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Originator:Ordnance Survey

Associated Monuments (50)

MDV108284Catch Meadow North of Livingshayes Farm (Monument)
MDV108279Catch Meadow South of Ash Farm (Monument)
MDV110509Catch Meadow South of Beer’s Farm, Cadbury (Monument)
MDV108262Catch Meadow South of Land Farm, Silverton (Monument)
MDV108288Catch Meadow South of Livingshayes Farm (Monument)
MDV107741Catch Meadow South West of Garlandhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV107398Catch Meadow to the east of Gingerland (Monument)
MDV107798Catch Meadow to the east of Highdown (Monument)
MDV107386Catch Meadow to the north of Tedbridge (Monument)
MDV107399Catch Meadow to the south of Gingerland (Monument)
MDV107388Catch Meadow to the southwest of Stokehouse (Monument)
MDV110629Catch meadow West of Thatcher’s Lane and Dinneford Bridge, Thorverton (Monument)
MDV107736Cropmark Enclosure South of Winham Farm (Monument)
MDV110601Cropmark Mound South of Jenny’s Portion (Monument)
MDV107390Cropmark to the southwest of Wishays Farm (Monument)
MDV107397Earthwork Ditch to the southeast of Trinity (Monument)
MDV108261Earthwork Platform North of Higher Roach Farm (Monument)
MDV107820Earthworks at Mutterton Dairy (Monument)
MDV118464Extractive pit west of Perhams Green Farm, Plymtree parish (Monument)
MDV110576Field Boundaries East of Batcombe Lane (Monument)
MDV110624Field Boundary North West of Up Exe (Monument)
MDV118433Field boundary south of Hookland Farm, Norman’s Green, Cullompton parish. (Monument)
MDV110581Former Field Boundaries South of Lower Chitterley (Monument)
MDV107853Former Field Boundary to the northwest of Padbrook Hill Barns (Monument)
MDV110169Former Orchard and Orchard Banks Between Higher Weaver and Haywood Farm (Monument)
MDV110172Former Orchard and Orchard Banks Immediately North of Haywood Farm (Monument)
MDV110133Former Orchard and Orchard Banks South-West of Southwood (Monument)
MDV110124Former Orchard and Relict Orchard Banks Immediately North of Southwood (Monument)
MDV110130Former Orchard and Relict Orchard Banks North of Southwood (Monument)
MDV110138Former Orchard and Relict Orchard Banks South of Clarke's Thorne (Monument)
MDV1311Hillslope enclosure North of Silverton (Monument)
MDV107626Orchard Banks at Bathaies Cottages (Monument)
MDV107381Orchard Banks at Chapelhaies (Monument)
MDV107802Orchard Banks at Whorridge Farm (Monument)
MDV107827Orchard Banks to the north of Wheatcroft Farm (Monument)
MDV107380Orchard Banks to the south of Chapelhaies (Monument)
MDV107789Orchard Banks to the south of Colebrook (Monument)
MDV118421Orchard north of Perhams Green Farm, Plymtree parish (Monument)
MDV118425Orchard south-east of Sanquishayes Farm, Plymtree parish (Monument)
MDV107749Pit North of Garlandhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV107729Pit North of Weavers Meadow (Monument)
MDV107619Possible Catch Meadow South East of Bowhill Cottages (Monument)
MDV107808Possible Cropmark Enclosure to the southeast of Colebrook (Monument)
MDV108257Possible Field Boundary South of Tedbridge (Monument)
MDV108260Possible Quarry Pit East of Higher Roach Farm (Monument)
MDV107807Possible Quarry to the northwest of Whorridge Farm (Monument)
MDV107818Quarry at Mutterton (Monument)
MDV107819Quarry at Mutterton (Monument)
MDV107804Quarry to the north of Whorridge Farm (Monument)
MDV108032Second World War Structures West of Plymtree (Monument)