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Title:East Devon Access Land Archaeological Survey 2007
Originator:Exeter Archaeology
Summary:Archaeological management survey of a number of commons in East Devon, designated as Access Land. The aim of the project was to identify archaeological sites within the commons that lie close to areas of significant public access.

Associated Monuments (147)

MDV70411 Field Banks East of Woodbury Parish Boundary (Monument)
MDV60855Air Raid Shelter, Woodbury Cottage, Woodbury (Building)
MDV70408Bank and Ditch East of Castle Plantation (Monument)
MDV70917Bank at Scott's Pollard, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV70393Bank North West of Blackberry Maries (Monument)
MDV54218Bank on Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV70921Bank South East of Manor Farm, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV70391Bank South of Upham Plantation (Monument)
MDV70390Bank South of Uphams Plantation (Monument)
MDV70406Bank southeast of Woodbury Park Golf and Country Club (Monument)
MDV70386Bank, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70947Bank, Dalditch Common (Monument)
MDV70946Bank, East Budleigh (Monument)
MDV70772Bank, Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV10471Barrow near Yettington Intakes (Monument)
MDV10445Barrow on Aylesbeare Common (Monument)
MDV10561Barrow on Colaton Raleigh Common, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV12745Barrow on Scott's Pollard, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV67881Barrow on Withycombe Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV28861Barrow to north-east of Common Farm, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV10551Barrow, Aylesbeare Common (Monument)
MDV28981Barrow, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV10568Barrow, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV60669Barrow, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV10607Barrow, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV113169Barrow, Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV10559Barrow, South West of Hawkerland (Monument)
MDV60670Barrows, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV39955Blackhill Quarry (Monument)
MDV70818Boundary Stone, Lympstone Common (Monument)
MDV70375Boundary Stone, Lympstone Common (Monument)
MDV113113Boundary West of Dalditch Plantation (Monument)
MDV70418Boundary, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV15096Bowl Barrow on Lympstone Common, 500m west of Fryingpans (Monument)
MDV15095Bowl Barrow on Lympstone Common, 500m west of Fryingpans (Monument)
MDV15097Bowl Barrow on Lympstone Common, 500m west of Fryingpans (Monument)
MDV10439Bowl Barrow to North East of Common Farm, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV70404Brick Platform, Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV14747Brickworks, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV10566Cairn Cemetery, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV10429Cairns, Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV70797Cinema at Military Training Site, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV28618Circular Features on Harpford Common, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV21327Club House at Woodbury Castle (Building)
MDV70415Control Shelter and Generator Building, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV108275Cottage in Woodbury Castle (Monument)
MDV15101Dalditch Camp. World War Two Army Training Camp, Infantry Training Centre (Monument)
MDV70792Decontamination Building, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV78767Decontamination Building, Military Training Camp, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70208Ditch to west of Woodbury Castle (Monument)
MDV10419Earthwork Feature, Shortwood Common (Monument)
MDV10498Earthwork Mound at Four Firs (Monument)
MDV10497Earthwork Mound at Four Firs (Monument)
MDV10499Earthwork Mound at Four Firs (Monument)
MDV10483Earthwork Mound Northeast of Woodbury Castle, Woodbury (Monument)
MDV10473Earthwork Mound on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV10474Earthwork Mound on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV10506Earthwork mound to north of Woodbury Castle, Woodbury (Monument)
MDV14977Earthwork Mound to the north of Squabmoor Reservoir (Monument)
MDV14976Earthwork Mound to the north of Squabmoor Reservoir (Monument)
MDV10477Earthwork Mound, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV10475Earthwork Mound, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV10496Earthwork Mound, Four Firs (Monument)
MDV14975Earthwork Mounds to the north of Squabmoor Reservoir (Monument)
MDV15114Earthwork Mounds within Squabmoor Plantation (Monument)
MDV70959Earthwork on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV70410Earthwork pit on Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV55208Earthwork Pits and Trenches on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV70206Earthwork Pits on Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV38889Enclosure, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV70414Enclosures, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70384Field Boundary, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV112509Field Name, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV45222Firing Butts on Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70790Firing Range, Bicton (Monument)
MDV70787Firing Range, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV10420Flint Scatter (Monument)
MDV39965Gravel Pit in South West Corner of Lympstone Common (Monument)
MDV70376Gravel Pit on Lympstone Common (Monument)
MDV69674Gravel Pit South of Harpford Hill Plantations (Monument)
MDV54228Gravel Pit, Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV38944Gravel Pit, North of Hawkerland (Monument)
MDV39967Gravel Pit, Withycombe Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV113032Gravel Pits South of Hawkerland (Monument)
MDV72755Harpford Common, Old Gravel Pits (Monument)
MDV54225Hawkerland Valley Military Depot (Monument)
MDV62911Hearths, Thorn Tree Plantation (Monument)
MDV70920Holloway East of Manor Farm, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV112740Holloway, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV15091Linear Earthwork on East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70926Linear North of Blackhill Quarry (Monument)
MDV14750Military Earthworks on Aylesbeare Common (Monument)
MDV70389Military Features, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70791Military Garage, East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV112754Military Structure, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV112753Military Struture, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV55207Military Trenches, Woodbury Castle, Woodbury (Monument)
MDV112741Military Trenches, Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV70407Mound on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV15086Mound South of Four Firs, Woodbury (Monument)
MDV70814Mound, Withycombe Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70943Nine Parish Boundary Stones, Lympstone (Monument)
MDV70785Nissen Huts, Military Training Camp, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70786Nissen Huts, Military Training Camp, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70934Parish Boundary between Harpford and Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV70794Parish Boundary Stone South East of Tucker's Plants (Monument)
MDV113167Parish Boundary Stone South of The Warren (Monument)
MDV70819Parish Boundary Stone, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70775Parish Boundary Stone, Harpford Common (Building)
MDV70789Platform North West of Island Plantation (Monument)
MDV70396Possible Bomb Craters, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV14746Possible Earthwork Mounds, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV70218Possible Field Boundaries on Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV15120Possible Military Earthworks on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV54227'Q' Bombing Decoy, Aylesbeare Common (Monument)
MDV72068'Q' Bombing decoy, Woodbury (Monument)
MDV72067'QF' Bombing decoy, Woodbury (Monument)
MDV70207Quarry to south-west of Woodbury Castle (Monument)
MDV112749Rifle Range Marker, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV112750Rifle Range Marker, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV112751Rifle Range Marker, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV45221Rifle Range on Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV61538Ring Cairn, Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV70918Sand Pit at Scott's Pollard (Monument)
MDV70919Sand Pit at Scott's Pollard, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV113168Sand Pit South East of Hawkerland (Monument)
MDV69673Sand Pit South of Hawkerland (Monument)
MDV39963Sandpit South East of Kettle Plantation, Colaton Raleigh (Monument)
MDV113164Steps, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV15118Three Mounds on East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70213Three Trackways, Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV70795Three Tree Enclosures on East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70398Trackway South of Hawkerland Brakes (Monument)
MDV113138Trackway, Bicton Common (Monument)
MDV113166Trackway, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70949Trackway, Harpford Common (Monument)
MDV112713Tree enclosure ring, Bicton (Monument)
MDV112715Tree enclosure ring, Bicton (Monument)
MDV70821Tree Ring East of Downlands Farm (Monument)
MDV70916Trench to east of Manor Farm, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV10573Two Tumuli on Aylesbeare Common (Monument)
MDV10572Two Tumuli on Aylesbeare Common (Monument)
MDV113165Wall, Yettington Intakes (Monument)
MDV70813Withycombe Raleigh/East Budleigh Parish Boundary Bank (Monument)
MDV70397Woodbury and Colaton Raleigh Parish Boundary Bank (Monument)
MDV18327Woodbury Beacon (Monument)
MDV10500Woodbury Castle, Woodbury, East Devon (Monument)