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Title:Land at Larkbear, Barnstaple: Archaeological Desk-based Assessment
Originator:Lewis, D.
Date:Sept 2011
Summary:The assessment of this proposed development site reported that the land comprises a network of agricultural enclosures probably established in the Middle Ages. It recommends retention of existing hedgebanks and some mature woodland within the masterplan of proposed development. It also recommends the masterplan should incorporate measures to minimise any impact on the wider landscape, in particular the Listed Victorian folly 'Tawstock' to the south of the site. Archaeological potential is thought to be low. Non field intervention source.

Associated Monuments (80)

MDV14995Anglo Saxon Burh at Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV38916Archaeological Deposits at Sticklepath Hill, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV80167Barn north-east of Herton (Monument)
MDV65637Barn to west of Rivulet Cottage, Lake (Building)
MDV106447Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV824Barnstaple Station (Building)
MDV65646BOUNDARY in the Parish of Tawstock (Monument)
MDV65647Brynhyfryd, Old Torrington Road, Tawstock (Monument)
MDV68215Building 244 metres east of Upcott Farm, Tawstock (Building)
MDV65640Carrick Lodge, formerly Little Herton, Tawstock (Monument)
MDV64427Drainage Channel near Tarka Tennis Club, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV80182Drainage Ditch and Gully north of Pill Farm, Tawstock (Monument)
MDV80165Drainage System, Pill (Monument)
MDV80161Earthworks at Pill, Lake (Monument)
MDV4483Enclosure at Roundswell, Tawstock (Monument)
MDV57476Field boundaries and ditches to the north of Pill Farm, Tawstock (Monument)
MDV69001Field Boundary or Trackway 214 metres east of Old Farm Court, Tawstock (Monument)
MDV38910FINDSPOT in the Parish of Tawstock (Find Spot)
MDV56636FINDSPOT in the Parish of Tawstock (Find Spot)
MDV65643FINDSPOT in the Parish of Tawstock (Find Spot)
MDV57477FINDSPOT in the Parish of Tawstock (Find Spot)
MDV80164Former Drove Road north of Lake, Tawstock (Monument)
MDV23359Fremington-Tawstock Parish Boundary at Roundswell, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV65645Hele Manorial Boundary (Part) (Monument)
MDV65639Herton and Old Court Farm, Sticklepath near Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV57479Hollow Way beside Little Pill Farm, Tawstock (Monument)
MDV69247Hollow Way east of Little Pill, Tawstock (Monument)
MDV105819Hollow Way to east of Old Farm Court, Tawstock (Monument)
MDV105820Hollow Way to south of Sticklepath, Tawstock (Building)
MDV825Lake's Foundry, Seven Brethren Industrial Estate, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV80169Land Reclamation on the West Bank of the Taw (Monument)
MDV65648Larkbear or Torrington Lodge, Tawstock (Building)
MDV106444Larkbear Plantation, Tawstock (Monument)
MDV65642Medieval and Post Medieval Pottery to south-west of Herton Farm, Sticklepath near Barnstaple (Find Spot)
MDV69249Mesolithic Occupation Site, Little Pill Farm, Tawstock (Monument)
MDV910Milestone in Sticklepath, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV911Milestone in Sticklepath, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV32914Milestone on B3232, 2 miles from Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV65636Mills House to south of Sticklepath Court, Tawstock (Building)
MDV4484Non Archaeological Site at Roundswell, Tawstock, Barnstaple at Roundswell, Tawstock (Monument)
MDV38915North Devon Crematorium, Old Torrington Road, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV823North Devon Railway (Fremington to Barnstaple) (Monument)
MDV71166Palaeochannel, Sticklepath (Monument)
MDV69248Palaeochannels at Little Pill, Tawstock (Monument)
MDV64428Palaeochannels on West Bank of River Taw (Monument)
MDV23356Paved area in field on site of Gratton Court, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV65641Pavings Field, Pill Farm, Tawstock (Monument)
MDV105829Pill Farm, Lake, Tawstock (Monument)
MDV23364Pill Farmhouse, Lake, Tawstock (Building)
MDV23374PLANTATION in the Parish of Tawstock (Monument)
MDV23375PLANTATION in the Parish of Tawstock (Monument)
MDV23357PLANTATION in the Parish of Tawstock (Monument)
MDV71644Possible Archaeological Features at Roundswell, Fremington (Monument)
MDV57480Possible US Army heavy anti-aircraft artillery (AAA) gun site, Sticklepath (Monument)
MDV71186Post Holes South of Fishleigh Road, Roundswell, Fremington (Monument)
MDV69246Postholes 94 metres north-north-east of Little Pill, Tawstock (Monument)
MDV23386QUARRY in the Parish of Tawstock (Monument)
MDV65638Reck Park, Herton, Tawstock (Monument)
MDV62395Ring from field south of Lake Roundabout (Find Spot)
MDV64426Seven Brethren Bank, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV15053Seven Brethren Tombstone, Tawstock (Monument)
MDV38911Sgraffito Pottery from Lower Upcott Farm, (Find Spot)
MDV818Shapland and Petter Works, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV38913Site of Trial Trenches to east of Lake, Tawstock (Find Spot)
MDV57478SLAG in the Parish of Tawstock (Monument)
MDV898Small Cottage at Lake, Tawstock (Building)
MDV822Sticklepath Farm, Tawstock (Monument)
MDV16477Sticklepath Toll House, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV18945Tawstock (Monument)
MDV31500Tawstock Castle (Building)
MDV819The Old Slaughterhouse, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV32845The Smithy, Lake (Building)
MDV820Threshing Barn, now 5 Sticklepath Court, Barnstaple (Building)
MDV80181Timber Deposit in River Taw, Barnstaple (Monument)
MDV44065Tower Park, Tawstock (Monument)
MDV16478Turnpike Road from Barnstaple to Hatherleigh (Monument)
MDV40191Upcott Farmhouse, Tawstock (Building)
MDV57975Well on north side of Lake (Monument)
MDV57974Well to south of Sticklepath Court (Monument)
MDV105821West Lodge, Old Torrington Road, Sticklepath near Barnstaple (Building)