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Title:Archaeological Sites within Merrivale Training Area, Dartmoor National Park, Devon: A condition survey on behalf of Defence Infrastructure Organisation
Originator:Newman, P.
Summary:Survey to provide an updated condition assessment of all known archaeological sites within the training area (except Listed Buildings)

Associated Monuments (119)

MDV12200Adit and trial pits on Cocks Hill, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV12809Alleged cist on Conies Down (Monument)
MDV3297Alleged hut circles near South Common Plantation, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV28597Alleged hut circles south of Crow Tor (Monument)
MDV19428Alleged tinner's cache near Conies Down Tor (Monument)
MDV131169Bank and ditch forming original northern boundary of Prison Farm newtake (Monument)
MDV69603Barrow on Cut Hill, Dartmoor (Monument)
MDV4200Beardown Man standing stone (Monument)
MDV55008Bomb crater at Holming Beam Bottom (Monument)
MDV122638Boundary stone (Monument)
MDV112636Boundary stone at Great Mis Tor (Monument)
MDV112635Boundary stone north-east of Little Mis Tor (Monument)
MDV15023Boundary stones at Roos Tor, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV5548British Patent Naptha Tramway, Princetown (Monument)
MDV4594Cairn 120 metres south-east of Langstone Moor stone circle (Monument)
MDV4163Cairn 350 metres east of White Tor, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV4599Cairn 700 metres south-west of White Barrow (Monument)
MDV131162Cairn south of Beardown Man (Monument)
MDV69506Cluster of four mortar pits on Langstone Moor (Monument)
MDV69604Cut Hill Stone Row, Lydford (Monument)
MDV27214Drainage ditch south of Foxholes (Monument)
MDV122551Earthwork on Cocks Hill (Monument)
MDV18817Enclosed stone hut circle settlement 300 metres south of Broad Hole (Monument)
MDV4623Enclosure and hut circle 160 metres south east of Broad Hole (Monument)
MDV4588Enclosure and hut circle 200 metres south of Broad Hole (Monument)
MDV12818Enclosure and hut circle 450 metres north of Shillapark Farm (Monument)
MDV46974Enclosures on the western edge of the River Walkham (Monument)
MDV4217Feature 250 metres south of Devil's Tor (Monument)
MDV56589Features in and around the enclosure on White Tor (Monument)
MDV11803Features on east slope of Black Dunghill (Monument)
MDV12806Field system south of Youldon Brook (Monument)
MDV27100Fragments of leat near South Common Plantation (Monument)
MDV48266Group of hut circles north-east of Conies Down Tor (Monument)
MDV48276Hut circle and enclosure west of the Cowsic River (Monument)
MDV48273Hut circle east of Conies Down Tor (Monument)
MDV48267Hut circle east of Conies Down Tor (Monument)
MDV4590Hut Circle in settlement south-east of Conies Down Tor (Monument)
MDV4591Hut Circle in settlement south-east of Conies Down Tor (Monument)
MDV122713Hut Circle in settlement south-east of Conies Down Tor (Monument)
MDV122714Hut Circle in settlement south-east of Conies Down Tor (Monument)
MDV122715Hut Circle in settlement south-east of Conies Down Tor (Monument)
MDV12957Hut circle north of Foxholes (Monument)
MDV48271Hut circle on Conies Down (Monument)
MDV4589Hut circle settlement south-east of Conies Down Tor (Monument)
MDV4202Hut circle settlement west of Dead Lake, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV122662Hut circle west of Crow Tor (Monument)
MDV122663Hut circle west of Crow Tor (Monument)
MDV122664Hut circle west of Crow Tor (Monument)
MDV48275Hut circle west of the Cowsic River (Monument)
MDV49705Hut circle within enclosure 300 metres south of Broad Hole (Monument)
MDV48270Hut circles west of the Cowsic River (Monument)
MDV4162Hut Settlement north of White Tor (Monument)
MDV4219Langstone Moor hut circle settlement, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV4226Langstone Moor Stone Circle, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV4147Large tor cairn on White Tor (Monument)
MDV29957Leat channel west of Conies Down (Monument)
MDV62521Leat on Beardown Hill, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV56612Medieval field system surrounding Butworthy (Monument)
MDV55009Mistor Pan, natural feature (Monument)
MDV4216Natural feature 220 metres north of Conies Down Tor (Monument)
MDV48272Natural feature east of Conies Down Tor (Monument)
MDV49302Natural feature to the east of Conies Down Tor (Monument)
MDV55007Natural water-formed hollow at Holming Beam Bottom (Monument)
MDV69498Open work and tin pits west of Deadlake (Monument)
MDV48269Pair of huts above the Cowsic River (Monument)
MDV122521Pair of slotted gateposts near Foxholes (Monument)
MDV107503Peat Charcoal Burning Platforms on Greena Ball (Monument)
MDV12816Peat Charcoal Burning Platforms west of Spriddle Lake (Monument)
MDV12812Peat stack on Langstone Moor (Monument)
MDV12813Peat stack on Langstone Moor (Monument)
MDV12814Peat stack on Langstone Moor (Monument)
MDV49510Possible cairn on Langstone Moor (Monument)
MDV66017Possible round cairn 540 metres north of White Barrow (Monument)
MDV122640Possible streamworks north-east of Roos Tor (Monument)
MDV69503Prehistoric Cairn on the south slope of Whittor (Monument)
MDV122637Prison boundary stone at Holming Beam (Monument)
MDV122604Prison boundary stones at Holming Beam, Princetown (Monument)
MDV27089Prison Leat, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV122627Rectangular building platform above the Cowsic River (Monument)
MDV4164Ring Cairn 340 metres east of White Tor (Monument)
MDV4593Round cairn 120 metres south-east of Langstone Moor stone circle (Monument)
MDV4595Round cairn 25 metres south of Langstone Moor stone circle (Monument)
MDV48268Round cairn 600 metres south-west of Beardown Man (Monument)
MDV4118Round cairn and cist 440 metres east of White Tor summit (Monument)
MDV5938Round cairn and cist on the south-west side of Crow Tor (Find Spot)
MDV122553Ruined tinners' building beside Fur Tor Brook (Building)
MDV4592Stone row on Conies Down (Monument)
MDV4223Stone row on Langstone Moor (Monument)
MDV28514Stone-free areas in Whittor enclosure (Monument)
MDV12793Stony mound 350 metres east of White Tor, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV26322Streamwork on the Colly Brook, Langstone Moor (Monument)
MDV25644Streamworking flanking the Blackbrook River and tributaries (Monument)
MDV26323Streamworks along brook north of White Tor, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV122636Streamworks at Cowsic Head (Monument)
MDV65995Streamworks flanking the River Walkham (Monument)
MDV105668Streamworks north of Beardown Tor (Monument)
MDV116632Streamworks on the River Tavy and its tributaries within Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV27276Streamworks on the West Dart River (Monument)
MDV122658Target railway north of Holming Beam (Monument)
MDV122633Tin pits north of Holming Beam Bottom (Monument)
MDV26298Tin pits north of White Tor (Monument)
MDV122634Tin pits north-east of Broad Hole (Monument)
MDV69501tin pits west of Dead Lake tin streamwork (Monument)
MDV27217Tin streamwork north of Foxholes (Monument)
MDV29182Tin working west of Holming Beam (Monument)
MDV68890Tinners' building at Spriddle Lake (Building)
MDV103148Tinners' building in streamworks at Black Dunghill (Building)
MDV69497TINNERS BUILDING in the Parish of Dartmoor Forest, Peter Tavy (Building)
MDV122523Tinner's cache on banks of Foxholes Stream (Monument)
MDV7773Tinner's hut on the left bank of Summer Brook (Building)
MDV7774Tinner's hut on the left bank of Summer Brook (Building)
MDV122669Two mortar pits north of Roos Tor (Monument)
MDV29150Uncompleted boundary bank near Foxholes (Monument)
MDV11802Unenclosed hut circle settlement east of Grimstone Head Weir (Monument)
MDV4201Upper Merrivale Tin Mill (Monument)
MDV26328Wheal Fortune Leat (Monument)
MDV7712Wheal Prosper Mine (Monument)
MDV4214White Barrow, Cocks Hill (Monument)
MDV4101White Tor Camp, Peter Tavy (Monument)