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Title:OS/66185 V
Originator:Ordnance Survey

Associated Monuments (82)

MDV1268Bowl Barrow near Fordy Bridge, Thorverton (Monument)
MDV108739Catch Meadow North East of Lower Comberoy Farm (Monument)
MDV10169Circular Cropmark Enclosure North West of Blue Hayes House, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV112677Circular Cropmark North of Great Barton Farm (Monument)
MDV108749Circular Enclosure at Hollis Head, Broadclyst. (Monument)
MDV28635Conjoined enclosure to the north of Sandy Lane, Brampford Speke (Monument)
MDV112852Cropmark Enclosures South West of Columbjohn Farm (Monument)
MDV10271Cropmark Ring Ditch East of Barton Cross, Huxham (Monument)
MDV112788Earthwork Banks at Glebe Cottages (Monument)
MDV112841Earthwork Banks at Hill Barton (Monument)
MDV112675Earthwork Mound (Monument)
MDV57809Earthwork Trenches South of Exeter Airport (Monument)
MDV48846Exeter Airfield Dispersed Site 2 (Monument)
MDV78397Exeter Airfield Dispersed Site 3 (Monument)
MDV48847Exeter Airfield Dispersed Site 4 (Monument)
MDV56271Exeter Airfield Dispersed Site 5 (Monument)
MDV56272Exeter Airfield dispersed Site 6 (Monument)
MDV48848Exeter Airfield Dispersed Site 7 (Monument)
MDV56268Exeter Airfield Dispersed Site 8 (Monument)
MDV71798Exeter, Site 3 AA Battery (Monument)
MDV71799Exeter, Site 4, AA Battery (Monument)
MDV112795Extraction Pit North of Upham Farm (Monument)
MDV112902Extraction Pit to the Northwest of Spain Farm (Monument)
MDV112965Extraction Pit West of New Ford Farm (Monument)
MDV112791Extraction Pits East of Upham Cottage (Monument)
MDV118191Extractive pit south east of Rydon House, Talaton parish (Monument)
MDV118190Extractive pit south west of Rydon House, Talaton parish (Monument)
MDV113354Field Boundaries, Hill Barton (Monument)
MDV112501Field Boundary North of Higher Burrowton, Broadclyst (Monument)
MDV118230Field boundary south-west Higher Tale, Payhembury parish. (Monument)
MDV113064Former Farms and Access Roads, Poltimore Park (Monument)
MDV112678Former Quarry South of Clyst St Lawrence (Monument)
MDV112610Former Quarry West of Rutton Farm, Whimple (Monument)
MDV43216Hayes Farm, Enclosure (Monument)
MDV28073Hayes Farm, Old Site (Monument)
MDV10081Hayes Farm, Ring Ditches (Monument)
MDV112985Military Structure to the Northwest of Higher Southwood Farm (Monument)
MDV1277No Man's Chapel Tumulus, Upton Pyne (Monument)
MDV36575Old Marl Pit South West of Tub Corner, Broadclyst (Monument)
MDV112643Orchard at Pratts Farm, Broad Clyst (Monument)
MDV113325Orchard at Stevenstone Barton (Monument)
MDV112821Orchard Banks at Aylesbeare (Monument)
MDV112822Orchard Banks at Barton Farm (Monument)
MDV113086Orchard Banks at Carradale Farm (Monument)
MDV112823Orchard Banks at Clarendon Farm (Monument)
MDV112954Orchard Banks at Great Houndbeare Farm (Monument)
MDV112973Orchard Banks at Higher Southwood Farm (Monument)
MDV112809Orchard Banks at Livermore Farm (Monument)
MDV113073Orchard Banks at Middle Allercombe Farm (Monument)
MDV113076Orchard Banks at Rockbeare Manor (Monument)
MDV112789Orchard Banks at Upham Cottage (Monument)
MDV112794Orchard Banks at Upham House (Monument)
MDV113422Orchard Banks at Venn’s Farm (Monument)
MDV113081Orchard Banks North of Ford Farm (Monument)
MDV112922Orchard Banks North of Rill Farm (Monument)
MDV113074Orchard Banks Northwest of Middle Allercombe Farm (Monument)
MDV112796Orchard Banks to the North of Perkins Cross (Monument)
MDV112930Orchard Banks West of Topshayes Farm (Monument)
MDV113347Orchard Banks, Clyst St.Mary (Monument)
MDV113603Orchard Banks, off Pinhoe Station (Monument)
MDV113607Orchard Banks, Pincourt Farm (Monument)
MDV113602Orchard Banks, Southwest of Church Cross (Monument)
MDV112490Orchard North West of Churchill's Farm (Monument)
MDV71712Orchard West of Godfrey's Farm (Monument)
MDV112917Orchard, Northwest of Shutebridge Farm (Monument)
MDV112499Orchards at Higher Burrowton, Broadclyst (Monument)
MDV112475Orchards at Holway Farm, Whimple (Monument)
MDV112999Oval Cropmark North of Ratsloe (Monument)
MDV12342Oval Enclosure South East of Forches House (Monument)
MDV112979Possible Bomb Craters, West of Higher Southwood Farm (Monument)
MDV112642Possible Cropmark Enclosures North East of Claponmill Cross, Clyst St Lawrence (Monument)
MDV112438Possible enclosure and Field Boundaries North East of Elbury Farm (Monument)
MDV113088Possible Extraction Pit or Quarry, West of Woodhouse Farm (Monument)
MDV113772Possible Military Building North West of Rixlade (Monument)
MDV113000Possible Military Structure, Exeter Airport (Monument)
MDV108731Possible Quarry South West of Frogmore Cross (Monument)
MDV112431Possible Ring Ditch South West of Tub Corner, Broadclyst (Monument)
MDV113324Possible Ring Ditch, North of Bramble Lane, Upton Pyne (Monument)
MDV113001Probable Bomb Craters, South of Exeter Airport (Monument)
MDV108747Rectilinear Enclosure near Hollis Head, Broadclyst (Monument)
MDV108753Ring Ditch South East of Beare Farm (Monument)
MDV112700Structure South of Bramley Gardens, Whimple (Monument)