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Title:Built on Earth
Originator:Rook, P.

Associated Monuments (72)

MDV110188Agricultural Building at Parkfields Farm (Building)
MDV80228Barber's Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV82608Barber's Farmhouse, Luppitt (Building)
MDV110187Barn at Madford Farm (Building)
MDV105267Barn, Wytch Farm (Building)
MDV54146Brewhouse at Pitt Farm, Culmstock (Building)
MDV80020Burrows Farm, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV104623Caller's Farm (Monument)
MDV103943Cart Shed in the Higher Yard at Higher Shelvin Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV103860Cattle Shed at Barber's Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV105199Cattlesheds, North Hill Farm, Stockland (Building)
MDV80060Connett's Farm, Dunkeswell (Monument)
MDV74243Court Place Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV104541Cow Shed, Upham Farm (Building)
MDV80019Crosses Hole Farm, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV16100Culm Pyne Barton (Monument)
MDV62796Culm Pyne Barton Mill (Monument)
MDV105269East Cattleshed, Wytch Farm (Building)
MDV107182Farm Building at Middle Ashculm Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV104626Field's Farm (Monument)
MDV77448Goren Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV80226Great Symons Burrow Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV80045Hart's Farm, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV105542Hay Farm (Monument)
MDV80926Hayne Farm, Uffculme (Monument)
MDV80231Higher Shelvin Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV105504Hillend Farm (Monument)
MDV19312Hole Farm (Monument)
MDV103935Linhay and Granary, Higher Shelvin Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV40532Linhay, Westown Farm (Building)
MDV105450Livenhayes Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV80232Lower Shelvin Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV105513Lower Shippon, Hillend Farm (Building)
MDV104631Middleton Barton (Monument)
MDV105404Moonhayes Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV105271North Cattleshed, Wytch Farm (Building)
MDV80923North Hill Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV104545Open-Fronted Cattle Shed, Uphay Farm (Building)
MDV72113Overday Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV104632Palmers Farm (Monument)
MDV15703Peterhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV107184Pithayne Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV22279Pitt Farm, Culmstock (Monument)
MDV104674Shuttleton Farm (Monument)
MDV103821South Cattle Shed, Barber's Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV105586South Waterhayne Farm (Monument)
MDV103857Stable at Barber's Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV105515Stable, Hillend Farm (Building)
MDV104540Stable, Upham Farm (Building)
MDV105275Stable, Wytch Farm (Building)
MDV59621Stoneacre Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV82122Storehouse and Privy, Livenhayes Farm, Yarcombe (Building)
MDV105580Stout Mill Farm (Monument)
MDV103674Threshing Barn, Crosses Hole Farm (Building)
MDV105512Threshing Barn, Hillend Farm (Building)
MDV105408Threshing Barn, Moonhayes Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV104453Threshing Barn, Stoneacre Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV74244Threshing barn, Uphay Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV11209Uphay Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV105514Upper Shippon, Hillend Farm (Building)
MDV104546Wagon Lodge, Uphay Farm (Building)
MDV105520Wellands Farm (Monument)
MDV103820West Cattle Shed, Barber's Farm, Luppitt (Building)
MDV104675Westown Farm (Monument)
MDV104677Whitehall Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV80241Whitehall Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV105583Williambeer Farm (Monument)
MDV80049Wiltown Farm, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV38119Wiltown Farmhouse, Clayhidon (Building)
MDV105407Working Horse Stable, Moonhayes Farm, Upottery (Building)
MDV105266Wytch Farm (Monument)
MDV27133Wytch Farmhouse, Wytch Farm (Building)