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Originator:Royal Air Force

Associated Monuments (69)

MDV47500Brickworks at Parkfield Farm, Clayhiddon (Monument)
MDV118609Catch meadow at Higher Luxton Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV115753Catch Meadow at Pithayne Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV119222Catch meadow south-east of Sheafhayne Manor, Yarcombe parish (Monument)
MDV115136Clay Pit, southwest of Hartsmoor Bridge (Monument)
MDV47192Cultivation Terrace and Field Boundaries, Bolham Water (Monument)
MDV57278Dispersed Site 11 (WAAF Quarters), Upottery Airfield (Monument)
MDV57277Dispersed Site 2 (Sick Quarters), Upottery Airfield (Monument)
MDV57276Dispersed Site 3, Upottery Airfield (Monument)
MDV51305Dispersed Site 5 (Quarters), Upottery Airfield (Monument)
MDV118887Earthwork banks at Culm Davy Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV118481Earthwork banks, west of Hoemoor Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV114917Earthwork Boundary, north of Stopgate Farm (Monument)
MDV72287Earthwork Platform, east of Castle Dene, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV118488Earthwork platforms, Hoemoor Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV11568Earthworks at Middleton Barton, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV67546Earthworks at Troakes Farm (Monument)
MDV115143Earthworks south of Middleton Barton (Monument)
MDV67547Earthworks, northeast of Batten’s Farm (Monument)
MDV115192Earthworks, west of Hart’s Farm (Monument)
MDV115684Extraction Pit at Culmbridge Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115755Extraction Pit, Pithayne Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115757Extraction Pit, southeast of Burlehayes Cottage, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115771Extraction Pits, north of Millhayes, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV118483Extraction pits, northeast of Sweetlands Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV115770Extraction Pits, northwest of Millhayes, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115752Extraction Pits, southwest of Pithayne Farm, Hemyock and Culmstock parishes (Monument)
MDV119344Extractive pit south of Castle Wood farm, Chardstock parish (Monument)
MDV115194Extractive Pit, southwest of Palmers (Monument)
MDV118889Extractive pits, east of Chapel Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV119155Field boundaries of probable medieval date south-west of Panshayne Manor (Monument)
MDV118491Field boundaries, east of Pamos Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV118479Field boundaries, northeast of Middle Luxton, Upottery (Monument)
MDV47420Field boundary at Higher Luxton Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV115132Field Boundary, south of Hartsmoor Farm (Monument)
MDV63244Former boundary banks and settlement at Hares Farm, Membury parish (Monument)
MDV63229Former boundary banks north of James Lane at Hares Farm, Membury parish (Monument)
MDV63231Former boundary banks south of James Lane, Membury parish (Monument)
MDV119655Former chalk pit east of Middle Ridge, Chardstock parish (Monument)
MDV119656Former chalk pit east of Middle Ridge, Chardstock parish (Monument)
MDV47289Former clay pit north-west of Panshayne, Yarcombe Parish (Monument)
MDV119699Former extractive pit north-east of Burridge Farm, Chardstock parish (Monument)
MDV119305Former extractive pit north-west of Crawley Farm, Membury Parish (Monument)
MDV115772Former Field Boundaries, Millhayes, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV119703Former orchard earthworks at Burridge, Chardstock parish (Monument)
MDV114918Former settlement and field system, southeast of Northams Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118886Orchard banks at Culm Davy Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115754Orchard Banks at Pithayne Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV118502Orchard banks, northwest of Knapp Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV47197Orchard Banks, southeast of Hart’s Farm (Monument)
MDV115188Orchard Banks, Troake’s Farm (Monument)
MDV115774Possible Catch Meadow, Parklands Farm, Clayhiddon (Monument)
MDV115758Possible Catch Meadow, southeast of Burlehayes Cottage, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115150Possible Clay or Gravel Pit, northeast of Middleton Barton (Monument)
MDV115145Possible Clay Pit, north of Middleton Barton (Monument)
MDV115146Possible Clay Pit, north of Middleton Barton (Monument)
MDV114920Possible Cultivation Terraces and or Field Boundaries, northwest of Whitehorn’s Farm (Monument)
MDV115674Possible Earthwork Bank, north of Hemyock, Hemyock Parish (Monument)
MDV115675Possible Earthwork Banked Feature, north of Culmbridge Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115141Possible Earthwork Banks of Field Boundaries, southeast of Hartsmoor Bridge (Monument)
MDV119275Possible extractive pit east of Buckshots Covert, Yarcombe Parish (Monument)
MDV119273Possible extractive pit south of Panshayne Farm, Yarcombe Parish (Monument)
MDV119268Possible extractive pits north-west of Waterhayne Cottage, Yarcombe Parish (Monument)
MDV115134Possible Field Boundary, northeast of Burcombe Farm (Monument)
MDV115138Possible Field Boundary, west of Hartsmoor Bridge (Monument)
MDV118478Possible former settlement site, northeast of Middle Luxton, Upottery (Monument)
MDV115676Possible Orchard Banks, northwest of Hartnell’s Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115775Possible Water Meadow, south of Parklands Farm, Clayhiddon (Monument)
MDV119272Two extractive pits west of Panshayne Farm, Yarcombe Parish (Monument)