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Title:Aerial Photography for Great Britain
Originator:Next Perspectives
Summary:Renamed as Aerial Photography for Great Britain from Pan Government Agreement Aerial Photographs from 2015

Associated Monuments (363)

MDV107682Banked Enclosure North-West of Silverstreet Farm (Monument)
MDV108613Barns or Shelters in Parkland South and East of Grantlands (Monument)
MDV10471Barrow near Yettington Intakes (Monument)
MDV10472Barrow near Yettington Intakes (Monument)
MDV113316Barrow North West of Starved Oak Cross, Brampford Speke (Monument)
MDV112967Bomb Crater North of Little Silver Plantation (Monument)
MDV113770Bomb Crater South of Goffin's Farmhouse (Monument)
MDV113791Bomb Craters South of Cowley Bridge (Monument)
MDV117088Boundary bank north west of Broadhembury Primary School (Monument)
MDV10219Bowl Barrow 210m north-east of Starved Oak Cross, Upton Pyne (Monument)
MDV15096Bowl Barrow on Lympstone Common, 500m west of Fryingpans (Monument)
MDV15095Bowl Barrow on Lympstone Common, 500m west of Fryingpans (Monument)
MDV10224Bowl Barrow South East of Stevenstone Farm (Monument)
MDV10223Bowl Barrow South East of Stevenstone Farm, Upton Pyne (Monument)
MDV10288Bowl Barrow South-East of Stevenstone Farm (Monument)
MDV53282Broad Clyst, AA Battery (Monument)
MDV107484Catch Meadow at Coombe (Monument)
MDV108378Catch Meadow at Deyman’s Hill House (Monument)
MDV107423Catch Meadow at Great Dorweeke (Monument)
MDV107460Catch Meadow at Higher Brithayes Farm (Monument)
MDV107459Catch Meadow at Keens (Monument)
MDV107378Catch Meadow at Leigh Barton (Monument)
MDV107453Catch Meadow at Little Burne Farm (Monument)
MDV107454Catch Meadow at Lower Brithayes (Monument)
MDV107543Catch Meadow at Lower Ford (Monument)
MDV107551Catch Meadow at Remberton (Monument)
MDV107541Catch Meadow at Seckerleigh Farm (Monument)
MDV107406Catch Meadow at Shevishaies (Monument)
MDV107466Catch Meadow at Shutelake Farm (Monument)
MDV107482Catch Meadow at Sunnyside Farm (Monument)
MDV108052Catch Meadow at Sutton Barton (Monument)
MDV107537Catch Meadow at the Former Farmstead of Huntingdon (Monument)
MDV108004Catch Meadow North and West of Owlacombe farm (Monument)
MDV108006Catch Meadow North and West of Washbeerhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV108739Catch Meadow North East of Lower Comberoy Farm (Monument)
MDV108263Catch Meadow North-East of Coblands Farm (Monument)
MDV108263Catch Meadow North-East of Coblands Farm (Monument)
MDV108263Catch Meadow North-East of Coblands Farm (Monument)
MDV108263Catch Meadow North-East of Coblands Farm (Monument)
MDV112364Catch Meadow Northwest of Woodbury Business Park (Monument)
MDV112691Catch Meadow or Leats West of Great Barton Farm, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV108675Catch Meadow South East of Penstone Farm (Monument)
MDV117346Catch meadow south of Bennettshayes farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117796Catch meadow south of Higher Leyhill Farm, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV108262Catch Meadow South of Land Farm, Silverton (Monument)
MDV108254Catch Meadow South of Rhode Farm (Monument)
MDV117798Catch meadow ssouth of Combehayes Farm, Buckerell parish (Monument)
MDV107470Catch Meadow to the east of Hayne Oak (Monument)
MDV107546Catch Meadow to the north of East Butterleigh House (Monument)
MDV108327Catch Meadow to the north of Higher Bingwell Farm (Monument)
MDV107490Catch Meadow to the north of Sharland’s Copse (Monument)
MDV108328Catch Meadow to the northwest of Higher Bingwell Farm (Monument)
MDV107421Catch Meadow to the south of Broadpark Copse (Monument)
MDV107791Catch Meadow to the south of Colebrooke Court (Monument)
MDV107399Catch Meadow to the south of Gingerland (Monument)
MDV107455Catch Meadow to the south of Lower Brithayes (Monument)
MDV107800Catch Meadow to the west of Whorridge Farm (Monument)
MDV108264Catch Meadow West of Coblands Farm (Monument)
MDV108180Catch Meadow West of Southill Barton (Monument)
MDV108249Catch Meadow West of St Disen’s Church, Bradninch (Monument)
MDV107774Catchmeadow North of Five Fords Farm (Monument)
MDV107685Catchmeadow South and West of Almshayne Farm (Monument)
MDV107681Catchmeadow South of Henborough Farm (Monument)
MDV113480Catchmeadow System East of Exton Farm (Monument)
MDV112657Catchmeadow System East of The Barton (Monument)
MDV70415Control Shelter and Generator Building, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV107548Cropmark Ditch of a Probable Former Catch Meadow to the north of Lower Ford (Monument)
MDV108027Cropmark Ditch to the south of Rull Lane (Monument)
MDV107568Cropmark Ditches at Chorland Farm (Monument)
MDV112360Cropmark Ditches at Woodbury Mills (Monument)
MDV38786Cropmark Enclosure in the Parish of Brampford Speke (Monument)
MDV107722Cropmark Enclosure South West of Langford Mill (Monument)
MDV53280Directional Finding Station, Poltimore (Monument)
MDV10026Double-Ditched Rectilinear Enclosure South-East of Blackall's Copse (Monument)
MDV107468Earthwork Bank of a possible Former Trackway at Burnhaies (Monument)
MDV107485Earthwork Bank to the southeast of Coombe (Monument)
MDV112903Earthwork Banks at Coney Meed, Farringdon (Monument)
MDV112786Earthwork Banks at Crealy Barton (Monument)
MDV112841Earthwork Banks at Hill Barton (Monument)
MDV112536Earthwork Banks at Little Forest (Monument)
MDV112689Earthwork Banks at Sanctuary Farm (Monument)
MDV112553Earthwork Banks North of The Warren (Monument)
MDV55213Earthwork Banks on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV112964Earthwork Banks West of New Ford Farm (Monument)
MDV113559Earthwork Banks, Northwest of Clyst Honiton (Monument)
MDV108058Earthwork Ditch to the Southeast of Sutton Barton (Monument)
MDV108059Earthwork Ditch to the Southeast of Sutton Barton (Monument)
MDV10473Earthwork Mound on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV10474Earthwork Mound on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV70959Earthwork on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV70410Earthwork pit on Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV55208Earthwork Pits and Trenches on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV118134Earthwork pits, southeast of Penn Copse, Dunkeswell (Monument)
MDV107891Earthwork Platform at Bridewell Park (Monument)
MDV108261Earthwork Platform North of Higher Roach Farm (Monument)
MDV108055Earthworks at Sutton Barton (Monument)
MDV11574Enclosure north-east of Cleave Farm (Monument)
MDV107480Enclosure to the southeast of East Butterleigh (Monument)
MDV112688Extraction Pit at Sanctuary Farm (Monument)
MDV112690Extraction Pit East of Trixhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV112928Extraction Pit North of Barton Farm (Monument)
MDV112836Extraction Pit Northwest of Glebe Cottages (Monument)
MDV112683Extraction Pit Northwest of Winkleigh Farm (Monument)
MDV112931Extraction Pit South of Topshayes Farm (Monument)
MDV108969Extraction Pit to the northwest of Mountstephen Farm (Monument)
MDV112807Extraction Pit West of The Mattocks (Monument)
MDV70816Extraction Pit within Squabmoor Plantation (Monument)
MDV112556Extraction Pit, off Toby Lane (Monument)
MDV112900Extraction Pit, Southwest of Northfield (Monument)
MDV118253Extractive pit east of Cokesputt Farm, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV117889Extractive pit east of Lower Curscombe Farm, Feniton parish (Monument)
MDV118252Extractive pit north of Cokesputt Farm, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV117381Extractive pit north of Marlcombe Farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117379Extractive pit north west of Marlcombe Farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117891Extractive pit south of Combehayes Farm, Buckerell parish (Monument)
MDV117939Extractive pit south of Hembury Fort Cross, Buckerell parish (Monument)
MDV118190Extractive pit south west of Rydon House, Talaton parish (Monument)
MDV118188Extractive pit south west of Yellingham Farm, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV118245Extractive pit south-west of Higher Tale, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV117882Extractive pit west of Higher Curscombe Farm, Feniton parish (Monument)
MDV117386Extractive pits and drain east of Pitney Farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117414Extractive pits at Broadleaze Copse, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV117412Extractive pits east of Beer Farm, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV117372Extractive pits east of Hembury Fort, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117887Extractive pits north east of Lower Curscombe Farm, Feniton parish (Monument)
MDV117892Extractive pits north-east of Combehayes Farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117892Extractive pits north-east of Combehayes Farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117892Extractive pits north-east of Combehayes Farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117892Extractive pits north-east of Combehayes Farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV73567Extractive pits south of Hearn Farm, Plymtree parish (Monument)
MDV117936Extractive pits south of Hembury Fort Cross, Buckerell parish (Monument)
MDV117879Extractive pits west of The Glen, Feniton parish (Monument)
MDV112567Field Boundaries South West of Channons Farm, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV54132Field boundaries, Black Down Common, Culmstock and Hemyock parishes (Monument)
MDV113662Field Boundary at Bidwell Barton (Monument)
MDV107720Field Boundary Bank North West of Tye Farm (Monument)
MDV112600Field Boundary East of Hitt's Farm (Monument)
MDV112552Field Boundary North of Ashclyst Farm (Monument)
MDV107624Field Boundary or Drainage Ditches South-East of Higher Houndaller Farm (Monument)
MDV107621Field Boundary or Drainage Ditches South-West of Higher Houndaller Farm (Monument)
MDV112550Field Boundary South of Ashclyst Forest (Monument)
MDV113716Field Boundary South of Upton Pyne (Monument)
MDV47419Field boundary, south of Lambpark Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV108539Focal Structure in Formal Garden South-East of Bradfield House (Monument)
MDV118240Former dwellings at Lower Tale, Payhembury parish. (Monument)
MDV113526Former Field Boundaries South-East of Withyhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV108963Former Field Boundaries to the north of Batten’s Farm (Monument)
MDV110048Former Field Boundaries to the northwest of Lock’s Cottage (Monument)
MDV107792Former Field Boundaries to the south of Colebrooke Court (Monument)
MDV113077Former Field Boundaries, East of Rockbeare Manor (Monument)
MDV107396Former Field boundary (Monument)
MDV107903Former Field Boundary at Aunk (Monument)
MDV112728Former Field Boundary East of Pope's Copse (Monument)
MDV108605Former Field Boundary North of Higher Pirzwell (Monument)
MDV112721Former Field Boundary North-East of Glebe Farm (Monument)
MDV113057Former Field Boundary Overlooking Home Farm, Poltimore (Monument)
MDV113160Former Field Boundary, Knowle Hill (Monument)
MDV112920Former Field Boundary, Northeast of Beautiport Farm (Monument)
MDV112459Former Field System Between Bowhay Farm and The Barton (Monument)
MDV108172Former Orchard and Orchard Banks North-East of Brook Farm (Monument)
MDV112732Former Orchard and Orchard Banks North-West of Kenn (Monument)
MDV112733Former Orchard and Orchard Banks South-East of Kennford (Monument)
MDV113052Former Orchard North of Church Lane, Beacon Hill (Monument)
MDV118171Former orchard north-west of Withymoor Copse, Talaton parish (Monument)
MDV107937Former Orchard South East of Paradise Copse (Monument)
MDV118166Former orchard south of Tale Wood, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV107999Former Orchard South of Washbeerhayes (Monument)
MDV113078Former Orchard, Poltimore Park (Monument)
MDV113796Former Orchards at Cowley (Monument)
MDV58024Gravel extractive pits in the Parish of Broadhembury (Monument)
MDV117418Gravel pits north of Witness Moor, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV117419Gravel pits north of Witness Moor, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV113186Landscaped Terraces South-West of the Former Exminster Hospital (Monument)
MDV15091Linear Earthwork on East Budleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70405Linear Earthwork, South of the B3180 (Monument)
MDV109200Military Complex North of Post Cross (Monument)
MDV113104Military Structures, East of Exeter Airport (Monument)
MDV118186Narrow ridge and furrow west of Tale Wood, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV53281Nissen Creek, Second World War Womens Auxiliary Air Force Accommodation Camp (Monument)
MDV110229Open cast ironstone mines, from Black Down and North Hill, eastwards to Hill View Farm (Monument)
MDV113195Orchard and Drainage System at Towsington (Monument)
MDV107939Orchard and Field Boundareis at Roach Farm (Monument)
MDV109715Orchard and Relict Orchard Banks East of Pitmans Farm (Monument)
MDV110138Orchard and Relict Orchard Banks South of Clarke's Thorne (Monument)
MDV112500Orchard at Ashclyst Farm, Broadclyst (Monument)
MDV113736Orchard at Beer Cottages, Upton Pyne. (Monument)
MDV118213Orchard at Cokesputt Farm, Payhembury village (Monument)
MDV118175Orchard at Farrant’s Hayes, Clyst Hydon (Monument)
MDV112554Orchard at Gookey Down (Monument)
MDV112570Orchard at Goulds Farm, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV112599Orchard at Hitts Farm (Monument)
MDV113325Orchard at Stevenstone Barton (Monument)
MDV113737Orchard at Woodrow Barton (Monument)
MDV112919Orchard Banks at Beautiport Farm (Monument)
MDV107467Orchard Banks at Burnhaies (Monument)
MDV112564Orchard Banks at Cannonwalls Farm (Monument)
MDV112559Orchard Banks at Coombe Park Farm (Monument)
MDV112838Orchard Banks at Denbow Cross (Monument)
MDV112839Orchard Banks at Denbow Farm (Monument)
MDV112954Orchard Banks at Great Houndbeare Farm (Monument)
MDV108119Orchard Banks at Hackpen Barton (Monument)
MDV108404Orchard Banks at Hartnoll Farm (Monument)
MDV112956Orchard Banks at Marsh Green (Monument)
MDV112955Orchard Banks at Marsh Green Farm (Monument)
MDV107992Orchard Banks at Moorhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV112814Orchard Banks at Randlehayes Farm (Monument)
MDV113076Orchard Banks at Rockbeare Manor (Monument)
MDV112523Orchard Banks at Rydon Farm (Monument)
MDV11478Orchard Banks at Venn Copse (Monument)
MDV112904Orchard Banks at Wares Farm, Farringdon (Monument)
MDV108843Orchard Banks at Willand (Monument)
MDV112527Orchard Banks at Woodbury (Monument)
MDV112922Orchard Banks North of Rill Farm (Monument)
MDV108369Orchard Banks North West of Great Combe Farm (Monument)
MDV112818Orchard Banks off Blind Lane (Monument)
MDV108844Orchard Banks off Old Jaycroft Road, Willand (Monument)
MDV108120Orchard Banks South of Rull Green Farm (Monument)
MDV107400Orchard Banks to the east of Coombe Farm (Monument)
MDV107393Orchard Banks to the south of Gingerland (Monument)
MDV107642Orchard Banks to the South of Westcott (Monument)
MDV108068Orchard Banks to the southeast of Moorstone Barton (Monument)
MDV107424Orchard Banks to the southwest of Great Dorweeke (Monument)
MDV112792Orchard Banks to the West of Little Greendale Farm (Monument)
MDV112803Orchard Banks to the West of Lower Nutwalls Farm (Monument)
MDV108374Orchard Banks West of Bradninch (Monument)
MDV113427Orchard Banks West of Wroford Manor (Monument)
MDV113349Orchard Banks, Coxe’s Farm (Monument)
MDV113105Orchard Banks, South of Cranbrook (Monument)
MDV112498Orchard East of Burraton House (Monument)
MDV112876Orchard east of Longmeadow and Hay House (Monument)
MDV117817Orchard east of Lower Cheriton, Payhembury (Monument)
MDV118161Orchard east of Milton, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV118219Orchard east of Peradon Farm, Clyst Hydon parish (Monument)
MDV112473Orchard East of Whimple (Monument)
MDV108266Orchard North East of Ash Farm (Monument)
MDV117812Orchard north of Higher Curscombe Farm, Feniton parish (Monument)
MDV117810Orchard north of Lower Curscombe Farm, Feniton parish (Monument)
MDV118498Orchard north of Lower Woodbeare, Plymtree parish (Monument)
MDV117652Orchard north of Rushlands, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV112601Orchard North of Venn Cross, Whimple (Monument)
MDV112379Orchard North West of Cranbrook (Monument)
MDV112649Orchard North West of Great Barton Farm, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV112650Orchard North West of Great Barton Farm, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV117651Orchard north west of Hembury Fort House, Buckerell parish (Monument)
MDV107923Orchard South and East of Legars Upton (Monument)
MDV107925Orchard South and West of Legars Upton (Monument)
MDV117098Orchard south of Broadhembury village (Monument)
MDV112413Orchard South of higher Woodhayes Farm, Whimple (Monument)
MDV113678Orchard South of Huxham (Monument)
MDV117777Orchard south of Lower Mill, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV118163Orchard south of Lower Milton, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV118292Orchard south of Plymtree village (Monument)
MDV118293Orchard south of Plymtree village (Monument)
MDV112647Orchard South of Townhill Farm, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV107905Orchard South West of Aunk (Monument)
MDV112857Orchard South West of Clayway, Broadclyst (Monument)
MDV112648Orchard South West of Great Barton Farm, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV113738Orchard South West of Lower Woodrow, Brampford Speke (Monument)
MDV113783Orchard south-west of Stoke Hill Farm (Monument)
MDV112479Orchard West of Bramley Gardens, Whimple (Monument)
MDV112558Orchard West of Channons Farm, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV117650Orchard west of Hembury Fort House, Upton, Buckerell parish (Monument)
MDV118215Orchard west of Higher Tale Farm, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV65182Orchard West of Jarmans (Monument)
MDV118319Orchard west of Plymtree Manor, Plymtree parish (Monument)
MDV118307Orchard west of Uggaton Farm, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV118185Orchard west of Yellingham Farm, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV107879Orchards and Orchard Banks around Coldharbour (Monument)
MDV112589Orchards at Clyst Gerred Farm, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV112593Orchards at Clyst Gerred Farm, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV118296Orchards at Clyst William Farm, Plymtree parish (Monument)
MDV118298Orchards at Clyst William Farm, Plymtree parish (Monument)
MDV112475Orchards at Holway Farm, Whimple (Monument)
MDV112476Orchards at Holway Farm, Whimple (Monument)
MDV112480Orchards at The Farm and Banshayes, Whimple (Monument)
MDV117648Orchards east of Leyhill Farm, Upton, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV107912Orchards North and East of Three Elms Cross (Monument)
MDV112485Orchards North of Gateshayes Farm, Broadclyst. (Monument)
MDV112495Orchards North of Higher Willyards Farm (Monument)
MDV112409Orchards North of Little Cobden, Whimple (Monument)
MDV112492Orchards North West and South East of Little Churchill's Farm (Monument)
MDV112497Orchards South East of Ashclyst Farm (Monument)
MDV118299Orchards south of Clyst William Barton, Plymtree parish (Monument)
MDV112494Orchards South of Harepathstead Farm (Monument)
MDV118222Orchards west of Peradon Farm, Clyst Hydon parish (Monument)
MDV73281Pond, Four Ways Cross, Willand (Monument)
MDV113308Possible Barrow South West of Long Plantation, Brampford Speke (Monument)
MDV112549Possible Bomb Crater on Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV70396Possible Bomb Craters, Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV108409Possible Catch Meadow North East of Devon Valley Mill (Monument)
MDV113100Possible Cropmark, West of Coppice Farm (Monument)
MDV113198Possible Double-Ditched Rectilinear Enclosure South-East of Blackall's Copse (Monument)
MDV117974Possible enclosure, northwest of Higher Slade Farm (Monument)
MDV117466Possible enclosure, south of Westerhope Farm, Dunkeswell (Monument)
MDV106124Possible Extraction Pit at Golden Well (Monument)
MDV107394Possible Extraction Pit to the northeast of Gingerland (Monument)
MDV117123Possible extractive pit north east of Pitney Farm, Broadhembury (Monument)
MDV117152Possible extractive pit north of Witness Moor, Broadhembury parish (Monument)
MDV117119Possible extractive pit south of Stafford Barton, Broadhembury (Monument)
MDV108257Possible Field Boundary South of Tedbridge (Monument)
MDV113048Possible Field System South-East of Red Hill (Monument)
MDV112976Possible Former Field Boundaries Northeast of Higher Southwood Farm (Monument)
MDV114914Possible Former Field Boundaries, west of Stopgate Farm (Monument)
MDV108744Possible Former Field Boundary East of Mortimers Farm (Monument)
MDV108061Possible Former Field Boundary to the east of Sutton Barton (Monument)
MDV107771Possible Former Field Boundary West of Southey Barton (Monument)
MDV112918Possible Former Field Boundary, Northwest of Shutebridge Farm (Monument)
MDV113054Possible Former Orchard East of Beacon Down Lodge, Beacon Hill (Monument)
MDV112537Possible Gravel Pit North of Rushmoor Wood (Monument)
MDV109190Possible Iron Age or Romano-British Field System South-West of Moorhayne Cross (Monument)
MDV112958Possible Leat or Drain North of Marsh Green (Monument)
MDV114919Possible Marl Pit, south of Whitehorn’s Farm (Monument)
MDV117155Possible open cast ironstone mine east of Stafford Moor, Broadhembury parish (Monument)
MDV112339Possible Orchard Banks to the Southwest of Ford Farm (Monument)
MDV107473Possible Orchard Banks to the southwest of Hillersdon House (Monument)
MDV107488Possible orchard Banks to the west of Coombe Farm (Monument)
MDV117794Possible orchard Hembury Fort Cross, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV108258Possible Quarry Pit East of Higher Roach Farm (Monument)
MDV108260Possible Quarry Pit East of Higher Roach Farm (Monument)
MDV112506Possible Quarry Pit West of Crockenhayes Farm, Broadclyst (Monument)
MDV108267Possible Quarry Pits North East of Coblands Farm (Monument)
MDV112916Possible Quarry, Northwest of Shutebridge Farm (Monument)
MDV108635Possible Relict Field Boundary North of Blackborough (Monument)
MDV109105Possible Relict Field Boundary North-West of Wressing (Monument)
MDV49757Possible Stock Enclosure on North Hill (Monument)
MDV49756Possible Stock Enclosure or Pound on North Hill (Monument)
MDV107795Possible Water Meadow Gutter, or Leat to the south of Colebrooke Court. (Monument)
MDV108088Possible Water Meadow Gutters or Drains to the south of Gerston Farm (Monument)
MDV107860Possible Water Meadow to the northeast of Colebrook (Monument)
MDV108392Possible Water Meadow to the southwest of Pool Anthony (Monument)
MDV70205Practice Trenches South of Four Firs (Monument)
MDV17714Prehistoric barrow cemetery to west of Matford Barton, Exminster (Monument)
MDV52060Probable Airstrip Marker, Exeter Airport (Monument)
MDV113001Probable Bomb Craters, South of Exeter Airport (Monument)
MDV72067'QF' Bombing decoy, Woodbury (Monument)
MDV70395Quarry on Colaton Raleigh Common (Monument)
MDV67097Quarry Pit at Leigh Barton (Monument)
MDV113461Quarry Pit North-East of Higher Bagmores Farm (Monument)
MDV112416Quarry Pit South of higher Woodhayes Farm, Whimple (Monument)
MDV107457Quarry to the east of Exeland (Monument)
MDV107849Quarry to the northeast of Padbrookhill Cottage (Monument)
MDV53279RAF Sector Operations Block, Poltimore Park (Monument)
MDV108647Rectangular Pit or Sunken Structure West of Blackborough House (Monument)
MDV108740Relict Field Boundaries South of Mortimers Farm (Monument)
MDV112882Relict Field Boundary South of Young's Farmhouse (Monument)
MDV112729Relict Field Boundary West of Trehill House (Monument)
MDV108064Ring Ditch to the northeast of Sutton Barton (Monument)
MDV55041ROC Group HQ, Poltimore Park (Building)
MDV72197Royal Observation Corps Monitoring Post, Kentisbeare (Monument)
MDV108461Second World War Camp, Silverton (Monument)
MDV112388Slit Trench to the West of Uphams Plantation (Monument)
MDV107650Small Cropmark Enclosure North West of Higher Shutelake Farm (Monument)
MDV112700Structure South of Bramley Gardens, Whimple (Monument)
MDV113722Structure South of Upton Pyne (Monument)
MDV113031Structures and Ditch East of Broadclyst (Monument)
MDV113788Surface Air Raid Shelter, North of Wreford’s Lane (Monument)
MDV113061Three Quarry Pits South of Home Farm, Poltimore (Monument)
MDV117191Trackway south of Stafford Hill, Broadhembury parish (Monument)
MDV113786Trench Air Raid Shelter, East of Pennsylvania Road (Monument)
MDV119334Water channel, Clayhidon, Clayhidon parish (Monument)
MDV107995Water Meadow at Moorhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV108124Water Meadow North of Rull Green Farm (Monument)
MDV117955Whetstone mine earthworks on Hembury Fort, Payhembury (Monument)
MDV50052Whetstone mine north of Witness Moor, in the parish of Broadhembury (Monument)
MDV117163Whetstone mine north of Witness Moor, in the parish of Broadhembury (Monument)
MDV50051Whetstone mines north of Hembury Hill Farm, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV50053Whetstone mines on the east facing slopes of Hembury Hill, Awliscombe parish (Monument)