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Title:Willsworthy Training Area, Peter Tavy, Devon: An Archaeological survey by the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England
Originator:Probert, S. + Fletcher, M. + Newman, P.
Summary:Source date: September 1998 (19 pages long) 1:2500 scale survey completed digitally for use in GIS and detailed monument descriptions.

Associated Monuments (242)

MDV78342Abandoned leat near Bearwalls farm (Monument)
MDV57360Alleged cairn, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV3304Alleged cairn, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV26912Alleged enclosure with possible hut, White Hill (Monument)
MDV50709Alleged hut circle 100 metres east of Ger Tor (Monument)
MDV50769Alleged hut circle 630m north-east of Ger Tor (Monument)
MDV50708Alleged huts 450m south-south-east of Ger Tor (Monument)
MDV26921Alleged leat channel on west slope of Standon Down (Monument)
MDV26920Alleged leat channels south of the Walla Brook (Monument)
MDV26909Alleged leats on Doetor Common (Monument)
MDV132023Apple crusher in settlement north-west of Doe Tor (Monument)
MDV3210BARROW in the Parish of Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV131906Boundary stone at Standon Steps (Monument)
MDV132015Boundary stone at Wallabrook Head (Monument)
MDV131897Boundary stone at Western Red Lake (Monument)
MDV22785Boundary stone by Baggator Brook (Monument)
MDV19439Boundary stone by Western Red Lake (Monument)
MDV22784Boundary stone east of Standon Hill (Monument)
MDV22783Boundary stone east of Standon Hill (Monument)
MDV131905Boundary stone near Baggator Brook (Monument)
MDV132014Boundary stone north of Wallabrook Head (Monument)
MDV131953Boundary stone on Black Hill, Willsworthy Camp (Monument)
MDV120162Boundary Stone south of Standon Farm, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV19437Boundary stone south of Watern Oke settlements (Monument)
MDV132022Boundary stone south-east of Nattor Farm (Monument)
MDV131903Boundary Stone south-west of Standon Farm, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV132009Boundary stone, Willsworthy (Monument)
MDV132010Boundary stone, Willsworthy (Monument)
MDV131908Boundary stone, Willsworthy Camp (Monument)
MDV131909Boundary stone, Willsworthy Camp (Monument)
MDV131910Boundary stone, Willsworthy Camp (Monument)
MDV131911Boundary stone, Willsworthy Camp (Monument)
MDV131912Boundary stone, Willsworthy Camp (Monument)
MDV131913Boundary stone, Willsworthy Camp (Monument)
MDV131915Boundary stone, Willsworthy Camp (Monument)
MDV131916Boundary stone, Willsworthy Camp (Monument)
MDV131917Boundary stone, Willsworthy Camp (Monument)
MDV131918Boundary stone, Willsworthy Camp (Monument)
MDV131919Boundary stone, Willsworthy Camp (Monument)
MDV131920Boundary stone, Willsworthy Camp (Monument)
MDV131914Boundary stones, Willsworthy Camp (Monument)
MDV19432Building south-west of Standon Farmstead, Peter Tavy (Building)
MDV119729Building on the east side of Willsworthy Brook, Peter Tavy (Building)
MDV11810Building west of Willsworthy Brook, Peter Tavy (Building)
MDV20155Cairn 230 metres south-east of Standon Farm (Monument)
MDV103626Cairn 300 metres south-east of Sharp Tor (Monument)
MDV27786Cairn 425 metres north-west of Nattor Farm (Monument)
MDV103594Cairn 440 metres north-west of Nattor Farm (Monument)
MDV3309Cairn 600 metres south-east of Hare Tor, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV103593Cairn 610 metres north-west of Nattor Farm (Monument)
MDV103595Cairn 800 metres west-south-west of Ger Tor (Monument)
MDV3574Cairn at Hare Tor (Monument)
MDV19430CAIRN in the Parish of Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV3224Cairn on Nattor Down (Monument)
MDV3226Cairn on Nattor Down (Monument)
MDV103628Cairn on the southern slopes of White Hill (Monument)
MDV3213Cairn on white White Down, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV3251Cairn with cist east of Doe Tor, Lydford (Monument)
MDV3223Cairn with cist on Nattor Down (Monument)
MDV14428Cairnfield and associated earthworks on north-east slope of White Hill (Monument)
MDV3248Cairnfield on the western slope of White Hill (Monument)
MDV103474Cairns 330 metres north of Ger Tor, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV3195Cider Press on Doetor Farm (Monument)
MDV3228Clapper Bridge 300 metres north of Brousentor Farmstead, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV120127Cottage in Great Marsh south-west of Standon Farm, Peter Tavy (Building)
MDV11808Deserted settlement 750m south of White Hill summit, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV103222Doe Tor Farm a deserted farmstead on Doetor Common (Monument)
MDV131829Doe Tor Farm pot water leat (Monument)
MDV28938Drain channel north-east of Standon Farm (Monument)
MDV26939Dry leat south of the Walla Brook (Monument)
MDV131990Earthworks across Willsworthy Range (Monument)
MDV3215Enclosed hut circle settlement on Nattor Down (Monument)
MDV12860Enclosed settlement 420m south of Doetor Farm (Monument)
MDV3573ENCLOSURE in the Parish of Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV103557Enclosure on Doe Tor, Lydford (Monument)
MDV131961Extractive pits, Black Down (Monument)
MDV12857Field system east of Standon Farm, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV132097Field system north of Yellowmead (Monument)
MDV78331Field system on Black Down (Monument)
MDV131959Field system, Black Down (Monument)
MDV132006Five granite posts, Willsworthy Camp (Monument)
MDV132007Former grenade range, Willsworthy Camp (Monument)
MDV132013Former military lookout, Doe Tor (Monument)
MDV132016Former military lookout, Ger Tor (Monument)
MDV132026Granite trough 500m west-south-west of Hare Tor (Monument)
MDV132032Granite trough on the Walla Brook (Monument)
MDV120132Granite troughs formerly located at Standon Farm, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV131997Group of clearance cairns south-east of Standon Farm (Monument)
MDV26932Group of target bunds / shelters on Whitehill (Monument)
MDV26929Hamlyn's Newtake, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV50685Hut / cairn, Nattor Down (Monument)
MDV46756Hut 1, Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46757Hut 14, Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV3285Hut 29, Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46751Hut 30, Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV3286Hut 31, Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV3287Hut 32, Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV3288Hut 33, Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV3289Hut 34, Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV3290Hut 35, Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46752Hut 36, Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV3291Hut 37, Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV3292Hut 38, Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV3293Hut 39, Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46750Hut 40, Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV3294Hut 41, Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV3295Hut 42, Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46755Hut 43, Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV78330Hut circle 450 metres south-east of Bearwalls Farm (Monument)
MDV46749Hut circle 8, Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV3562Hut circle 82, south of the Watern Oke settlements (Monument)
MDV50686HUT CIRCLE in the Parish of Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV50687HUT CIRCLE in the Parish of Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV50688HUT CIRCLE in the Parish of Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV50689HUT CIRCLE in the Parish of Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV50690HUT CIRCLE in the Parish of Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV50691HUT CIRCLE in the Parish of Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV103559Hut circle settlement 400 metres north-west of Doe Tor (Monument)
MDV3563Hut circle settlement 470m north-east of Ger Tor (Monument)
MDV3312Hut circle settlement at Watern Oke (Monument)
MDV103558Hut circle settlement north of Baggator Brook, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV132020Hut circles and walling remains, Standon Farm (Monument)
MDV46577Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46579Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46580Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46581Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46582Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46583Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46761Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46734Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46735Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46736Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46737Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46738Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46739Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46740Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46741Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46742Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46743Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46744Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46745Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46746Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46747Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46748Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46753Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46754Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46758Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46759Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV46760Hut in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV3305Hut Settlement 280m south-west of Deadlake Foot (Monument)
MDV51467Hut settlement 580m north-east of White Hill summit (Monument)
MDV3260Hut settlement on Standon Down (Monument)
MDV17697Huts and enclosure, Ger Tor (Monument)
MDV21705Huts and fragments of wall north-west of Standon Down (Monument)
MDV26930Leat flowing from Doe Tor into Wheal Jewell Leat, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV30230LEAT in the Parish of Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV131998Leat on Nattor Down (Monument)
MDV131999Leat on Nattor Down (Monument)
MDV27097Leat on Standon Hill, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV26911Leats on Doetor Common (Monument)
MDV26902Leats on moorland north of Yellowmead (Monument)
MDV28093Line of disused target butts and bunkers on the south slope of White Hill and Ger Tor (Monument)
MDV131977Lookout and flagpole, Hare Tor (Monument)
MDV131954Military and civil boundary stones, Kingsett Down (Monument)
MDV116554Military boundary stone by the Rattle Brook (Monument)
MDV131968Military boundary stone near River Lyd, Willsworthy Range (Monument)
MDV131827Military boundary stone north of Doe Tor (Monument)
MDV131966Military boundary stone south-west of Lanehead (Monument)
MDV131967Military boundary stone south-west of Lanehead (Monument)
MDV131963Military boundary stone west of Yellowmead (Monument)
MDV131964Military boundary stone west of Yellowmead (Monument)
MDV131965Military boundary stone west of Yellowmead (Monument)
MDV131981Military boundary stone, Hare Tor (Monument)
MDV131955Military boundary stone, Kingsett Down (Monument)
MDV131956Military boundary stone, Kingsett Down (Monument)
MDV131958Military boundary stone, Kingsett Down (Monument)
MDV132024Military boundary stone, Willsworthy Camp (Monument)
MDV72011Military boundary stone, Willsworthy Gate (Monument)
MDV131969Military boundary stone, Willsworthy Range (Monument)
MDV131970Military boundary stone, Willsworthy Range (Monument)
MDV131971Military boundary stone, Willsworthy Range (Monument)
MDV131979Military boundary stone, Willsworthy Range (Monument)
MDV132002Military earthworks, White Hill (Monument)
MDV132011Military earthworks, White Hill (Monument)
MDV131994Military features near Redford Farm (Monument)
MDV131858Military features on Standon Hill (Monument)
MDV131987Mounds on Standon Hill, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV131975Possible hut platform, Rattlebrook (Monument)
MDV132033Probable cairn north of Ger Tor (Monument)
MDV131996Prospecting pit next to cairn south-east of Standon Farm (Monument)
MDV131831Quarry on the north-west flank of Doe Tor (Monument)
MDV17698Reaves on Nattor Down (Monument)
MDV132019Rectangular structure, Walla Brook (Monument)
MDV131978Recumbent stone pillar, south-east of Sharp Tor (Monument)
MDV12853Redford Farmstead, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV120130Remains of a small building south-east of Standon Farmstead (Building)
MDV44273Rifle range, Willsworthy Training Area (Monument)
MDV3212Ring cairn 50 metres north-east of White Hill summit (Monument)
MDV3211Ring cairn 80 metres north-east of White Hill summit (Monument)
MDV103627Ring cairn on the southern slopes of White Hill (Monument)
MDV103629Ring cairn on the southern slopes of White Hill (Monument)
MDV11809Round cairn 240m north of Ger Tor (Monument)
MDV3216Round cairn and stone cist 310m south of Walla Brook (Monument)
MDV3296Round cairn on Standon Hill (Monument)
MDV78208Royal Air Force "Y" Station, Lydford (Monument)
MDV120126Ruined farmhouse at Standon Farm, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV3222Settlement and field system, Nattor Down (Monument)
MDV28577Sheep fold south-east of settlement, Nattor Down (Building)
MDV132001Shelter south-east of Nat Tor (Monument)
MDV46762Shieling in Standon Down settlement (Building)
MDV103630Small cairn north-east of Standon Hill (Monument)
MDV3571Small cairn south-west of Watern Oke (Monument)
MDV14429Southern White Hill Cairnfield (Monument)
MDV50152South-west cairn cemetery on White Hill, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV132017Stone trough at Wallabrook Head (Monument)
MDV132098Stone working evidence, Willsworthy Estate (Monument)
MDV131960Streamwork on Kingsett Down (Monument)
MDV131988Streamworking at Dead Lake (Monument)
MDV26917Streamworks along the Walla Brook, Doetor Common (Monument)
MDV131982Streamworks at the head of Baggator Brook (Monument)
MDV26927STREAMWORKS in the Parish of Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV26905STREAMWORKS in the Parish of Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV46578Structure in Standon Down settlement (Monument)
MDV19431Structure north-west of Standon Farmstead, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV78341Stubley Hills Gert, Walla Brook (Monument)
MDV131976Target butt, north of Hare Tor (Monument)
MDV132008Target butts, Willsworthy Camp (Monument)
MDV26925Target tramway on the south-west slope of Nattor Down (Monument)
MDV44275Target tramway on the south-west slope of Nattor Down (Monument)
MDV44271Target tramways, White Hill (Monument)
MDV5570The Reddaford Leat (Monument)
MDV131973Tin pits above the Wall Brook (Monument)
MDV26907Tin working above the right bank of the Willsworthy Brook (Monument)
MDV27109Tinner's hut, Western Red Lake (Monument)
MDV3221Two cairns 450 metres south of Willsworthy Camp (Monument)
MDV50768Two stone hut circles 1000m north of Standon Down (Monument)
MDV12865Two stone hut circles 1000m north of Standon Down (Monument)
MDV131995Two target butts south-east of Willsworthy Brook (Monument)
MDV14210Unnamed Mine on southern flank of Standon Hill, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV26901Wheal Jewell Leat (Monument)
MDV26923Willsworthy Range military camp (Monument)
MDV108939Yellowmead Farmstead, Peter Tavy (Monument)