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Title:Brookwood and Wheal Emma Copper Mines, Buckfastleigh, Devon: An Archaeological Survey
Originator:Newman, P.
Summary:Manually scanned version of this report (not overlarge scale plan) copied 26/10/2021 and added to IDOX

Associated Monuments (41)

MDV132937Adit and shaft in Brook Wood (Monument)
MDV132557Adit and spoil heap west of Brook Wood (Monument)
MDV132554Adit and spoil heap, Brook Wood (Monument)
MDV132562Charcoal burning platform, Brook Wood (Monument)
MDV132571Copper dressing floor, Brookwood Mine (Monument)
MDV132559Dam and reservoir in Brook Wood (Monument)
MDV132558Dam in Brook Wood (Monument)
MDV132556Dam, Wheal Emma and Brookwood copper mines (Monument)
MDV132560Drainage adit, Brookwood Mine (Monument)
MDV132563Dressing floor, Brookwood Mine (Monument)
MDV132553Dry leat, Brookwood and Wheal Emma Mines (Monument)
MDV132552Dry leat, Wheal Emma (Monument)
MDV7802Emma Shaft and ruined features, Wheal Emma Mine (Monument)
MDV49063Engine House and mine shaft, South Devon United Copper Mine (Monument)
MDV132570Flatrod channel, Brookwood Mine (Monument)
MDV113330Forge and associated building south of Hepney Wood (Building)
MDV132555Hollow way in Brook Wood (Monument)
MDV132577Leats, Brookwood Mine (Monument)
MDV49064Martin's Shaft, South Devon United Mine (Monument)
MDV132564Mine building, Brookwood Mine (Monument)
MDV132566Mine building, Brookwood Mine (Monument)
MDV49065Mine shaft north of Hepney Wood (Monument)
MDV113329Mine shaft north of River Mardle, part of Old Wheal Emma Mine (Monument)
MDV132573Pit adjacent to Wheal Emma Leat, Brookwood Mine (Monument)
MDV7825Pixton's Shaft, Wheal Emma Mine (Monument)
MDV47960Quarry in Brook Wood (Monument)
MDV132572Saw pit, Brookwood Mine (Monument)
MDV49062South Devon United Copper Mine, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV49062South Devon United Copper Mine, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV49062South Devon United Copper Mine, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV49062South Devon United Copper Mine, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV132561Spoil heap, Brookwood Mine (Monument)
MDV132551Spoil heaps, Wheal Emma (Monument)
MDV6268Wheal Emma Leat (Monument)
MDV132565Wheal house, Brookwood Mine (Monument)
MDV132569Wheel house, Brookwood Mine (Monument)
MDV132576Wheel house, Brookwood Mine (Monument)
MDV130877Wheel pit at Brookwood Mine (Monument)
MDV132568Wheel pit, Brookwood Mine (Monument)
MDV132574Wheel pit, Brookwood Mine (Monument)
MDV132575Wheel pit, Brookwood Mine (Monument)
MDV132567Whim engine house, Brookwood Mine (Monument)
MDV113328Whim shaft at Wheal Emma Mine, Brook Wood (Monument)