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Title:Aerial Photography for Great Britain
Originator:Next Perspectives
Summary:Renamed as Aerial Photography for Great Britain from Pan Government Agreement Aerial Photographs from 2015

Associated Monuments (323)

MDV4986119th century water channels, northwest of Culm Pyne Barton, Clayhiddon (Monument)
MDV117865A narrow curvilinear ditch or water channel was vi... (Monument)
MDV48158Anti-tank Ditch to north of Bow Bridge, Axminster (Monument)
MDV48161Anti-tank obstacles on the north-east side of Axminster (Monument)
MDV49428Anti-tank obstacles south-west of Weycroft Mill, Axminster (Monument)
MDV1841Barrow east of Whitdown Cross (Monument)
MDV1843Barrow south-west of Knowle Farm (Monument)
MDV118609Catch meadow at Higher Luxton Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV117331Catch meadow east of Aller Farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV114980Catch Meadow North West of Cheney's Farm (Monument)
MDV115211Catch Meadow South East of Little Shelvin Farm, Luppitt Parish. (Monument)
MDV115409Catch Meadow south of Dalwood village (Monument)
MDV115210Catch Meadow South of Higher Shelvin Farm, Luppitt Parish. (Monument)
MDV116736Catch Meadow south of Moorland Farm, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV115207Catch Meadow South of Penny Thorn Cross, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV115009Catch Meadow South of Scotchayes Plantation (Monument)
MDV116798Catch meadow west of Bycott Farm, Dunkeswell parish (Monument)
MDV115127Catch Meadow, east of Burcombe Farm (Monument)
MDV115165Catch Meadows North and West of Hayne Farm, Upottery parish (Monument)
MDV115118Circular Earthwork Hollow North East of Shaugh Farm (Monument)
MDV114717Clay Pit at Courtmoor Farm (Monument)
MDV114851Clay Pit east of Higher Phillishayes (Monument)
MDV115136Clay Pit, southwest of Hartsmoor Bridge (Monument)
MDV35731Clay Pits, northeast of Downelms Farm (Monument)
MDV72125Cottage on Horner Hill, Stockland (Monument)
MDV115561Cropmark Ditch, northwest of Westlands Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV47192Cultivation Terrace and Field Boundaries, Bolham Water (Monument)
MDV115190Deserted Settlement south-west of Lower Yartyford, Stockland (Monument)
MDV45096Dispersed accommodation camp, southeast of Dunkeswell airfield (Monument)
MDV78754Dispersed Accommodation Site 3, Dunkeswell Airfield (Monument)
MDV45100Dispersed Accommodation Site, Dunkeswell Airfield (Monument)
MDV45094Dispersed Accommodation Site, Dunkeswell Airfield (Monument)
MDV45095Dispersed Accommodation Site, Dunkeswell Airfield (Monument)
MDV45097Dispersed Accommodation Site, Dunkeswell Airfield (Monument)
MDV57278Dispersed Site 11 (WAAF Quarters), Upottery Airfield (Monument)
MDV57277Dispersed Site 2 (Sick Quarters), Upottery Airfield (Monument)
MDV57276Dispersed Site 3, Upottery Airfield (Monument)
MDV51305Dispersed Site 5 (Quarters), Upottery Airfield (Monument)
MDV45102Dispersed Site 5 (Sick Quarters), Dunkeswell Airfield (Monument)
MDV115479Ditch or ditched enclosure north of Larkshayes Cross, Dalwood (Monument)
MDV119278Ditched enclosure south of Birch Oak Farm, Yarcombe Parish (Monument)
MDV116565Ditches south east of Red Doors Farm, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV45090Dunkeswell Airfield (Monument)
MDV118473Earthwork bank at Cockhayes, Upottery (Monument)
MDV114859Earthwork Banks at Charleshayes Farm (Monument)
MDV115154Earthwork Banks at Upottery Airfield (Monument)
MDV115129Earthwork Banks, east of Burcombe Farm (Monument)
MDV115562Earthwork Ditch, west of Hagdon Farm, Uffculme (Monument)
MDV114264Earthwork Terraces or Pits South West of the former Northwood Farm (Monument)
MDV67546Earthworks at Troakes Farm (Monument)
MDV48552Earthworks, south of Rawridge Farm (Monument)
MDV115100Eastractive Pit West of Shaugh Farm (Monument)
MDV48629Enclosure at Brimley Linhay (Monument)
MDV115348Enclosure west of Quantock Common, Stockland parish (Monument)
MDV115092Extactive pits under Crown All Wood, Luppitt Parish (Monument)
MDV115658Extraction Pit at Bubhayne, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115120Extraction Pit at Field’s Farm (Monument)
MDV114868Extraction Pit at Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV116616Extraction Pit east of Greatwood Copse, Axminster (Monument)
MDV115736Extraction Pit south-west of Clapper Gate, Membury (Monument)
MDV115038Extraction Pit West of Holmsleigh Farm (Monument)
MDV115763Extraction Pit, north of Culm Davy House, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115559Extraction Pit, northeast of Pring’s Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115547Extraction Pit, northwest of Abbotsford Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115778Extraction Pit, northwest of Culm Pyne Barton, Clayhiddon (Monument)
MDV115557Extraction Pit, southwest of Collinshayne House, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115193Extraction Pit, southwest of Dunsgreen (Monument)
MDV115542Extraction Pit, west of Little Musgrove Farm, Dunkeswell (Monument)
MDV115813Extraction Pits east of Churchill, All Saints Parish (Monument)
MDV115550Extraction Pits east of Dunkeswell Abbey, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV116563Extraction Pits south of Sart Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV115198Extraction Pits, at Searles (Monument)
MDV115074Extractive Pit North of Ellishayes Farm (Monument)
MDV116469Extractive pit north-east of Hill View House, Upottery parish (Monument)
MDV115018Extractive Pit at Higher Crook Farm (Monument)
MDV116525Extractive pit below Buckeshayes Farm, Upottery parish (Monument)
MDV116519Extractive pit below Gorehayes Farm, Upottery parish (Monument)
MDV116463Extractive pit east of Budgells Farm, Luppit parish (Monument)
MDV116650Extractive pit east of Hense Moor (Monument)
MDV119072Extractive Pit east of Millbrook, Axminster (Monument)
MDV119073Extractive Pit east of Millbrook, Axminster (Monument)
MDV116462Extractive pit east of Odle Farm, Luppit parish (Monument)
MDV115464Extractive pit east of Shore Bottom, Stockland parish (Monument)
MDV46370Extractive pit east of Wadhayes farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117895Extractive pit north of Buckerell Knap, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV75090Extractive pit north of Bywood Farm (Monument)
MDV116672Extractive pit north of Shelves Farm, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV118039Extractive pit north west of Deer Park Farm, Buckerell parish (Monument)
MDV117248Extractive pit north west of Grange Farm, Dunkeswell parish (Monument)
MDV116310Extractive pit north-east of Mohun’s Ottery, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV119799Extractive pit north-west of Elscombe Cottage , Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV119800Extractive pit north-west of Elscombe Cottage , Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118152Extractive Pit north-west of Sutton Quarries, Offwell (Monument)
MDV117240Extractive pit on Sidling Common, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV114983Extractive Pit on the West Facing slopes of Crook Hill (Monument)
MDV114984Extractive Pit on the West Facing slopes of Crook Hill (Monument)
MDV117288Extractive pit south east of Culverhayes Farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV68228Extractive pit south east of Deer Park Farm, Buckerell parish (Monument)
MDV114793Extractive Pit South East of Hale Close Farm, Honiton (Monument)
MDV116460Extractive pit south east of Old Spurtham Farm, Luppit parish (Monument)
MDV117255Extractive pit south of Allerbear Farm, Combe Raleigh parish (Monument)
MDV117256Extractive pit south of Allerbear Farm, Combe Raleigh parish (Monument)
MDV119344Extractive pit south of Castle Wood farm, Chardstock parish (Monument)
MDV116652Extractive pit south of Hensemoor House (Monument)
MDV115396Extractive pit south of Higher Corrie Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV115320Extractive Pit south of Profits Down Farm, Stockland parish (Monument)
MDV115091Extractive Pit South of Stockers farm (Monument)
MDV116686Extractive pit south-west of Luppitt Inn Farm, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV116696Extractive pit south-west of Luppitt Inn Farm, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV116697Extractive pit south-west of Luppitt Inn Farm, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV116698Extractive pit south-west of Luppitt Inn Farm, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV118204Extractive Pit south-west of Sutton Barton, Widworthy (Monument)
MDV116539Extractive pit under Whippin’s Copse, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV115073Extractive Pit West of Ellishayes Farm (Monument)
MDV116667Extractive pit west of Littletown Farm, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV114998Extractive Pit West of Worfield House, Combe Raleigh (Monument)
MDV116543Extractive pits at Barber’s Farm, Beacon, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV115148Extractive Pits at Whitehall Farm (Monument)
MDV115076Extractive Pits East of Ellishayes Farm (Monument)
MDV116669Extractive pits east of Littletown Farm, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV72093Extractive Pits South East of Hensemoor House (Monument)
MDV115722Extractive pits south of Ford Plantation, Dalwood parish (Monument)
MDV115177Extractive Pits South of Higher Wick Farm, Luppitt Parish (Monument)
MDV115721Extractive pits south of Mansfield Farm, Dalwood Parish (Monument)
MDV115804Extractive pits south of Rakehill Farm, Stockland Parish (Monument)
MDV115477Extractive pits south-west of Ford Plantation, Dalwood parish (Monument)
MDV121148Extractive pits west of Ridge Hill Farm, Chardstock Parish (Monument)
MDV116799Field boundaries above Rough Grey Bottom, Dunkeswell parish (Monument)
MDV47684Field boundaries and possible former settlement, south-east of Fair Oak Farm, Upottery parish (Monument)
MDV116742Field boundaries east of Lambert’s Farm, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV115070Field Boundaries East of Windgate Farm (Monument)
MDV115318Field boundaries north of Churchstyle Farm, Stockland village (Monument)
MDV117329Field boundaries south east of Aller farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV115556Field Boundary at Collinshayne House, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV117850Field boundary south of Ashfield House, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117852Field boundary south of Ashfield House, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV115410Field boundary south of Dalwood village (Monument)
MDV21371Field boundary, south west of High View, Honiton (Monument)
MDV118641Field boundary, southwest of Old Woodhayne Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118135Field boundary, west of Penn Copse (Monument)
MDV62060FIELD SYSTEM in the Parish of Dunkeswell (Monument)
MDV49867Field System Northwest of Mathayes (Monument)
MDV49868Field System on Hense Moor (Monument)
MDV63244Former boundary banks and settlement at Hares Farm, Membury parish (Monument)
MDV119305Former extractive pit north-west of Crawley Farm, Membury Parish (Monument)
MDV115801Former field boundaries at Ford, Stockland parish (Monument)
MDV115122Former Field Boundaries East of Otter View Farm (Monument)
MDV115764Former Field Boundaries southeast of Chapel Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115840Former Field Boundaries, south of Hemyock, Hemyock Parish (Monument)
MDV117304Former Field Boundary east of North Street, Axminster (Monument)
MDV117302Former Field Boundary south of Lyme Street, Axminster (Monument)
MDV115620Former Field Boundary south-west of Cuckford, Stockland (Monument)
MDV115039Former Field Boundary West of Holmsleigh Farm (Monument)
MDV117298Former Field System east of King Edward Road, Axminster (Monument)
MDV36119Former marl pit east of Goodmans House, Membury parish (Monument)
MDV47277Former marl pit south of Webble Green Cross, Membury parish. (Monument)
MDV119270Former marl pit west of Buttermoor Copse, Yarcombe Parish (Monument)
MDV36118Former marl pit west of Ford House, Membury parish (Monument)
MDV115803Former marl pit west of Snodwell Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV36128Former marl pits east of Court Place Farm, Stockland parish (Monument)
MDV119211Garden orchard at Stotehayes, Membury parish (Monument)
MDV36108Gravel and Marl Pits East of Northcote Hill Farm (Monument)
MDV114969Honiton Tunnel Air Shaft (Monument)
MDV48542Marl Pit and Orchard, Bidwell Farm (Monument)
MDV36603Marl Pit and Possible Orchard Banks, Honiton (Monument)
MDV36604Marl Pit in the Parish of Honiton (Monument)
MDV36605Marl Pit in the Parish of Honiton (Monument)
MDV47292Marl pits north of Higher Longbridge, Yarcombe parish (Monument)
MDV115139Medieval Field System and Settlement North of Shaugh Farm, Luppitt Parish (Monument)
MDV114798Medieval Field System South East of Hale Close Farm, Honiton (Monument)
MDV117295Military Base to north of Lime Road, Axminster (Monument)
MDV49431Military Hospital, Millwey Rise, Axminster (Monument)
MDV118569Military Site south of Dickens's Marsh, Dalwood (Monument)
MDV118575Military Site west of Dickens's Marsh, Dalwood (Monument)
MDV116795Modern enclosure north west of Holmwood Farm, Dunkeswell parish (Monument)
MDV115275Mounds, probably modern, west of Rokehay Farm, Membury (Monument)
MDV117800Orchard at Heathfield, Awliscombe (Monument)
MDV115440Orchard at Heathstock Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV115072Orchard at Windgate Farm, Combe Raleigh Parish (Monument)
MDV114724Orchard Banks at Bidwell Farm (Monument)
MDV114846Orchard Banks at Harvestwood Farm (Monument)
MDV115112Orchard Banks at Lemon’s Hill Farm (Monument)
MDV114695Orchard Banks at Ley Farm (Monument)
MDV118475Orchard banks at Middle Luxton, Upottery (Monument)
MDV114671Orchard Banks at North Hill Farm (Monument)
MDV115718Orchard Banks north of Chapplecroft Farm, Membury (Monument)
MDV116010Orchard Banks north of Lewsley Farm, Membury (Monument)
MDV116512Orchard Banks north-east of Yeatlands Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV116849Orchard Banks north-west of Woodhays Farm, Dalwood (Monument)
MDV116556Orchard Banks west of Yeatlands Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV114668Orchard Banks, northeast of Profits Down Farm (Monument)
MDV115209Orchard Banks, south of Lillycombe Farm (Monument)
MDV47197Orchard Banks, southeast of Hart’s Farm (Monument)
MDV115270Orchard Banks, west of Rosemary Lane (Monument)
MDV118014Orchard east of Bartlett’s Farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117334Orchard east of Bennettshayes, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV115417Orchard east of Dalwood village (Monument)
MDV115471Orchard east of Ford Farm, Dalwood (Monument)
MDV115430Orchard east of Shore Bottom Stockland (Monument)
MDV49380Orchard north and east of Lake Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV117655Orchard north of Awliscombe village (Monument)
MDV117655Orchard north of Awliscombe village (Monument)
MDV117655Orchard north of Awliscombe village (Monument)
MDV117655Orchard north of Awliscombe village (Monument)
MDV115429Orchard north of Ford Farm Stockland (Monument)
MDV117803Orchard north of Heathfield, Awliscombe (Monument)
MDV115212Orchard North of Higher Shelvin Farm, Luppitt Parish (Monument)
MDV115426Orchard north of Penny Hill Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV115467Orchard north of Ridge House, Stockland (Monument)
MDV115312Orchard north west of Churchstyle Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV115311Orchard south east of St Michael’s Church, Stockland (Monument)
MDV115432Orchard south of Rakehill Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV115412Orchard south of Dalwood village (Monument)
MDV117654Orchard south of Greenhayes, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV115033Orchard South of Hedgend Barton (Monument)
MDV115341Orchard south of Higher Lake Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV115425Orchard south of Lower Corry, Stockland (Monument)
MDV117777Orchard south of Lower Mill, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117778Orchard south of Lower Mill, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117717Orchard south of Wessington Farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117718Orchard south of Wessington Farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117718Orchard south of Wessington Farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117718Orchard south of Wessington Farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117718Orchard south of Wessington Farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV115424Orchard south-east of Lower Corry, Stockland (Monument)
MDV46444Orchard to west of Beacon Village, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV115465Orchard west of Broadhayes Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV115466Orchard west of Broadhayes Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV117335Orchard west of Collyhayes Farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117805Orchard west of Combehayes Farm, Buckerell parish (Monument)
MDV117776Orchard west of Wessington Cottage, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV117715Orchard west of Wessington Farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV115224Orchard with Orchard Banks around Lake Farm, Membury (Monument)
MDV117294Orchards at Grange Farm, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV115031Orchards at Tovehayne Farm (Monument)
MDV115025Orchards at Woodhayes Farm (Monument)
MDV115032Orchards South of Pugh's Farm (Monument)
MDV117332Orchards west of Three Corners Cross, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV119390Oval enclosure at Sycamore, Chardstock (Monument)
MDV119750Pillbox east of Cement Works, Axminster (Monument)
MDV52925Pillbox on west side of Stony Lane, Axminster (Monument)
MDV52929Pillbox S.37 about 128 metres north of Axminster Town Football Club (Monument)
MDV50878Pillbox S.43 near Town Weir, Axminster (Monument)
MDV50876Pillbox S.AT.601 48 metres south of Bow Bridge, Axminster (Monument)
MDV115734Possible barrow south of Ridge Court, Stockland parish (Monument)
MDV115191Possible Bedwork Water Meadow South of Penny Thorn Cross, Luppitt Parish (Monument)
MDV115196Possible Catch Meadow at Dunsgreen (Monument)
MDV116596Possible catch meadow east of Fair Oak Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV116466Possible catch meadow east of Old Spurtham farm, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV115436Possible catch meadow north of Rakehill Farm (Monument)
MDV116278Possible Catch Meadow south of Brays Cottage, Dalwood Parish (Monument)
MDV119651Possible catch meadow south of Brockfield, Chardstock parish (Monument)
MDV116467Possible catch meadow south of Budgells farm, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV115774Possible Catch Meadow, Parklands Farm, Clayhiddon (Monument)
MDV115539Possible Clay Pit, southeast of Abbey Wood, Dunkeswell (Monument)
MDV114713Possible Clay Pits, Rawridge Farm (Monument)
MDV114709Possible Cropmarks at Cotleigh Crossing (Monument)
MDV114920Possible Cultivation Terraces and or Field Boundaries, northwest of Whitehorn’s Farm (Monument)
MDV114913Possible Cultivation Terraces or Field Boundaries at Knapp Farm (Monument)
MDV116703Possible dwelling east of Lambert’s Farm, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV47199Possible Earthwork Banks, to the north of Middleton Barton (Monument)
MDV115851Possible Earthwork pit, Elysia, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV114746Possible Extraction Pit south of Higher Moorhayne (Monument)
MDV116850Possible Extraction Pit south-west of Woodhays Coppice, Dalwood (Monument)
MDV114741Possible Extraction Pit, north of Middle Moorhayne Farm (Monument)
MDV114745Possible Extraction Pits, southwest of Higher Moorhayne (Monument)
MDV119306Possible extractive pit east of Bridge Meadow Farm, Yarcombe Parish (Monument)
MDV119257Possible extractive pit east of Chaffhay Farm, Yarcombe Parish (Monument)
MDV119308Possible extractive pit east of Moxhayes Farm, Membury Parish (Monument)
MDV119322Possible extractive pit north of Casehayes, Membury Parish (Monument)
MDV119340Possible extractive pit north of Holy City, Chardstock parish (Monument)
MDV119341Possible extractive pit north of Holy City, Chardstock parish (Monument)
MDV119258Possible extractive pit north-west of Court Place Farm, Yarcombe Parish (Monument)
MDV116530Possible extractive pit south east of Mattys Cross, Upottery parish (Monument)
MDV116533Possible extractive pit south of Hillend Farm, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV119263Possible extractive pit south of South Waterhayne Farm, Yarcombe Parish (Monument)
MDV116531Possible extractive pit south south east of Mattys Cross, Upottery parish (Monument)
MDV62905Possible extractive pit under Buttermoor Copse, Yarcombe Parish (Monument)
MDV119309Possible extractive pit west of Haverlands Farm, Membury Parish (Monument)
MDV50048Possible extractive pits north of Beacon, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV116653Possible extractive pits south of Penn Farm, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV114706Possible Field Boundaries, southeast of Walnut Cottage (Monument)
MDV115558Possible Field boundary, southwest of Collinshayne House, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV114914Possible Former Field Boundaries, west of Stopgate Farm (Monument)
MDV114714Possible Former Field Boundary, Rawridge Farm (Monument)
MDV115334Possible Former orchard west of Lower Brimpit Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV117482Possible ironstone open cast mines, south of Beechwood Farm, Dunkeswell and Luppitt parishes (Monument)
MDV117484Possible ironstone open cast mines, southeast of Ewin’s Ash, Luppitt (Monument)
MDV114676Possible Lynchets or Field Boundaries, northwest of Wytch Farm (Monument)
MDV114672Possible Lynchets to the north of North Hill Farm (Monument)
MDV116553Possible orchard at Hartridge, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV117779Possible orchard north of Buckerell Knap, Awliscombe parish (Monument)
MDV47681Possible orchard north west of Mohun’s Ottery, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV116818Possible orchard south of Old Spurtham Farm, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV115342Possible Orchard within Old Marl Pit north of Higher Lake Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV50047Possible Pillow Mounds north of Beacon, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV115686Possible pit west of East Devon Business Park, Offwell parish. (Monument)
MDV116637Possible round barrow south of Burrow Farm, Clayhidon parish (Monument)
MDV56541Possible Second World War Radio Station south of Wolford Cottage, Dunkeswell (Monument)
MDV117478Possible soil mark, south of Beechwood Farm, Dunkeswell (Monument)
MDV117148Probable Extraction Pit south-east of Coryton Park, Kilmington (Monument)
MDV119203Probable former orchard north of Lugg’s Farm, Yarcombe parish (Monument)
MDV119204Probable former orchard north of North Gray Farm, Yarcombe parish (Monument)
MDV46405QUARRY in the Parish of Honiton (Monument)
MDV114970Quarry or Extractive Pit East of Higher Northcote Farm (Monument)
MDV114822Quarry Pit and Buildings, Spilcombe Copse, Monkton (Monument)
MDV114779Rectilinear Cropmarks at Honiton Community College (Monument)
MDV115631Relict Field Boundaries north-west of Yarty Farm, Membury (Monument)
MDV115633Relict Field Boundaries south-west of Crib House, Membury (Monument)
MDV115640Relict Field Boundary east of Rock, Membury (Monument)
MDV115257Relict Field Boundary north of Furley, Membury (Monument)
MDV115346Relict Field Boundary north of Readshill, Chardstock (Monument)
MDV115350Relict Field Boundary south of Readshill, Chardstock (Monument)
MDV49214Road Block SRD.60 at west end of Bow Bridge, Axminster (Monument)
MDV48680Roadblock S.RD. 51 at Axe Bridge to the south-west of Wadbrook (Monument)
MDV115511Sand Pit south west of Stockland Hill Transmitting Station (Monument)
MDV117863Second World War Camp, Awliscombe (Monument)
MDV116581Second World War structure south of Mattys Cross, Luppitt parish (Monument)
MDV117349Settlement earthworks north west of Aller Farm (Monument)
MDV45098Sewage works, southeast of Dunkeswell airfield (Monument)
MDV1913Stockland Great Castle (Monument)
MDV1918Stockland Little Castle (Monument)
MDV119272Two extractive pits west of Panshayne Farm, Yarcombe Parish (Monument)
MDV47202Upottery Airfield (Monument)
MDV115780Water Channel, east of Byes Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115419Water management ditches north of Dalwood village (Monument)
MDV47264Water Meadow, south of Ford Farm, Membury (Monument)