace, Exmouth (Building)
MDV229645 and 7 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV237835 Bicton Place, Exmouth (Building)
MDV246255 Fore Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV970485 Honestone Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV959785 St. Peter's Terrace, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV237605 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV237565, 5A and 6 Albion Terrace, Exmouth (Building)
MDV9900451 and 52 High Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2302252 East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2449952 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV3960053 and 54 High Street (Monument)
MDV2302753 East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2302354 and 56 East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV9611254 Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2450054 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2302855 East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2450156 to 60 (even) St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV4928257 and 61 Halcyon Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2302957 East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV9193557 Queen Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV9901158 and 59 High Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2460359 Bampton Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV989475-9 Bridge Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV989396 and 6a Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV989296 and 7 Church Walk, Bideford (Building)
MDV990896 Buttgarden Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV8106 Cross Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV244876 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV237846, 6A and 7 Bicton Place, Exmouth (Building)
MDV9894160 and 60a Mill Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2298060 and 62 Ashburton Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV9900660 High Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV8932861 and 61A, Bampton Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9901261 High Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2295662 and 64 Seymour Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2459862 Bampton Street and 23 Newport Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV85862 Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV9900762 High Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV9612863 and 64 Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2074063 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV9612965 Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2075065 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV9612566 and 67 Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2075167 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV9613068 Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2075769 & 71 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV9613169 Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV237577 and 8 Albion Terrace, Exmouth (Building)
MDV229947 and 8 Courtenay Park Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV237627 and 8 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV735907 and 9 Bank Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV237887 and 9 Bicton Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV989877 and 9 Honestone Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV245877 Angel Hill, Tiverton (Building)
MDV8487 Cross Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV856987 Fairfax Place, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV893427 Gold Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV245107 to 12 Twyford Place, Tiverton (Building)
MDV1009647 West Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV960997-10 Grosvenor Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV9612275 Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV9611478 Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV2297479 and 79a Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV8930379 Chapel Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV230088 and 10 Courtlands Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV243178 and 9 Lenards Road (Building)
MDV989368 Bridgeland Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV8448 Cross Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV246548 Newport Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV244888 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV245938 to 12 (even) Bampton Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9926080 and 81 High Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2297581 and 81a Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV893188-14 Belmont Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV236178-16 Windsor Square, Exmouth (Building)
MDV8930482 Chapel Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9894282 High Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV2075483 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV10260484-94 Queen Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV2297685 and 87 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV9618885 High Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV9618986 and 86a High Street, and 21 Cross Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV9194788 Queen Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV485019 and 10 Leat Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV235839 and 10 Louisa Terrace, Exmouth (Building)
MDV245889 and 11 Angel Hill, Tiverton (Building)
MDV237859 Bicton Place, Exmouth (Building)
MDV988999 Cooper Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV397839 Crossley Moor Road, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV235999 Rolle Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV746809 St Andrew Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV237639 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV229959, 10 and 11 Courtenay Park Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV961549-12 High Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV230109-13 Devon Square, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV8933293 and 95, Barrington Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9613596 Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV3537697 High Street, Totnes (Building)
MDV84998 High Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV16282A La Ronde, Withycombe Raleigh, Exmouth (Building)
MDV95970Albert Clock, The Square, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV29500Alexandra Theatre and Market House, Market Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV4491Alice Horwood's School, Church Lane, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV9218All Saints Parish Church, Highweek (Building)
MDV23779Alma House, Beacon Hill, Exmouth (Building)
MDV91621Altar Tomb in All Saints Churchyard, Highweek, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV21601Amory House, 11 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV98397Anne Friend headstone south-east of Church of St Petrock (Monument)
MDV90069Apple Wharf, New Walk, Totnes (Building)
MDV98966Appledore Inn, 18 Chingswell Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV39779April Cottage, Fore Street, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV71723Archway Bookshop, Church Street, Axminster (Building)
MDV14891Ash House south of Shilstone Farmstead (Monument)
MDV24575Ashley Cottage, Exter Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV24576Ashley Court Lodge, Exeter Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV24573Ashley House, Crediton Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV23600Athelstan Cottage, St Johns Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV29501Austins, 1 Courtenay Street, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV20753Barchington House, 77 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV81032Barn 25 metres south-east of Middle Bonehill Farmhouse (Building)
MDV35459Barn 50 metres north of Southmeads in Lettaford (Building)
MDV84166Barn at Pitt Farm, Mamhead (Building)
MDV35476Barn north of Sanders in Lettaford (Building)
MDV35455Barn north-west of Southmeads in Lettaford (Building)
MDV33417Barn to east of Shilstone Farmhouse (Building)
MDV878Barnstaple Pannier Market (Building)
MDV873Barnstaple Town Quay or Castle Quay (Monument)
MDV24642Barrington House, Tiverton (Building)
MDV23604Bassetts Farmhouse, St Johns Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV876Bath house building on The Strand, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV23580Beacon Hill House, Louisa Terrace, Exmouth (Building)
MDV34437Beckaford Bridge, Manaton (Monument)
MDV91601Beech Cottage, Foxwell Lane, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV23033Beech Park, Exeter Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV39780Berry Farm, 68 Fore Street, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV96309Berrydene, Ashleigh Road, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV97041Bideford Arts Centre (Building)
MDV24614Bingwell, Canal Hill, Tiverton (Building)
MDV17774Bitton House, Teignmouth (Building)
MDV102306Blackmores' Depository, Rope Walk, Bideford (Building)
MDV24606Blagdon's Almshouse, Barrington Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV22977Blanche House, 89 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV23619Boldbrook Cottage, 145 Withycombe Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV100919Bollard at South End of Church Lane, Tavistock (Building)
MDV851Bonded Warehouse, Paiges Lane, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV48488Boundary Walls and Railings, Heathcoat Square, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV89111Boundary Walls to the Elms and Oakdale, Blundells Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV89152Boundary Walls, Gates and Gate Piers and Coffin Rest, St Peter's Churchyard (Monument)
MDV33350Bovice Headstone at Gidleigh Parish Church (Monument)
MDV9141Bradley Manor, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV813Brannams Pottery, Litchdon Street Pottery, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV89329Brewins School, Bampton Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9480Bridford Bridge (Monument)
MDV95969Bridge Buildings, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV88883Bridge Near Nether Mill (Building)
MDV33351Brock Headstone at Gidleigh Parish Church (Monument)
MDV39776Brookside, 1 Golvers Hill Road, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV24572Broomhill, Baker's Hill, Tiverton (Building)
MDV74472Buckland House, South Street, Axminster. (Building)
MDV43175Building 1: Incorporating Mill at Powder Mills Gunpowder Factory (Building)
MDV43185Building 11: Glazing Mill at Powder Mills Gunpowder Factory (Building)
MDV43176Building 2: Incorporating Mill at Powder Mills Gunpowder Factory (Building)
MDV43177Building 3: Incorporating Mill at Powder Mills Gunpowder Factory (Building)
MDV43178Building 4: Charge Magazine at Powder Mills Gunpowder Factory (Building)
MDV43179Building 5: Charge Magazine at Powder Mills Gunpowder Factory (Building)
MDV43180Building 6: Charge Magazine at Powder Mills Gunpowder Factory (Building)
MDV43181Building 7: Gunpowder Drying House at Powder Mills Gunpowder Factory (Building)
MDV43182Building 8: Charge Magazine at Powder Mills Gunpowder Factory (Building)
MDV43183Building 9: Building with Several Elements at Powder Mills Gunpowder Factory (Building)
MDV22091Building Incorporating True Cruck, Coronet Place (Monument)
MDV35366Bull Inn, 102 High Street, Totnes (Building)
MDV22973Bushel House, 73 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV100903Butchers' Market Hall, Tavistock (Building)
MDV33360Butterwell north-east of Gidleigh Barton (Monument)
MDV23773Byron Court, 19 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV78464Bystock Court, Exmouth (Building)
MDV89396Café, 12 Bridge Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV4025Cairn 37 meters north-east of Yellowmead stone circles. Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV22949Cannons to north-east of St. Leonard's Tower, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV85753Captain Jago's House (Building)
MDV101605Carriage Shed, Kinglsey Road, Bideford (Building)
MDV98906Cast Iron Fence Posts Between Bridgeland Street and Bideford Bridge (Building)
MDV24472Castle Barton, Park Hill, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9139Castle Dyke Farm, 49 Highweek Village, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV35418Castle Hotel, High Street, Totnes (Building)
MDV853Castle House, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV70645Castle Lodge, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV24476Castle Lodge, Park Hill, Tiverton (Building)
MDV91613Central Entrance Block to former Newton Abbot Hospital, East Street (Building)
MDV7721Central Tinner's Hut in Streamwork on Brim Brook, Dartmoor Forest (Building)
MDV8236Chagford Churchyard Cross and War Memorial (Monument)
MDV33206Chagford House, including front terrace (Building)
MDV65755Chalice House, Torridge Hill, Bideford (Building)
MDV17232Chapel at Waldron's Almshouses, Tiverton (Building)
MDV89123Chapel, Tiverton Cemetery (Building)
MDV71633Chest Tomb in St Mary the Virgin Parish Churchyard, Axminster (Building)
MDV94224Chest Tomb in St. Marys Churchyard, Throwleigh (Monument)
MDV94221Chest Tomb in St. Marys Churchyard, Throwleigh (Monument)
MDV92003Chest Tomb in St. Mary's Churchyard, Wolborough (Monument)
MDV92004Chest Tomb in St. Mary's Churchyard, Wolborough (Monument)
MDV39707Chest Tomb in St. Michael's Churchyard, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV94833Chimney Stack, Manure and Vitriol Works (Building)
MDV1569Christ Church, Bear Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV31006Church Cottage, Buckland Court, Buckland in the Moor (Building)
MDV88810Church Cottage, Gravel Walk, Cullompton (Building)
MDV9244Church House, Queen Street, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV33272Church House, Throwleigh (Building)
MDV29563Church of Our Lady and St Patrick and adjoining Presbytery (Building)
MDV6872Church of St Mary the Virgin, Belstone (Building)
MDV10661Church of St. John in the Wilderness, Withycombe Raleigh, Exmouth (Building)
MDV21731Church of St. John the Evangelist, Exmouth (Building)
MDV22952Church of St. Joseph, Queen Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV6974Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Throwleigh (Building)
MDV20738Church of St. Mary, Highweek Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV6128Church of the Holy Trinity, Gidleigh (Building)
MDV100890Church Park, 207 and 209 Whitchurch Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV91954Churchyard walls and piers around St. Mary's Church, Waverley Road, Highweek, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV102507Cider House, Wadhays Farm, Awliscombe (Building)
MDV5845Clapper Bridge on the Cherry Brook at Powder Mills (Monument)
MDV24658Clare House, Newport Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV56671Clay Cellar, Jetty Marsh Lane, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV24504Clock Tower, Station Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV39764Cobwebs, 27 Sandpath Road, Kingsteighton (Building)
MDV93207Cockingford Farmhouse (Building)
MDV33349Coffin Stone at Gidleigh Parish Church (Monument)
MDV12368Collipriest House (Building)
MDV855Congregational Chapel, Cross Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV74661Conservative Club and Thomas Whitty House, Silver Street, Axminster (Building)
MDV94225Coombe Headstone in St. Marys Churchyard, Throwleigh (Monument)
MDV74666Coombe House, Coombe Lane, Axminster (Building)
MDV16790Corstone Farmhouse, Broadwoodkelly (Building)
MDV64885Crediton War Memorial (Monument)
MDV97479Crediton Workhouse (Building)
MDV7450Cross Base south of Church House at Widecombe (Monument)
MDV7449Cross in Churchyard, Widecombe-in-the-Moor (Monument)
MDV93569Cross Shaft in Throwleigh Churchyard (Monument)
MDV90067Dartmouth Inn, Ticklemore Street, Totnes (Building)
MDV834Derby Lace Factory, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV23014Devon Lodge, Devon Square, Newton Lodge (Building)
MDV22953Devon Villa, 98 Queen Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV811Dodderidge Library, St. Peters Church, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV71743Doorway of Archway Bookshop, Church Street, Axminster (Monument)
MDV23121Drake Memorial, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV22955Drawing Office, St. Pauls Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV23431Duke of York Inn, 74 High Street (Building)
MDV89158Dunsford Monument, St Peter's Churchyard (Monument)
MDV29800Dunstone Manor, Widecombe in the Moor (Building)
MDV11752Durrant House Hotel (Building)
MDV81168East Milford Cottage, Hartland (Building)
MDV30768East Titchberry Farmhouse, Hartland (Building)
MDV89120Eastfield and Mellguards, Park Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV32670Ellerslie Lookout Tower, Bickington (Building)
MDV89408Elm House and 5 Rackenford Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV2683Elmore Chapel, Chapel Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV24582Entrance Lodges to Heathcoat Lace Factory, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9223Entrances to Forde House, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV89411Exe View, Rackenford Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV24649Exleigh House, Leat Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV86125Fairfax House, Dartmouth (Building)
MDV99039Fairlea, Northdown Road, Bideford (Building)
MDV99930Farm building east of Spriddlestone Barton, Brixton (Building)
MDV88214Farmbuilding 10 metres west of Bickham Farmhouse, Kenn (Building)
MDV8240Fingle Bridge (Monument)
MDV8240Fingle Bridge (Monument)
MDV8240Fingle Bridge (Monument)
MDV8240Fingle Bridge (Monument)
MDV62545Fish Smoking Hut, Sun Lane, Teignmouth (Building)
MDV3962Fitzford Cottages, Plymouth Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV3963Fitzford Gateway, Tavistock (Building)
MDV92118Footbridge immediately west of Crediton Railway Station Main Range (Building)
MDV94829Footbridge to South of Mill Cottages (Monument)
MDV98952Ford House, New Road, Bideford (Building)
MDV9221Ford House, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV22979Forecourt wall, gates and gate piers to Mackrell's Almshouses, Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV90822Forecourt Walls, Keynedon Barton (Building)
MDV9894Former Assembly Rooms, Den Crescent, Teignmouth (Building)
MDV24616Former Bluecoat School, Castle Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV45298Former Clare Rectory (Monument)
MDV100925Former Cloister, Tavistock Abbey (Monument)
MDV24469Former Country House Inn, St Andrew's Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV24503Former Inn, 21 Silver Street and 96 Bampton Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV100915Former Police Cottages to East of Police Station (Building)
MDV19138Former Police Station, St Andrew's Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV98387Former Stable Arch to Bayfield House, Lydford (Monument)
MDV74682Former Star Inn, 10 St Andrew Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV55024Former Teignmouth Lifeboat House (Monument)
MDV98392Friend headstone east of Church of St Petrock (Monument)
MDV98391Friend headstone south-east of Church of St Petrock (Monument)
MDV94858Garden Railings and Gate Piers to Darley House (Building)
MDV45299Garden Wall and Gate Piers, Clare House, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV102768Garden Walls and Gatepiers, Fairlea, Northdown Road, Bideford (Monument)
MDV39772Garden walls at Greenhill, Kingsteignton (Monument)
MDV94226Garret Headstone in St. Marys Churchyard, Throwleigh (Monument)
MDV91998Gate and Railings north-east of Bradley Manor Lodge, Totnes Road, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV23035Gate piers at 10 Highweek Road, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV33208Gate Piers at Entrance to Chagford House (Monument)
MDV23593Gate piers to 37 North Street, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV97029Gates and Gate Piers at Main Entrance to Victoria Park (Building)
MDV96191Gates and Gate Piers at West Entrance to Paternoster Row (Building)
MDV89119Gates, Gate Piers and Boundary Wall, Tiverton Cemetery (Building)
MDV23605Gaveney House, 5 Salterton Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV98385Gazebo to south-east of Gorge House, Lydford (Building)
MDV81255Gig House, 13 Weech Road, Dawlish (Building)
MDV39775Gildons Cottage, 2 Golvers Hill Road, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV33068Glanville chest tomb north of St Michael's Church, Brentor (Monument)
MDV29794Glebe House, Widecombe-in-the-Moor (Building)
MDV46520Gliddon and Squires, 13 Tuly Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV23780Golden Dragon Restaurant, Beacon Hill, Exmouth (Building)
MDV98386Gorge House formerly Bayfield House, Lydford (Building)
MDV9889Gorway Cross Toll House (Building)
MDV96093Gorwell House, Goodleigh Road, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV24571Gotham Farmhouse, Baker's Hill, Tiverton (Building)
MDV23455Gothic Cottage and attached Wall, Parliament Street, Crediton (Building)
MDV73026Granary at East Titchberry, Hartland (Building)
MDV88908Great Gornhay Farmhouse (Building)
MDV23622Greengates Cottages, 249 and 251 Withycombe Village Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV40406Greenhill House, Moretonhampstead (Building)
MDV39771Greenhill, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV12364Greenways Almshouses, Gold Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV17233Greenways Chapel, Gold Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV30214Greenwood Cottage, 33 Highweek Village (Building)
MDV98394Group of foot and headstones south of Church of St Petrock, Lydford (Monument)
MDV101196Group of headstones south of Church of St Petrock, Lydford (Monument)
MDV842Guildhall, High Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV21199Hackney Clay Cellars, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV98393Hannah Williams headstone south of Church of St Petrock (Monument)
MDV15342Hartland Mill (Building)
MDV72114Hartland Point, Rotor Domestic Site (Monument)
MDV94220Harvey Headstone in Throwleigh Churchyard (Monument)
MDV91622Headstone to Robert and Mary May in All Saints Churchyard, Highweek, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV96132Hearts of Oak, Maiden Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV49310Heathcoat Hall, Wellbrook Street,Tiverton (Building)
MDV2681Heathcoat School, Leat Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV89159Heathcoat Tomb, St Peter's Churchyard (Monument)
MDV103050Heathcot, Lydford (Building)
MDV97417Henley House, Crediton (Building)
MDV74662Hey Hop House, Silver Street, Axminster (Building)
MDV84408Higher Coombe Farm (Monument)
MDV22197Higher Coombe Farm Cottage, Paddons Lane, Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV22198Higher Coombe Farmhouse, Paddons Lane, Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV13528Higher Mill, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV89024HILL Farmhouse, Uplowman (Building)
MDV16251Hill House, 74 Fore Street, Totnes (Monument)
MDV24465Holly Lodge and Roper House, St Andrew's Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV619Holy Cross Parish Church, Crediton (Building)
MDV19353Holy Trinity Parish Church, Exmouth (Building)
MDV7501Holy Well, Widecombe-in-the-Moor (Monument)
MDV81743Holyford Farmhouse, Colyton (Building)
MDV102739Horse Engine House at Hill, Christow (Building)
MDV102071Horse Engine House at West Mill Farm, Bishops Nympton (Building)
MDV102509Horse Engine House, Wadhays Farm (Building)
MDV12507Horwood's Almshouses, Church Lane, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV52270Howden Court, Tiverton (Building)
MDV99035Iffield, North Road, Bideford (Building)
MDV31305Indicknowle Farmhouse, Berrynarbor (Building)
MDV93570Initialled Headstone in St. Marys Churchyard, Throwleigh (Monument)
MDV39540Instow Emergency Battery (Monument)
MDV74668Ivy House, Coombe Lane, Axminster (Building)
MDV94223James Headstone in St. Marys Churchyard, Throwleigh (Monument)
MDV38702Jetty Marsh Lock, Teigngrace (Monument)
MDV23753Jubilee Clock, The Esplanade, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV97035Jubilee House, Queen Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV98990K6 Telephone Kiosk to south of Raised Walk in front of Victoria Terrace, Bideford (Building)
MDV49670Kelly College, Tavistock (Building)
MDV100831Kent House, Mary Tavy (Building)
MDV7285Keynedon Farmhouse, Sherford (Building)
MDV39773Kindle Cottage, Greenhill Lane, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV97027Kingsley House (Building)
MDV39716Kingsteignton United Reformed Church (Building)
MDV94218Knapman Headstone in St. Mary's Churchyard, Throwleigh (Monument)
MDV799Lady Well, St. Mary's Churchyard, Pilton (Monument)
MDV44491Lamb Almshouses, 17 Cistern Street, Totnes (Monument)
MDV24652Lamb Inn, Newport Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV102912Lamp Standard (Monument)
MDV23778Lamp Standard Opposite the Royal Beacon Hotel, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV39706Langley Ledge Stone, St. Michael's Churchyard, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV39762Langmead Cottage and Cob Cottage, Tarrs Lane, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV19525Late 17th Century House, Tiverton Castle (Building)
MDV99774Leewood, Huckworthy Bridge (Building)
MDV22950Liberal Club, 7 Market Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV1592Library and Former Librarian's House, Guildhall Square, Tavistock (Building)
MDV24514Lime Kiln Cottage, Wilcombe Lane, Tiverton (Building)
MDV14084Limekilns, Grand Western Canal Basin (Building)
MDV35456Linhay north of Southmeads in Lettaford (Building)
MDV35475Linhay north-west of Sanders in Lettaford (Building)
MDV97439Lloyd's Bank, 30 and 31 High Street, Crediton (Building)
MDV23005Lloyds Bank, 41 Courtenay Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV90092Lloyds Bank, Fore Street (Building)
MDV22961Lodge, 8 Totnes Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV827Long Bridge, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV23003Longmead, 1 Courtenay Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV12533Lower Almshouses, Pilton Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV22161Lower Coombe Cottage (Building)
MDV22849Lower Coombe Farm (Monument)
MDV84411Lower Coombe House, Headway Cross Road, Teignmouth (Building)
MDV39703Lower Mill House, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV9250Lower Mill, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV92002Lych gate at entrance to St. Mary's Churchyard, Wolborough (Building)
MDV93178Lychgate and boundary wall, St Pancras Churchyard, Widecombe (Monument)
MDV84055Lychgate and Walls to St. Andrew's Church, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV23576Lychgate to St. Margaret and St. Andrew's Church, Littleham (Monument)
MDV39711Lychgate to St. Michael's Parish Church, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV103052Lyd Barn in Lydford (Building)
MDV74663Lyme House, Lyme Road, Axminster (Building)
MDV22978Mackrell's Almshouses, Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV73025Malthouse at East Titchberry, Hartland (Building)
MDV23575Manor Cottage, 5 St. Andrew's Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV18749Manor Mills or Little Town Mills, Littletown Road, Honiton (Building)
MDV89356Market Booths West of Tiverton Market Hall (Building)
MDV89160Marshall Chest Tomb, St Peter's Churchyard (Building)
MDV96134Marshalls Public House, Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV11522Marwood House, Monkton Road, Honiton (Building)
MDV101059Maynard's Charity, Ford Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV22735Melbourne Place, 63-69 (odd) Melbourne Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV39704Melleora and Susanna Headstone, St. Michael's Churchyard, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV89364Memorial Library and Hall, Angel Hill, Tiverton (Building)
MDV89199Memorial Rooms, St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV97023Methodist Church including Schoolrooms and Hall (Building)
MDV84407Middle Coombe Farm (Monument)
MDV807Milestone by Bradiford Bridge, Pilton (Monument)
MDV39712Milestone on B3195 north-east of Five Lanes Cross, Kingsteignton (Monument)
MDV39770Milestone on south side of Newton Road, to west of Kings Arms Roundabout, Kingsteignton (Monument)
MDV52717Milestone, B3192 Higher Exeter Road (Monument)
MDV70162Milestone, East Street, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV81166Milford Mill Cottage, Hartland (Building)
MDV44254Millbrook Farmhouse, Axminster (Building)
MDV44253Millbrook House, Stoney Lane, Axminster (Building)
MDV59254Mine shaft, Bideford East the Water (Monument)
MDV20756Minerva House, 2 Highweek Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV89122Monument to W R Haydon, Tiverton Cemetery (Building)
MDV33261Moorlands Hotel (the old Town Mill), Chagford (Building)
MDV33693Moorside, South Zeal (Building)
MDV99111Moreton Cottage, Hartland Road, Bideford (Building)
MDV89711Muse Hill (Building)
MDV24470National School now Tiverton Museum, St Andrew's Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV36858National Westminster Bank, 86 High Street (Building)
MDV23761Nelson House, 6 The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV9227New Cross Cottage, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV24580Newplace, Seven Crosses Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV23031Newton Abbot Almshouses, East Street (Building)
MDV16801Newton House, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV89183Nonconformist Chapel, Tiverton Cemetery (Building)
MDV7720Northern Tinner's Hut in Streamwork on Brim Brook, Dartmoor Forest (Building)
MDV61890Oak House, Chard Road, Axminster (Building)
MDV89320Old Bartows, Bartows Causeway, Tiverton (Building)
MDV81058Old Budleigh Court, Budleigh Hill (Building)
MDV37232Old Cawte Farmhouse, Dunsford (Building)
MDV88809Old Chimes, Gravel Walk, Cullompton (Building)
MDV23616Old Country House and Mundys Farm, West Down Lane, Littleham, Exmouth (Building)
MDV95965Old Employment Exchange, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV22989Old Post Office, 6 Bank Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV33271Old Rectory Cottage, Throwleigh (Building)
MDV18051Old Rectory Farmhouse, Belstone (Building)
MDV39767Old Rydon Inn, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV73005Old Vicarage, 13 Weech Road, Dawlish (Building)
MDV29564Orangery, Bitton Park, Teignmouth (Building)
MDV23136Ordulph Arms, Pym Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV4876Osborne Newton Farmhouse (Building)
MDV40405Outbuilding north of Greenhill House, Moretonhampstead (Building)
MDV97065Outbuilding to North-west of Tadworthy House, Northam (Building)
MDV95948Pair of Lamp Standards with Pedestals at north Entrance of Rock Park (Building)
MDV22960Park Cottage, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV23585Parrys, Marley Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV22990Passmore Edwards Library, Bank Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV98905Patch and Parrot, 5 Cooper Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV83997Pearson's Garage, Courtlands Cross, Withycombe Raleigh (Building)
MDV98390Pengeley and Redstone headstones south of Church of St Petrock (Monument)
MDV98388Philips' headstone south of Church of St Petrock, Lydford (Monument)
MDV35457Pig Houses north-east of Southmeads, Lettaford (Building)
MDV23614Pilot Lights, 1 Tower Street (Building)
MDV797Pilton Longstone, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV16283Point In View, Summer Lane, Withycombe Raleigh, Exmouth (Building)
MDV23618Porch Cottages, 129, 131-135 Withycombe Village Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV100967Post and Piers at South-East End of Russell Way, Tavistock (Building)
MDV100968Post, Piers and Spear Railings at North-West End of Russell Way, Tavistock (Building)
MDV5913Powder Mills Gunpowder Factory, Cherry Brook (Monument)
MDV52897Powderham Terrace, The Den, Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV101195Powell headstone south of Church of St Petrock (Monument)
MDV61891Premises of C G Bateman, Chard Street, Axminster (Building)
MDV83572Priesthall, Priest Hill, Kentisbeare (Building)
MDV21662Prince Hall to south-east of Two Bridges (Building)
MDV23396Priory Cottage, Church Street (Building)
MDV12503Priory Cottage, Coronation Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV95921Prospect House, 3 Prospect Place, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV99013Providence House, Bideford, including Front Garden Wall (Building)
MDV74471Purzebrook House, Musbury Road, Axminster (Building)
MDV841Queen Anne's Walk, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV18212Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School (Monument)
MDV88865Railings and Gate Piers, Victoria Hall (Building)
MDV89359Raised Pavement and Railings, Angel Hill (Monument)
MDV22985Raised Pavement and Railings, Highweek Street, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV81359Range of Farm Builidngs, North of Osborne Newton Farmhouse (Building)
MDV63674Regent Hall, Market Square, Axminster (Building)
MDV9245Remains of Market Cross, Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV74671Rest Harrow Clinic, Church Street, Axminster (Building)
MDV74659Reynards and Black Dog Café, South Street, Axminster (Building)
MDV96107Rising Sun Public House, Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV94222Risso Headstone in St. Marys Churchyard, Throwleigh (Monument)
MDV95992Rock House, The Rock (Building)
MDV57983Rock Park Memorial Obelisk, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV95952Rock Park, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV24579Roman Catholic Church and Presbytery, Tiverton (Building)
MDV91615Rope Walk in Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV43065Rose & Crown, Newport Road, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV102250Rotor fixer site or radar station admin block south-east of Baxworthy Cross (Monument)
MDV102276Rotor fixer site south-east of Baxworthy Cross (Monument)
MDV23777Royal Beacon Hotel, Exmouth (Building)
MDV859Royal Fortescue Hotel, Boutport Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV18439Royal Seven Stars Hotel, Fore Street, Totnes (Building)
MDV8270Rushford Bridge, Chagford (Monument)
MDV22801Sampson Headstone at Gidleigh Parish Church (Monument)
MDV8722Sanders Farmhouse, Lettaford (Building)
MDV24647School, St Paul's Square, Tiverton (Building)
MDV66961Sea Wall, Esplanade, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV99086Sewer Ventilation Pipe adjacent to 13 Ashley Terrace, Bideford (Building)
MDV22957Seymour, 74 Seymour Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV14890Shilstone Manor House, Drewsteignton (Building)
MDV23444Ship Hotel, High Street/Market Street (Building)
MDV81030Shippon 10 metres south of Higher Bonehill Farmhouse (Building)
MDV81028Shippon 50 metres south-west of Lower Bonehill Farmhouse (Building)
MDV94727Shippon at Corstone Farm, Broadwoodkelly (Building)
MDV33418Shippon north-east of Shilstone Farmhouse (Building)
MDV23801Shop on Corner of Beacon Hill facing Chapel Hill, Exmouth (Building)
MDV91803Signal Box west of Credition Station Main Range (Building)
MDV23781Site of Lamp Standard at Junction of Beacon Hill and Alexandra Terrace. (Monument)
MDV90325Skittle Cottage, Collins Road, Totnes (Building)
MDV37723Slade Folly, Rosemullion, Bideford (Building)
MDV12363Slee's Almshouses, St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV39709Smale Chest Tomb, St. Michael's Churchyard, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV22954Somerset Lodge, Rundle Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV95900South Street Auction Rooms (Building)
MDV7722Southern Tinner's Hut in Streamwork on Brim Brook, Dartmoor Forest (Building)
MDV14700Southmeads in Lettaford (Building)
MDV89115St George's House, 8 Park Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV24471St George's Vicarage or Pitt Rectory (Building)
MDV4763St James Chapel, Okehampton (Building)
MDV22968St Leonard's Church now Newtons Place, Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV9170St Leonard's Tower, Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV20733St Mary's Cottage, 6 Exeter Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV1658St Michael's Church, Brentor (Building)
MDV9878St Michael's Church, Teignmouth (Building)
MDV7460St Pancras Church, Widecombe-in-the-Moor (Building)
MDV7972St Peter's Church, Buckland-in-the-Moor (Building)
MDV1369St Peter's Church, Tiverton (Building)
MDV857St Peter's Parish Church, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV3256St Petrock's Church, Lydford (Building)
MDV84054St. Andrew's Church, Exmouth (Building)
MDV8283St. Andrew's Parish Church, Moretonhampstead (Building)
MDV15168St. James Church, Teignmouth (Building)
MDV85862St. Luke's Church, Laburnum Road, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV10628St. Margaret and St. Andrew's Church, Littleham, Exmouth (Building)
MDV806St. Mary the Virgin, Pilton (Building)
MDV81302St. Mary's Church Hall, Highweek Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV20737St. Mary's Church, Highweek, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV9174St. Mary's Parish Church, Wolborough, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV39777St. Michael's Church House, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV9188St. Michael's Parish Church, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV9246St. Paul's Church, Devon Square, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV1372St. Pauls Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV35458Stable 30 metres north of Southmeads in Lettaford (Building)
MDV33207Stables and Coach House to south of Chagford House (Building)
MDV24585Stables, Collipriest House (Building)
MDV60726Station House, Tavistock (Building)
MDV94219Stennway Headstone in Throwleigh Churchyard (Monument)
MDV3920Stone Coffin, Betsy Grimball's Tower (Monument)
MDV9869Stone Cross, Regent Street, Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV1598Stone Posts, West Street, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV51015Storage Barn, Keynedon Barton (Monument)
MDV23623Strangford, 230 Withycombe Village Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV5556Streamworks on the West Okement River, Brim Brook and Lint's Tor Brook (Monument)
MDV98398Table tomb 13 metres south of Church of St Petrock (Monument)
MDV97064Tadworthy House, Tadworthy Road, Northam (Building)
MDV96106Tavern in the Town Public House, Diamond Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV44197Tavistock Pannier Market (Building)
MDV100974Tavistock Union Workhouse (Building)
MDV23127Tavyside School, 14 Plymouth Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV84685Teign Brewery Inn (Building)
MDV15245Teignmouth and Shaldon Bridge (Building)
MDV29562Teignmouth United Reformed Church (Building)
MDV98347Telephone Kiosk, St James Church (Building)
MDV29510Templer House, East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV44255Terrace Lodge, Axminster (Building)
MDV89362The Angel Hotel, Angel Hill, Tiverton (Building)
MDV89333The Barley Mow, Barrington Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV8708The Barn Owl Inn, formerly Manor Farmhouse (Building)
MDV92348The Bay Horse Inn, 8 Cistern Street, Totnes (Building)
MDV88823The Bell Inn, Exeter Road, Cullompton (Building)
MDV39760The Chantry and Elmfield, Vicarage Hill, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV91833The Corner House, High Street, Crediton (Building)
MDV23620The Cottage, Withycombe Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV28909The Den Lighthouse, Teignmouth (Building)
MDV24505The Elms, Station Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV91472The Exeter Inn, Church Street, Modbury (Building)
MDV14288The Folly, Wooda (Building)
MDV98958The Gannet Public House, 70 High Street, Bideford (Building)
MDV23419The General Sir Redvers Buller, 37 High Street (Building)
MDV95973The Golden Lion Tap, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV24646The Island, Station Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV23021The Jolly Abbot Inn, East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV74664The Laurels and Tanners Cottage, Lyme Road, Axminster (Building)
MDV23025The Locomotive Inn, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV23758The Manor Hotel, The Beacon, Exmouth (Building)
MDV24486The Manse, 2 St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV23579The Manse, Summer Lane, Withycombe Raleigh, Exmouth (Building)
MDV24651The Market Hall, Fore Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV24595The Market House, Bampton Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV100836The Meadows, Mary Tavy (Building)
MDV101597The Mount, Castle Street, Northam (Building)
MDV91789The National Westminster Bank (Building)
MDV9912The New Quay Inn, Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV23017The Newton Gallery, 4 East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV90070The Old Cider Factory, New Walk, Totnes (Building)
MDV95991The Old Custom House, The Strand, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV489The Old Kiln, Limers Lane, Northam (Monument)
MDV23588The Old Manor House, North Street, Exmouth (Building)
MDV21329The Old Mill House and Bridge House, 20 and 21 Mill Street, Sidmouth (Building)
MDV33273The Old Rectory, Throwleigh (Building)
MDV89306The Old School, Chapel Street, Tiverton, formerly Brewin School (Building)
MDV819The Old Slaughterhouse, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV23051The Old Toll House, Rackenford Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV9890The Old Toll House, Shaldon Bridge (Building)
MDV23621The Old Vicarage, 110 Withycombe Village Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV4492The Old Vicarage, 2 Vicarage Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV91614The Olde Cider Bar, 99-103 East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV23594The Powder Monkey, 2 The Parade, Exmouth (Building)
MDV8697The Priory, Abbotskerswell (Monument)
MDV89382The Queens Head (20) and 22 Castle Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV92179The Red House Arts Centre (Building)
MDV17776The Royal Library, 3 Regent Street, Teignmouth (Building)
MDV57539The Sail loft, Camperdown Terrace, Exmouth (Building)
MDV9257The Sandygate Inn, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV1597The Saxon School (Monument)
MDV22965The Ship Inn, 9 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV23038The Swan Inn, 4 Highweek Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV23749The Temple, Alexandra Terrace, Exmouth (Building)
MDV845The Three Tuns, 80 High Street, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV98396The Watchmaker's Tomb, St. Petrock's Churchyard (Monument)
MDV89374The White Ball Inn, 8 Bridge Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV89322The Willows, 32 Belmont Road, Tiverton (Building)
MDV89155Three Lamp Standards in St Peter's Churchyard, St Peter Street, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV81031Threshing Barn 6 metres east of Middle Bonehill Farmhouse (Building)
MDV95344Threshing Barn at West Mill Farm, Bishops Nympton (Building)
MDV820Threshing Barn, now 5 Sticklepath Court, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV33269Throwleigh Barton (Building)
MDV6978Throwleigh Village Cross (Monument)
MDV24508Tidcombe Bridge, Grand Western Canal, Tidcombe (Building)
MDV24507Tidcombe Hall (Monument)
MDV13845Tiverton Castle Chapel (Monument)
MDV13846Tiverton Castle Keep (Monument)
MDV18285Tiverton Town Hall (Building)
MDV24485Tiverton, 51 & 53 St Peter's Street (Building)
MDV49308Tiverton, St Paul's (Building)
MDV33460Tor Down House, Belstone (Building)
MDV98885Torridge House (Building)
MDV63676Tower House, Market Square, Axminster (Building)
MDV10676Tower Street Methodist Church, Exmouth (Building)
MDV98384Town Farm House, Lydford (Building)
MDV23595Travershes Cottage, Pound Lane, Withycombe Raleigh, Exmouth (Building)
MDV83980Travershes, Pound Lane, Withycombe Raleigh, Exmouth (Building)
MDV55199Trinity Buoy Store, Exmouth (Building)
MDV18709Tuck Mill, Payhembury (Building)
MDV22958Tuckers Maltings, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV20748Tudor House, 49 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV22986Union Bridge, Back Road, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV23018Union Inn, 6 East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV12369United Reformed Church, formerly Congregational Church, St Peter Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV102234VHF Fixer station buildings and structures at Baxworthy Cross. (Monument)
MDV4089Vigo Bridge, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV24661Villa Franca, Park Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV86363Village Hall, Hennock (Building)
MDV94850Vitriol and Manure Works (Building)
MDV91853Waiting Rooms immediately east of Crediton Railway Station Main Range (Building)
MDV97388Waiting Rooms immediately south-west of Crediton Station Main Range (Building)
MDV1378Waldron's Almshouses and Chapel, Wellbrook Street, Tiverton (Building)
MDV29826Wall and gate piers, The Vicarage, Widecombe (Monument)
MDV33352Wall and Gateway at Gidleigh Parish Church (Monument)
MDV95982Wall around St. Anne's Chapel, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV22987Wall at Union Bridge, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV39714Wall to the Fairwater Leat in St. Michael's Churchyard, Kingsteignton (Monument)
MDV39784Walls to the Fairwater Leat in Crossley Moor Road, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV39715Walls to the Fairwater Leat, Berry Lane, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV91944War Memorial in Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV95953War Memorial in Rock Park, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV14862War Memorial Screen, St Peter's Church (Monument)
MDV74742War Memorial, The Strand, Exmouth. (Building)
MDV96023Warehouse including Premises of The Sheepskin Shop, Pilton Causeway, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV81055Warehouse to Rear of 11 and 9 Mill Street, Kingsbridge (Building)
MDV39705Wayne Chest Tomb, St. Michael's Churchyard, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV33270Wayside, Throwleigh (Building)
MDV3944Well House, off Callington Road (Monument)
MDV85537Well, Ideford (Monument)
MDV97044Wellesbourne, Limers Lane, Northam (Building)
MDV21292Welltown Farmhouse, Walkhampton (Building)
MDV97350West Mill Farmhouse, Bishops Nympton (Building)
MDV18998West Range, Keynedon Barton (Building)
MDV610West Town Cross, Crediton (Building)
MDV74665Westcoombe House, Coombe Lane, Axminster (Building)
MDV63677Weston House, Market Square, Axminster (Building)
MDV8276Whiddon Deer Park, Moretonhampstead (Monument)
MDV101040Whitchurch House (Building)
MDV23066White Hart Inn, 3 Brook Street, Tavistock (Building)
MDV23019White Hart Inn, East Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV39710Whiteway Chest Tomb, St. Michael's Churchyard, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV39708Whiteway Chest Tomb, St. Michael's Churchyard, Kingsteignton (Building)
MDV24613Withy Cottage, Canal Hill, Tiverton (Building)
MDV23578Withycombe Barton, St. John's Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV23603Withycombe House now Hill Crest School, St Johns Road, Exmouth (Building)
MDV22970Wolborough Inn, 55 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot (Building)
MDV84401Woodlands Hotel, Barn Park Road (Building)
MDV57543Woolcombe House, Sidmouth (Building)
MDV85853Yarner Cottage, Netherton (Building)
MDV23615Ye Olde Tythe Cottage, Littleham, Exmouth (Building)
MDV97034York House (part of Stella Maris School), Bideford (Building)