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Originator:Royal Air Force

Associated Monuments (85)

MDV29046Barrow at Burrows Reservoir, Dawlish (Monument)
MDV124649Barrow west of Burrows Reservoir, Dawlish (Monument)
MDV9783Castle Dyke in Tower Plantation, Ashcombe and Dawlish (Monument)
MDV122240Catch meadow at Baddaford, Staverton (Monument)
MDV105223Catch Meadow at Higher Brownstone Farm (Monument)
MDV105016Catch Meadow at Higher Greenway Farm (Monument)
MDV105016Catch Meadow at Higher Greenway Farm (Monument)
MDV105016Catch Meadow at Higher Greenway Farm (Monument)
MDV105016Catch Meadow at Higher Greenway Farm (Monument)
MDV104838Catch Meadow at Lower Longcombe (Monument)
MDV125227Catch Meadow System north of Aller Brook House, Coffinswell (Monument)
MDV104999Catch Meadow to the east of Hook Bottom (Monument)
MDV105222Catch Meadow to the southwest of Home Farm (Monument)
MDV104895Catch Meadow to the west of Sandridge (Monument)
MDV105490Catch Meadow West of Dawlish (Monument)
MDV122246Catch meadow, west of Thornecroft, Staverton (Monument)
MDV57677Catchmeadow between Old Walls Hill and Shepherds Lane, Bishopsteignton (Monument)
MDV122452Catchmeadow south of Buddleford Farm, Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV105219Coastal Anti-Aircraft Battery at Castle Cove (Monument)
MDV105094Corbyn's Head Emergency Coastal Battery (Monument)
MDV125253Cropmarks at Little Haccombe Farm, Coffinswell (Monument)
MDV122490Curvilinear Enclosure north of Headway Cross, Bishopsteignton (Monument)
MDV122672Curvilinear Enclosure south of Sharper Lane, Shaldon (Monument)
MDV122588Curvilinear Enclosure west of Mill Bottom Plantation, Haccombe with Combe (Monument)
MDV56263D-Day Landing Craft Maintenance Site (Monument)
MDV56261D-Day Landing Craft Maintenance Site (Monument)
MDV105249Drainage Channels or Bed Work Watermeadow North of Dawlish Warren (Monument)
MDV105172Earthwork Banks At Moles Park (Monument)
MDV125374Earthwork Banks East of the River Teign, Teigngrace (Monument)
MDV105225Earthwork Features at Higher Brownstone Farm (Monument)
MDV28690Enclosure at North Whilborough, Kingskerswell (Monument)
MDV117937Extraction Pits, north of Hookedrise Farm, Sheldon and Dunkeswell parishes (Monument)
MDV122603Field Boundaries north of Lower Rocombe Farm, Stokeinteignhead (Monument)
MDV125432Field Boundaries North of St Mary’s Church, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV122677Field Boundaries or Lynchets north of New Barn, Shaldon (Monument)
MDV122675Field Boundary between Sharper Lane and Butterfly Lane, Shaldon (Monument)
MDV122592Field Boundary north of Combeinteignhead, Haccombe with Combe (Monument)
MDV122593Field Boundary north of Combeinteignhead, Haccombe with Combe (Monument)
MDV125373Field boundary North of Lower Loady Farm, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV124783Field Boundary north-west of Lidwell Chapel, Dawlish (Monument)
MDV125431Field Boundary or Lynchet North of Courtenay Road, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV122679Field Boundary south of Butterfly Lane, Stokeinteignhead (Monument)
MDV105221Field Boundary to the east of Fountain Violet Farm (Monument)
MDV105000Field Boundary to the east of Lower Greenway Farm (Monument)
MDV122683Field Boundary west of Dagra Lane, Stokeinteignhead (Monument)
MDV122541Field boundary, west of Simpson Farm, Denbury and Torbryan (Monument)
MDV125426Former Miniature Golf Course, Forde Park, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV125277Former Orchards South East of Ware Cross, Kingsteignton (Monument)
MDV104830Former Quarry to the southeast of Totnes (Monument)
MDV105155Fuel and Water Tanks within the Grounds of Britannia Royal Naval College (Monument)
MDV105109Gun Pit to the east of Higher Noss Point (Monument)
MDV54205Haldon Aerodrome (Civil) (Monument)
MDV54206Haldon Aerodrome (Military) (Monument)
MDV71724Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery to the south of Coleton Barton Farm (Monument)
MDV68083Hulk of the Glory to the north of Mill Point, Stoke Gabriel (Monument)
MDV104990Hulk to the south of Lower Gurrow Point (Maritime)
MDV57225Kingswear Motor Torpedo Boat Base (Monument)
MDV125430Leonard's Road, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV105163Military Features within the grounds of Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. (Monument)
MDV122446Orchard Banks north of Higher Combe Farm, Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV122448Orchard Banks north of Higher Combe Farm, Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV122643Orchard Banks north-west of New Barn, Shaldon (Monument)
MDV125362Orchard South of Greenhill Way, Kingsteignton (Monument)
MDV122495Possible Boundary features north of Headway Cross, Bishopsteignton (Monument)
MDV122492Possible Boundary or Trackway north of Headway Cross, Bishopsteignton (Monument)
MDV122479Possible Double Ditched Rectilinear Enclosure between Old Walls Hill and Shepherds Lane, Bishopsteignton (Monument)
MDV122502Possible Enclosure at the junction of Old Walls Hill and Shepherds Lane, Bishopsteignton (Monument)
MDV122439Possible Long Barrow west of Sandy Mount, Teignmouth (Monument)
MDV105188Possible Lynchets at East Down, Dawlish (Monument)
MDV125427Possible Pillow Mound, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV42251Practise Trenches on Teignmouth Golf Course (Monument)
MDV105168Quarry Pit South-West of Headway Cross (Monument)
MDV28435RAF Kingswear: Radar Station to the northeast of Coleton Barton Cottages (Monument)
MDV105233Reclamation Structures, Dawlish Warren (Monument)
MDV105235Reclamation Structures, Dawlish Warren (Monument)
MDV122686Rectilinear Enclosure south of Pegwell Lane, Shaldon (Monument)
MDV105769Second World War Emergency Water Supply Tank off Iona Avenue, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV122204Shrunken settlement and field boundaries at Kingston House, Staverton (Monument)
MDV105132Slipway at Britannia Crossing (Monument)
MDV56231Slipways to the east of Coronation Park (Monument)
MDV105159Slipways to the east of Royal Avenue Gardens (Monument)
MDV105128Slit Trench to the north of Rocks (Monument)
MDV9224Strip Field Boundaries and Lynchets South of Netherton, Haccombe with Combe (Monument)
MDV9228Strip Lynchets at Goads Plantation, Haccombe with Combe (Monument)
MDV125228Strip Lynchets north of Aller Brook House, Coffinswell (Monument)
MDV55103Two Buildings at northeast end of Dawlish Warren (Monument)
MDV55603World War II Ship Repair Yard, Coronation Park, Dartmouth (Monument)