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Originator:Royal Air Force
Summary:Camera position F21 or F22

Associated Monuments (66)

MDV105875Boundary Bank on Seaton Marshes (Monument)
MDV106591Circular Platform South of Rousdon (Monument)
MDV11401Deserted Settlement West of Dowlands (Monument)
MDV42593Drains and Sluices on Seaton Marshes (Monument)
MDV111983Earthwork Banks of Lynchets and Former Field Boundaries at Holcombe (Monument)
MDV113824Earthwork Banks of Possible Former Field Boundaries North of Horseman’s Hill Cottages (Monument)
MDV113823Earthwork Banks of Possible Former Field Boundaries, Northwest of Hill Farm (Monument)
MDV113831Earthwork Banks of Possible Former Field Boundaries, Uplyme (Monument)
MDV113828Earthwork Ditches East of Cannington Farm (Monument)
MDV113841Former Field Boundaries in Uplyme (Monument)
MDV105960Former Field Boundaries Near Townsend Avenue (Monument)
MDV113866Former Field Boundaries Northwest of The Old Dairy House (Monument)
MDV106149Former Field Boundaries South of Stovar Long Lane (Monument)
MDV106023Former Field Boundary East of Harepath Road (Monument)
MDV106146Former Field Boundary North of Mare Lane (Monument)
MDV106147Former Field Boundary South of Mare Lane (Monument)
MDV51123Lower Saltworks on Seaton Marshes (Monument)
MDV105861Possible Bomb Crater on Seaton Marshes (Monument)
MDV106528Possible Catch Meadow System North of Bindon (Monument)
MDV106527Possible Catch Meadow System South of Combe Farm (Monument)
MDV106556Possible Deserted Farmstead North of Rough Leigh Barn (Monument)
MDV106532Possible Extraction Pit East of Bindon (Monument)
MDV106548Possible Extraction Pit South of Combe Road (Monument)
MDV106530Possible Extraction Pit West of Bindon (Monument)
MDV106080Possible Field Boundary or Drainage Ditch East of Seaton Road (Monument)
MDV106079Possible Field Boundary or Hollow Way Either Side of Seaton Road (Monument)
MDV113973Possible Former Field Boundaries at White-ley (Monument)
MDV113944Possible Former Field Boundaries, Northwest of White-ley (Monument)
MDV106024Possible Former Field Boundary East of Scalwell Lane (Monument)
MDV113850Possible Former Field Boundary, North of Uplyme (Monument)
MDV113825Possible Orchard Banks Northeast of Cannington Farm (Monument)
MDV113843Possible Quarries at Uplyme (Monument)
MDV106081Possible Quarry Pit East of Seaton Road (Monument)
MDV113848Possible Quarry, Northeast of Lane End Farm, Uplyme (Monument)
MDV113833Possible Quarry, Uplyme (Monument)
MDV106071Possible Saltern Earthworks on Seaton Marshes (Monument)
MDV106075Possible Saltern Earthworks on Seaton Marshes South of Marsh Lane (Monument)
MDV106955Possible Salterns, Stock Refuges or Natural Mounds on Seaton Marshes (Monument)
MDV106082Possible Trackway or Water Channel on the West of Seaton Marshes (Monument)
MDV113832Quarries at Venlake Cross (Monument)
MDV113863Quarries at White-Ley (Monument)
MDV113864Quarries West of White Ley Lodge (Monument)
MDV106078Relict Field Boundaries East of Colyford Road (Monument)
MDV106559Relict Field Boundaries North of Dowland (Monument)
MDV105959Relict Field Boundaries North of Seaton Cricket Field (Monument)
MDV106499Relict Field Boundaries North of Stedcombe House (Monument)
MDV106517Relict Field Boundaries North of The Combe, Axmouth (Monument)
MDV106520Relict Field Boundaries South of The Combe, Axmouth (Monument)
MDV106553Relict Field Boundaries South-East of Majorhayes Coppice (Monument)
MDV106506Relict Field Boundaries West of Axe Farm (Monument)
MDV106529Relict Field Boundaries West of Bindon (Monument)
MDV106020Relict Field Boundary East of Barnard's Hill Lane (Monument)
MDV105952Relict Field Boundary East of Honeyditches (Monument)
MDV106550Relict Field Boundary East of Majorhayes Coppice (Monument)
MDV106534Relict Field Boundary North of Bindon (Monument)
MDV106560Relict Field Boundary North-West of Dowland (Monument)
MDV106604Relict Field Boundary South of Charton (Monument)
MDV106574Relict Field Boundary South of Pit Farm Orchard (Monument)
MDV106587Relict Field Boundary South-East of East Lodges (Monument)
MDV106581Relict Field Boundary South-West of Rousdon (Monument)
MDV106531Relict Field Boundary West of Bindon (Monument)
MDV106022Relict Field Boundary West of Seaton Road (Monument)
MDV106500Relict Field Boundary West of Stedcombe House (Monument)
MDV105956Ridge and Furrow West of Seaton Cricket Field (Monument)
MDV106533Shrunken Medieval Settlement at Bindon (Monument)
MDV105887Two Rectangular Structures at Seaton Holiday Village (Monument)