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Originator:Royal Air Force

Associated Monuments (142)

MDV105252Air Raid Shelter on Paignton Green (Monument)
MDV105253Air Raid Shelter on Paignton Green (Monument)
MDV105250Air Raid Shelter on Preston Green (Monument)
MDV105251Air Raid Shelter on Preston Green (Monument)
MDV125326Air raid shelters at Audley Park school (now Torquay Academy), Torbay (Monument)
MDV122201Banked enclosure, west of Millclose Linhay, Broadhempston (Monument)
MDV13773Barrow or possible extractive pit, east of Newhouse, Broadhempston (Monument)
MDV105010Bombing Range Target Indicator (Monument)
MDV123454Boundary east of Bigadon House, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV48200Bullycleaves Quarry, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV9146Castle Dyke, Highweek, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV122215Catch meadow at Beara Farm, Staverton (Monument)
MDV125064Catch Meadow at Compton Mill, Marldon (Monument)
MDV122275Catch meadow, south of Woodland Vale Farm, Woodland (Monument)
MDV123402Catchmeadow at Deanburn Bridge, Dean Prior (Monument)
MDV124456Catchmeadow east of Farlacombe, Bickington (Monument)
MDV123328Catchmeadow south of Woodend, Staverton (Monument)
MDV122615Catchmeadow west of Stokeinteignhead (Monument)
MDV123178Clearance cairns, East Ogwell, Ogwell (Monument)
MDV105094Corbyn's Head Emergency Coastal Battery (Monument)
MDV122590Curvilinear Enclosure north of No Man's Land Plantation, Haccombe with Combe (Monument)
MDV52539Decoy Brake Rifle Range (Monument)
MDV55647Defence structure above the tunnel entrance to Hollicombe Beach, Torbay (Monument)
MDV21906Denbury Army Camp (Rawlinson Barracks) (Monument)
MDV105053Discharge Pipe of the Marine Spa (Monument)
MDV125179Emergency Water Supply off Shiphay Avenue, Torbay (Monument)
MDV125406Emergency Water Supply reservoir at St Mary's Church, Torquay (Monument)
MDV125405Emergency Water Supply reservoir at Wright's Lane, Torquay (Monument)
MDV125409Emergency Water Supply reservoir off Main Avenue, Torquay (Monument)
MDV125407Emergency Water Supply reservoir on Barton Hill Road, Torquay (Monument)
MDV105257Emergency Water Supply Reservoir on Paignton Green (Monument)
MDV125329Emergency Water Supply reservoirs at Plainmoor Stadium, Torquay (Monument)
MDV125403Emergency Water Supply reservoirs at Westhill Farm (now Chatto Court), Torquay (Monument)
MDV125330Emergency Water Supply reservoirs between Westhill Avenue and Haytor Road, Torquay (Monument)
MDV29896Enclosure north of Well Cottages, Staverton (Monument)
MDV8678Enclosure to south-East of Milber Camp (Monument)
MDV37265Enclosure West of Netherton, Haccombe with Combe (Monument)
MDV122542Enclosure, or Possible Hillfort, south of Coppa Dolla Farm, Denbury and Torbryan (Monument)
MDV122547Enclosure, south of Orley House, Ipplepen (Monument)
MDV37199Enclosure, southwest of Pease Park Farm, Staverton (Monument)
MDV43010Enclosure, west of Higher Penn, Staverton (Monument)
MDV124484Extractive Pit at Caton Cross, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV125424Extractive Pit or Building Platform South of St Leonard’s Road, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV122338Extractive pit, west of Younghouse, Broadhempston (Monument)
MDV124339Extractive Pits north of Place Cross, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV125327Extractive pits on Windmill Hill, Torquay (Monument)
MDV125425Extractive Pits West of Decoy Country Park, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV125476Field Boundaries east of Orestone Plantation, Coffinswell (Monument)
MDV122603Field Boundaries north of Lower Rocombe Farm, Stokeinteignhead (Monument)
MDV122258Field boundaries northeast of Waytown Cross, Broadhempston (Monument)
MDV122614Field Boundaries or lynchets south-east of Stokeinteignhead (Monument)
MDV122596Field Boundaries south of Combeinteignhead, Haccombe with Combe (Monument)
MDV125478Field Boundaries south of Daccombe Brake, Coffinswell (Monument)
MDV125435Field boundaries South of Shaldon Road, Hacombe with Combe (Monument)
MDV122545Field boundaries, southeast of Simpson Farm, Denbury and Torbryan (Monument)
MDV124930Field Boundary at Oldacourt Linhay, Marldon (Monument)
MDV124465Field Boundary north of Caton, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV125248Field Boundary or Water Channel southwest of Church Farm, Haccombe with Combe (Monument)
MDV122602Field Boundary south-east of Lower Rocombe Farm, Stokeinteignhead (Monument)
MDV124355Field Boundary south-west of Farlacombe, Bickington (Monument)
MDV124468Field Boundary west of Alston, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV122841Field boundary, north of Heathfield, Ogwell (Monument)
MDV122203Field boundary, north of Kingston House, Staverton (Monument)
MDV122433Field boundary, south of Hollycombe Barn, Broadhempston (Monument)
MDV122434Field boundary, southeast of Greyface Farm, Broadhempston (Monument)
MDV122430Field boundary, southeast of The Old Police House, Broadhempston (Monument)
MDV122253Field boundary, west of Mount Pleasant Cottage, Broadhempston (Monument)
MDV124362Field System at East Down, Denbury and Torbryan (Monument)
MDV122623Field System east of Stokeinteignhead (Monument)
MDV14900Field System off Kingskerswell Road, Kingskerswell (Monument)
MDV19187Field system on Orley Common, Denbury and Torbryan (Monument)
MDV19206Field system, East Ogwell, Ogwell (Monument)
MDV80217Former Leat North-West of Castle Barton (Monument)
MDV44717Hollicombe Gas Works, Paignton (Monument)
MDV125430Leonard's Road, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV105105Linear Structure in the Inter-tidal Zone at Corbyn's Head (Monument)
MDV55637Lowe's Bridge Brickworks along Hele Road, Torquay (Monument)
MDV43368Lynchets at Combefishacre, Ipplepen (Monument)
MDV8653Milber Down Southern Camp (Monument)
MDV125256Military Camp off Shiphay Avenue, Torbay (Monument)
MDV54171Observation Post, Greathill Reservoir, Torbay (Monument)
MDV21904Old Quarry at Linhay, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV122840Orchard banks, Higher Wotton, Denbury and Torbryan (Monument)
MDV125219Orchard off Conybear Lane, Coffinswell (Monument)
MDV124410Orchard south of Penpark Plantation, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV124408Orchard south-east of Penpark Plantation, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV125371Orchards and Field Boundary North of Tuckett’s Farm, Haccombe with Combe (Monument)
MDV125220Orchards at Court Barton, Coffinswell (Monument)
MDV125180Orchards east of Odicknoll Farm, Torbay (Monument)
MDV9548Parish Church, St Marychurch, Torbay (Building)
MDV105035Peaked Tor Cove Minewatchers Post, Torquay (Building)
MDV55644Pillbox above Hollicombe Beach, Torbay (Monument)
MDV55646Pillbox at northern end of Hollicombe Beach, Torbay (Monument)
MDV105254Pillbox North-East of Redcliffe Court (Monument)
MDV105090Pillbox on Torbay Road Near Torquay Cricket Club. (Monument)
MDV105177Pillbox on Torbay Road Near Torquay Cricket Club. (Monument)
MDV125455Possible Bomb Crater east of Haccombe Cross, Stokeinteignhead (Monument)
MDV105039Possible Emergency Water Supply Reservoir at the Imperial Hotel (Monument)
MDV105198Possible Emergency Water Supply Reservoir on Broadpark Road (Monument)
MDV59063Possible enclosure, South of Greper Copse, Woodland (Monument)
MDV123327Possible Mill Race south and east of Priestaford, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV122543Possible natural feature, or barrow south of Coppa Dolla Farm, Denbury and Torbryan (Monument)
MDV105204Possible Pillbox North of Hollicombe Gasworks (Monument)
MDV122221Possible searchlight battery at Laskey Bridge, Broadhempston (Monument)
MDV105021Possible Second World War Emergency Water Supply Reservoir (Monument)
MDV105056Possible Structure on Haldon Pier (Monument)
MDV123213Possible track or road and associated field boundaries, west of Bearah, Ogwell (Monument)
MDV8713Prehistoric field system at Dainton Hill (Monument)
MDV105194Probable Emergency Water Supply Reservoir on Torquay Road (Monument)
MDV105193Probable Emergency Water Supply Reservoir South of Sandringham Gardens (Monument)
MDV21901Quarry south of Place Cross, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV55645Railway guardhouse above Hollicombe Beach, Torbay (Monument)
MDV105200Rectangular Structure North of Hollicombe Gasworks (Monument)
MDV125428Rectilinear Enclosure on Milber Down, Combeinteignhead (Monument)
MDV112126Rifle Range, Rawlinson Barracks (Monument)
MDV125433Road or Track, South West of Wolborough Barton, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV105244Rocket battery platform on Hollicombe Beach, Torbay (Monument)
MDV52533Sandpit at Wolborough, Newton Abbot (Monument)
MDV125315Second World War camp at Audley Park school (now Torquay Academy), Torbay (Monument)
MDV104948Second World War Emergency Water Supply Reservoir, Babbacombe Downs (Monument)
MDV104949Second World War Emergency Water Supply Reservoir, Babbacombe Downs (Monument)
MDV55659Second World War Light Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battery at Hope's Nose (Monument)
MDV104935Second World War Light Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battery at Hope's Nose (Monument)
MDV122853Sewage Works, west of Oxenham’s Wood, Ogwell (Monument)
MDV39548Shaldon Emergency Battery (Monument)
MDV43541Sherwell Wollen Mill, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV123397Spoilheap north-west of Fullaford Pool Cross, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV125385Strip Field Boundaries and Lynchets South East of Netherton, Haccombe with Combe (Monument)
MDV9224Strip Field Boundaries and Lynchets South of Netherton, Haccombe with Combe (Monument)
MDV125205Strip Lynchets and Field Boundaries east of Greatoak Cross, Abbotskerswell (Monument)
MDV9228Strip Lynchets at Goads Plantation, Haccombe with Combe (Monument)
MDV123379Subrectangular enclosure south of Old Pridhamsleigh Quarry, Staverton (Monument)
MDV125255Temporary Offices for Prudential Insurance off Shiphay Avenue, Torbay (Monument)
MDV123401Terraced area east of Fullaford House, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV123395Trackway south of Merrifield Road, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV105038Two Emergency Water Supply Reservoirs on Parkhill Road (Monument)
MDV105057Two slipways constructed in 1943 for Operation Overlord - D-Day. (Monument)
MDV104928Ventilation Shaft of Probable Nineteenth or Early Twentieth Century Date (Monument)
MDV7796Water Meadow north of Dart Bridge, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV105084Watermeadow In The Arch Brook Combe (Monument)
MDV122353Watermeadow, east of Rill, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV21523West Mill Leat, Buckfastleigh (Monument)