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Originator:BKS Surveys Ltd

Associated Monuments (141)

MDV107897Catch Meadow at Farrant's Hayes (Monument)
MDV108006Catch Meadow North and West of Washbeerhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV112595Catch Meadow North of Stooke Bridge, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV108434Catch Meadow South East of Stockwell Cross (Monument)
MDV108254Catch Meadow South of Rhode Farm (Monument)
MDV107800Catch Meadow to the west of Whorridge Farm (Monument)
MDV108413Catch Meadow West of Hele Payne Farm (Monument)
MDV108249Catch Meadow West of St Disen’s Church, Bradninch (Monument)
MDV113099Catch Meadow, West of Coppice Farm (Monument)
MDV112748Catchmeadow System South of Peamore Arch (Monument)
MDV112846Catchmeadow System South of Peamore Farm (Monument)
MDV112726Catchmeadow System South-West of Higher Brenton (Monument)
MDV112939Catchmeadow System South-West of Pottles Farm (Monument)
MDV108650Circular Feature South East of Hayne House (Monument)
MDV108420Ditched Feature South East of Worth Farm (Monument)
MDV108700Drainage Banks south of Hele Cross (Monument)
MDV108256Earthwork banks at Rhode Farm (Monument)
MDV108698Earthwork Banks South and West of Woodhayes Copse (Monument)
MDV107813Earthwork Ditch to the south of Nags Head Bridge (Monument)
MDV112594Earthwork Ditches North of Stooke Bridge, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV113751Earthwork Pit, South of Ash Copse, Broadclyst (Monument)
MDV55089Exeter, By-pass Camp (Monument)
MDV113109Extraction Pit Northeast of Treasbeare Farm (Monument)
MDV113110Extraction Pit Northeast of Treasbeare Farm (Monument)
MDV113111Extraction Pit Northeast of Treasbeare Farm (Monument)
MDV118193Extractive pit at Blackpit Copse, Talaton parish (Monument)
MDV108795Extractive Pit Between Beare Lane and Bridge Lane (Monument)
MDV118192Extractive pit north of Blackpit Copse, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV113108Extractive Pit North of Treasbeare Farm (Monument)
MDV118197Extractive pit south-west of Tale Wood, Payhembury (Monument)
MDV118194Extractive pit within Higher Orchard, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV112578Field Boundaries South East of Lower Willyards Farm (Monument)
MDV112508Field Boundaries South of Rull Farm, Whimple (Monument)
MDV107720Field Boundary Bank North West of Tye Farm (Monument)
MDV112600Field Boundary East of Hitt's Farm (Monument)
MDV107945Field Boundary East of Woodhayes House (Monument)
MDV108407Field Boundary South East of Hele (Monument)
MDV112510Field Boundary South of Rull Farm, Whimple (Monument)
MDV112461Former Field Boundaries North of Shillingford St George (Monument)
MDV107641Former Field Boundaries West of Palmer’s Farm (Monument)
MDV113195Former Orchard and Drainage System at Towsington (Monument)
MDV107989Former Orchard at Langford Court (Monument)
MDV107966Former Orchard North East of Greenend Farm (Monument)
MDV107971Former Orchard North of Greenend Farm (Monument)
MDV118169Former orchard north of Higher Westcot, Talaton parish (Monument)
MDV107959Former Orchard North West of Greenend Farm (Monument)
MDV107951Former Orchard North West of Marsh Farm (Monument)
MDV118170Former orchard north-west of Withymoor Copse, Talaton parish (Monument)
MDV118171Former orchard north-west of Withymoor Copse, Talaton parish (Monument)
MDV107943Former Orchard South and West of the Five Bells (Monument)
MDV118166Former orchard south of Tale Wood, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV107999Former Orchard South of Washbeerhayes (Monument)
MDV107956Former Orchard South West of Greenend Farm (Monument)
MDV108011Former Road South East of Whiteheathfield Barton (Monument)
MDV118172Former woodland north of Higher Wescot, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV53281Nissen Creek, Second World War Womens Auxiliary Air Force Accommodation Camp (Monument)
MDV107939Orchard and Field Boundareis at Roach Farm (Monument)
MDV112500Orchard at Ashclyst Farm, Broadclyst (Monument)
MDV112570Orchard at Goulds Farm, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV112599Orchard at Hitts Farm (Monument)
MDV112645Orchard at Townhill Farm, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV107797Orchard Banks at Highdown Cottages (Monument)
MDV107788Orchard Banks at Higher Bagmore (Monument)
MDV107837Orchard Banks at Lower Upton (Monument)
MDV107822Orchard Banks at Oak Tree House (Monument)
MDV113412Orchard Banks at the Former Farmstead of Middle Moor (Monument)
MDV113106Orchard Banks at Treasbeare Farm (Monument)
MDV113090Orchard Banks at Woodhouse Farm (Monument)
MDV113558Orchard Banks North of Blackhorse (Monument)
MDV107748Orchard Banks North of Garlandhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV107640Orchard Banks North-West of Lower Westbrook Cottages (Monument)
MDV107662Orchard Banks South and West of Chaldon Farm (Monument)
MDV107706Orchard Banks South of Lower Weaver Farm (Monument)
MDV113429Orchard Banks to the Northeast of Holbrook Farm (Monument)
MDV107643Orchard Banks to the South of Westcott (Monument)
MDV107644Orchard Banks to the South of Westcott (Monument)
MDV107645Orchard Banks to the South of Westcott (Monument)
MDV108374Orchard Banks West of Bradninch (Monument)
MDV113098Orchard Banks, Northeast of Treasbeare Farm (Monument)
MDV113105Orchard Banks, South of Cranbrook (Monument)
MDV108356Orchard Earthworks at Middleford (Monument)
MDV112498Orchard East of Burraton House (Monument)
MDV112873Orchard East of Chillacombe Farm (Monument)
MDV112875Orchard East of Little Burrow Farm (Monument)
MDV112876Orchard east of Longmeadow and Hay House (Monument)
MDV108694Orchard North and East of Beare Farm (Monument)
MDV107725Orchard North East of Sampford Land Farm (Monument)
MDV108794Orchard North of Budlake. (Monument)
MDV118180Orchard north of Harris Farm, Talaton parish (Monument)
MDV65322Orchard North of Newlands Farm (Monument)
MDV113063Orchard North of Westclyst (Monument)
MDV108405Orchard North West of Poundapit Farm (Monument)
MDV108701Orchard Signage (Monument)
MDV112363Orchard South East of Grange Cottages, Rockbeare (Monument)
MDV112659Orchard South of Aunk, Clyst Hydon (Monument)
MDV112413Orchard South of higher Woodhayes Farm, Whimple (Monument)
MDV108750Orchard South of Hollis Head (Monument)
MDV112584Orchard South of Townhill Farm, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV112647Orchard South of Townhill Farm, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV112857Orchard South West of Clayway, Broadclyst (Monument)
MDV112648Orchard South West of Great Barton Farm, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV112558Orchard West of Channons Farm, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV107724Orchard West of Langford (Monument)
MDV112589Orchards at Clyst Gerred Farm, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV112593Orchards at Clyst Gerred Farm, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV112478Orchards at Holway Farm, Whimple (Monument)
MDV112856Orchards East of Sprydon Cottages, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV107912Orchards North and East of Three Elms Cross (Monument)
MDV112484Orchards North of Gateshayes Farm, Broadclyst. (Monument)
MDV112495Orchards North of Higher Willyards Farm (Monument)
MDV112408Orchards North of Little Cobden, Whimple (Monument)
MDV112409Orchards North of Little Cobden, Whimple (Monument)
MDV112492Orchards North West and South East of Little Churchill's Farm (Monument)
MDV112488Orchards North West of Crockenhayes Farm, Broadclyst. (Monument)
MDV112497Orchards South East of Ashclyst Farm (Monument)
MDV107919Orchards South East of Upton Farm (Monument)
MDV112494Orchards South of Harepathstead Farm (Monument)
MDV107942Oval Enclosure South of Woodhayes House (Monument)
MDV108255Possible Catch Meadow at Rhode Farm (Monument)
MDV113089Possible Catch Meadow at Woodhouse Farm Possible Catch Meadow at Woodhouse Farm Possible Catch Meadow at Woodhouse Farm (Monument)
MDV113362Possible Cropmark at Westpoint Devon County Showground (Monument)
MDV108251Possible Enclosure at Castle Hill, Bradninch (Monument)
MDV108253Possible Enclosure South East of Beacon Cross, Bradninch (Monument)
MDV113363Possible Extraction Pit at Westpoint Devon County Showground (Monument)
MDV112424Possible Field Boundaries South of Higher Cobden, Whimple (Monument)
MDV108730Possible Quarry South West of Frogmore Cross (Monument)
MDV113569Possible Water Meadow, Clyst Honiton (Monument)
MDV107952Probable Catch Meadow at Greenend Farm (Monument)
MDV112418Quarry Pit and Orchard South of higher Woodhayes Farm, Whimple (Monument)
MDV112421Quarry Pit and West of Lower Woodhayes Farm, Whimple (Monument)
MDV112581Quarry Pit North of Goulds Farm (Monument)
MDV65287Quarry Pit West of Lower Comberoy Farm (Monument)
MDV113793Quarry Pits West of St Andrew’s Road (Monument)
MDV107811Quarry to east of Colebrook (Monument)
MDV107812Quarry to the east of Nags Head Bridge (Monument)
MDV107823Quarry to the west of Five Cross Way (Monument)
MDV107974Quarry West South West of Weaver Cross (Monument)
MDV108358Relict Field Boundaries North East of Caseberry Farm (Monument)
MDV112700Structure South of Bramley Gardens, Whimple (Monument)
MDV107902Trapezoidal Banked Enclosure North of Ratclyffe (Monument)
MDV55091United States Naval Amphibious Supply Base, Exeter (Monument)