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Originator:Royal Air Force

Associated Monuments (144)

MDV128078Anti-aircraft searchlight battery at Woolston, Loddiswell (Monument)
MDV48732Artillery store at Fort Bovisand, Wembury (Monument)
MDV126664Barbed wire obstruction around Fort Bovisand, Wembury. (Monument)
MDV126488Barbed wire obstruction south of Frobisher Battery, Wembury (Monument)
MDV126516Barbed wire obstruction south of Staddon Fort, Wembury (Monument)
MDV126519Barbed wire obstruction south-west of Staddon Fort, Wembury (Monument)
MDV126608Barbed wire obstruction, east of Leekbed Bay, Wembury. (Monument)
MDV126506Barrage Balloon at Staddon Heights, Wembury (Monument)
MDV126659Battery observation post in Fort Bovisand, Wembury. (Monument)
MDV39385Blockhouse southwest of Staddon Point Battery, Wembury (Monument)
MDV127296Bomb crater east of Higher Traine, Wembury (Monument)
MDV126614Bomb crater on the golf course at Staddon Heights, Wembury (Monument)
MDV127295Bomb crater south-west of Higher Spriddlescombe, Brixton (Monument)
MDV127235Bomb craters east of Down Thomas, Wembury (Monument)
MDV127112Bomb craters north of Bovisand Lane, Wembury (Monument)
MDV127131Bomb craters north of Down Thomas, Wembury (Monument)
MDV127238Bomb craters north-east of Down Thomas, Wembury (Monument)
MDV127297Bomb craters on Hollacombe Hill, Wembury (Monument)
MDV127113Bomb craters south of Bovisand Lane, Wembury (Monument)
MDV127109Bomb craters south of Jennyscombe Wood, Wembury (Monument)
MDV48760Boundary wall and bridge north of Bovisand Battery, Wembury (Monument)
MDV51600Bovisand Practice Battery, Wembury (Monument)
MDV17343Bovisand Reservoir, Wembury (Monument)
MDV17378Brownhill Battery, Staddon Heights, Wembury (Monument)
MDV127938Catch meadow at Aveton Wood, Loddiswell (Monument)
MDV67352Catch meadow at Colmer House, North Huish and Loddiswell (Monument)
MDV128408Catch meadow at Craxon, Dipford (Monument)
MDV127934Catch meadow at Woolston, Loddiswell (Monument)
MDV127985Catch meadow north-east of Torpeek Farm, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV127942Catch meadow northwest of Wotton, Woodleigh (Monument)
MDV126261Catch meadow south and east of Sherwell, Sparkwell (Monument)
MDV128517Catch meadow south of Bradridge Farm, Dipford (Monument)
MDV128335Catch meadow south of Weeke Farm, Modbury (Monument)
MDV127986Catch meadows north-west to south-west of Torpeek Farm, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV127307Catchmeadow north-west of Higher Spriddlescombe, Brixton (Monument)
MDV128154Catchmeadow south-east of Maryknowle Farm, Salcombe (Monument)
MDV128153Catchmeadow south-west of West Batson Hall, Salcombe (Monument)
MDV103851Catch-Meadows northeast of Halwell Farm (Monument)
MDV128081Circular enclosure north-east of Toby Cross, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV48761Coastguard lookout station north of Staddon Point Battery (Monument)
MDV105094Corbyn's Head Emergency Coastal Battery (Monument)
MDV56263D-Day Landing Craft Maintenance Site (Monument)
MDV55661D-Day slipways, Torquay New Harbour (Monument)
MDV48753Defensive embankment south-west of Brownhill Battery, Staddon Heights, Wembury (Monument)
MDV105089Emergency Water Supply Reservoir West of St Matthew's Church, Torquay. (Monument)
MDV105025Enclosure Around Coastguard Lookout on Daddyhole Plain (Monument)
MDV127298Extractive pit north of Spirewell, Wembury (Monument)
MDV127128Extractive pit south of Bovisand Lane, Wembury (Monument)
MDV127770Field boundaries north-east of Combe, Brixton (Monument)
MDV126380Field boundaries west of Yealmbridge, Yealmpton (Monument)
MDV122578Field boundaries, south of Dainton Elms Cross, Ipplepen (Monument)
MDV126609Field boundary and possible trackway south of Rifle Butts Wall, Staddon Heights, Wembury. (Monument)
MDV128346Field boundary north-west of Modbury (Monument)
MDV127306Field boundary south-west of Higher Spriddlescombe, Brixton (Monument)
MDV48741First World War blockhouse at Fort Watchhouse, Wembury (Monument)
MDV47649Fishpond in Slade Park (Monument)
MDV39601Fort Bovisand coastal battery, Wembury (Monument)
MDV17323Fort Bovisand, Wembury (Monument)
MDV17377Fort Staddon, Plymouth (Monument)
MDV126610Foxhole, east of Leekbed Bay, Wembury. (Monument)
MDV126462Foxholes east of Brownhill Battery, Wembury (Monument)
MDV126464Hardstanding east of Brownhill Battery, Wembury (Monument)
MDV1799Hemerdon Mine (Monument)
MDV54165Hope Cove, Radar Station (Monument)
MDV126526Hut base south-east of Jennycliff, Staddon Heights, Plymouth (Monument)
MDV80416Ivybridge Prisoner of War Camp (Monument)
MDV51617Landing Stage at Bovisands Bay (Monument)
MDV126812Military camp east of Langham Cottage, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV126510Military communications site at Staddon Heights, Wembury (Monument)
MDV51693Military ditch at Staddon Heights, Wembury (Monument)
MDV126511Military installation at Staddon Heights, Wembury (Monument)
MDV126548Military installation in Bownhill Battery, Wembury (Monument)
MDV126485Military site at Frobisher Battery, Wembury (Monument)
MDV126613Military site at Staddon Heights Battery, Wembury. (Monument)
MDV126618Military site east of Bovisand Battery, Wembury. (Monument)
MDV127302Military site north-west of Ridge Cross, Brixton (Monument)
MDV126620Military site west of Bovisand Battery, Wembury. (Monument)
MDV126662Military structure in Fort Bovisand, Wembury. (Monument)
MDV105335Military Structure on Churston Golf Course (Monument)
MDV126665Military structures within Staddon Point Battery, Wembury (Monument)
MDV56256Mill Bay, Slipway (Monument)
MDV126058Mound southeast of Cottlass Farm, Modbury (Monument)
MDV48757Observation Post at Staddon Heights, Wembury (Monument)
MDV48745Observation Post in the ramparts of Brownhill Battery at Staddon Heights, Wembury (Monument)
MDV48744Observation post on the ramparts of Brownhill Battery, Wembury (Monument)
MDV126635Octagonal structure in Five Acre Brake, Wembury. (Monument)
MDV105316Pillbox at Broadsands (Monument)
MDV51623Pillbox on Bovisand Lane south-west of Staddiscombe, Wembury (Monument)
MDV51624Pillbox on Bovisand Road south of Staddiscombe, Plymouth (Monument)
MDV105090Pillbox on Torbay Road Near Torquay Cricket Club. (Monument)
MDV105177Pillbox on Torbay Road Near Torquay Cricket Club. (Monument)
MDV126808Pillbox south of Cornwood Station, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV48739Position finding cell and searchlight directing post at Staddon Heights, Wembury (Monument)
MDV126809Possible anti-tank obstacles within Storridge Wood, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV126745Possible bomb crater south of Henlake Down, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV105065Possible Military Building on Torbay Road overlooking Torre Abbey Sands, Torquay (Monument)
MDV105326Possible Military Structure Above Elberry Cove (Monument)
MDV105317Possible Military Structure at Broadsands (Monument)
MDV105318Possible Military Structure West of Broadsands (Monument)
MDV105319Possible Military Structure West of Broadsands (Monument)
MDV7617Possible ring Cairn or barrow near southeast of Coldharbour Cross, Loddiswell (Monument)
MDV48773Radar site north of Brownhill Battery, Staddon Heights, Wembury (Monument)
MDV12700Radar site west of Staddiscombe, Wembury (Monument)
MDV56227Radar station north of Down Thomas, Wembury (Monument)
MDV55084RAF West Prawle Radar Station (Monument)
MDV125858Rectilinear enclosure northwest of Creacombe Farm, Yealmpton (Monument)
MDV55076Resettlement camp at Lee Mill, Ermington (Monument)
MDV126663Royal Observation Corps post within Fort Bovisand, Wembury. (Monument)
MDV71777Salcombe, Holset AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71950Searchlight battery off Exeter Road, Ivybridge (Monument)
MDV48734Searchlight Emplacement at Fort Bovisand, Wembury (Monument)
MDV48735Searchlight Emplacement at Fort Bovisand, Wembury (Monument)
MDV48736Searchlight Emplacement at Fort Bovisand, Wembury (Monument)
MDV48733Searchlight Emplacement south of Fort Bovisand, Wembury (Monument)
MDV48737Searchlight Emplacement to the east of Fort Bovisand (Monument)
MDV48738Searchlight Emplacement to the east of Fort Bovisand, Wembury (Monument)
MDV48770Searchlights on Bovisand Pier, Wembury (Monument)
MDV12626Second World War bombing decoy at Down Thomas, Wembury (Monument)
MDV114387Second World War Depot at Wrangaton (Monument)
MDV71923Second World War Gun Emplacement at Bovisand Fort, Wembury (Monument)
MDV71924Second World War gun emplacement at Fort Bovisand, Wembury (Monument)
MDV71884Second World War Light Anti-Aircraft Battery northwest of Lincombe Farm (Monument)
MDV126269Second World War Naval Camp, Sparkwell (Monument)
MDV128345Second World War searchlight emplacement, Modbury (Monument)
MDV13502Smallhanger Waste China Clay Works (Monument)
MDV39298Staddon Battery, Wembury (Monument)
MDV48755Staddon Heights Battery, Wembury (Monument)
MDV48759Staddon Point Battery, Wembury (Monument)
MDV126661Store houses in Fort Bovisand, Wembury. (Monument)
MDV64621Strip Fields to north-west of Ugborough (Monument)
MDV126607Structure north of Leekbed Bay, Wembury. (Monument)
MDV105056Structure on Haldon Pier (Monument)
MDV126746Structure to the north of Stowford Manor, Ivybridge (Monument)
MDV126621Structures west of Coastguard Cottages, Wembury. (Monument)
MDV126638Submarine mine observation station west of Watch House Battery, Wembury. (Monument)
MDV63766Tin streamworks at The Haven, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV126819Tin streamworks on Fardel Moor, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV48767Wall north of Fort Bovisand, Wembury (Monument)
MDV126439Walling west of Bovisand Reservoir, Wembury (Monument)
MDV17324Watch House Battery and Ditch, Staddon Heights (Monument)
MDV48740Watch House Brake Position Finding Station, Wembury (Monument)
MDV127939Water channel north of Aveton Wood, Loddiswell (Monument)
MDV127965Water channel southwest of Preston Farm, Woodleigh (Monument)
MDV43160Z anti-aircraft battery, south of Jennyscombe Wood, Plymouth (Monument)