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Title:First copy of the map of the Parish of Hartland in the County of Devon in two Parts.
Originator:Warren and Co. Surveyors.

Associated Monuments (50)

MDV102247A former field boundary south of Elmscott Farm (Monument)
MDV102249A former strip field boundary west of Galsham Farm (Monument)
MDV102186An eathwork mound is visible to the north of Stoke (Monument)
MDV104Bowl Barrow West of Welsford Moor, Hartland (Monument)
MDV81183Dadworthy or Thorry Farmstead south-west of Edistone, Hartland (Monument)
MDV102252Earthwork bank south of St Catherine’s Tor (Monument)
MDV102223Earthwork platform and trackway, Eddistone (Monument)
MDV102315Former curvilinear field boundary at Welsford (Monument)
MDV102462Former field boundaries east of Gorrans Down (Monument)
MDV102298Former field boundaries east of Seckington Farm (Monument)
MDV102281Former field boundaries east of Seckington Farm (Monument)
MDV102461Former field boundaries north of Baxworthy Farm (Monument)
MDV102303Former field boundaries south of Baxworthy Cross (Monument)
MDV102309Former field boundaries south of Welsford. (Monument)
MDV102230Former field boundaries to the north of South Hole Farm (Monument)
MDV102240Former field boundaries, east of Goldenpark (Monument)
MDV102206Former field boundary north of Tosbury (Monument)
MDV102332Former field boundary north of Trew Wood (Monument)
MDV102246Former field boundary north-east of Baxworthy Cross (Monument)
MDV102322Former field boundary north-east of Firebeacon Cross (Monument)
MDV102174Former field boundary south of Hescott Farm (Monument)
MDV102204Former field boundary south of Stowford (Monument)
MDV102180Former field boundary south-east of Natcott Farm (Monument)
MDV102175Former field boundary south-west of Lighthouse Cross (Monument)
MDV102321Former field boundary west of Bursdon Moor (Monument)
MDV102089Former field boundary west of Hartland (Monument)
MDV102419Former field bounday south of Lyme Bridge (Monument)
MDV102460Linear ditch south-west of Seckington Farm (Monument)
MDV102288Possible deserted settlement east of Seckington Farm (Monument)
MDV102459Possible former field boundary north of Trew Farm (Monument)
MDV102227Possible former field boundary, west of Elmscott Farm, Hartland (Monument)
MDV102090Possible lynchet or field boundary west of Hartland (Monument)
MDV102282Possible Roman fortlet east of Seckington Farm. (Monument)
MDV102187Relict field boundaries east of Natcott Farm (Monument)
MDV102176Relict field boundaries north-east of Higher Velly (Monument)
MDV102184Relict field boundaries north-east of Natcott Farm (Monument)
MDV102208Relict field boundary between East and West Staddon (Monument)
MDV102114Relict field boundary east of Hartland (Monument)
MDV102119Relict field boundary north-west of Eastdown (Monument)
MDV102318Relict field boundary north-west of Tosberry (Monument)
MDV102117Relict field boundary south of Rosedown Farm, Hartland (Monument)
MDV102193Relict field boundary south-west of Spur Cross (Monument)
MDV102231Relict field boundary west of Baxworthy Cross (Monument)
MDV102088Relict field boundary west of Hartland (Monument)
MDV102173Relict field boundary west of Hescott Farm (Monument)
MDV102178Relict field boundary west of Holloford (Monument)
MDV102320Relict field system on Bursdon Moor (Monument)
MDV102214Relict strip field boundary to the north of Milford (Monument)
MDV102215Relict strip field boundary to the south of Milford (Monument)
MDV108Ring Cairn 540 metres south west of Higher Welsford, Hartland (Monument)