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Title:Pan Government Agreement Aerial Photograph
Originator:Next Perspectives

Associated Monuments (61)

MDV21013Brownstone Emergency Battery, Inner Froward Point, Kingswear (Monument)
MDV104833Catch Meadow at Baltic Wharf Business Park (Monument)
MDV107378Catch Meadow at Leigh Barton (Monument)
MDV104558Catch meadow at Poundhouse Farm (Monument)
MDV104559Catch Meadow at Redlap Farm (Monument)
MDV104899Catch Meadow at Sandridge Barton (Monument)
MDV104506Catch Meadow at Southwood Farm (Monument)
MDV103886Catch Meadow at Woodhouse Farm, West Alvington (Monument)
MDV104507Catch Meadow east of Landcombe (Monument)
MDV105239Catch Meadow off Yards Lane, Higher Brixham (Monument)
MDV103885Catch Meadow south of Thacketwood (Monument)
MDV104997Catch Meadow to the east of Combe Lane (Monument)
MDV104999Catch Meadow to the east of Hook Bottom (Monument)
MDV105130Catch Meadow to the south of Hoodown Farm (Monument)
MDV104903Catch Meadow to the south of Waddeton (Monument)
MDV104825Catch Meadow west of The Mount, Totnes (Monument)
MDV107751Circular Cropmark Enclosure Overlooking the River Weaver (Monument)
MDV42875Cold War Royal Observer Corps Post, Berry Head Fort No. 3 (Monument)
MDV108076Cropmarks to the southwest of Kingsley House (Monument)
MDV56073Ditched Enclosures East of Heal-eye Stream (Monument)
MDV40086D-Shaped Enclosure North East of Westcott Farm (Monument)
MDV108058Earthwork Ditch to the Southeast of Sutton Barton (Monument)
MDV61525Enclosure southwest of West Charleton (Monument)
MDV56069Enclosure to the northeast of Flesterhaies Cottage (Monument)
MDV106209Extraction Pit to the south of Bystock Wood (Monument)
MDV105161Field Boundary South of Coombe Way (Monument)
MDV107924Field Boundary West of Bridwell Park (Monument)
MDV55672Fire Station off Bridge Road, Countess Wear (Monument)
MDV108077Former Field Boundaries at Merrimead (Monument)
MDV104239Former Field Boundaries north of Lannacombe Barn (Monument)
MDV107944Former Field Boundary South of Old Bridwell (Monument)
MDV55656Former Military Camp at Sandridge House, Stoke Gabriel (Monument)
MDV105115Groyne to the north of Britannia Royal Naval College (Monument)
MDV104893Groynes at White Rock (Monument)
MDV44717Hollicombe Gas Works, Paignton (Monument)
MDV68087Hulk of the Winifred to the east of Great Copse, Dittisham (Monument)
MDV104995Hulk to the east of Dittisham (Maritime)
MDV108796Linear Cropmarks South of Silverton Mills (Monument)
MDV105151Linear Structure Off Flow Point (Monument)
MDV56256Mill Bay, Slipway (Monument)
MDV108001Orchard Banks at Higher King’s Mill (Monument)
MDV107793Orchards East of Northcott (Monument)
MDV105035Peaked Tor Cove Minewatchers Post, Torquay (Building)
MDV107426Possible Former Field Boundaries to the north of Leighpool Copse (Monument)
MDV107869Possible Former Field Boundary East of Yondercott Farm (Monument)
MDV107771Possible Former Field Boundary West of Southey Barton (Monument)
MDV107379Possible Former Trackway to the northwest of North Down Farm (Monument)
MDV107410Possible Quarry at Billingsmoor (Monument)
MDV55108Prawle Point Radar Station (Monument)
MDV104556Quarry southeast of Stoke Fleming (Monument)
MDV107481Quarry to the east of St. Matthew’s Church, Butterleigh (Monument)
MDV55084RAF West Prawle Radar Station (Monument)
MDV66945Rectilinear Enclosure southwest of West Charleton (Monument)
MDV10253Rectilinear Enclosure to the south of Mill Farm (Monument)
MDV10254Rectilinear Enclosure to the southwest of Mill Farm (Monument)
MDV17729Rectilinear Enclosure to the southwest of Mill Farm (Monument)
MDV108634Ring Ditch East of Heal-eye Stream (Monument)
MDV38884Ring Ditch to South of Lower Cownhayne, Colyton (Monument)
MDV42876Royal Observer Corps post in Berry Head Fort No. 3 (Monument)
MDV104904Slipway at Waddeton Boat House (Monument)
MDV1507The Culm Valley Light Railway (Monument)