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Title:Channel Coast Observatory Aerial Photography
Originator:Channel Coast Observatory
Summary:The Channel Coastal Observatory is the data management centre for the Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes and is hosted by New Forest District Council, in partnership with the University of Southampton and the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.

Associated Monuments (222)

MDV105392Anti-aircraft Gun Base in Battery Gardens, Brixham (Monument)
MDV105324Bathing House at Elberry Cove (Building)
MDV105397Battery Observation Post in Battery Gardens, Brixham (Monument)
MDV39951Beer, Military Building (Monument)
MDV105481Berry Head Fort Number 1 (Monument)
MDV4842Bolt Tail Camp, Marlborough (Monument)
MDV4842Bolt Tail Camp, Marlborough (Monument)
MDV4842Bolt Tail Camp, Marlborough (Monument)
MDV4842Bolt Tail Camp, Marlborough (Monument)
MDV105789Bomb Craters South of West Down Farm (Monument)
MDV105790Bomb Craters South of West Down Farm (Monument)
MDV54133Brandy Head Range Observation Post, Otterton (Monument)
MDV105129Breakwater in the Hackney Channel (Monument)
MDV105320Broadsands Chambered Tomb (Monument)
MDV105428Castle Hill Battery, Berry Head Fortifications, Brixham. (Monument)
MDV105220Catch Meadow at Fountain Violet Farm (Monument)
MDV105223Catch Meadow at Higher Brownstone Farm (Monument)
MDV105212Catch Meadow at Lower Swannaton Farm (Monument)
MDV104490Catch meadow system South and West of Flete (Monument)
MDV104883Catch Meadow to the north of Cornworthy (Monument)
MDV104888Catch Meadow to the northeast of Cornworthy (Monument)
MDV105209Catch Meadow to the south of Dartmouth (Monument)
MDV104976Catch Meadow to the south of East Cornworthy (Monument)
MDV105130Catch Meadow to the south of Hoodown Farm (Monument)
MDV105232Catch Meadow to the southwest of Downend Point (Monument)
MDV105222Catch Meadow to the southwest of Home Farm (Monument)
MDV104895Catch Meadow to the west of Sandridge (Monument)
MDV103949Catchmeadow System North of Lambside (Monument)
MDV104449Catchmeadow System North-West of Efford House (Monument)
MDV104128Catchmeadow System South-West of Wonwell Court (Monument)
MDV104382Causeway South of Aveton Gifford (Monument)
MDV105364Coastal Artillery Searchlight in Battery Gardens, Brixham (Monument)
MDV105365Coastal Artillery Searchlight in Battery Gardens, Brixham (Monument)
MDV50872Coastguard Lookout on South Down Common (Monument)
MDV55125Cofflete Park, World War II Military Huts (Monument)
MDV42875Cold War Royal Observer Corps Post, Berry Head Fort No. 3 (Monument)
MDV105794Cropmarks at East Devon Golf Club (Monument)
MDV105248Cropmarks South of Shutterton Lane (Monument)
MDV56263D-Day Landing Craft Maintenance Site (Monument)
MDV56261D-Day Landing Craft Maintenance Site (Monument)
MDV57533'Dolphins' off The Point, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV105249Drainage Channels or Bed Work Watermeadow North of Dawlish Warren (Monument)
MDV105398Dummy Loader Position in Battery Gardens, Brixham (Monument)
MDV105419Embarkation Hard at Brixham Harbour (Monument)
MDV104987Esther, hulk within Dittisham Mill Creek (Monument)
MDV52954Exminster Radar Station (Monument)
MDV105363Field Boundaries in Battery Gardens, Brixham (Monument)
MDV105551Field Boundaries within Exeter Golf and Country Club, Countess Wear, Exeter (Monument)
MDV104353Field Boundary on Thurlestone Golf Course (Monument)
MDV104354Field Boundary on Thurlestone Golf Course (Monument)
MDV105185Field Boundary or Lynchet South of Cockington Lane (Monument)
MDV105221Field Boundary to the east of Fountain Violet Farm (Monument)
MDV9570Field System on Walls Hill (Monument)
MDV104936Field System on Walls Hill (Monument)
MDV55672Fire Station off Bridge Road, Countess Wear (Monument)
MDV105088Former Field Boundaries East of Coombe Cellars (Monument)
MDV55656Former Military Camp at Sandridge House, Stoke Gabriel (Monument)
MDV105264Garden Earthworks in Goodington Park (Monument)
MDV105366Generator House in Battery Gardens, Brixham (Monument)
MDV105367Generator House in Battery Gardens, Brixham (Monument)
MDV105036Groyne North of Devon Valley Holiday Village (Monument)
MDV105115Groyne to the north of Britannia Royal Naval College (Monument)
MDV104981Groyne to the southeast of Whitstone Farm (Monument)
MDV105708Groyne to the west of Nutwell Park (Monument)
MDV39421Gun Emplacement at southeastern end of Axmouth Harbour (Monument)
MDV105455Gun Platforms at Berry Head Point (Monument)
MDV20088Hardy's Head Battery, Berry Head (Monument)
MDV3155Holbury Camp, Ermington (Monument)
MDV44717Hollicombe Gas Works, Paignton (Monument)
MDV104891Hulk along Bow Creek (Maritime)
MDV104892Hulk along Bow Creek (Maritime)
MDV105560Hulk at Topsham Lock (Maritime)
MDV105011Hulk in Galmpton Creek (Maritime)
MDV105012Hulk in Galmpton Creek (Maritime)
MDV105880Hulk in the Axe Estuary North of the Axe Bridge (Monument)
MDV68094Hulk of a Trimaran at Shortaflete Creek (Monument)
MDV68083Hulk of the Glory to the north of Mill Point, Stoke Gabriel (Monument)
MDV68087Hulk of the Winifred to the east of Great Copse, Dittisham (Monument)
MDV105114Hulk to the east of Peppersheen Plantation (Maritime)
MDV105646Hulk to the east of Turf Locks (Maritime)
MDV105650Hulk to the east of Turf Locks (Maritime)
MDV105648Hulk to the east of Turfs Lock (Maritime)
MDV105645Hulk to the north of Turf Locks (Maritime)
MDV105111Hulk to the northeast of Rough Hole Point (Maritime)
MDV105112Hulk to the northeast of Rough Hole Point (Maritime)
MDV105113Hulk to the northeast of Rough Hole Point (Maritime)
MDV104990Hulk to the south of Lower Gurrow Point (Maritime)
MDV105131Hulk to the southeast of Britannia Crossing (Maritime)
MDV105621Hulk with in the Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105612Hulk with the Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105558Hulk within Marshland of the River Exe Reedbeds Nature Reserve (Maritime)
MDV105614Hulk within the Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105618Hulk within the Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105619Hulk within the Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105620Hulk within the Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105622Hulk within the Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105625Hulk within the Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105627Hulk within the Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105631Hulk within the Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105632Hulk within the Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105633Hulk within the Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105636Hulk within the Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105639Hulk within the Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105692Hulk within the Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105703Hulk within the Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105611Hulk within the Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105761Hulk within the Exe Estuary at Starcross (Maritime)
MDV105642Hulk within the River Clyst (Maritime)
MDV105557Hulk within the River Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105143Hulk within Waterhead Creek (Maritime)
MDV105145Hulk within Waterhead Creek (Maritime)
MDV105449Industrial Structures at Berry Head Quarry (Monument)
MDV105746Inter-tidal Feature within the Exe Estuary (Monument)
MDV105762Inter-tidal Feature within the Exe Estuary, to the north of Starcross (Monument)
MDV105747Inter-tidal Features within the Exe Estuary (Monument)
MDV105710Intertidal Structures at Lympstone (Monument)
MDV105709Intertidal Structures to the west of Darling’s Rock, Lympstone (Monument)
MDV104986Jetty at Blackness Point (Monument)
MDV105091Jetty North of Coombe Cellars (Monument)
MDV105117Jetty to the north of Britannia Royal Naval College (Monument)
MDV57225Kingswear Motor Torpedo Boat Base (Monument)
MDV56259Landing Craft Repair Facility at Lower Noss Point, Kingswear (Monument)
MDV105400Light Anti Aircraft Gun Emplacement in Battery Gardens, Brixham (Monument)
MDV105453Light Anti-Aircraft Battery at Berry Head (Monument)
MDV106019Linear Inter-tidal Structure in the Axe Estuary (Monument)
MDV105105Linear Structure in the Inter-tidal Zone at Corbyn's Head (Monument)
MDV105196Linear Structure in the Inter-tidal Zone South of Hollicombe Head (Monument)
MDV105151Linear Structure Off Flow Point (Monument)
MDV105031Modern Structure (Monument)
MDV104369Modern Wreck (Maritime)
MDV104381Modern Wreck (Maritime)
MDV105106Modern Wreck, West of The Anchorage (Maritime)
MDV20080No. 3 Artillery Fort, Berry Head (Monument)
MDV105401Observation Post in Battery Gardens, Brixham (Monument)
MDV105334Octangonal Structure, Hole Head (Monument)
MDV55644Pillbox above Hollicombe Beach, Torbay (Monument)
MDV55646Pillbox at northern end of Hollicombe Beach, Torbay (Monument)
MDV105254Pillbox North-East of Redcliffe Court (Monument)
MDV39354Pillbox S.82 circa 229 metres east of Gin Bottle Hole, Axmouth (Monument)
MDV39352Pillbox S.83 to north of Axmouth (Monument)
MDV39353Pillbox S.84 to east of Axe Marsh (Monument)
MDV49424Pillbox S.85 to north-northwest of Axmouth (Monument)
MDV39351Pillbox S.86, Millmead, Axmouth (Monument)
MDV39350Pillbox S.87 to south of Axmouth (Monument)
MDV52900Pillbox S.88 circa 325 metres north of Squires Lane, Axmouth (Monument)
MDV39349Pillbox S.91 on driveway to Havencliffe House, Axmouth (Monument)
MDV55049Pillbox S.V.15 circa 324 metres north of Squires Lane, Axmouth (Monument)
MDV55050Pillbox S.V.16 circa 320 metres north of Squires Lane, Axmouth (Monument)
MDV105436Possible Ammunition Depot or Fuel Store West of Berry Head Common (Monument)
MDV105273Possible Barrow on Sugarloaf Hill (Monument)
MDV105444Possible Building Platform on Berry Head Common (Monument)
MDV105189Possible Catchmeadow North of Cockington Lane (Monument)
MDV105101Possible Fishtrap (Monument)
MDV105101Possible Fishtrap (Monument)
MDV105101Possible Fishtrap (Monument)
MDV105101Possible Fishtrap (Monument)
MDV105706Possible Fishtrap within the Exe Estuary (Monument)
MDV105707Possible Fishtrap within the Exe Estuary (Monument)
MDV105704Possible Fishtraps within the Exe Estuary (Monument)
MDV105705Possible Fishtraps within the Exe Estuary (Monument)
MDV105483Possible Former Field Boundaries on Berry Head Common (Monument)
MDV105176Possible Former Field Boundary on Torre Abbey Meadows (Monument)
MDV105441Possible Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery on Berry Head Common (Monument)
MDV105649Possible Hulk to the east of Turf Locks (Maritime)
MDV105748Possible Hulk within the Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV104443Possible Lime Kiln in the Inter-Tidal Zone West of Boat Hill Copse (Monument)
MDV105326Possible Military Structure Above Elberry Cove (Monument)
MDV105214Possible Military Structure Above Hollicombe Beach (Monument)
MDV104437Possible Military Structure on the Southern Part of Thurlestone Golf Course (Monument)
MDV105204Possible Pillbox North of Hollicombe Gasworks (Monument)
MDV105242Possible Pump House, Dawlish Warren (Monument)
MDV105791Possible Quarry East of West Down Farm (Monument)
MDV105556Possible Reclamation Bank and Drainage Ditch within Exminster Marshes (Monument)
MDV105555Possible Reclamation Banks to the northwest of Clyst St. George (Monument)
MDV106955Possible Salterns, Stock Refuges or Natural Mounds on Seaton Marshes (Monument)
MDV104276Possible Second World War Pillbox, Middle Soar (Monument)
MDV105435Possible Storage Tank Structure, Brixham. (Monument)
MDV105179Possible Water Meadow on Torre Abbey Meadows (Monument)
MDV104371Possible Wreck (Maritime)
MDV104361Possible Wreck East of Linscombe Farm (Maritime)
MDV9958Prehistoric Settlement to the east of Blackheath Farm (Monument)
MDV105390Probable Military Structure in Battery Gardens, Brixham (Monument)
MDV105391Probable Military Structure in Battery Gardens, Brixham (Monument)
MDV105182Putting Green on Abbey Park (Monument)
MDV50874RAF Beer Head (Monument)
MDV55645Railway guardhouse above Hollicombe Beach, Torbay (Monument)
MDV42609Reclamation Banks on Seaton Marshes (Monument)
MDV105245Reclamation Structures, Dawlish Warren (Monument)
MDV105200Rectangular Structure North of Hollicombe Gasworks (Monument)
MDV105849Remains of a Possible Hulk at Odham’s Wharf (Maritime)
MDV105181Remains of the High Flyer on Abbey Park (Monument)
MDV105389Reservoir in Battery Gardens, Brixham (Monument)
MDV105448Rifle Range on Berry Head Common (Monument)
MDV105244Rocket battery platform on Hollicombe Beach, Torbay (Monument)
MDV105394Rocket Projector Platform Base in Battery Gardens, Brixham (Monument)
MDV42071Round House on Dawlish Warren (Monument)
MDV42876Royal Observer Corps post in Berry Head Fort No. 3 (Monument)
MDV105075Ruins of Torre Abbey (Monument)
MDV39543Seaton Emergency Battery (Monument)
MDV51626Second World War Bombing Decoy Control Shelter South East of Wembury (Monument)
MDV58006Second World War Bombing Decoy Control Shelter West of Worswell Barton (Monument)
MDV105802Second World War Earthworks at Otterton Point (Monument)
MDV39318Second World War Pillbox at Dawlish Warren (Monument)
MDV39320Second World War Pillbox at Dawlish Warren (Monument)
MDV39337Second World War Pillbox North of Branscombe Beach (Monument)
MDV39336Second World War Pillbox to north of Branscombe Beach (Monument)
MDV105355Second World War Rifle and pistol Range, Straight Point (Monument)
MDV105345Second World War Site, Rodney Point (Monument)
MDV104397Second World War Weapons Pits, South of The Warren (Monument)
MDV105396Section Observation Post in Battery Gardens, Brixham (Monument)
MDV104450Sluice in the Inter-Tidal Zone East of Boult Hill Plantation (Monument)
MDV105086Small Wreck East of Combe Cellars (Maritime)
MDV71162South Coaster (Maritime)
MDV106476Structure on the Saltmarsh in the Axe Estuary (Monument)
MDV105690Timber Revetments at the Turfs Lock (Monument)
MDV105116Timber Revetments, The River Teign (Monument)
MDV105395Two Gun Houses in Battery Gardens, Brixham (Monument)
MDV105057Two slipways constructed in 1943 for Operation Overlord - D-Day. (Monument)
MDV55091United States Naval Amphibious Supply Base, Exeter (Monument)
MDV105019Walls, South of the Former Labrador Inn (Monument)
MDV105268Water Management Infrastructure on Goodrington Sands (Monument)
MDV105068Watermeadow West of Devon Valley Holiday Village (Monument)
MDV62605Wheel Ruts in Orcombe Rocks (Monument)
MDV105340Wheel Ruts on Maer Rocks (Monument)
MDV39335World War II Pillbox at Otterton Point (Monument)
MDV105133Wreck North of Newton Channel (Maritime)