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Originator:Royal Air Force
Summary:Camera position RP or RS or FP or FS

Associated Monuments (95)

MDV11604Barrow north of South Common Lane, All Saints (Monument)
MDV115661Catch Meadow at Tedburrow Farm, Hemyock (Monument)
MDV115409Catch Meadow south of Dalwood village (Monument)
MDV119223Catch meadow south-east of Sheafhayne Manor, Yarcombe parish (Monument)
MDV119224Catch meadow south-east of Sheafhayne Manor, Yarcombe parish (Monument)
MDV63111Catchmeadow west of Axe Farm, All Saints (Monument)
MDV115408Curvilinear field boundaries south of Dalwood Primary School (Monument)
MDV115812Drainage System and Catchmeadow south of Churchill, All Saints Parish (Monument)
MDV116086Drainage System west of Yarty House, Membury Parish (Monument)
MDV116619Extraction Pit east of Greatwood Copse, Axminster (Monument)
MDV116498Extraction Pit north-west of Bray's Coppice, Dalwood (Monument)
MDV115814Extraction Pit south of Undercleave Farm, All Saints Parish (Monument)
MDV115802Extraction Pit south-east of Churchill (Monument)
MDV116574Extraction Pit south-east of Sart Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV115811Extraction Pit south-west of Churchill, All Saints Parish (Monument)
MDV116540Extraction Pit south-west of Cox's Wood, Axminster (Monument)
MDV116622Extraction Pit south-west of Greatwood Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV115813Extraction Pits east of Churchill, All Saints Parish (Monument)
MDV115932Extraction Pits east of Park Farm, Axminster and Membury Parishes (Monument)
MDV116529Extraction Pits south of Tolcis Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV116051Extraction Pits south of Whitehall Woods, Membury and Axminster Parish (Monument)
MDV116033Extraction Pits west of Tolcis Lime Works, Axminster Parish (Monument)
MDV119462Extractive Pit north of Battleford Hall, All Saints (Monument)
MDV119644Extractive Pit south-west of Axe Farm, All Saints (Monument)
MDV115400Extractive pit west of Brimblecombe Farm, Dalwood parish (Monument)
MDV115421Field boundaries east of Higher Corrie Farm (Monument)
MDV115410Field boundary south of Dalwood village (Monument)
MDV119389Former boundary bank east of Sycamore Farm, Chardstock parish (Monument)
MDV119354Former boundary banks east of Bewley Farm, Chardstock parish (Monument)
MDV119501Former Boundary south of Tytherleigh Manor, Chardstock (Monument)
MDV119498Former Field Boundary north of Greenhays Foot, Chardstock (Monument)
MDV115935Former Field System between Higher Rag Copse and Park Farm, Membury Parish (Monument)
MDV119380Former field system south and west of Trebblehayes Farm, Membury parish (Monument)
MDV36118Former marl pit west of Ford House, Membury parish (Monument)
MDV119661Langham's Pit, north-west of Hawkchurch (Monument)
MDV116860Orchard Banks at Marsh Farm, Kilminster (Monument)
MDV117617Orchard Banks east of Higher Westwater Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV116555Orchard Banks north of Higher Westwater Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV116517Orchard Banks north-west of Tolcis Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV116871Orchard Banks south of Grassywood Coppice, Kilmington (Monument)
MDV119468Orchard Banks south of Smallridge, All Saints (Monument)
MDV117618Orchard Banks south-east of Higher Westwater Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV116875Orchard Banks south-west of Loughwood Farm, Dalwood (Monument)
MDV116874Orchard Banks west of Loughwood Chapel, Dalwood (Monument)
MDV116556Orchard Banks west of Yeatlands Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV115417Orchard east of Dalwood village (Monument)
MDV115412Orchard south of Dalwood village (Monument)
MDV115424Orchard south-east of Lower Corry, Stockland (Monument)
MDV119390Oval enclosure at Sycamore, Chardstock (Monument)
MDV52941Pillbox at Bagley Hill Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV48679Pillbox S.17 circa 246 metres north-east of Wadbrook Cross, Hawkchurch (Monument)
MDV52938Pillbox S.18 circa 223 metres north-west of Wadbrook Cross, Hawkchurch (Monument)
MDV52940Pillbox S.19 at Wadbrook Farm, Hawkchurch (Monument)
MDV48672Pillbox S.21 circa 150 metres south-west of Wadbrook Cross, Hawkchurch (Monument)
MDV48667Pillbox west of Wadbrook Coppice, Hawkchurch (Monument)
MDV119766Possible Anti-tank Obstacle east of Lower Coaxdon, Axminster (Monument)
MDV119767Possible Anti-tank Obstacle north and south of Axe Bridge, Hawkchurch (Monument)
MDV117641Possible Catch Meadow east of Bells Dairy, Kilmington (Monument)
MDV117509Possible Catch Meadow east of Lower Westwater Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV117508Possible Catch Meadow north of Woodhouse Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV117507Possible Catch Meadow north-west of Woodhouse Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV116278Possible Catch Meadow south of Brays Cottage, Dalwood Parish (Monument)
MDV117639Possible Catch Meadow south of Lower Westwater Dairy, Axminster (Monument)
MDV117350Possible Catch Meadow south-west of Cloakham, Axminster (Monument)
MDV119225Possible catch meadow west of Webble Green Cross, Membury parish (Monument)
MDV119226Possible catch meadow west of Webble Green Cross, Membury parish (Monument)
MDV116958Possible Catch Meadow west of Woodhays, Dalwood (Monument)
MDV116552Possible Catchmeadow south-west of Yeatlands Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV116623Possible Extraction Pit west of Cloakham Covert, Axminster (Monument)
MDV119500Possible former Field Boundary south-east of Gozleford, Chardstock (Monument)
MDV63296Possible former Settlement south of Churchill Farm, All Saints Parish (Monument)
MDV115454Possible Fort north-east of Higher Corrie Farm, Stockland (Monument)
MDV119495Possible Orchard Banks south of Tytherleigh, Chardstock (Monument)
MDV116436Possible Orchard Banks south-east of Naish's Farm, Dalwood (Monument)
MDV119768Possible Pillbox north of Axe Crossing, All Saints (Monument)
MDV119769Possible Pillbox south of Wadbrook Farm, Hawkchurch (Monument)
MDV119765Possible Pillbox west of Bagley Hill, Axminster (Monument)
MDV119736Possible relict enbanked trackway south-east of Battleford, All Saints (Monument)
MDV116047Possible Relict Field System around Whitehall Farm, Membury Parish (Monument)
MDV116282Possible Water Channel and Water Meadow south-west of Higher Farm, Stockland Parish (Monument)
MDV116437Possible Water Meadow south of Naish's Farm, Dalwood (Monument)
MDV116060Probable Catch Meadow south-west of Beckford Farm, Membury Parish (Monument)
MDV52939Railblock S.RL. 26 to north-west of Wadbrook Farm, Hawkchurch (Monument)
MDV119632Rectilinear Ditched Enclosure west of Axe Farm, All Saints (Monument)
MDV115818Relict Field Boundaries east of Long Lea Farm, All Saints Parish (Monument)
MDV119491Relict Field Boundaries east of Tytherleigh, Chardstock (Monument)
MDV119641Relict Field Boundaries south and east of Wagg's Plot and Sandford Farm, All Saints (Monument)
MDV116532Relict Field Boundaries south of Tolcis Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV116061Relict Field Boundaries south of Wellands Farm, Axminster Parish (Monument)
MDV119642Relict Field Boundaries south-east of Sandford Farm, All Saints (Monument)
MDV116520Relict Field Boundary south-west of Tolcis Farm, Axminster (Monument)
MDV119734Relict Field Boundary west of Coaxdon Hall, All Saints (Monument)
MDV63096Relict Field System south of Churchill Farm, All Saints Parish (Monument)
MDV30315Rising Sun Orchard south of Dalwood village (Monument)
MDV115419Water management ditches north of Dalwood village (Monument)