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Originator:Royal Air Force

Associated Monuments (288)

MDV103913A Catch Meadow East of Wembury House (Monument)
MDV103849A catchmeadow northwest of West Prawle Farm (Monument)
MDV55129Agricultural Cropmarks South of Wembury (Monument)
MDV63358An earthwork bank to the northeast of Holset, East Portlemouth (Monument)
MDV104406Anti Aircraft Searchlight Battery northwest of Torcross (Monument)
MDV104575Anti-invasion Obstacles and Defences along Slapton Sands (Monument)
MDV104417Anti-Invasion Scaffold on Bantham Ham (Monument)
MDV104227Anti-Tank Obstacles at Challaborough Sand (Monument)
MDV104229Anti-Tank Scaffolding on Challaborough Sand (Monument)
MDV104477Artillery Shell Crater southwest of Slapton (Monument)
MDV103805Artillery Shell Craters northeast of Lodge Barn (Monument)
MDV104435Artillery Shell Craters northeast of Stokely Barton Farmhouse (Monument)
MDV104468Artillery Training Area east of Slapton (Monument)
MDV104468Artillery Training Area east of Slapton (Monument)
MDV104468Artillery Training Area east of Slapton (Monument)
MDV104468Artillery Training Area east of Slapton (Monument)
MDV104519Artillery Training Area to the west of Strete (Monument)
MDV104350Barbed Wire Enclosure on Cockleridge Ham (Monument)
MDV105150Barbed-wire Entanglements at Britannia Royal Naval College (Monument)
MDV104389Barbed-wire Entanglements,southwest of Torcross (Monument)
MDV1748Barrow North of Creacombe Farm (Monument)
MDV63611Barrows to west of The Downs, Thurlestone (Monument)
MDV30611Beesands Battery, Dun Point, Torcross (Monument)
MDV58085Bigbury, Golf Course (Monument)
MDV54166Bolt Tail Radar Station (Monument)
MDV61171Bomb Crater at Muxham Point (Monument)
MDV104297Bomb Crater East of Bigbury-on-Sea (Monument)
MDV104316Bomb Crater East of Inner Hope (Monument)
MDV104318Bomb Crater East of Inner Hope (Monument)
MDV104057Bomb Crater North of Mothecombe Beach (Monument)
MDV104147Bomb Crater North of Westcombe Beach (Monument)
MDV125857Bomb crater west of RAF Collaton Cross, Newton and Noss (Monument)
MDV104245Bomb Craters northeast of Start Farm (Monument)
MDV103985Bomb Craters North-West of Coulston (Monument)
MDV104281Bomb Craters on Burgh Island (Monument)
MDV105210Bomb Craters to the southeast of Beacon Parks (Monument)
MDV104130Bomb Craters West of Scobbiscombe Farm (Monument)
MDV36029Bowl Barrow West of Borough Farm (Monument)
MDV36028Bowl Barrow West of Borough Farm (Monument)
MDV63608Bowl Barrow West of Borough Farm (Monument)
MDV21013Brownstone Emergency Battery, Inner Froward Point, Kingswear (Monument)
MDV104352Buildings on Cockleridge Ham (Monument)
MDV7224Burleigh Dolts, South Huish, South Hams (Monument)
MDV128846Catch meadow at Alston Farm, Malborough (Monument)
MDV128841Catch meadow at Auton Farm, West Alvington (Monument)
MDV125894Catch meadow at Creacombe Farm, Newton and Noss (Monument)
MDV105014Catch Meadow at Dittisham (Monument)
MDV105220Catch Meadow at Fountain Violet Farm (Monument)
MDV125887Catch meadow at Gnaton Hall, Newton and Noss (Monument)
MDV104250Catch Meadow at Hallsands (Monument)
MDV105213Catch Meadow at Higher Swannaton Farm (Monument)
MDV125893Catch meadow at Hillside, Newton and Noss (Monument)
MDV105110Catch Meadow at Lapthorne Farm (Monument)
MDV105212Catch Meadow at Lower Swannaton Farm (Monument)
MDV125823Catch meadow at Lower Tor, Kingston (Monument)
MDV125845Catch Meadow at Membland, Newton and Noss (Monument)
MDV125878Catch Meadow at North Battisborough Farm, Holbeton (Monument)
MDV125832Catch meadow at Oldaport, Modbury (Monument)
MDV125875Catch meadow at Pool Mill Farm, Newton and Noss (Monument)
MDV104473Catch Meadow at Starts Wood (Monument)
MDV125819Catch meadow at Tor Down, Kingston (Monument)
MDV127786Catch meadow between Bigbury and Ringmore villages (Monument)
MDV104507Catch Meadow east of Landcombe (Monument)
MDV103832Catch meadow east of Newton Ferrers (Monument)
MDV125817Catch meadow east of Oxenbury Rise, Ringmore (Monument)
MDV128792Catch meadow east of Sutton, South Milton (Monument)
MDV127787Catch meadow east of Worthy Farm, Thurlestone (Monument)
MDV105218Catch Meadow from Little Weeke to Rock Cottage (Monument)
MDV128783Catch meadow north and west of Preston Farm, West Alvington (Monument)
MDV128782Catch meadow north of Heddeswell Farm, West Alvington. (Monument)
MDV103834Catch Meadow North of Holy Cross Church, Newton Ferrers (Monument)
MDV127789Catch meadow north of North Upton Farm, Thurlestone (Monument)
MDV127567Catch meadow north of Tapfield Cross, Bigbury (Monument)
MDV125804Catch meadow northeast of Haye Farm, Holbeton (Monument)
MDV125854Catch meadow northeast of Woodmeadow, Newton and Noss (Monument)
MDV125814Catch meadow northwest of Okenbury, Kingston (Monument)
MDV103918Catch Meadow North-West of Worswell Barton (Monument)
MDV128845Catch meadow south of Bagton, South Huish and West Alvington (Monument)
MDV126339Catch meadow south of Fursdon, Holbeton (Monument)
MDV127569Catch meadow south of Houghton Farmhouse, Bigbury (Monument)
MDV127570Catch meadow south of Houghton Farmhouse, Bigbury (Monument)
MDV104562Catch Meadow south of Little Dartmouth (Monument)
MDV127565Catch meadow south of Ringmore village (Monument)
MDV127788Catch meadow south of Stadbury Farm, Aveton Gifford (Monument)
MDV127790Catch meadow south of Stadbury Farm, Aveton Gifford (Monument)
MDV128790Catch meadow south of Upton, South Milton (Monument)
MDV128843Catch meadow south-east of Brown’s Farmhouse, West Alvington (Monument)
MDV104513Catch Meadow southeast of Frogwell (Monument)
MDV125881Catch meadow southeast of Henna Mill, Holbeton (Monument)
MDV125811Catch meadow southwest of Marwell House, Ringmore and Bigbury (Monument)
MDV125808Catch meadow system at Brownstone, Newton and Noss (Monument)
MDV104025Catch meadow system North of Poole Farm (Monument)
MDV105209Catch Meadow to the south of Dartmouth (Monument)
MDV104472Catch Meadow to the southeast of Loworthy Farmhouse (Monument)
MDV126334Catch meadow west of Ashcombe Plantation, Yealmpton (Monument)
MDV104321Catch Meadow West of Hope Barton Farm (Monument)
MDV104359Catch Meadow West of Lower Aunemouth Farm (Monument)
MDV105148Catch Meadow within the Grounds of Britannia Royal Naval College (Monument)
MDV127566Catch meadows west and south-west of Lower Willings Farm, Bigbury (Monument)
MDV103848Catch Water Meadow North of Wrescombe Farm (Monument)
MDV128629Catchmeadow or field boundaries west of Court Barton, South Milton (Monument)
MDV128301Catchmeadow south of Buckland Park, Thurlestone (Monument)
MDV128606Catchmeadow south of Collacott, South Milton (Monument)
MDV128608Catchmeadow south of Smallacombe, West Alvington (Monument)
MDV128455Catchmeadow south of Whitley Cross, Thurlestone (Monument)
MDV128627Catchmeadow south-east of Southdown, South Milton (Monument)
MDV104448Catchmeadow System East of Hembury Cross (Monument)
MDV103840Catchmeadow System East of Stoke Cross (Monument)
MDV103919Catchmeadow System North of Caulston (Monument)
MDV104447Catchmeadow System North of Mothecombe (Monument)
MDV104449Catchmeadow System North-West of Efford House (Monument)
MDV104031Catchmeadow System South of Carswell Farm (Monument)
MDV104319Catchmeadow System South of Hexdown (Monument)
MDV104058Catchmeadow System South of Mothecombe (Monument)
MDV104044Catchmeadow System South of South Battisborough (Monument)
MDV104141Catchmeadow System South-East of Broad Cliff Copse (Monument)
MDV104149Catchmeadow System South-East of Scobbiscombe Farm (Monument)
MDV104155Catchmeadow System South-West of Lower Manor Farm (Monument)
MDV104128Catchmeadow System South-West of Wonwell Court (Monument)
MDV128628Catchmeadow west of Court Barton, South Milton (Monument)
MDV128611Catchmeadow west of Holwell Farm, South Milton (Monument)
MDV105219Coastal Anti-Aircraft Battery at Castle Cove (Monument)
MDV104526Coastal Artillery Emplacement south of Strete Gate (Monument)
MDV74873Coastal Artillery Searchlight at Coombe Point (Monument)
MDV104380Coastal Defences along Bee Sands (Monument)
MDV104564Coastal Observation Post at Compass Cove (Monument)
MDV104563Coastal Observation Post at Willow Cove (Monument)
MDV39401Command Post northwest of Strete Gate (Monument)
MDV128598Cultivation banks south of South Milton (Monument)
MDV128853Deserted settlement and orchard banks at Wooston, West Alvington (Monument)
MDV103818Earthwork Banks and Ditch at Stoke Point (Monument)
MDV106742Earthwork Banks at Sunnydale (Monument)
MDV125821Extractive pit at Lower Tor, Kingston (Monument)
MDV127419Extractive pit at Offields, Churchstow (Monument)
MDV128367Extractive pit north of Little Kerse, Thurlestone (Monument)
MDV128857Extractive pit north-east of Woolston, West Alvington (Monument)
MDV128858Extractive pit north-east of Woolston, West Alvington (Monument)
MDV128818Field boundaries at Woolston, West Alvington (Monument)
MDV125816Field boundaries east of Oxenbury Plantation, Ringmore (Monument)
MDV128814Field boundaries north-east of South Huish, West Alvington (Monument)
MDV103833Field Boundaries or Lynchets South of Stoke Cross (Monument)
MDV127610Field boundaries south-east of Bigbury (Monument)
MDV125896Field boundaries southwest of Brownstone Manor Farm, Holbeton and Newton and Noss (Monument)
MDV128663Field boundaries west of South Huish (Monument)
MDV128661Field boundaries west of St Andrew's Church, South Huish (Monument)
MDV125824Field boundary at Torr Farm, Kingston (Monument)
MDV104343Field Boundary Banks, South of Inner Hope (Monument)
MDV104034Field Boundary East of St Anchorite's Rock (Monument)
MDV125822Field boundary northwest of Lower Tor, Kingston (Monument)
MDV103999Field Boundary on Beacon Hill (Monument)
MDV104354Field Boundary on Thurlestone Golf Course (Monument)
MDV126347Field boundary south of Black Torrs, Yealmpton (Monument)
MDV128819Field boundary south of Woolston, West Alvington (Monument)
MDV128371Field boundary south-west of Little Kerse, Thurlestone (Monument)
MDV105221Field Boundary to the east of Fountain Violet Farm (Monument)
MDV127798Field boundary west of west of Marwell, Ringmore (Monument)
MDV128821Field system north-west of Woolston, West Alvington (Monument)
MDV103917Former Field Boundaries North West of Worswell Barton (Monument)
MDV104248Former Field Boundary at Hallsands (Monument)
MDV104139Former Field Boundary North of Gutterslide Beach (Monument)
MDV104252Former Field Boundary south of Beesands (Monument)
MDV103827Former Field Boundary South-East of Netton Farmhouse (Monument)
MDV21377Former Field System Between Lannacombe Beach and Peartree Cove (Monument)
MDV128820Former settlement and orchard boundary, Woolston, West AlvingtonFormer settlement and orchard boundary, Woolston, West Alvington (Monument)
MDV127588Former settlement south-west of Bigbury (Monument)
MDV104348Groynes on the Coast South-West of Cockleridge (Monument)
MDV128854Hollow way or trackway at Wooston, West Alvington (Monument)
MDV105119Hulk at Lower Noss Point (Maritime)
MDV105114Hulk to the east of Peppersheen Plantation (Monument)
MDV105112Hulk to the northeast of Rough Hole Point (Monument)
MDV105131Hulk to the southeast of Britannia Crossing (Maritime)
MDV105141Hulk within Waterhead Creek (Maritime)
MDV105164Jetty to the east of Coronation Park, Dartmouth (Monument)
MDV57225Kingswear Motor Torpedo Boat Base (Monument)
MDV125830Leat at Great Orcheton Farm, Modbury (Monument)
MDV104387MDV104387 Catch Meadow at Torcross (Monument)
MDV104376Military Base at Beesands (Monument)
MDV105152Military Camp within the Grounds of Britannia Royal Naval College (Monument)
MDV104373Military Earthwork northwest of Beesands (Monument)
MDV105120Military Earthworks to the southeast of Noss House (Monument)
MDV105217Military Site to the north of Higher Swannaton Farm (Monument)
MDV104234Military Structure and Enclosure West of Marine Drive, Bigbury (Monument)
MDV105124Military Structure at Lower Noss Point (Monument)
MDV104346Military Structure on Cockleridge Ham (Monument)
MDV104347Military Structure on Cockleridge Ham (Monument)
MDV104378Military Structures at Beesands (Monument)
MDV104388Military Structures at Beesands Cellars (Monument)
MDV104598Military Training Site along Slapton Sands (Monument)
MDV104403Military Transport Depot at Torcross (Monument)
MDV104433Military trench on Thurlestone Golf Course (Monument)
MDV104415Military trenches on Bantham Ham (Monument)
MDV104349Military trenches on Cockleridge Ham (Monument)
MDV128587Military trenches south of Court Park Farm, Thurlestone (Monument)
MDV103817Netton Down Heavy Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battery and Associated Camp (Monument)
MDV125895Nissen hut north of Henna Mill, Newton and Noss (Monument)
MDV105135Nissen hut to the north of Britannia Crossing (Monument)
MDV105147Nissen hut within New Ground, Dartmouth (Monument)
MDV104587Observation post at Slapton Bridge (Monument)
MDV52972Observation Post at St Michaels Chapel, Bigbury (Monument)
MDV125846Orchard at Pool Wood, Holbeton (Monument)
MDV128852Orchard banks at Easton, West Alvington (Monument)
MDV104467Pillbox at South Grounds, Slapton (Monument)
MDV104047Platform East of Battisborough House (Monument)
MDV128118Platform east of Bolberry, Malborough (Monument)
MDV106737Pontoon across Slapton Ley (Monument)
MDV104345Possible Anti-Invasion Posts in the Avon Estuary (Monument)
MDV104240Possible Anti-Invasion Structure Between Sedgewell Cove and Burgh Island (Monument)
MDV127576Possible bomb crater north of Tapfield Cross, Bigbury (Monument)
MDV127800Possible bomb crater west of Tapfield Cross, Bigbury (Monument)
MDV103819Possible Boundary Bank at Stoke Point (Monument)
MDV103828Possible Building Platforms South of Centry Wood (Monument)
MDV103922Possible Curvilinear Enclosure South of Caulston (Monument)
MDV103997Possible Field System on Beacon Hill (Monument)
MDV104287Possible Gun Pits on Burgh Island (Monument)
MDV104443Possible Lime Kiln in the Inter-Tidal Zone West of Boat Hill Copse (Monument)
MDV104431Possible Military Earthwork on the West of Thurlestone Golf Course (Monument)
MDV103995Possible Military Earthworks or Building Platform on Beacon Hill (Monument)
MDV104418Possible Military Observation Post on Thurlestone Golf Course (Monument)
MDV104429Possible Military Structure and Bank on the Southern Part of Thurlestone Golf Course (Monument)
MDV104426Possible Military Structure and Platform on the Southern Part of Thurlestone Golf Course (Monument)
MDV104232Possible Military Structure at Challaborough (Monument)
MDV103994Possible Military Structure on Beacon Hill (Monument)
MDV104421Possible Military Structure on the Northern Part of Thurlestone Golf Course (Monument)
MDV104437Possible Military Structure on the Southern Part of Thurlestone Golf Course (Monument)
MDV104424Possible Military Structure on the West of Thurlestone Golf Course (Monument)
MDV104049Possible Military Terraces East of Bugle Hole (Monument)
MDV104357Possible Mound or Structure, East of Bantham (Monument)
MDV104356Possible Pit, East of Bantham. (Monument)
MDV104481Possible Quarry North-East of Orcheton Wood (Monument)
MDV104470Possible Quarry northeast of Slapton (Monument)
MDV104358Possible Quarry South of Lower Aunemouth Farm (Monument)
MDV104150Possible Quarry South of Scobbiscombe Farm (Monument)
MDV104291Probable Geological Features Above Bigbury-on-Sea (Monument)
MDV104317Probable Geological Features East of Mouth Folly Farm (Monument)
MDV45716Quarry at Balcombe Pits Copse (Monument)
MDV105107Quarry at Long Wood (Monument)
MDV104033Quarry Complex at St Anchorite's Rock (Monument)
MDV104342Quarry Pits South of Inner Hope (Monument)
MDV63610Radar Station at Burleigh Bolts, South Huish (Monument)
MDV128866Radar Station south-east of Preston Farm, West Alvington (Monument)
MDV54147Radar Station west of Start Point (Monument)
MDV58760Radio Station at Strete (Monument)
MDV51747RAF Collaton Cross, Newton and Noss (Monument)
MDV55106RAF Start Point Radar Station (Monument)
MDV55084RAF West Prawle Radar Station (Monument)
MDV70180Ruin of former Pleasure House on Beacon Hill, Newton and Noss (Monument)
MDV45248Scobbiscombe Cottage and Building Platform (Monument)
MDV103823Second World Structures at Snellings Down (Monument)
MDV104351Second World War Anti-invasion Defences , Thurlestone Sands (Monument)
MDV104257Second World War Anti-Invasion Defences at Hallsands (Monument)
MDV104344Second World War Anti-Invasion Obstruction, Thurlstone Sands (Monument)
MDV103822Second World War Barbed Wire Enclosure (Monument)
MDV103909Second World War Bomb Craters North East of Knighton (Monument)
MDV103912Second World War Bomb Craters North East of Knighton (Monument)
MDV103865Second World War Bomb Craters South of Combe Down (Monument)
MDV103876Second World War Bomb Craters South of Combe Down (Monument)
MDV58005Second World War Bombing Decoy at Worswell (Monument)
MDV51626Second World War Bombing Decoy Control Shelter South East of Wembury (Monument)
MDV58006Second World War Bombing Decoy Control Shelter West of Worswell Barton (Monument)
MDV51621Second World War Observation Post on Gunrows Down, Newton and Noss (Monument)
MDV104260Second World War Observation Posts north of Start Farm (Monument)
MDV104307Second World War Pillbox East of Bolberry Down (Monument)
MDV39394Second World War Pillbox on North-East of Burgh Island (Monument)
MDV104310Second World War Pillbox West of Bolberry Down (Monument)
MDV45832Second World War Pillbox West of Meadowsfoot Beach (Monument)
MDV104309Second World War Rifle Range (Monument)
MDV104311Second World War Structure at Gray Stone (Monument)
MDV104392Second World War Training Site south of Torcoss (Monument)
MDV104397Second World War Weapons Pits, South of The Warren (Monument)
MDV125891Shrunken settlement at Creacombe, Newton and Noss (Monument)
MDV125820Shrunken settlement between Lower Tor and Great Tor, Kingston (Monument)
MDV105132Slipway at Britannia Crossing (Monument)
MDV56231Slipways to the east of Coronation Park (Monument)
MDV105159Slipways to the east of Royal Avenue Gardens (Monument)
MDV105128Slit Trench to the north of Rocks (Monument)
MDV104230Slit Trenches at Challaborough (Monument)
MDV104238Slit Trenches South of Marine Drive, Bigbury (Monument)
MDV104450Sluice in the Inter-Tidal Zone East of Boult Hill Plantation (Monument)
MDV127785Strip fields west of Bigbury village (Monument)
MDV104048Structure East of Bugle Hole (Monument)
MDV106738Temporary Bridge across Lower Ley (Monument)
MDV54167The Port Light, Bolberry Down, Marlborough (Monument)
MDV125876Water channel at Liswell Meadow House, Newton and Noss (Monument)
MDV126341Water channels northeast of Crebar Farmhouse, Yealmpton (Monument)
MDV45247Wind Pump East of Scobbiscombe (Monument)
MDV128599Windpump south of Horswell House, South Milton (Monument)
MDV13885World War II Bombing Decoy at Wembury (Monument)
MDV56252World War II Pillbox at Challaborough Beach (Monument)
MDV52977World War II Pillbox at north end of Thurlestone Sands (Monument)
MDV39396World War II Pillbox south of Challborough (Monument)