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Title:Mills on the Teign. A gazetteer of water-powered sites on the Teign and Bovey and their tributaries
Originator:Bodman, M.
Summary:Gazetteer of water-powered sites on the Teign and Bovey valleys

Associated Monuments (141)

MDV77056Aller farmstead, North Bovey (Monument)
MDV8262Batworthy Mill, Chagford (Building)
MDV9485Birch Aller Mine, Bridford (Monument)
MDV20881Blackaller Blowing Mill, North Bovey (Monument)
MDV8792Blackaller Hotel, North Bovey (Building)
MDV6110Blackaton House, Throwleigh (Building)
MDV6694Blowing Mill 193 metres north-east of Fernworthy Dam (Monument)
MDV6798Blowing mill 260m south-east of Teignhead Farm, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV6170Blowing mill at Outer Down, Chagford (Monument)
MDV20865Blowing mill at Ramsley/Prospect Place, South Zeal (Monument)
MDV8791Bowden Mill, North Bovey (Building)
MDV8449Bradford Pool Tin Mine, Drewsteignton (Monument)
MDV13803Bridford Mill (Building)
MDV30868Caseleigh tin blowing mill, Lustleigh (Monument)
MDV114190Chagford Gasworks south of the River Teign, Chagford (Monument)
MDV62963Chagford Hydro Electric Power Station (Monument)
MDV118258Christow Corn Mill (Building)
MDV110421Coombe Court Farm, Moretonhamstead (Monument)
MDV18996Dam at Fernworthy Reservoir, Chagford (Monument)
MDV21355Doccombe Mill, Moretonhampstead (Monument)
MDV77507Drascombe Barton, Drewsteignton (Monument)
MDV13804Dunsford Corn Mill (Monument)
MDV8867East corn mill, now Mill Farm, Manaton (Monument)
MDV8794East Vitifer tin mine, North Bovey (Monument)
MDV26735East Wray Mill, Lustleigh (Monument)
MDV104965Engine House at Yarrow Copper Mine, Bovey Tracey (Building)
MDV33307Farmhouse at Gidleigh Mill (Building)
MDV27857Fernworthy Reservoir (Monument)
MDV8265Fingle Mill, Moretonhampstead (Building)
MDV21357Foxworthy Mill, Lustleigh (Building)
MDV9375Frankmills silver-lead Mine, Christow (Monument)
MDV15386Frog Mill, South Tawton (Monument)
MDV124241Froggy Mill Leat (Monument)
MDV106470Furlong Mill, Drewsteignton (Building)
MDV108228Generator House to north of Torr House, Chagford (Building)
MDV113181Gidleigh Barton Farm (Monument)
MDV27708Gidleigh Mill Leat (Monument)
MDV31403Gratnar Tin Mill, North Bovey (Monument)
MDV9357Great Rock Mine, Hennock (Monument)
MDV8260Great Week Consols Mine, Chagford (Monument)
MDV8752Great Wheal Eleanor tin mine, North Bovey (Monument)
MDV63129Heathercombe Corn Mill, Manaton (Building)
MDV80433Heatree Leat, Manaton (Monument)
MDV9372Hennock Silver Lead Mine, Hennock (Monument)
MDV134747Hennock Silver Mine Leat, Hennock (Monument)
MDV77039Higher West Coombe, North Bovey (Monument)
MDV6205Holy Street Mill, Chagford (Building)
MDV19560Hydro-Electric Engine House, Castle Drogo (Building)
MDV42235Hyner Mill Leat, Hennock (Monument)
MDV42234Hyner Mill, Hennock (Monument)
MDV9510Iron Mills, Dunsford (Building)
MDV18315Jewsbridge Mill, Teigngrace (Building)
MDV8829Kelly Mine, Bovey Tracey (Monument)
MDV134745Leat for Veet Mill, Drewsteignton (Monument)
MDV134795Leat to Furlong Mill, Drewsteignton (Monument)
MDV80481Leat to South Zeal, South Tawton (Monument)
MDV21306Lower Mill; Chagford Woollen Mill (Building)
MDV77090Lurcombe farmstead, Bickington (Monument)
MDV8868Lustleigh Mill (Monument)
MDV20883Mill at Bradford Pool, Drewsteignton (Monument)
MDV65946Mill at Clifford Farm, Moretonhampstead (Building)
MDV134802Mill at Prospect, South Zeal (Monument)
MDV134794Mill Cottage, Whiddonpark House, Chagford (Building)
MDV8258Mill End Hotel; formerly Sandy Park Mill, Chagford (Building)
MDV34401Mill Farmhouse, Manaton (Building)
MDV76997Mill farmstead, Drewsteignton (Monument)
MDV37250Mill House, Liverton (Building)
MDV39802Mill Leat at Bowden Mill, North Bovey (Monument)
MDV134803Mill leat to Water, Manaton (Monument)
MDV39801Mill leat, North Bovey (Monument)
MDV39803Mill Pond at Bowden Mill, North Bovey (Monument)
MDV134793Mill site, Thomas Cleave Wood (Monument)
MDV8291Millbrook, Moretonhampstead (Building)
MDV134801Millpond at Gooseford, South Tawton (Monument)
MDV33318Millpond, Chagford (Building)
MDV134748Mine building, Hennock Silver Mine Leat (Monument)
MDV134749Mine building, Hennock Silver Mine Leat (Monument)
MDV134751Mine shaft, Hennock Silver Mine Leat (Monument)
MDV13751Moorbarn Mill, Moretonhampstead (Monument)
MDV33261Moorlands Hotel (the old Town Mill), Chagford (Building)
MDV93822Narracott Farm, Drewsteignton (Monument)
MDV39729Old mine shaft / working in Bridford Wood (Monument)
MDV134807One Mill, Moretonhampstead (Monument)
MDV134796Outer Down turbine house, Chagford (Building)
MDV19779Palace Mill, Chudleigh (Monument)
MDV97607Plumley Farmstead, Bovey Tracey (Monument)
MDV9369Plumley Mine, Bovey Tracey (Monument)
MDV39725Plymouth Brethren Chapel, Bridford (Building)
MDV65937Pool or Tottiford Mill, Hennock (Monument)
MDV60733Possible tin mill north-west of Drakeford Bridge, Lustleigh (Monument)
MDV15969Pullabrook Farm, Bovey Tracey (Monument)
MDV6940Ramsley Copper Mine, South Tawton (Monument)
MDV9520Ruins at Birch Aller Mine, Bridford (Monument)
MDV77213Rushford Barton, Chagford (Monument)
MDV8259Rushford Corn Mill, Chagford (Building)
MDV36328Sandsgate Mill, Chagford (Monument)
MDV65849Shaptor Mine, Bovey Tracey (Monument)
MDV9365Shuttamoor Mine, Christow (Monument)
MDV16980Silverbrook Mine, Ilsington (Monument)
MDV8071Smallacombe Mine, Ilsington (Monument)
MDV13024South Hill Blowing Mill, Chagford (Monument)
MDV13025South Hill Stamping Mill, Chagford (Monument)
MDV78116South Leigh Farm, Dunsford (Monument)
MDV6969South Tawton Mill (Building)
MDV16242South Tawton Quarries (Monument)
MDV20413South Tawton Quarry, South Tawton (Monument)
MDV15387South Zeal Mill (Monument)
MDV27723Southill Leat, Lydford (Monument)
MDV66236STAMPING MILL in the Parish of North Bovey (Monument)
MDV21356Stewards Mill, Moretonhampstead (Monument)
MDV77110Stone farmstead, Bridford (Monument)
MDV134752Stone Mill, Bridford (Monument)
MDV134758Teign Vale Cottage, Bridford (Building)
MDV9484Teign Valley Barytes Mine, Bridford (Monument)
MDV27493The Bradford Pool Leat (Monument)
MDV8793The New Corn Mill, North Bovey (Building)
MDV77264Thornworthy, Chagford (Monument)
MDV20864Tin Mill at Lingcombe,Chagford (Monument)
MDV20859TIN MILL in the Parish of Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV36323Tin openwork in Rushford Wood (Monument)
MDV134805Tin stamping mill, Bowden Mill (Monument)
MDV134799Turbine on the North Teign near Batworthy (Monument)
MDV134798Turbine on the North Teign near Gidleigh Park Hotel (Monument)
MDV103760Uppacott Mill, Moretonhampstead (Building)
MDV21305Upper Mill; Chagford Woollen Mill (Building)
MDV134746Veet Mill, Drewsteignton (Building)
MDV97701Vogwell Farmstead, Manaton (Monument)
MDV103768Water Mill, Manaton (Building)
MDV134750Water wheel, Hennock Silver Mine Leat (Monument)
MDV102801Weir Mill, Drewsteignton (Building)
MDV54521West Coombe farmstead, Chagford (Monument)
MDV78102West Gooseford Farm, South Tawton (Monument)
MDV6682West Vitifer Mine, Chagford (Monument)
MDV9516Wheal Anna Maria, Bridford, Dunsford (Monument)
MDV9376Wheal Exmouth Mine, Christow (Monument)
MDV9483Wheal Lawrence, Bridford (Monument)
MDV66964Wonson Mill, Throwleigh (Building)
MDV15317Wyke Mill, Throwleigh (Building)
MDV15377Wyndhurst, Throwleigh (Monument)
MDV8070Yarrow Copper Mine, Yarner Wood (Monument)
MDV6156Yeo Farm Mill, Chagford (Building)