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Originator:Royal Air Force

Associated Monuments (89)

MDV104406Anti Aircraft Searchlight Battery northwest of Torcross (Monument)
MDV104477Artillery Shell Crater southwest of Slapton (Monument)
MDV104509Artillery Shell Craters east of Frogwell (Monument)
MDV103805Artillery Shell Craters northeast of Lodge Barn (Monument)
MDV104435Artillery Shell Craters northeast of Stokely Barton Farmhouse (Monument)
MDV104468Artillery Training Area east of Slapton (Monument)
MDV104519Artillery Training Area to the west of Strete (Monument)
MDV104350Barbed Wire Enclosure on Cockleridge Ham (Monument)
MDV126338Barrow west of Tunley Cottage, Yealmpton (Monument)
MDV104297Bomb Crater East of Bigbury-on-Sea (Monument)
MDV104130Bomb Craters West of Scobbiscombe Farm (Monument)
MDV128802Boundary bank under Bowringsleigh Wood, West Alvington (Monument)
MDV120285Catch Meadow adjacent to Plymouth Road, Kingsbridge (Monument)
MDV127442Catch meadow at Coombe Farm, Churchstow (Monument)
MDV127594Catch meadow at Courtland Manor House, Buckland-Tout-Saints (Monument)
MDV127488Catch meadow at Nuckwell Farm, Churchstow (Monument)
MDV128024Catch meadow at Penson, North Huish (Monument)
MDV104882Catch Meadow at Steps Cottage (Monument)
MDV104405Catch Meadow at Stokenham (Monument)
MDV126750Catch meadow at Stowford Farm, Harford (Monument)
MDV127791Catch meadow north of Little Efford Farm, Aveton Gifford (Monument)
MDV128015Catch meadow northwest of Lupridge Farm, North Huish (Monument)
MDV127570Catch meadow south of Houghton Farmhouse, Bigbury (Monument)
MDV126421Catch meadow south of Lyneham Wood, Yealmpton (Monument)
MDV104554Catch Meadow south of Stoke Fleming (Monument)
MDV127969Catch meadow south of Venn Cross, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV104513Catch Meadow southeast of Frogwell (Monument)
MDV128039Catch meadow system, or systems, north of Higher Bearscombe, Diptford (Monument)
MDV104472Catch Meadow to the southeast of Loworthy Farmhouse (Monument)
MDV128301Catchmeadow south of Buckland Park, Thurlestone (Monument)
MDV104044Catchmeadow System South of South Battisborough (Monument)
MDV104115Curvilinear Bank on Owen's Hill (Monument)
MDV4848Early Medieval Settlement at Meadowsfoot Beach (Monument)
MDV105730Earthwork Bank to the southwest of Strete (Monument)
MDV126136Earthwork ditches west of Waterloo Quarry, Ermington (Monument)
MDV105728Earthwork pit along Slapton Sands (Monument)
MDV105731Earthworks to the southwest of Strete (Monument)
MDV71965East Charleton Searchlight (Monument)
MDV128776Extractive pit under Bowringsleigh Wood, West Alvington (Monument)
MDV128447Field boundaries at North Huish Cross, North Huish (Monument)
MDV126740Field boundaries or water channels at Spurham, Sparkwell (Monument)
MDV104034Field Boundary East of St Anchorite's Rock (Monument)
MDV127507Field boundary northwest of Higher Leigh Farm, Churchstow (Monument)
MDV104353Field Boundary on Thurlestone Golf Course (Monument)
MDV128401Field boundary south of Blakewell, Dipford (Monument)
MDV127516Field boundary south of Mary Mills Farm, Churchstow (Monument)
MDV104474Former Field Boundary to the southwest of Hansel (Monument)
MDV55656Former Military Camp at Sandridge House, Stoke Gabriel (Monument)
MDV104847Groyne at Ashprington Point (Monument)
MDV104982Groyne at Sprat Lane End (Monument)
MDV104981Groyne to the southeast of Whitstone Farm (Monument)
MDV105727Gun pit to the southwest of Strete (Monument)
MDV86632HA HA to the east of Sharpham House (Building)
MDV104891Hulk along Bow Creek (Maritime)
MDV104892Hulk along Bow Creek (Maritime)
MDV104995Hulk to the east of Dittisham (Maritime)
MDV104990Hulk to the south of Lower Gurrow Point (Maritime)
MDV80416Ivybridge Prisoner of War Camp (Monument)
MDV104346Military Structure on Cockleridge Ham (Monument)
MDV104598Military Training Site along Slapton Sands (Monument)
MDV104349Military trenches on Cockleridge Ham (Monument)
MDV63932Northern Outwork of Holbury Camp (Monument)
MDV104587Observation post at Slapton Bridge (Monument)
MDV52972Observation Post at St Michaels Chapel, Bigbury (Monument)
MDV128793Orchard banks at Bowringsleigh Farm, West Alvington (Monument)
MDV104467Pillbox at South Grounds, Slapton (Monument)
MDV104379Possible Fish Weir in the River Avon (Monument)
MDV104897Possible Groyne to the west of Sandridge (Monument)
MDV104287Possible Gun Pits on Burgh Island (Monument)
MDV104418Possible Military Observation Post on Thurlestone Golf Course (Monument)
MDV105326Possible Military Structure Above Elberry Cove (Monument)
MDV104142Possible Mounds West of Scobbiscombe Cottage (Monument)
MDV104030Possible Quarry South of Poole Farm (Monument)
MDV104371Possible Wreck (Maritime)
MDV104555Quarry southeast of Stoke Fleming (Monument)
MDV45213Quarry under Bowringsleigh Wood, West Alvington (Monument)
MDV58760Radio Station at Strete (Monument)
MDV128328Rectilinear enclosure at Whitlocksworthy, South Milton (Monument)
MDV127757Round barrow south-west of Stoverlake Farm, Bigbury (Monument)
MDV49987Royal Sands Hotel, Slapton (Monument)
MDV105313Searchlight base above Broadsands (Monument)
MDV104528Second World War Barbed Wire Entanglements southwest of Strete (Monument)
MDV39394Second World War Pillbox on North-East of Burgh Island (Monument)
MDV45832Second World War Pillbox West of Meadowsfoot Beach (Monument)
MDV128794Second World War structures north of Bowringsleigh, West Alvington (Monument)
MDV55657Slipway to the west of Sandridge (Monument)
MDV105312Slit Trench Above Broadsands (Monument)
MDV126819Tin streamworks on Fardel Moor, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV45247Wind Pump East of Scobbiscombe (Monument)