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Originator:Royal Air Force
Summary:Camera position 2F21 or 2F22

Associated Monuments (129)

MDV48844Barbed-Wire Entanglements associated with Treasbeare Farm Battle Headquarters (Monument)
MDV53282Broad Clyst, AA Battery (Monument)
MDV113093Catch Meadow at Ford Farm (Monument)
MDV113091Catch Meadow West of Rockbeare Manor (Monument)
MDV113356Catch Meadow, Higher Holbrook Farm (Monument)
MDV112657Catchmeadow System East of The Barton (Monument)
MDV113017Circular Ditched Enclosure Near Pond Farm (Monument)
MDV37439Complex of Rectilinear Enclosures South of Alphington (Monument)
MDV113030Cropmark Enclosure East of Broadclyst (Monument)
MDV72510Drainage System, Exminster (Monument)
MDV112848D-Shaped Ditched Enclosure North of Peamore Farm (Monument)
MDV112699D-Shaped Enclosure North of Rockbeare Court Farm (Monument)
MDV113787Earthwork bank North of Barton Place Farm (Monument)
MDV112786Earthwork Banks at Crealy Barton (Monument)
MDV112841Earthwork Banks at Hill Barton (Monument)
MDV112689Earthwork Banks at Sanctuary Farm (Monument)
MDV112697Earthwork Banks South of Old Copse (Monument)
MDV112698Earthwork Banks South of Old Copse (Monument)
MDV112561Earthwork Banks Southeast of Coombe Park Farm (Monument)
MDV112596Earthwork Banks Southwest of Cannonwalls Farm (Monument)
MDV112827Earthwork Banks to the Northeast of Rosamondford Farm (Monument)
MDV112964Earthwork Banks West of New Ford Farm (Monument)
MDV112696Earthwork Banks West of Old Copse (Monument)
MDV113101Earthwork Banks, Rockbeare (Monument)
MDV113408Earthwork Pit off Honiton Road, Exeter (Monument)
MDV113355Earthwork Pit, New House Farm (Monument)
MDV113380Earthwork Pit, South of Sidmouth Road (Monument)
MDV112829Earthwork Pits Northwest of Rosamondford Farm (Monument)
MDV113359Enclosure at Westpoint Devon County Showground (Monument)
MDV10043Enclosures and Field System Near Pond Farm (Monument)
MDV71800Exeter, Site 5, AA Battery (Monument)
MDV112671Extraction Pit at Hogsbrook Farm (Monument)
MDV112586Extraction Pit at Lower Pilehayes Farm (Monument)
MDV112952Extraction Pit at New Ford Farm (Monument)
MDV112665Extraction Pit East of Woodbury Salterton (Monument)
MDV112795Extraction Pit North of Upham Farm (Monument)
MDV112563Extraction Pit Northeast of Cannonwalls Farm (Monument)
MDV112682Extraction Pit Southwest of Winkleigh Farm (Park/Garden)
MDV112902Extraction Pit to the Northwest of Spain Farm (Monument)
MDV112892Extraction Pit West of Holwell Farm (Monument)
MDV112965Extraction Pit West of New Ford Farm (Monument)
MDV112807Extraction Pit West of The Mattocks (Monument)
MDV112816Extraction pit within Manor Plantation, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV112929Extraction Pit, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV112556Extraction Pit, off Toby Lane (Monument)
MDV112791Extraction Pits East of Upham Cottage (Monument)
MDV113060Field Boundaries South of Alphington (Monument)
MDV113781Field boundary South of Rollestone Farm (Monument)
MDV113018Field System Near Pond Farm (Monument)
MDV113548Former Field Boundaries at Monkerton (Monument)
MDV112420Former Field Boundary North-West of The Barton (Monument)
MDV113162Former Field System North-East of Matford Park Farm (Monument)
MDV113389Former Orchard and Orchard Banks North-East of Bushayes Farm (Monument)
MDV113388Former Orchard and Orchard Banks South-West of Heathfield Farm (Monument)
MDV105560Hulk at Topsham Lock (Maritime)
MDV105599Hulk within Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105600Hulk within Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105601Hulk within Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105604Hulk within Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105605Hulk within Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV105558Hulk within Marshland of the River Exe Reedbeds Nature Reserve (Maritime)
MDV105606Hulk within the Exe Estuary (Maritime)
MDV55090Military Buildings, Digby Hospital (Monument)
MDV112620Orchard at Manor Farm, Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV113564Orchard Bank at Marlborough Cottages (Monument)
MDV29734Orchard Banks at Denbow Cross (Monument)
MDV112838Orchard Banks at Denbow Cross (Monument)
MDV113005Orchard Banks at Fair Oak Farm (Monument)
MDV112801Orchard Banks at Grindlebrook Farm (Monument)
MDV112652Orchard Banks at Heathfield Park (Monument)
MDV113358Orchard Banks at Higher Holbrook Farm (Monument)
MDV112893Orchard Banks at Holwell Farm (Monument)
MDV113092Orchard Banks at Lions Farm (Monument)
MDV112813Orchard Banks at Lower Nutwalls Farm (Monument)
MDV112590Orchard Banks at Lower Pilehayes Farm (Monument)
MDV112668Orchard Banks at Mill Park Industrial Estate (Monument)
MDV112580Orchard Banks at Pigeons Farm (Monument)
MDV113601Orchard Banks at Pinbrook Orchard (Monument)
MDV112799Orchard Banks at Trixhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV112789Orchard Banks at Upham Cottage (Monument)
MDV112794Orchard Banks at Upham House (Monument)
MDV112904Orchard Banks at Wares Farm (Monument)
MDV112793Orchard Banks at White Cross (Monument)
MDV112661Orchard Banks at Woodbury Salterton (Park/Garden)
MDV112591Orchard Banks East of Lower Pilehayes Farm (Monument)
MDV112926Orchard Banks North of Barton Farm (Monument)
MDV112922Orchard Banks North of Rill Farm (Monument)
MDV112800Orchard Banks North of Trixhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV112663Orchard Banks North of Woodbury Salterton (Monument)
MDV112894Orchard Banks Northwest of Holwell Farm (Monument)
MDV112896Orchard Banks Northwest of Holwell Farm (Monument)
MDV113600Orchard Banks off Beacon Heath (Monument)
MDV113604Orchard Banks off Harrington Lane (Monument)
MDV112977Orchard Banks Southwest of Woodhouse Farm (Monument)
MDV112680Orchard Banks to the East of Lyndhaye Farm (Monument)
MDV112792Orchard Banks to the West of Little Greendale Farm (Monument)
MDV112679Orchard Banks West of Lyndhayne Farm (Monument)
MDV112808Orchard Banks West of The Mattocks (Monument)
MDV113427Orchard Banks West of Wroford Manor (Monument)
MDV113606Orchard Banks, off Causey Lane, Pinhoe (Monument)
MDV113105Orchard Banks, South of Cranbrook (Monument)
MDV113602Orchard Banks, Southwest of Church Cross (Monument)
MDV65264Oval Enclosure (Monument)
MDV113782Possible Catch Meadow South of Rollestone Farm (Monument)
MDV113365Possible Cropmark Enclosure at Mill Down (Monument)
MDV112562Possible Extraction Pit East of Cannonwalls (Monument)
MDV112913Possible Extraction Pit Northeast of Mill Cottage (Monument)
MDV112835Possible Orchard Banks to the Southwest of Wood Farm (Monument)
MDV112817Possible Plantation Banks within Manor Plantation (Monument)
MDV112790Possible Quarry at Upham Cottage (Monument)
MDV113022Possible Relict Field Boundary West of Matford Barton (Monument)
MDV113361Possible Ring Ditch at Westpoint Devon County Showground (Monument)
MDV113027Possible Ring Ditch East of Broadclyst. (Monument)
MDV113753Possible Second World War Structure North of Pinhoe (Monument)
MDV17714Prehistoric Barrow Cemetery West of Matford Barton (Monument)
MDV113291Probable Bomb Craters North-East of Clyst St George (Monument)
MDV37438Probable Geological Features South-West of Peamore House (Monument)
MDV113376Probable Military Earthwork, off Digby Drive (Monument)
MDV113145Probable Relict Boundary South-West of Dawlish Road (Monument)
MDV17722Rectilinear Enclosure South of Matford House (Monument)
MDV113014Rectilinear Enclosure with Internal Features Near Pond Farm (Monument)
MDV113013Ring Ditch Near Pond Farm (Monument)
MDV78522Searchlight Canopy Site A1, Hayes Farm (Monument)
MDV113780Second World War Communications Station (Monument)
MDV71796Site 1, Anti-Aircraft Battery, Southeast of Cranbrook Exeter, Site 1 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV105559Slipway adjacent to Topsham Lock (Monument)
MDV38939Strip Field System Northwest of Woodbury Salterton (Monument)
MDV113011Sub-Rectangular Enclosure Near Pond Farm (Monument)
MDV78139Treasbeare Farm Battle Headquarters (Monument)