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Originator:Royal Air Force

Associated Monuments (60)

MDV103519Barrow West of Shorstone Farm (Monument)
MDV65343Corner of possible enclosure east of Norton, Hartland (Monument)
MDV102252Earthwork bank south of St Catherine’s Tor (Monument)
MDV81304Earthworks from agricultural improvement north-east of Youltree Cross (Monument)
MDV81306Earthworks from agricultural improvement south of Fattacott Cross (Monument)
MDV81246Earthworks west of Pond Bay, Hartland (Monument)
MDV48Embury Beacon Fort (Monument)
MDV103438Enclosure North-East of Welcombe Mouth (Monument)
MDV103491Enclosure West of Putshole Farm (Monument)
MDV103521Enclosure West of Shorstone Farm (Monument)
MDV81313Extraction pit west of Norton (Monument)
MDV81276Extractive pit west of Youltree Cross (Monument)
MDV81256Field boundary earthworks at Cheristow (Monument)
MDV103506Former Field Boundaries North-East of Upcott Cross (Monument)
MDV103504Former Field Boundaries South-West of Henaford Manor Farm (Monument)
MDV81258Former field boundaries to the rear of Quincecote and St Wenn’s Cottage, Cheristow (Monument)
MDV102093Former field boundaries to the west of Babbacombe Farm, Alwington (Monument)
MDV103505Former Field Boundaries West of Henaford Manor Farm (Monument)
MDV103453Former Field Boundary East of Embury Beacon (Monument)
MDV103454Former Field Boundary East of Parkvale Cottage (Monument)
MDV103501Former Field Boundary North-West of Henaford Manor Farm (Monument)
MDV103497Former Field Boundary North-West of Youlden Wood (Monument)
MDV81331Former field boundary south of Norton (Monument)
MDV81327Former field boundary south of Norton (Monument)
MDV102341Former field boundary south of St Andrew’s Church, Alwington (Monument)
MDV103510Former Field Boundary South-East of Upcott Cross (Monument)
MDV103514Former Field Boundary South-West of Upcott Cross (Monument)
MDV102202Former field boundary to the north of Kernstone (Monument)
MDV103457Former Field Boundary West of Cranham Farm (Monument)
MDV103460Former Field Boundary West of Putshole Farm (Monument)
MDV103440Former Field System North-East of Welcombe Mouth (Monument)
MDV103492Former Field System North-West of Putshole Wood (Monument)
MDV103517Former Field System West of Shorstone Farm (Monument)
MDV103513Former Field System West of Upcott Farm (Monument)
MDV81209Mound at Dyer's Lookout, Hartland (Monument)
MDV103518Mound West of Shorstone Farm (Monument)
MDV103520Mound West of Shorstone Farm (Monument)
MDV81194Narrow ridge and furrow (Monument)
MDV81196Narrow ridge and furrow, east of Blegberry (Monument)
MDV103441Pond South of The Hermitage (Monument)
MDV102191Possible circular enclosure south of Hartland Abbey (Monument)
MDV102192Possible circular enclosure south of Hartland Abbey (Monument)
MDV102361Possible field boundary south of Winscott (Monument)
MDV103494Possible Field System North-West of Putshole Farm (Monument)
MDV102253Possible former field boundary, west of St Leonards (Monument)
MDV102095Possible military feature south of Ford. (Monument)
MDV81346Possible platform north-west of Rosedown Farm (Monument)
MDV102182Possible quarry, east of St Catherine's Tor (Monument)
MDV103490Quarry North of Whiteway Wood (Monument)
MDV103498Quarry North of Youlden Wood (Monument)
MDV103447Quarry South-East of Embury Beacon (Monument)
MDV103481Quarry West of King's Cross (Monument)
MDV103456Relict Field Boundaries West of Cranham Farm (Monument)
MDV81325Relict field boundary north of Norton (Monument)
MDV81329Relict field boundary south of Norton (Monument)
MDV103459Relict Field System East of Cranham Farm (Monument)
MDV103495Relict Field System East of Putshole Farm (Monument)
MDV103485Relict Field System North-East of Linton (Monument)
MDV103500Relict Field System West of Henaford Wood (Monument)
MDV103437Trackway near Welcombe Mouth (Monument)