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Originator:Royal Air Force
Summary:Camera position RP or RS

Associated Monuments (97)

MDV4986119th century water channels, northwest of Culm Pyne Barton, Clayhiddon (Monument)
MDV47500Brickworks at Parkfield Farm, Clayhiddon (Monument)
MDV118909Catch meadow at Blackaller Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115753Catch Meadow at Pithayne Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV118915Circular feature, south of Beech Grove, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV45093Dispersed Accommodation Site 2, Dunkeswell Airfield (Monument)
MDV45090Dunkeswell Airfield (Monument)
MDV117488Earthwork banks adjacent to Rhododendron Wood, Dunkeswell (Monument)
MDV117564Earthwork banks at the former farmhouse of Moor, southwest of Devon and Somerset Gliding Club, Broadhembury (Monument)
MDV108841Earthwork Banks to the northeast of Merry’s Farm (Monument)
MDV118892Earthwork banks, Clements Common, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV49860Earthwork banks, to the north of Brownheath, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV117708Earthwork mounds, northwest of Lammaslands, Dunkeswell (Monument)
MDV108875Earthworks at the Former Farmstead of Brymery Dairy (Monument)
MDV115684Extraction Pit at Culmbridge Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115687Extraction Pit, Downmead, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115677Extraction Pit, Holcombe, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115681Extraction Pit, north of Culmstock Road, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV117384Extraction pit, northeast of Hembercombe Farm, Broadhembury (Monument)
MDV115688Extraction Pit, northeast of Holcombe, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115685Extraction Pit, northwest of Hemyock, Hemyock Parish (Monument)
MDV115856Extraction Pit, northwest of Jewell’s Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115781Extraction Pit, west of Gladhayes Farm, Clayhiddon (Monument)
MDV115857Extraction Pit, west of Jewell’s Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115665Extraction Pit, Westhayes Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115271Extraction Pit, within Honeyhill Plantation (Monument)
MDV108836Extraction Pits on Sock Hill (Monument)
MDV108925Extraction Pits to the east of Pitt Farm (Monument)
MDV117405Extraction pits, north of Hanger Lane, Broadhembury (Monument)
MDV115795Extraction Pits, southwest of Lower Ashculm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV117273Extractive pit east of Wadhayes farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117254Extractive pit north-east of Grange Farm, Dunkeswell parish (Monument)
MDV117240Extractive pit on Sidling Common, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117286Extractive pit south east of Culverhayes Farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV118926Extractive pit, north of Middle Ashculm Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV117881Extractive pits north-west of Higher Curscombe Farm, Feniton parish (Monument)
MDV117413Extractive pits west of Pitney Farm, Broadhembury parish (Monument)
MDV117879Extractive pits west of The Glen, Feniton parish (Monument)
MDV117307Field boundaries north east of Culverhayes Farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117834Field boundaries south of Higher Curscombe Farm, Feniton parish (Monument)
MDV117826Field boundaries south of Rull Farm, Payhembury parish (Monument)
MDV117627Field boundaries, east of Barleycombe Farm, Dunkeswell (Monument)
MDV47723Field boundary to the north of Higher Ashculm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115773Field Boundary, east of Parkfields Farm (Monument)
MDV118922Field boundary, northwest of Higher Ashculm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV118914Field boundary, west of Bentoaks, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV109548Former Field Boundary on North Hill (Monument)
MDV109713Former Field Boundary South of Kerswell Priory (Monument)
MDV117186Former field boundary west of Wolverstone, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV115787Former Field Boundary, northwest of Lower Ashculm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV109759Former Orchard and Relict Orchard Banks South of Hearn Farm (Monument)
MDV108864Improvement Ridge and Furrow to the northwest of Bagster Farm (Monument)
MDV110229Open cast ironstone mines, from Black Down and North Hill, eastwards to Hill View Farm (Monument)
MDV109794Orchard and Orchard Banks West of Dulford (Monument)
MDV109690Orchard and Relict Orchard Banks North-West of Bowerwood (Monument)
MDV108840Orchard Banks at Ash Thomas (Monument)
MDV108862Orchard Banks at Brown’s Bridge (Monument)
MDV108904Orchard Banks at Cott Farm (Monument)
MDV115195Orchard Banks at Dunsgreen (Monument)
MDV108861Orchard Banks at Hedgelands (Monument)
MDV115664Orchard Banks at Waldrons, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV47469Orchard Banks, east of Bowhayes Farm, Culmstock (Monument)
MDV115270Orchard Banks, west of Rosemary Lane (Monument)
MDV117828Orchard east of Lower Cheriton, Payhembury (Monument)
MDV118494Orchard north-west of Woodbere Court, Plymtree parish (Monument)
MDV117999Orchard on the south east facing slopes south of Tape Lane, Weston, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117835Orchard south of Higher Curscombe Farm, Feniton (Monument)
MDV117296Orchard south of Wadhays Farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117310Possible barrow south west of Limers Cross, Dunkeswell parish (Monument)
MDV115196Possible Catch Meadow at Dunsgreen (Monument)
MDV115652Possible Catch Meadow, Barton’s Farm Lands, Culmstock (Monument)
MDV115774Possible Catch Meadow, Parklands Farm, Clayhiddon (Monument)
MDV108891Possible Catchmeadow West of Pool House (Monument)
MDV115662Possible Earthwork Banks of Former Field Boundaries, northwest of Tedburrow Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115746Possible Field Boundaries, southwest of Dalwood Farm, Culmstock (Monument)
MDV108866Possible Field Boundary to the northeast of Woodcoxhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV115791Possible Field Boundary, east of Ashculme, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115659Possible Gravel Pit, southeast of Brownings Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115676Possible Orchard Banks, northwest of Hartnell’s Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV109783Possible Relict Field Boundaries West of Dulford (Monument)
MDV109705Possible Relict Field Boundary South-East of Kerswell (Monument)
MDV109708Possible Relict Field Boundary West of Great Moor Barn (Monument)
MDV117619Possible road, Westerhope Farm, Broadhembury (Monument)
MDV49757Possible Stock Enclosure on North Hill (Monument)
MDV46355Rectilinear cropmark south east of Collyhayes Farm, Awliscombe (Monument)
MDV117855Relict field boundaries in Hembury Fort House Park and Gardens (Monument)
MDV117202Ring ditch west of Wolverstone Moor, Broadhembury parish (Monument)
MDV117206Ring ditch west of Wolverstone Moor, Broadhembury parish (Monument)
MDV117207Ring ditch west of Wolverstone Moor, Broadhembury parish (Monument)
MDV118888Ring Ditch, west of Hill Cottage, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV117863Second World War Camp, Awliscombe (Monument)
MDV117712Trackway at Hill View Farm, Dunkeswell and Luppitt parishes (Monument)
MDV115780Water Channel, east of Byes Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV108851Water Meadow off Old Jaycroft Road (Monument)
MDV109685Water Meadow West of Hembercombe Farm (Monument)
MDV110227Whetstone Mines Around North Hill, Black Down, Blackborough Common, Tower Plot and Newcombe Common (Monument)
MDV50053Whetstone mines on the east facing slopes of Hembury Hill, Awliscombe parish (Monument)