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Title:Northam Burrows FEP Consultation Pro-forma
Originator:Passmore, A. J.
Summary:Excel spreadsheet pro-forma for Northam Burrows Higher Level Stewardship

Associated Monuments (34)

MDV77317A possible Second World War decoy building at Northam Burrows (Monument)
MDV102476A possible Second World War decoy building at Northam Burrows (Monument)
MDV104271American Road, Northam Burrows (Monument)
MDV107527Anti-Tank Obstacles, Northam Burrows (Monument)
MDV102447Coastal anti-invasion barbed wire obstruction, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV102485Coastal anti-invasion barbed wire obstruction, Westward Ho! (Monument)
MDV102481Crater, Northam Burrows (Monument)
MDV107447Dump of Barbed Wire on Northam Burrows (Monument)
MDV107443Dump of Second World War Fence Posts (Monument)
MDV107367Former Sandbag Emplacement, Northam Burrows (Monument)
MDV107589Former Water Tank, Northam Burrows (Monument)
MDV76315Hoof Prints at Northam Burrows (Monument)
MDV102572Masts or poles on the eatern edge of Northam Burrows (Monument)
MDV102516Military structure, Northam Burrows (Monument)
MDV102555Military training area on the Skern, Northam. (Monument)
MDV74325Northam Burrows Coastguard Lookout (Monument)
MDV102557Possible anti-tank obstacles or debris north of Grey Sand Hill (Monument)
MDV102573Possible barbed wire apron on the Skern (Monument)
MDV102486Possible barbed wire obstructions, Northam Burrows (Monument)
MDV107590Possible Building within Fenced Enclosure, Northam Burrows (Monument)
MDV102575Possible firing range on the northern part of the Skern (Monument)
MDV102556Possible military marker on Grey Sand Hill (Monument)
MDV102487Possible slit trenches, Northam Burrows. (Monument)
MDV107446Possible Submerged Forest at Northam Burrows (Monument)
MDV102569Possible targets associated with military training on the Skern (Monument)
MDV107442Remains of Sandbag Emplacement, Northam Burrows (Monument)
MDV55667Row of relocated anti-tank cubes south-west of Appledore Bridge (Monument)
MDV102482Second World War access road, RAF Northam radar station (Monument)
MDV55668Second World War Anti-Glider ditches, Northam Burrows (Monument)
MDV102490Second World War fence or obstruction, Northam Burrows. (Monument)
MDV55666Second World War Minefield, Northam Burrows (Monument)
MDV102488Second World War structure, Northam Burrows (Monument)
MDV16676Transmitter Block, Radar Station, Northam (Monument)
MDV55664Transmitter Masts, RAF Northam Radar Station (Monument)