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Title:RAF/CPE/UK/1995 FS
Originator:Royal Air Force

Associated Monuments (48)

MDV108378Catch Meadow at Deyman’s Hill House (Monument)
MDV112358Catch Meadow at Lower Woodmanton Farm (Monument)
MDV108029Catch Meadow at Woodcocks Well (Monument)
MDV112365Catch Meadow North of Woodbury Business Park (Monument)
MDV1360Cranmore Castle, Tiverton (Monument)
MDV112313Cropmark Ditch of a Possible Former Mound on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV55196Cultivation Mark Resembling a Ring Ditch (Monument)
MDV108549Driveway on Avenue South of Bradfield House (Monument)
MDV108325Earthwork Banks to the south of Higher Bingwell Farm (Monument)
MDV108335Earthworks to the southwest of Collipriest Diary (Monument)
MDV112578Field Boundaries South East of Lower Willyards Farm (Monument)
MDV107854Former Field Boundaries off Knowle Lane (Monument)
MDV107958Former Field Boundaries off Little Toms Road (Monument)
MDV107504Former Field Boundaries to the south of Overleigh (Monument)
MDV107491Former Field Boundary to the north of Sharland’s Copse (Monument)
MDV110169Former Orchard and Orchard Banks Between Higher Weaver and Haywood Farm (Monument)
MDV108545Former Orchard and Orchard Banks East of Home Farm, Bradfield (Monument)
MDV110172Former Orchard and Orchard Banks Immediately North of Haywood Farm (Monument)
MDV110180Former Orchard and Orchard Banks West of Aller (Monument)
MDV110138Former Orchard and Relict Orchard Banks South of Clarke's Thorne (Monument)
MDV112575Former Orchard at Lower Wilyards Farm, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV112608Former Quarry North of Newhayes Farm, Whimple (Monument)
MDV112391Military Structures on Woodbury Common (Building)
MDV112307Military Training Ground to the Northeast of Blackhill Reservoir. (Monument)
MDV108334Orchard Banks at Collipriest House (Monument)
MDV108033Orchard Banks at Growen Farm (Monument)
MDV107788Orchard Banks at Higher Bagmore (Monument)
MDV107831Orchard Banks at Little Hackland (Monument)
MDV107822Orchard Banks at Oak Tree House (Monument)
MDV107817Orchard Banks at Peverstone Farm (Monument)
MDV107821Orchard Banks at Weekes Farm (Monument)
MDV112336Orchard Banks Southeast of Bridge Pitt Farm (Monument)
MDV107827Orchard Banks to the north of Wheatcroft Farm (Monument)
MDV107825Orchard Banks to the northwest of Wheatcroft Farm (Monument)
MDV112404Orchard West of Lower Southbrook, Rockbeare (Monument)
MDV110184Possible Barrow South of Kentis Moor (Monument)
MDV108585Possible Curvilinear Enclosure North of Wressing Barton (Monument)
MDV112315Possible Military Site on Woodbury Common (Monument)
MDV107805Possible Quarry to the northwest of Whorridge Farm (Monument)
MDV107807Possible Quarry to the northwest of Whorridge Farm (Monument)
MDV110175Possible Ring Ditch South of Kentis Moor (Monument)
MDV108323Practice Slit Trenches within Former Woodland of Tidcombe Plantation (Monument)
MDV72068'Q' Bombing decoy, Woodbury (Monument)
MDV107818Quarry at Mutterton (Monument)
MDV107819Quarry at Mutterton (Monument)
MDV107829Quarry to the southeast of Little Hackland (Monument)
MDV107830Quarry to the southeast of Little Hackland (Monument)
MDV12198Terrace or Platform to to the southwest of Collipriest Diary (Monument)