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Title:Historic Farmsteads Database
Originator:Devon and Somerset County Councils

Associated Monuments (709)

MDV104666Abbotsford Farm (Monument)
MDV103710Agricultural Building, Bishopshayne Farm (Building)
MDV104099Agricultural Building, Lower Wick Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV105289Allecombe Farm (Monument)
MDV105290Allecombe Farmhouse, Allecombe Farm (Building)
MDV39371Aller Farm (Monument)
MDV105603Aller Farmhouse, Aller Farm (Building)
MDV103721Alston Farm, Chardstock (Monument)
MDV27041Alston Farmhouse, Chardstock (Building)
MDV11560Ash House, Lower Leigh Farm (Monument)
MDV104420Ash House, Mountstephen's Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV105058Bakehouse and Cellar, Lower Corry Farm (Building)
MDV104518Bank Barn, Higher Westwater Farm (Building)
MDV104440Bank Barn, Shapcombe Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV80228Barber's Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV82608Barber's Farmhouse, Luppitt (Building)
MDV27183Barn and Cartshed, Hawley Farm, Dalwood (Building)
MDV76110Barn and Stables at Gorehayes Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV40549Barn at Middle Mackham, Hemyock (Building)
MDV76342Barn at Preston Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV38123Barn, Batten's Farm, Clayhidon (Building)
MDV27191Barn, Brinscombe Farm (Building)
MDV77359Barn, Ford Farm, Membury (Building)
MDV104977Barn, Harrison Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV104854Barn, Hasland Farm (Building)
MDV105503Barn, Hayne Farm (Building)
MDV105006Barn, Heathstock Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV76879Barn, Huggins Wick Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV105080Barn, Lower Lye Farm (Building)
MDV104094Barn, Lower Wick Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV83384Barn, Mortimers Farm (Building)
MDV27194Barn, Osmore Farm (Building)
MDV38100Barn, Panshayne Farm, Yarcombe (Building)
MDV104423Barn, Red Doors Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV38121Barn, Shepherd's Farm, Clayhidon (Building)
MDV22063Barn, Townsend Farm (Building)
MDV82078Barn, Underdown Farm (Building)
MDV40530Barn, Westown Farm (Building)
MDV40531Barn, Westown Farm (Building)
MDV38103Barn, Woodhayne Farm, Yarcombe (Building)
MDV105267Barn, Wytch Farm (Building)
MDV104618Batten's Farm (Monument)
MDV105303Baxters Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV82148Baxters Farmhouse, Upottery (Building)
MDV105418Birch Oak Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV105421Birch Oak Farmhouse,Yarcombe (Building)
MDV79333Birds Farm, Wolverstone, Awliscombe (Monument)
MDV79334Birds Farmhouse, Wolverstone, Awliscombe (Building)
MDV103696Bishopshayne Farm (Monument)
MDV104667Blackaller Farm (Monument)
MDV46095Blackenfields Farm (Monument)
MDV105291Bodmiscombe Farm (Monument)
MDV35969Bodmiscombe Farmhouse, Uffculme (Building)
MDV104660Bowhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV73962Bowhayes Farmhouse, Bowhayes Farm (Building)
MDV104644Bowood Farm (Monument)
MDV16797Bray's Farm (Monument)
MDV104770Brinscombe Farm (Monument)
MDV104646Bull Farm (Monument)
MDV103735Bull Pen, Hook Farm (Building)
MDV104620Burrows Farmhouse, Chardstock (Building)
MDV103225Calf Shed at Middle Mackham, Hemyock (Building)
MDV102496Calf Shed, Penny Hill Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV104615Calf Sheds, Stafford Barton (Building)
MDV104623Caller's Farm (Monument)
MDV38135Caller's Farmhouse, Caller's Farm (Building)
MDV104766Calve's House, Blackenfields Farm (Building)
MDV103703Calves Shed, Bishopshayne Farm (Building)
MDV105423Calways Farm (Building)
MDV22060Calways Farmhouse, Calways Farm (Building)
MDV104758Cart Lodge, Marsh Farm (Building)
MDV103943Cart Shed in the Higher Yard at Higher Shelvin Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV105308Cart Shed, Baxters Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV103692Cart Shed, Birds Farm (Building)
MDV103698Cart Shed, Bishopshayne Farm (Building)
MDV104763Cart Shed, Blackenfields Farm (Building)
MDV102475Cart Shed, Churchill Farm, Chardstock (Building)
MDV103673Cart Shed, Crosses Hole Farm (Building)
MDV104975Cart Shed, Cuckford Farm (Building)
MDV104778Cart Shed, Ford Farm (Building)
MDV103683Cart Shed, Great Garlandhayes Farm (Building)
MDV104996Cart Shed, Harrison Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV104855Cart Shed, Hasland Farm (Building)
MDV104464Cart Shed, Higher Westwater Farm (Building)
MDV105517Cart Shed, Hillend Farm (Building)
MDV105092Cart Shed, Lower Rodway Farmhouse (Building)
MDV104077Cart shed, Lower Shelvin Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104320Cart Shed, Mountstephen's Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104905Cart Shed, Osmore Farm (Building)
MDV104909Cart Shed, Osmore Farm (Building)
MDV104594Cart Shed, Pitney Farm (Building)
MDV104609Cart Shed, Pitney Farm (Building)
MDV104425Cart Shed, Red Doors Farm (Building)
MDV104454Cart Shed, Stoneacre Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104529Cart Shed, Tolcis Farm (Building)
MDV105277Cart Shed, Wytch Farm (Building)
MDV104582Cart Shed, Yeatlands Farm (Building)
MDV104969Cartshed, Churchstyle Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV105499Cartshed, Hayne Farm (Building)
MDV104060Cartshed, Higgins Wick Farm (Building)
MDV105203Cartshed, North Hill Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV105263Cartshed, Townsend Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV103746Cartshed, Woonton Farm (Building)
MDV103869Cattle Shed and WagonWay, Combeshead Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104302Cattle Shed and Wagonway, Mohun's Ottery Farm (Building)
MDV103860Cattle Shed at Barber's Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV103693Cattle Shed, Birds Farm (Building)
MDV103700Cattle Shed, Bishopshayne Farm (Building)
MDV103684Cattle Shed, Great Garlandhayes Farm (Building)
MDV103685Cattle Shed, Great Garlandhayes Farm (Building)
MDV104663Cattle Shed, Hawley Farm, Dalwood (Building)
MDV104078Cattle Shed, Lower Shelvin Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104300Cattle Shed, Mohun's Ottery Farm (Building)
MDV104419Cattle shed, Mountstephen's Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104914Cattle Shed, Osmore Farm (Building)
MDV104532Cattle Shed, Tolcis Farm (Building)
MDV104765Cattleshed, Blackenfields Farm (Building)
MDV104462Cattleshed, Culverhayes Farm (Building)
MDV104780Cattleshed, Ford Farm (Building)
MDV103733Cattleshed, Hook Farm (Building)
MDV105085Cattleshed, Lower Lye Farm (Building)
MDV105097Cattleshed, Lower Rodway Farm (Building)
MDV104315Cattleshed, Mountstephen's Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104322Cattleshed, Mountstephen's Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104432Cattleshed, Red Doors Farm (Building)
MDV104967Cattlesheds, Churchstyle Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV103873Cattlesheds, Combeshaye Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV103676Cattlesheds, Crosses Hole Farm (Building)
MDV105199Cattlesheds, North Hill Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV104581Cattlesheds, Yeatlands Farm (Building)
MDV105287Cattlesheds, Yonder Ridge Farm (Building)
MDV104790Cellar and Granary, Gapper's Farm (Building)
MDV104771Challenger Farm, Membury (Monument)
MDV104773Chapplecroft Farm (Monument)
MDV1942Chapplecroft Farmhouse, Chapplecroft Farm (Monument)
MDV48563Charleshayes Farm (Monument)
MDV60405Charleshayes Farmhouse, Charleshayes Farm (Building)
MDV81466Churchill Farm, Chardstock (Monument)
MDV27046Churchill farmhouse, Chardstock (Building)
MDV80917Churchstyle Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV74113Churchstyle Farmhouse, Stockland (Building)
MDV104430Cider Barn, Red Doors Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104973Cider House and Cellar, Cuckford Farm (Building)
MDV103732Cider House and Cellar, Hook Farm (Building)
MDV104740Cider House and Cellar, Marsh Farm (Building)
MDV102479Cider House at Goren Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV103226Cider House at Middle Mackham, Hemyock (Building)
MDV103749Cider House at Yarde Farm, All Saints (Building)
MDV104654Cider House with Apple Loft, Bull Farm (Building)
MDV103723Cider House, Alston Farm (Building)
MDV105304Cider House, Baxters Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV103690Cider House, Birds Farm (Building)
MDV104764Cider House, Blackenfields Farm (Building)
MDV27193Cider House, Cellar, Stable and Wash House, Osmore Farm (Building)
MDV105377Cider House, Charleshayes Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV1914Cider House, Churchstyle Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV104956Cider House, Cleave Farm (Building)
MDV104458Cider House, Culverhayes Farm (Building)
MDV104314Cider House, Dairy and Cheeseloft, Mountstephen's Farm (Building)
MDV103717Cider House, Godford Land Farm (Building)
MDV104979Cider House, Harrison Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV77177Cider House, Huggins Wick Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV105072Cider House, Lower Corry Farm (Building)
MDV104073Cider House, Lower Shelvin Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV82073Cider House, Mohun's Ottery Farm (Building)
MDV105409Cider House, Moonhayes Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV102492Cider House, Preston Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV104436Cider House, Shapcombe Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104537Cider House, Uphay Farm (Building)
MDV102507Cider House, Wadhays Farm, Awliscombe (Building)
MDV104574Cider House, Yeatlands Farm (Building)
MDV104918Cleave Farm (Monument)
MDV105424Clifthayne Farm, Yarcombe (Building)
MDV38108Clifthayne Farmhouse, Yarcombe (Building)
MDV103716Coach House, Godford Land Farm (Building)
MDV105440Coburn's Farm (Monument)
MDV72117Combeshead Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV82637Combeshead Farmhouse, Luppitt (Building)
MDV80060Connett's Farm, Dunkeswell (Monument)
MDV60870Connett's Farmhouse, Dunkeswell (Building)
MDV104668Coombeshead Farm (Monument)
MDV40522Coombeshead Farmhouse, Coombeshead Farm (Building)
MDV74480Cottage at Peterhayes Farm, Yarcombe (Building)
MDV74243Court Place Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV102484Cow House at Preston Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV102506Cow House, Wadhays Farm, Awliscombe (Building)
MDV103705Cow Shed, Bishopshayne Farm (Building)
MDV104541Cow Shed, Upham Farm (Building)
MDV104591Cow Sheds, Pitney Farm (Building)
MDV104097Cowhouse, Lower Wick Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104658Cowsheds at South Wood Farm, Cotleigh (Building)
MDV77500Crook Dairy Farmhouse, Combe Raleigh (Building)
MDV77499Crook Dairy, Combe Raleigh (Monument)
MDV80019Crosses Hole Farm, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV38134Crosses Hole Farmhouse, Clayhidon (Building)
MDV104971Cuckford Farm (Monument)
MDV27018Cuckford Farmhouse, Cuckford Farm (Building)
MDV104669Culm Davy Farm (Monument)
MDV22737Culm Davy Farmhouse, Culm Davy Farm (Building)
MDV104670Culmbridge Manor Farm (Monument)
MDV40536Culmbridge Manor Farmhouse, Culmbridge Manor Farm (Building)
MDV19374Culverhayes Farm, Wolverstone (Monument)
MDV103718Dairy and Mash House, Godford Land Farm (Building)
MDV103708Dairy and Milk Tank Shed, Bishopshayne Farm (Building)
MDV104957Dairy with Granary above, Cleave Farm (Building)
MDV103727Dairy, Higher Farway Farm (Building)
MDV104583Dairy, Yeatlands Farm (Building)
MDV105370Double-Fronted Cattleshed, Baxters Farm (Building)
MDV104732Double-Fronted Cattleshed, Dulcis Farm (Building)
MDV102495Duck House, Preston Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV11223Dulcis Farm, Kilmington (Monument)
MDV80021Dunsgreen Farm, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV38133Dunsgreen Farmhouse, Dunsgreen Farm (Building)
MDV104542East Cattle Sheds, Upham Farm, Axminster (Building)
MDV105269East Cattleshed, Wytch Farm (Building)
MDV104593East Shippon, Pitney Farm (Building)
MDV104634Ellishayes Farm, Combe Raleigh (Monument)
MDV11518Ellishayes Farmhouse, Ellishayes Farm (Building)
MDV103707Engine House, Bishopshayne Farm (Building)
MDV27192Farm Building, Higher Yartyford Farm (Building)
MDV38124Farmhouse, Batten's Farm (Building)
MDV103697Farmhouse, Bishopshayne Farm (Building)
MDV104760Farmhouse, Blackenfields Farm (Building)
MDV1932Farmhouse, Brinscombe Farm (Monument)
MDV104647Farmhouse, Bull Farm (Building)
MDV104772Farmhouse, Challenger Farm (Building)
MDV82318Farmhouse, Cleave Farm (Building)
MDV105623Farmhouse, Court Place Farm (Building)
MDV104455Farmhouse, Culverhayes Farm (Building)
MDV81848Farmhouse, Dulcis Farm (Building)
MDV22282Farmhouse, Ford Farm (Building)
MDV27303Farmhouse, Fordhayes Farm (Building)
MDV104711Farmhouse, France Farm (Building)
MDV103712Farmhouse, Godford Land Farm (Building)
MDV20547Farmhouse, Godworthy Farm (Building)
MDV22288Farmhouse, Hasland Farm (Building)
MDV20560Farmhouse, Higher Yartyford Farm (Building)
MDV20546Farmhouse, Lugg's Farm (Building)
MDV1928Farmhouse, Membury Court (Building)
MDV20559Farmhouse, Osmore Farm (Building)
MDV105613Farmhouse, Peterhayes Farm (Building)
MDV105587Farmhouse, South Waterhayne Farm, Yarcombe (Building)
MDV104612Farmhouse, Stafford Barton (Building)
MDV11545Farmhouse, Whitehall Farm (Building)
MDV104578Feed Store and Calf House, Yeatlands Farm (Building)
MDV38097Field Barn, Birch Oak Farm, Yarcombe (Building)
MDV104626Field's Farm (Monument)
MDV104775Ford Farm (Monument)
MDV104733Fordhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV5621Former Chapel and Cider House, Membury Court (Building)
MDV82824Fox Hill Farmhouse, Fox Hill Farm (Building)
MDV80925Foxhill Farm, Uffculme (Monument)
MDV16156France Farm (Monument)
MDV104737Gammons Hill Farm (Monument)
MDV27315Gammons Hill Farmhouse, Gammons Hill Farm (Building)
MDV104782Gapper's Farm (Monument)
MDV27143Gapper's Farmhouse, Gapper's Farm (Building)
MDV104627Gladhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV105442Glebe Farm (Monument)
MDV82103Glebe Farmhouse, Glebe Farm (Building)
MDV103711Godford Land Farm (Monument)
MDV104792Godworthy Farm (Monument)
MDV77153Gollick Park Farm, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV11504Gorehayes Farmhouse, Gorehayes Farm (Building)
MDV76109Gorehayes or Gordhayes Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV77448Goren Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV27165Goren Farmhouse, Stockland (Building)
MDV105046Granary and Cellar, Heathstock Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV27171Granary at Penny Hill Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV104776Granary, Ford Farm (Building)
MDV104907Granary, Osmore Farm (Building)
MDV103720Grange Farm (Monument)
MDV79804Great Garlandhayes Farm, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV38120Great Garlandhayes Farmhouse, Clayhidon (Building)
MDV40518Great Simonsborough Farmhouse, Hemyock (Building)
MDV80226Great Symons Burrow Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV80229Greenway Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV105445Grovelands Farm (Monument)
MDV38094Grovelands Farmhouse, Grovelands Farm (Building)
MDV72106Gullyhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV105588Hares Farm (Monument)
MDV105589Hares Farmhouse, Hares Farm (Building)
MDV80918Harrison Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV27178Harrison Farmhouse, Stockland (Building)
MDV80045Hart's Farm, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV38131Hart's Farmhouse, Clayhidon (Building)
MDV104849Hasland Farm (Monument)
MDV80058Hawley Farm, Dalwood (Monument)
MDV27182Hawley Farmhouse, Dalwood (Building)
MDV105542Hay Farm (Monument)
MDV105543Hay Farmhouse, Hay Farm (Building)
MDV105500Hay Store, Hayne Farm (Building)
MDV105494Hayne Farm (Monument)
MDV22055Hayne Farm House, Uffculme (Building)
MDV80926Hayne Farm, Uffculme (Monument)
MDV105378Hayne Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV82074Hayne Farmhouse, Hayne Farm (Building)
MDV105495Hayne Farmhouse, Hayne Farm (Building)
MDV80919Heathstock Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV27160Heathstock Farmhouse, Stockland (Building)
MDV18971Higher Cleave Farm (Monument)
MDV82340Higher Cleave Farmhouse, Higher Cleave Farm (Building)
MDV79785Higher Farway Farm, Chardstock (Monument)
MDV79786Higher Farway Farmhouse, Chardstock (Building)
MDV105447Higher Pithayne Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV38079Higher Pithayne Farmhouse, Yarcombe (Building)
MDV80231Higher Shelvin Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV82633Higher Shelvin Farmhouse, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104463Higher Westwater Farm (Monument)
MDV81515Higher Westwater Farmhouse, Higher Westwater Farm (Building)
MDV104856Higher Yartyford Farm (Monument)
MDV105379Highley Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV82145Highley Farmhouse, Upottery (Building)
MDV105504Hillend Farm (Monument)
MDV105511Hillend Farmhouse, Hillend Farm (Monument)
MDV105544Hillhouse Farm (Monument)
MDV105576Hillhouse Farmhouse, Hillhouse Farm (Building)
MDV19312Hole Farm (Monument)
MDV15451Hollis Farm, Kentisbeare (Monument)
MDV43137Hollis Farmhouse, Hollis Farm (Building)
MDV79787Holly Farm, Chardstock (Monument)
MDV27045Holly Farmhouse, Chardstock (Building)
MDV79789Hook Farm, Chardstock (Monument)
MDV81461Hook Farmhouse, Hook Farm (Building)
MDV79336Horse Engine House, Birds Farm (Monument)
MDV102509Horse Engine House, Wadhays Farm (Building)
MDV104576Horse Engine House, Yeatlands Farm (Building)
MDV103945Huggins Wick Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV77176Huggins Wick Farmhouse, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104635Hutchinghayes (Monument)
MDV105373Implement Shed, Baxters Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV20555Kilderhayes Farm House, Stockland (Building)
MDV80920Kilderhayes Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV104617Knight's Farm, All Saints (Monument)
MDV105050Lake Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV24523Lake Farmhouse, Stockland (Building)
MDV104584Lane End Farm (Monument)
MDV80922Langbeer Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV27149Langbeer Farmhouse, Stockland (Building)
MDV104916Lean-To Cattleshed, Osmore House (Building)
MDV105298Leigh Court Farm (Monument)
MDV105299Leigh Court Farmhouse, Leigh Court Farm (Building)
MDV105301Leigh Hill Farm (Monument)
MDV82823Leigh Hill Farmhouse, Leigh Hill Farm (Building)
MDV104671Lemons Hill Farm (Monument)
MDV11570Lemons Hill Farmhouse, Lemons Hill Farm (Monument)
MDV104628Lillycombe Farm, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV103935Linhay and Granary, Higher Shelvin Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104588Linhay and Lofted Cattleshed, Pitney Farm (Building)
MDV102483Linhay at Goren Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV103223Linhay at Middle Mackham (Building)
MDV104619Linhay, Batten's Farm (Building)
MDV103704Linhay, Bishopshayne Farm (Building)
MDV104656Linhay, Bull Farm (Building)
MDV104958Linhay, Cleave Farm (Building)
MDV103719Linhay, Godford Land Farm (Building)
MDV104988Linhay, Harrison Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV105497Linhay, Hayne Farm (Building)
MDV105051Linhay, Langbeer Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV53858Linhay, Membury Court (Building)
MDV105538Linhay, Middle Cleave Farm (Building)
MDV105412Linhay, Moonhayes Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV105201Linhay, North Hill Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV105208Linhay, Pitfield Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV104616Linhay, Stafford Barton (Building)
MDV82649Linhay, Stoneacre Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV40532Linhay, Westown Farm (Building)
MDV103745Linhays, Woonton Farm (Building)
MDV105450Livenhayes Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV11572Livenhayes Farmhouse, Yarcombe (Building)
MDV105502Loading Bay with Granary Over, Hayne Farm (Building)
MDV27316Lofted Cartshed, Fordhayes Farm (Building)
MDV104614Lofted Cattle Shed, Stable and Cart Shed, Stafford Barton (Building)
MDV103739Lofted Shippon, Woonton Farm (Building)
MDV105055Lower Corry Farm (Monument)
MDV27176Lower Corry Farmhouse, Lower Corry Farm (Building)
MDV105302Lower Leigh Farm, Uffculme (Monument)
MDV11559Lower Leigh Farmhouse, Lower Leigh Farm (Building)
MDV105077Lower Lye Farm (Monument)
MDV11575Lower Lye, Lower Lye Farm (Building)
MDV105049Lower Northcott Farm (Monument)
MDV82814Lower Northcott Farmhouse, Lower Northcott Farm (Building)
MDV105452Lower Pithayne Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV38078Lower Pithayne Farmhouse, Yarcombe (Building)
MDV105087Lower Rodway Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV27153Lower Rodway Farmhouse, Lower Rodway Farm (Building)
MDV104705Lower Sainthill Farm (Monument)
MDV83522Lower Sainthill Farmhouse, Lower Sainthill Farm (Building)
MDV80232Lower Shelvin Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV82631Lower Shelvin Farmhouse, Lower Shelvin Farm (Building)
MDV105513Lower Shippon, Hillend Farm (Building)
MDV80233Lower Wick Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV82603Lower Wick Farmhouse, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104960L-Shaped Range of Cattlesheds, Cleave Farm (Building)
MDV104857Lugg's Farm, Membury (Monument)
MDV105372Main Pigsties, Baxters Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV104738Marsh Farm (Monument)
MDV27302Marsh Farmhouse, Marsh Farm (Building)
MDV104100Mathayes Farm (Monument)
MDV102494Meal Store, Preston Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV104858Membury Court (Building)
MDV105525Middle Cleave Farm (Monument)
MDV105529Middle Cleave Farmhouse, Middle Cleave Farm (Building)
MDV63463Middle Mackham Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV40548Middle Mackham Farmhouse, Hemyock (Building)
MDV105487Middle Moorhayne Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV38077Middle Moorhayne Farmhouse, Yarcombe (Building)
MDV104631Middleton Barton (Monument)
MDV38129Middleton Barton Farmhouse, Middleton Barton (Building)
MDV40528Milking Parlour, Oxenpark Farm (Building)
MDV102497Milking Parlour, Penny Hill Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV102491Milking Parlour, Preston Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV104105Mohun's Ottery Farm (Monument)
MDV11505Mohun's Ottery Farmhouse, Mohun's Ottery Farm (Building)
MDV105404Moonhayes Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV82177Moonhayes Farmhouse, Upottery (Building)
MDV104706Mortimers Farm (Monument)
MDV83380Mortimer's Farmhouse, Mortimers Farm (Building)
MDV77230Mountshayne Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV40527Mountshayne Farmhouse, Hemyock (Building)
MDV80234Mountstephen's Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV82636Mountstephen's Farmhouse, Luppitt (Building)
MDV80062Musgrove Farm, Dunkeswell (Monument)
MDV80063Musgrove Farmhouse, Dunkeswell (Building)
MDV105047North Cattleshed, Heathstock Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV105271North Cattleshed, Wytch Farm (Building)
MDV80923North Hill Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV20543North Hill Farmhouse, Stockland (Building)
MDV104461North Linhay, Culverhayes Farm (Building)
MDV105488North Waterhayne Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV20553North Waterhayne Farmhouse, Yarcombe (Building)
MDV104076Old Calves House, Lower Shelvin Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV105593Old Highwood Farm (Monument)
MDV105595Old Highwood Farmhouse, Old Highwood Farm (Building)
MDV103875Open-Fronted Cattle Shed, Combeshead Farm (Building)
MDV104791Open-Fronted Cattle Shed, Gapper's Farm (Building)
MDV103936Open-Fronted Cattle Shed, Higher Shelvin Farm (Building)
MDV104110Open-Fronted Cattle Shed, Mohun's Ottery Farm (Building)
MDV104298Open-Fronted Cattle Shed, Mohun's Ottery Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104427Open-Fronted Cattle Shed, Red Doors Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104545Open-Fronted Cattle Shed, Uphay Farm (Building)
MDV104735Open-Fronted Cattleshed, Fordhayes Farm (Building)
MDV104991Open-Fronted Cattleshed, Harrison Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV104522Open-Fronted Cattleshed, Higher Westwater Farm (Building)
MDV103734Open-Fronted Cattleshed, Hook Farm (Building)
MDV104759Open-Fronted Cattleshed, Marsh Farm (Building)
MDV105074Open-Fronted Cattlesheds, Lower Corry Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV104459Open-Fronted Cowshed, Culverhayes Farm (Building)
MDV104859Osmore Farm (Monument)
MDV103728Outbuilding at Holly Farm, Chardstock (Building)
MDV72113Overday Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV105592Overday Farmhouse, Overday Farm (Monument)
MDV104673Oxenpark Farm (Monument)
MDV104632Palmers Farm (Monument)
MDV105489Panshayne Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV38099Panshayne Farmhouse, Yarcombe (Building)
MDV77464Penny Hill Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV27169Penny Hill Farmhouse, Stockland (Building)
MDV105590Percy Farm (Monument)
MDV105591Percy Farmhouse, Percy Farm (Building)
MDV15703Peterhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV104913Pig Sty, Osmore Farm (Building)
MDV103941Piggeries in the Higher Yard, Higher Shelvin Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104768Piggeries, Blackenfields Farm (Building)
MDV104068Piggery, Lower Shelvin Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV81467Pigsties at Churchill Farm (Building)
MDV103691Pigsties, Birds Farm (Building)
MDV105376Pigsties, Charleshayes Farm (Building)
MDV104924Pigsties, Cleave Farm, Offwell (Building)
MDV104974Pigsties, Cuckford Farm (Building)
MDV104789Pigsties, Gapper's Farm (Building)
MDV104853Pigsties, Hasland Farm (Building)
MDV105048Pigsties, Heathstock Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV104523Pigsties, Higher Westwater Farm (Building)
MDV105518Pigsties, Hillend Farm (Building)
MDV104061Pigsties, Huggins Wick Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV105060Pigsties, Lower Corry Farm (Building)
MDV105103Pigsties, Lower Rodway Farm (Building)
MDV105531Pigsties, Middle Cleave Farm (Building)
MDV104295Pigsties, Mohun's Ottery Farm (Building)
MDV105207Pigsties, Pitfield Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV104608Pigsties, Pitney Farm (Building)
MDV102493Pigsties, Preston Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV104544Pigsties, Uphay Farm, Axminster (Building)
MDV103709Pigsty, Bishopshayne Farm (Building)
MDV104779Pigsty, Ford Farm (Building)
MDV103681Pigsty, Great Garlandhayes Farm (Building)
MDV53860Pigsty, Membury Court (Monument)
MDV104438Pigsty, Shapcombe Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV103750Pigsty, Yarde Farm (Building)
MDV80915Pitfield Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV27161Pitfield Farmhouse, Stockland (Building)
MDV79759Pitney Farm, Broadhembury (Monument)
MDV77332Pitney Farmhouse, Broadhembury (Building)
MDV22279Pitt Farm, Culmstock (Monument)
MDV103678Pole Barn, Crosses Hole Farm (Building)
MDV105211Pondslake Farm (Monument)
MDV27547Pondslake Farmhouse, Pondslake Farm (Building)
MDV104708Pool Farm (Monument)
MDV83385Pool House, Pool Farm (Building)
MDV104729Pound House and Threshing Barn, Dulcis Farm (Building)
MDV76343Preston Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV76341Preston Farmhouse, Upottery (Building)
MDV79800Readshill Farm, Chardstock (Monument)
MDV27005Readshill Farmhouse, Chardstock (Building)
MDV80235Red Doors Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV59622Red Doors Farmhouse, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104610Ridge Farm (Monument)
MDV53859Riding Horse Stable and Trap House, Membury Court (Monument)
MDV105410Riding Horse Stable and Wagonway, Moonhayes Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV104652Riding Horse Stable with Granary, Bull Farm (Building)
MDV103929Riding Horse Stable, Higher Shelvin Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104572Riding Horse Stable, Yeatlands Farm (Building)
MDV104742Root Store, Marsh Farm (Building)
MDV17554Shapcombe Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV82677Shapcombe Farmhouse,Luppitt (Building)
MDV103677Shelter Shed, Crosses Hole Farm (Building)
MDV104633Shepherd's Farm (Monument)
MDV23382Shepherd's Farmhouse, Shepherd's Farm (Building)
MDV104465Shippon and Cider House, Higher Westwater Farm (Building)
MDV82068Shippon and Stables, west of Underdown Farm (Building)
MDV105286Shippon with Granary above, Yonder Ridge Farm (Building)
MDV103724Shippon, Alston Farm (Building)
MDV103695Shippon, Birds Farm (Building)
MDV103706Shippon, Bishopshayne Farm (Building)
MDV104767Shippon, Blackenfields Farm (Building)
MDV103675Shippon, Crosses Hole Farm, Clayhidon (Building)
MDV104460Shippon, Culverhayes Farm (Building)
MDV103686Shippon, Great Garlandhayes Farm (Building)
MDV82076Shippon, Hayne Farm (Building)
MDV103951Shippon, Huggins Wick Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104111Shippon, Mohun's Ottery Farm (Building)
MDV82072Shippon, Mohun's Ottery Farm (Building)
MDV104915Shippon, Osmore Farm, Membury (Building)
MDV104428Shippon, Red Doors Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104525Shippon, Tolcis Farm (Building)
MDV103738Shippon, Woonton Farm (Building)
MDV77501Shippons at Crook Dairy, Combe Raleigh (Building)
MDV103726Shippons, Higher Farway Farm (Building)
MDV104674Shuttleton Farm (Monument)
MDV104968Small Cattleshed, Churchstyle Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV105371Small Pigsty, Baxters Farm (Building)
MDV80238Smithenhayes Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV20649Smithenhayes Farmhouse, Luppitt (Building)
MDV103821South Cattle Shed, Barber's Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104079South Piggery, Lower Shelvin Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104590South Shippon, Pitney Farm (Building)
MDV105586South Waterhayne Farm (Monument)
MDV79329South Wood Farm, Cotleigh (Monument)
MDV11584South Wood Farmhouse, Cotleigh (Building)
MDV104959Southern Cowshed, Cleave Farm (Building)
MDV105009Southern Open-Fronted Cattleshed, Heathstock Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV104665Southlands Farm (Monument)
MDV72069Southlands Farmhouse, Southlands Farm (Building)
MDV103715Stable (North Range), Godford Land Farm (Building)
MDV104851Stable and Cowshed, Hasland Farm (Building)
MDV105496Stable and Meal House, Hayne Farm (Building)
MDV105375Stable and Open-Fronted Linhay, Charleshayes Farm (Building)
MDV103224Stable and Traphouse at Middle Mackham (Building)
MDV103857Stable at Barber's Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104657Stable at South Wood Farm, Cotleigh (Building)
MDV102504Stable at Wadhay (Building)
MDV104653Stable with Loft, Bull Farm (Building)
MDV103722Stable, Alston Farm (Building)
MDV105307Stable, Baxters Farm, Uppottery (Building)
MDV103689Stable, Birds Farm (Building)
MDV103702Stable, Bishopshayne Farm (Building)
MDV104761Stable, Blackenfields Farm (Building)
MDV104923Stable, Cleave Farm (Building)
MDV103867Stable, Combeshead Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104457Stable, Culverhayes Farm (Building)
MDV104736Stable, Fordhayes Farm (Building)
MDV103713Stable, Godford Land Farm (Building)
MDV103679Stable, Great Garlandhayes Farm (Building)
MDV104985Stable, Harrison Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV105003Stable, Heathstock Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV103931Stable, Higher Shelvin Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104521Stable, Higher Westwater Farm (Building)
MDV105515Stable, Hillend Farm (Building)
MDV103729Stable, Holly Farm (Building)
MDV105082Stable, Lower Lye Farm (Building)
MDV105100Stable, Lower Rodway Farm (Building)
MDV104071Stable, Lower Shelvin Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104741Stable, Marsh Farm (Building)
MDV105534Stable, Middle Cleave Farm (Building)
MDV104313Stable, Mountstephen's Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104901Stable, Osmore Farm (Building)
MDV105206Stable, Pitfield Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV104595Stable, Pitney Farm (Building)
MDV104422Stable, Red Doors Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104441Stable, Shapcombe Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV105262Stable, Townsend Farm (Building)
MDV104540Stable, Upham Farm (Building)
MDV105275Stable, Wytch Farm (Building)
MDV104573Stable, Yeatlands Farm (Building)
MDV102480Stables and Trap House at Goren Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV27047Stables at Churchill Farm, Chardstock (Building)
MDV27184Stables at Hawley Farm, Dalwood (Building)
MDV27170Stables at Penny Hill Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV27019Stables, Cuckford Farm (Building)
MDV27138Stables, Ford Farm (Building)
MDV105059Stables, Lower Corry Farm (Building)
MDV82600Stables, Lower Wick Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104611Stafford Barton (Monument)
MDV59621Stoneacre Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV82650Stoneacre Farmhouse, Luppitt (Building)
MDV80051Stonehayes Farm, Combe Raleigh (Monument)
MDV80052Stonehayes Farmhouse, Stonehayes Farm (Building)
MDV82122Storehouse and Privy, Livenhayes Farm, Yarcombe (Building)
MDV105577Stout Farm (Monument)
MDV105579Stout Farmhouse, Stout Farm (Building)
MDV104713The Old Farmhouse, Dulcis Farm (Building)
MDV77571Three Farmbuildings at Wadhays Farm, Awliscombe (Building)
MDV27132Threshing Barn and Stable, North Hill Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV77443Threshing Barn and Stables, Gapper's Farm (Building)
MDV79331Threshing barn at South Wood Farm, Cotleigh (Building)
MDV77573Threshing Barn at Wadhays, Awliscombe (Building)
MDV103725Threshing Barn, Alston Farm, All Saints (Building)
MDV105306Threshing Barn, Baxters Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV103687Threshing Barn, Birds Farm (Building)
MDV103699Threshing Barn, Bishopshayne Farm (Building)
MDV104762Threshing Barn, Blackenfields Farm (Building)
MDV104655Threshing Barn, Bull Farm (Building)
MDV105374Threshing Barn, Charleshayes Farm (Building)
MDV102468Threshing Barn, Churchhill Farm, Chardstock (Building)
MDV104966Threshing Barn, Churchstyle Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV104922Threshing Barn, Cleave Farm (Building)
MDV103866Threshing Barn, Combeshead Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV103674Threshing Barn, Crosses Hole Farm (Building)
MDV104972Threshing Barn, Cuckford Farm (Building)
MDV104456Threshing Barn, Culverhayes Farm (Building)
MDV104734Threshing Barn, Fordhayes Farm (Building)
MDV103714Threshing Barn, Godford Land Farm (Building)
MDV103680Threshing Barn, Great Garlandhayes Farm (Building)
MDV103911Threshing Barn, Higher Shelvin Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV105512Threshing Barn, Hillend Farm (Building)
MDV105054Threshing Barn, Langbeer Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV105073Threshing Barn, Lower Corry Farm (Building)
MDV105093Threshing Barn, Lower Rodway Farm (Building)
MDV104067Threshing Barn, Lower Shelvin Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104739Threshing Barn, Marsh Farm (Building)
MDV27189Threshing Barn, Membury Court (Building)
MDV104289Threshing Barn, Mohun's Ottery Farm (Building)
MDV105408Threshing Barn, Moonhayes Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV104312Threshing barn, Mountstephen's Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV27162Threshing Barn, Pitfield Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV104453Threshing Barn, Stoneacre Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104533Threshing Barn, Tolcis Farm (Building)
MDV74244Threshing barn, Uphay Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV103736Threshing Barn, Woonton Farm (Building)
MDV103748Threshing Barn, Yarde Farm (Building)
MDV104571Threshing Barn, Yeatlands Farm (Building)
MDV105284Threshing Barn, Yonder Ridge Farm (Building)
MDV79340Tolcis Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV72158Tolcis Farmhouse, Tolcis Farm (Building)
MDV105215Townsend Farm (Monument)
MDV1920Townsend Farmhouse, Townsend Farm (Building)
MDV105414Underdown Farm (Monument)
MDV82075Underdown Farmhouse, Underdown Farm (Building)
MDV11209Uphay Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV29689Uphay Farmhouse, Axminster (Building)
MDV105514Upper Shippon, Hillend Farm (Building)
MDV82700Wadhays Farm, Awliscombe (Monument)
MDV11511Wadhays Farmhouse, Awliscombe (Building)
MDV70165Wagon House at Middle Mackham, Hemyock (Building)
MDV79332Wagon lodge at South Wood Farm, Cotleigh (Building)
MDV105052Wagon Lodge, Langbeer Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV104546Wagon Lodge, Uphay Farm (Building)
MDV105411Wagon Shed and Linhay, Moonhayes Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV103688Wagon Shed, Birds Farm (Building)
MDV105008Wagon Shed, Heathstock Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV103747Wagon Shed, Woonton Farm (Building)
MDV103751Wagon Shed, Yarde Farm, All Saints (Building)
MDV105520Wellands Farm (Monument)
MDV105521Wellands Farmhouse, Wellands Farm (Building)
MDV104659Wellhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV103820West Cattle Shed, Barber's Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104970West Cattleshed, Churchstyle Farm (Building)
MDV105288Western Cattleshed, Yonder Ridge Farm (Building)
MDV104675Westown Farm (Monument)
MDV40533Westown Farmhouse, Westown Farm (Building)
MDV104677Whitehall Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV80241Whitehall Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV105491Whitehorn's Farm (Monument)
MDV38076Whitehorn's Farmhouse, Whitehorn's Farm (Building)
MDV80225Whitemoor Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV40519Whitemoor Farmhouse, Hemyock (Building)
MDV105583Williambeer Farm (Monument)
MDV105584Williambeer Farmhouse, Williambeer Farm (Building)
MDV80049Wiltown Farm, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV104636Windgate Farm (Monument)
MDV60398Windgate Farmhouse, Windgate Farm (Building)
MDV105493Woodhayne Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV38102Woodhayne Farmhouse, Yarcombe (Building)
MDV79801Woonton Farm, Chardstock (Building)
MDV11578Woonton Farmhouse, Chardstock (Building)
MDV104788Working Horse Stable, Gapper's Farm (Building)
MDV105407Working Horse Stable, Moonhayes Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV105071Workshop, Lower Corry Farm (Building)
MDV105266Wytch Farm (Monument)
MDV27133Wytch Farmhouse, Wytch Farm (Building)
MDV45107Yard Farm (Monument)
MDV82079Yard Farmhouse, Yard Farm (Building)
MDV79803Yarde Farm, Chardstock (Building)
MDV27010Yarde Farmhouse, Chardstock (Building)
MDV17235Yeatlands Farm (Monument)
MDV81694Yeatlands Farmhouse, Yeatlands Farm (Building)
MDV105279Yonder Ridge Farm (Monument)
MDV27177Yonder Ridge Farmhouse, Yonder Ridge (Building)