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Title:An Archaeological Survey of Boro Wood (SX7571), Erme Wood (SX6357), Wistmans Wood (SX6177) and Newpark Waste (SX5961)
Originator:Berry, N. + Simmonds, T.
Summary:Survey carried out on behalf of Dartmoor National Park Authority in March 1996 in areas of previously unsurveyed woodland to identify and record archaeological features. Inform future management and conservation of the sites. Scanned PDF report and five PDF files of photographs from the survey in IDOX.

Associated Monuments (49)

MDV51838Adits south and west of Belford Mill, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV130506Bank in Boro Wood (Monument)
MDV120212Bank in Newpark Waste (Monument)
MDV120205Bank in Newpark Wood (Monument)
MDV120189Bank in Sheraleers Wood (Monument)
MDV120204Bridge in Newpark Waste (Monument)
MDV120192Bridge in Newpark Wood (Monument)
MDV120193Bridge over Piall River in Newpark Wood (Monument)
MDV15367BUILDING in the Parish of Cornwood (Building)
MDV120213Cairns in field south of Parkland Farm (Monument)
MDV120208Channel and culvert in Newpark Wood (Monument)
MDV120211Culvert in Newpark Waste (Monument)
MDV120201Culvert on stream in Newpark Waste (Monument)
MDV120214Earthwork in field west of Parkland Farm (Monument)
MDV120186Earthwork in Sheraleers Wood (Monument)
MDV120222Enclosure east of Parkland Farm (Monument)
MDV7985Enclosure in Boro' Wood, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV5540Enclosure with hut circle east of Cholwich Town (Monument)
MDV120221Field system east of Parkland Farm (Monument)
MDV120219Field system in Parkland Plantation (Monument)
MDV120200Holloway and platform in Newpark Waste (Monument)
MDV105675Hut Circle Settlement east of Wistman's Wood (Monument)
MDV120209Leat and culvert in Newpark Wood (Monument)
MDV120207Leat in Newpark Wood (Monument)
MDV13132Lukesland Farm leat, Harford (Monument)
MDV130539Pack horse track, Boro Wood (Monument)
MDV120198Platform in Newpark Wood (Monument)
MDV120217Platform north-west of Parkland Farm (Monument)
MDV120210Pond north of Newpark Wood (Monument)
MDV120206Quarry pit and spoil heap in Newpark Wood (Monument)
MDV120203Quarry pits and spoil heaps in Newpark Waste (Monument)
MDV15369Remains of building in Newpark Wood (Building)
MDV120191Remains of building in Newpark Wood (Monument)
MDV7986Shaft at Boro' Wood Castle, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV8205Site of Water Mill east of Boro' Wood, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV130510Slit trenches in Boro Wood (Monument)
MDV130509Slit trenches within enclosure, Boro Wood (Monument)
MDV120195Stone bridge in Newpark Wood (Monument)
MDV15368Tin streamworking in Newpark Wood (Monument)
MDV120188Track in Sheraleers Wood (Monument)
MDV120190Track to Piall Bridge (Monument)
MDV130507Trial pits in Boro Wood (Monument)
MDV120224Wall in field south-east of Parkland Farm (Monument)
MDV120197Wall in Newpark Wood (Monument)
MDV120218Wall north-west of Parkland Farm (Monument)
MDV120223Wall south-east of Parkland Farm (Monument)
MDV120220Walls north of Parkland Farm (Monument)
MDV130508Whim platform in enclosure, Boro Wood (Monument)
MDV130538Zig zag trenches in Boro Wood (Monument)