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Title:Backlog Input Element of the North Devon Coast AONB National Mapping Programme Project
Originator:Knight, S.
Summary:The North Devon Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (NDC AONB) National Mapping Programme (NMP) Project included the input into the Devon Historic Environment Record (HER) of some of the National Monuments Record (NMR) entries created by the Cornwall and Exmoor NMP Projects. All features mapped by the Exmoor and Cornwall NMP projects within the NDC AONB boundary at Berrynarbour and Combe Martin (SS54NE and SS64NW) and at Welcombe and Hartland (SS21NW and SS21NE) were entered into the Devon HER.

Associated Monuments (79)

MDV103519Barrow West of Shorstone Farm (Monument)
MDV12415Bowl Barrow on Bursdon Moor, Hartland (Monument)
MDV103446Complex of Banks on Knap Head. (Monument)
MDV103443Enclosure South of The Hermitage (Monument)
MDV103445Field Boundary South of The Hermitage (Monument)
MDV103539Field System North-East of Henaford Manor Farm (Monument)
MDV103451Field System South of South Hole (Monument)
MDV103538Field system south-east of Henaford Manor Farm, Hartland (Monument)
MDV103397Former Agricultural Building North-East of Bowden Wood (Monument)
MDV103398Former Agricultural Building North-East of Bowden Wood (Monument)
MDV103506Former Field Boundaries North-East of Upcott Cross (Monument)
MDV103449Former Field Boundaries South of South Hole (Monument)
MDV103504Former Field Boundaries South-West of Henaford Manor Farm (Monument)
MDV103505Former Field Boundaries West of Henaford Manor Farm (Monument)
MDV103466Former Field Boundary East of Berry Park (Monument)
MDV103547Former Field Boundary East of East Bursdon Farm (Monument)
MDV103453Former Field Boundary East of Embury Beacon (Monument)
MDV103434Former Field Boundary East of Mead (Monument)
MDV103454Former Field Boundary East of Parkvale Cottage (Monument)
MDV103508Former Field Boundary East of Upcott Cross (Monument)
MDV103512Former Field Boundary East of Upcott Cross (Monument)
MDV103448Former Field Boundary North-East of Embury Beacon (Monument)
MDV103464Former Field Boundary North-East of Lanapark (Monument)
MDV103501Former Field Boundary North-West of Henaford Manor Farm (Monument)
MDV103496Former Field Boundary North-West of Youlden Wood (Monument)
MDV103497Former Field Boundary North-West of Youlden Wood (Monument)
MDV103522Former Field Boundary on Hendon Moor (Monument)
MDV103416Former Field Boundary South of Rectory Wood (Monument)
MDV103544Former Field Boundary South-East of Lutsford Wood (Monument)
MDV103545Former Field Boundary South-East of Lutsford Wood (Monument)
MDV103510Former Field Boundary South-East of Upcott Cross (Monument)
MDV103511Former Field Boundary South-East of Upcott Cross (Monument)
MDV103452Former Field Boundary South-West of Parkvale Cottage (Monument)
MDV103514Former Field Boundary South-West of Upcott Cross (Monument)
MDV103516Former Field Boundary South-West of Welcombe Cross (Monument)
MDV103457Former Field Boundary West of Cranham Farm (Monument)
MDV103468Former Field Boundary West of Mead Corner (Monument)
MDV103460Former Field Boundary West of Putshole Farm (Monument)
MDV103467Former Field Boundary West of Well Farm (Monument)
MDV103515Former Field System East of The Lodge (Monument)
MDV103524Former Field System North-West of Meddon Cross (Monument)
MDV103492Former Field System North-West of Putshole Wood (Monument)
MDV103542Former Field System South-West of Lutford Cross (Monument)
MDV103543Former Field System West of Lutford Cross (Monument)
MDV103517Former Field System West of Shorstone Farm (Monument)
MDV103513Former Field System West of Upcott Farm, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV103537Hollow Way North-East of Henaford Manor Farm (Monument)
MDV103535Industrial building east of Henaford Manor Farm (Monument)
MDV103536Industrial building east of Henaford Manor Farm (Monument)
MDV103518Mound West of Shorstone Farm (Monument)
MDV103520Mound West of Shorstone Farm (Monument)
MDV103441Pond South of The Hermitage (Monument)
MDV103400Possible Enclosure East of Hammonds Farm (Monument)
MDV103412Possible Spoil Heaps at Adams Hay (Monument)
MDV103470Quarries South of Mead Corner (Monument)
MDV103462Quarry East of Crenham Mill, Welcombe (Monument)
MDV103533Quarry east of Henaford Manor Farm (Monument)
MDV68897Quarry near Welcombe Mouth (Monument)
MDV103531Quarry South of Hendon Moor (Monument)
MDV75887Quarry to West of Deptford, Hartland (Monument)
MDV103396Relict Field Boundaries South of Raggaton Farm. (Monument)
MDV103456Relict Field Boundaries West of Cranham Farm (Monument)
MDV103459Relict Field System East of Cranham Farm (Monument)
MDV103495Relict Field System East of Putshole Farm (Monument)
MDV103479Relict Field System North of Darracott (Monument)
MDV103472Relict Field System North of Mead (Monument)
MDV103478Relict Field System North-East of Darracott (Monument)
MDV103484Relict Field System North-East of Linton (Monument)
MDV103485Relict Field System North-East of Linton (Monument)
MDV103475Relict Field System North-East of Whiteway Wood (Monument)
MDV103500Relict Field System West of Henaford Wood (Monument)
MDV103471Relict Field System West of Lanapark (Monument)
MDV103550Ridge and furrow across the southern part of Bursdon Moor (Monument)
MDV103534Spoilheap East of Henaford Manor Farm (Monument)
MDV103548Two Former Field Boundaries West of West Bursdon Farm (Monument)
MDV103442Water Channel South of The Hermitage (Monument)
MDV103394Water Meadow North of Hill Barton Farm (Monument)
MDV103395Water Meadow North of Hill Barton Farm (Monument)
MDV34777Welcombe House Quarry (Monument)