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Originator:Royal Air Force
Summary:Camera position RP or RS or FP or FS

Associated Monuments (117)

MDV6937Alleged enclosure, Halstock (Monument)
MDV10269Barrow North of Green Lane (Monument)
MDV14740Barrow South of Stevenstone Farm (Monument)
MDV108337Bedworks at Lower Collipriest Farm (Monument)
MDV10222Bowl Barrow North of Green Lane (Monument)
MDV10224Bowl Barrow South East of Stevenstone Farm (Monument)
MDV10223Bowl Barrow South East of Stevenstone Farm, Upton Pyne (Monument)
MDV10288Bowl Barrow South-East of Stevenstone Farm (Monument)
MDV28927Cairn on west side of Big Wood, Haldon Hill, Kenton (Monument)
MDV107378Catch Meadow at Leigh Barton (Monument)
MDV107543Catch Meadow at Lower Ford (Monument)
MDV107551Catch Meadow at Remberton (Monument)
MDV108052Catch Meadow at Sutton Barton (Monument)
MDV125361Catch Meadow north of New Barn, Hennock (Monument)
MDV112691Catch Meadow or Leats West of Great Barton Farm, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV113717Catch Meadow South East of Pierce’s Farm, Upton Pyne (Monument)
MDV122403Catch meadow south of Ash Farm, Kenton (Monument)
MDV110667Catch Meadow South of East Raddon Cottage (Monument)
MDV108301Catch Meadow to the northwest of Rhode Farm (Monument)
MDV108066Catch Meadow to the southeast of Moorstone Barton (Monument)
MDV107418Catch Meadow within Claypark Copse (Monument)
MDV112748Catchmeadow System South of Peamore Arch (Monument)
MDV122875Circular platforms south-west of Lower Bramble, Ashton (Monument)
MDV105714Clay Extraction Pit to the north of Lympstone (Monument)
MDV107548Cropmark Ditch of a Probable Former Catch Meadow to the north of Lower Ford (Monument)
MDV15101Dalditch Camp. World War Two Army Training Camp, Infantry Training Centre (Monument)
MDV113667Earthwork Bank North West of Starved Oak Cross, Upton Pyne (Monument)
MDV105719Earthwork Bank to the southeast of Wotton Farm (Monument)
MDV112539Earthwork Banks to the west of Woodbury Wood (Monument)
MDV108053Earthworks associated with Murston Leat (Monument)
MDV108055Earthworks at Sutton Barton (Monument)
MDV108057Earthworks of a Former Holloway or Trackway at Sutton Barton (Monument)
MDV106197Extraction Pit at Goodmores Farm (Monument)
MDV106532Extraction Pit East of Bindon (Monument)
MDV106548Extraction Pit South of Combe Road (Monument)
MDV106199Extraction Pit to the south of Greenacres (Monument)
MDV106200Extraction Pit to the southeast of Greenacres (Monument)
MDV106093Extraction Pit to the west of Coombe Plantation (Monument)
MDV106096Extraction Pits to the southwest of Coombe Plantation (Monument)
MDV115371Extractive Pit at Holcombe Pit, Stockland parish (Monument)
MDV115367Extractive pit east of Rull Farm, Stockland Parish (Monument)
MDV115369Extractive Pit near Rull Farm, Stockland, (Monument)
MDV115375Extractive pit south of Rull Farm, Stockland parish (Monument)
MDV125355Extractive Workings northeast of Three Corner Plantation, Trusham (Monument)
MDV107865Field Boundaries at Northcott (Monument)
MDV112529Field Boundaries Southeast of Cottles Farm (Monument)
MDV105711Field Boundary Ditches to the northwest of Lympstone (Monument)
MDV113776Field Boundary North East of Stoke Hill Farm (Monument)
MDV113716Field Boundary South of Upton Pyne (Monument)
MDV107544Field Boundary to the east of Higher Ford (Monument)
MDV112464Former Field Boundaries West of Higher Brenton (Monument)
MDV105718Former Field Boundary at Wotton Farm (Monument)
MDV107383Former Field Boundary to the northeast of Tedbridge (Monument)
MDV112676Former Orchard and Orchard Banks North of Shillingford (Monument)
MDV113796Former Orchards at Cowley (Monument)
MDV105721Gravel Pit to the southwest of Coombe Farm (Monument)
MDV105708Groyne to the west of Nutwell Park (Monument)
MDV105561Hulk on the Banks of the Exe Estuary, Topsham (Maritime)
MDV105651Hulk to the east of Turf Locks (Maritime)
MDV105689Hulk to the south of the Turf Lock (Maritime)
MDV105642Hulk within the River Clyst (Maritime)
MDV71901Light Anti-Aircraft Battery to the northwest of Green Farm (Monument)
MDV20315Medieval Field System, Okehampton Park (Monument)
MDV105882Military Camp at Lympstone (Monument)
MDV105771Military Camp within Staplake Mount, Starcross (Monument)
MDV70373Military Site on Coombe Common (Monument)
MDV122382Mound north of Big Wood, Kenn (Monument)
MDV125354Orchard at Whetcombe Barton (Monument)
MDV106198Orchard Bank and Ditches at Goodmores Farm (Monument)
MDV106090Orchard Banks at Exe View House (Monument)
MDV108072Orchard Banks at Moorstone Barton (Monument)
MDV105741Orchard Banks at South Town, Kenton (Monument)
MDV106201Orchard Banks to the north of Lovering Farm (Monument)
MDV108299Orchard Banks to the northeast of Holwell Farm (Monument)
MDV108298Orchard Banks to the northwest of Holwell Farm (Monument)
MDV108839Orchard Banks to the south of Brithem Bottom (Monument)
MDV108068Orchard Banks to the southeast of Moorstone Barton (Monument)
MDV122746Orchard north of Place Barton, Higher Ashton, Ashton (Monument)
MDV122747Orchard north of Place Barton, Higher Ashton, Ashton (Monument)
MDV113718Orchard South East of Upton Pyne (Monument)
MDV113678Orchard South of Huxham (Monument)
MDV113783Orchard south-west of Stoke Hill Farm (Monument)
MDV122816Orchards at Lower Bramble, Ashton (Monument)
MDV113719Orchards South of Upton Pyne (Monument)
MDV112950Orchards West of Loxbrook Farm (Monument)
MDV112951Orchards West of Loxbrook Farm (Monument)
MDV14739Possible Barrow South of Stevenstone Farm (Monument)
MDV122375Possible cairn, Kenn (Monument)
MDV122377Possible cairn, Kenn (Monument)
MDV122378Possible cairn, Kenn (Monument)
MDV107535Possible Catch Meadow at Backs Wood (Monument)
MDV110659Possible Catch Meadow South of Raddon Court (Monument)
MDV105713Possible Field Boundary Ditches within Nutwell Park (Monument)
MDV108294Possible Field Boundary to the south of at Holwell Farm (Monument)
MDV108061Possible Former Field Boundary to the east of Sutton Barton (Monument)
MDV108838Possible Former Orchard Banks to the southwest of Brithem Bottom (Monument)
MDV106570Possible Military Site West of Dowland (Monument)
MDV113236Possible Natural Features or Former Pits South of Exminster (Monument)
MDV105556Possible Reclamation Bank and Drainage Ditch within Exminster Marshes (Monument)
MDV108088Possible Water Meadow Gutters or Drains to the south of Gerston Farm (Monument)
MDV67097Quarry Pit at Leigh Barton (Monument)
MDV105717Quarry Pit to the northwest of Wotton Farm (Monument)
MDV113784Quarry Pit, Stoke Hill (Monument)
MDV107864Relict Boundary of a Possible Oval Enclosure at Northcott (Monument)
MDV105722Ridge and Furrow to the south of Coombe Farm (Monument)
MDV105720Ridge and Furrow to the south of Wotton Farm (Monument)
MDV112744Ring Ditch Within Rectilinear Enclosure East of Quarry Copse (Monument)
MDV78508Seachlight Battery, Knowle (Monument)
MDV105824Second World War Emergency Water Supply Tank off Clarence Road, Exmouth. (Monument)
MDV105781Second World War Emergency Water Supply Tank off Hartopp Road, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV105769Second World War Emergency Water Supply Tank off Iona Avenue, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV105826Second World War Emergency Water Supply Tank off Marpool Hill, Exmouth (Monument)
MDV106533Shrunken Medieval Settlement at Bindon (Monument)
MDV10196Stoke Hill Camp Iron Age Hillfort (Monument)
MDV113722Structure South of Upton Pyne (Monument)
MDV29600Trapezoidal Enclosure West of Kenbury Wood (Monument)
MDV112975Water Management Channel North-West of Little Silver (Monument)