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Originator:Royal Air Force

Associated Monuments (167)

MDV1841Barrow east of Whitdown Cross (Monument)
MDV11566Barrow in the Parish of Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV47168BARROW in the Parish of Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV1843Barrow south-west of Knowle Farm (Monument)
MDV115105Catch Meadow at Crosses Farm (Monument)
MDV118609Catch meadow at Higher Luxton Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV118472Catch meadow at Moonhayes, Upottery (Monument)
MDV115113Catch Meadow, at Newcott Barton (Monument)
MDV115127Catch Meadow, east of Burcombe Farm (Monument)
MDV118492Catch meadow, east of Woodcote, Upottery (Monument)
MDV118510Catch meadow, Knightshayne Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118650Catch meadow, northwest of Farthings, Upottery (Monument)
MDV118649Catch meadow, south of Kingsleigh, Upottery (Monument)
MDV118474Catch meadow, west of Middle Luxton, Upottery (Monument)
MDV118504Catch meadow, Williambeer Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV47534Clay Pit in the Parish of Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV47455Clay pit, south of Drake Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV115136Clay Pit, southwest of Hartsmoor Bridge (Monument)
MDV35742Clay pits, southwest of Dennington, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV47454Clay pits, southwest of Drake Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV47192Cultivation Terrace and Field Boundaries, Bolham Water (Monument)
MDV11591Deserted settlement of the City of Ford, northwest of Northams Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV57278Dispersed Site 11 (WAAF Quarters), Upottery Airfield (Monument)
MDV57277Dispersed Site 2 (Sick Quarters), Upottery Airfield (Monument)
MDV57276Dispersed Site 3, Upottery Airfield (Monument)
MDV51305Dispersed Site 5 (Quarters), Upottery Airfield (Monument)
MDV115111Earthwork Bank, southeast of Burrow’s Farm (Monument)
MDV118517Earthwork banks and field boundary, south of Higher Stout Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV115154Earthwork Banks at Upottery Airfield (Monument)
MDV118572Earthwork banks, northeast of Knightshayne Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118634Earthwork banks, northeast of Watchford Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV48655Earthwork banks, northwest of Birch Oak Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV115102Earthwork Banks, south of Newton Barton (Monument)
MDV115203Earthwork Banks, southeast of Bollhayes Park (Monument)
MDV115117Earthwork Banks, southeast of Lemon’s Hill Farm (Monument)
MDV118622Earthwork banks, southwest of Dennington, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV47512Earthwork banks, Stout Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118565Earthwork banks, west of Marsh Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV47518Earthwork platform and enclosure, southwest of Stout Mill, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118642Earthwork platform, Old Woodhayne Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV11568Earthworks at Middleton Barton, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV67546Earthworks at Troakes Farm (Monument)
MDV115143Earthworks south of Middleton Barton (Monument)
MDV67547Earthworks, northeast of Batten’s Farm (Monument)
MDV115192Earthworks, west of Hart’s Farm (Monument)
MDV75159Enclosure northwest of Hole Farm (Monument)
MDV115120Extraction Pit at Field’s Farm (Monument)
MDV117195Extraction Pit, north Clayhidon Mill Bridge, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV115155Extraction Pit, north of Burcombe Farm (Monument)
MDV115201Extraction Pit, northeast of Carlingwark (Monument)
MDV115130Extraction Pit, northwest of Burcombe Farm (Monument)
MDV115204Extraction Pit, southeast of Bollhayes Park (Monument)
MDV118506Extraction pit, southwest of Knightshayne Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV115208Extraction Pit, southwest of Lillycombe Farm (Monument)
MDV115119Extraction Pit, west of Field’s Farm (Monument)
MDV118486Extraction pits at Hoemoor Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV118521Extraction pits northwest of Knightshayne Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118495Extraction pits, north of Ulcombe Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV118523Extraction pits, northeast of Higher Stout Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118477Extraction pits, south of Middle Luxton, Upottery (Monument)
MDV118570Extraction pits, west of New Barn Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118528Extraction pits, west of Northams Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118648Extractive pit, northeast of Lower Luxton, Upottery (Monument)
MDV118628Extractive pit, northeast of Watchford Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118611Extractive pit, southeast of Kingsleigh, Upottery (Monument)
MDV118627Extractive pit, southeast of Watchford Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118624Extractive pits, Dennington, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV119362Extractive pits, southeast of Higher Heazle Farm, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV53298Extractive pits, west of Great Garlandhayes, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV118614Extractive pits, west of Stout Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV122451Field boundaries and roads south-west of Trehill House, Kenn (Monument)
MDV118638Field boundaries at Clifthayne Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV119791Field boundaries on North Common, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118526Field boundaries, northeast of Higher Stout Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118635Field boundaries, northeast of Knightshayne Cottage, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118632Field boundaries, northeast of Watchford Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118616Field boundaries, northwest of Farthings, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118493Field boundaries, southeast of Lower Luxton, Upottery (Monument)
MDV47420Field boundary at Higher Luxton Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV119792Field boundary bank north-east of Birch Wood, Yarcombe parish (Monument)
MDV47537Field boundary in the Parish of Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV119780Field boundary south of Marsh, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV119781Field boundary south of Marsh, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV119783Field boundary south of Marsh, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV119784Field boundary south-east of Marsh, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118621Field boundary, east of Stout Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118573Field boundary, northeast of Knightshayne Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV119355Field boundary, northeast of Ringdown Cottage Farm, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV118625Field boundary, northwest of Dennington, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118639Field boundary, south of Coburn’s Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118640Field boundary, south of Coburn’s Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV115132Field Boundary, south of Hartsmoor Farm (Monument)
MDV118564Field boundary, south of Higher Stout Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118641Field boundary, southwest of Old Woodhayne Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118562Field boundary, southwest of Williambeer Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV119339Former field boundaries northwest of Cordwent’s Farmhouse, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV119369Former field boundaries, southeast of Wiltown, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV119337Former field boundary, north of Cordwent’s Farmhouse, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV116787Former orchards west of Gorwell Farm, Hemyock parish (Monument)
MDV114918Former settlement and field system, southeast of Northams Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV47457Gravel pit, north of Knightshayne Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV35749Limestone quarry in the Parish of Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV119801Limestone quarry to the south-east of Old Woodhayne Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV11590Medieval field system, northwest of Northams Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV52966Military structure on Beacon Hill, Upottery parish (Monument)
MDV118503Orchard banks and field boundaries, Knapp Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV47193Orchard Banks at Carlingwark (Monument)
MDV118471Orchard banks at Cockhayes, Upottery (Monument)
MDV118615Orchard banks at Farthings, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118608Orchard banks at Higher Luxton Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV118515Orchard banks at Higher Stout Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118485Orchard banks at Hoemoor Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV115112Orchard Banks at Lemon’s Hill Farm (Monument)
MDV118475Orchard banks at Middle Luxton, Upottery (Monument)
MDV115101Orchard Banks at Newton Barton (Monument)
MDV115291Orchard Banks at Oakleigh (Monument)
MDV119336Orchard banks at the former dwelling of Flowery Hole Cottage, Holmes Hill, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV118505Orchard banks at Williambeer Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV119371Orchard banks at Wiltown Valley Farm, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV47195Orchard Banks on Clayhidon Hill, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV115290Orchard Banks, north of Clayhidon Mill Bridge (Monument)
MDV118490Orchard banks, north of Hoemoor Farm, Upottery (Monument)
MDV115114Orchard Banks, north of Newcott Barton (Monument)
MDV118629Orchard banks, north of Watchford Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV119346Orchard banks, northeast of Applehayes, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV115124Orchard Banks, northeast of Hole Farm (Monument)
MDV118502Orchard banks, northwest of Knapp Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV115109Orchard Banks, northwest of May’s Farm (Monument)
MDV115209Orchard Banks, south of Lillycombe Farm (Monument)
MDV115152Orchard Banks, south of Valentine’s Farm (Monument)
MDV47197Orchard Banks, southeast of Hart’s Farm (Monument)
MDV115188Orchard Banks, Troake’s Farm (Monument)
MDV122754Orchards south-east of Coombe Farm, Ashton (Monument)
MDV118571Possible barrow, to the west of New Barn Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV115298Possible Catch Meadow at Bellett’s Farm, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV115104Possible Catch Meadow at Burrow’s Farm (Monument)
MDV115150Possible Clay or Gravel Pit, northeast of Middleton Barton (Monument)
MDV115145Possible Clay Pit, north of Middleton Barton (Monument)
MDV115146Possible Clay Pit, north of Middleton Barton (Monument)
MDV115096Possible Earthwork Feature, southwest of Burrow’s Farm (Monument)
MDV115098Possible Earthwork, southwest of Burrow’s Farm (Monument)
MDV47514Possible enclosure, west of Woodhayne Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV115115Possible Extraction Pit, north of Newcott Barton (Monument)
MDV117181Possible Extraction Pit, northeast of Palmers, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV117182Possible Extraction Pit, southeast of Mill View, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV118576Possible extraction pit, southwest of Clifthayne Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV117184Possible Extraction Pit, southwest of Deadbeer Farm, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV105476Possible Extraction Pits, west of Bellett’s Farm, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV118470Possible field boundaries at Cockhayes, Upottery (Monument)
MDV115151Possible Field Boundary, Newton Barton (Monument)
MDV115134Possible Field Boundary, northeast of Burcombe Farm (Monument)
MDV115153Possible Field Boundary, south of Valentine’s Farm (Monument)
MDV115138Possible Field Boundary, west of Hartsmoor Bridge (Monument)
MDV119368Possible orchard banks, northeast of Springfield Farm, Clayhidon (Monument)
MDV118516Possible ring ditch or enclosure, northeast of Northams Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV116637Possible round barrow south of Burrow Farm, Clayhidon parish (Monument)
MDV118577Possible track, southwest of New Barn Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV47515Pre-Inclosure trackways across Brown Down Wood and Robin Hood’s Butts, Yarcombe in Devon and Otterford in Somerset (Monument)
MDV118469Ring ditch, northeast of Cherryhayes, Upottery (Monument)
MDV47430Settlement site, southeast of Knightshayne Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV47536Soilmark of an enclosure in the Parish of Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV38427The Cote, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118519Trackway at Stout Cross, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV47202Upottery Airfield (Monument)
MDV119334Water channel, Clayhidon, Clayhidon parish (Monument)
MDV118631Water channel, east of Watchford Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)
MDV118574Water channels, southeast of Knightshayne Farm, Yarcombe (Monument)