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Title:The Tavistock Canal. Its History and Archaeology
Originator:Waterhouse, R.
Summary:Detailed history of the canal including its conception, construction and development and decline after a working life of around 60 years. Its connections with the valleys mines and the quays and working boats of the River Tamar are explored in detail and the archaeological remains of the physical form of the canal are described. This section is divided into three parts, dealing with the two parts of the navigable waterway and the Morwellam Tunnel in turn.

Associated Monuments (202)

MDV230702 and 3 Canal Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV124667Abbey Wharf, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV70364Adit at Ding Dong Mine (Monument)
MDV70463Adit near Impham Cottage, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV123285Adits associated with Wheal Crease Mine (Monument)
MDV70338Agents House at Bedford United Mines (Building)
MDV124666Air Shaft, Tavistock Canal Tunnel (Monument)
MDV124532Artiscombe Road Bridge (Monument)
MDV22881Bedford Consols or Wheal Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV124310Bedford Foundry Leat (Monument)
MDV67672Bedford Iron Foundry, Tavistock (Building)
MDV3861Bedford United Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV22884Bedford United Mine, Leat (Monument)
MDV124657Bray's Shaft, Tavistock Canal Tunnel (Monument)
MDV56132Brenton's Inclined Shaft, Wheal Friendship Mine (Monument)
MDV123332Brenton's Shaft, Ding Dong Mine (Monument)
MDV72806Brickworks at Wheal Russell Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV37343Bridge South of Wheal Crebor House (Monument)
MDV123096Bridges over the Canal in the grounds of Tavistock Abbey (Monument)
MDV70336BUILDING in the Parish of Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV72855Buildings at the south end of the Tavistock Canal Tunnel (Monument)
MDV73904Canal aqueduct at Shillamill (Monument)
MDV123097Canal Bridge at the rear of the Vicarage, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV123100Canal bridge at Wheal Crowndale (Monument)
MDV23075Canal Bridge, Canal Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV124531Canal Bridge, Tavistock Town (Monument)
MDV37331Canal Incline Cottage, Gulworthy (Building)
MDV123191Canal plateway on the Collateral Cut, Tavistock Canal (Monument)
MDV123284Crane at Tavistock Wharf (Monument)
MDV78257Crane on Public Quay, Morwellham (Monument)
MDV51327Crowndale Cottages, Crowndale (Monument)
MDV37333Crowndale Farm Buildings and Dung Pit (Building)
MDV124669Crowndale Wharf (Monument)
MDV116034Deep Lane, Shillamill (Monument)
MDV70350Delves Kitchen mine shaft, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV70278Delves Kitchen mine shaft, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV123331Delves Kitchen mine shaft, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV3862Devon Great Consolidated Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV72844Devon Great Consols Railway, Inclined Plane (Monument)
MDV3880Devon Great Consols, Railway (Monument)
MDV3868Devon Great Consols, Wheal Thomas/Watson (Monument)
MDV3888Ding Dong Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV70366Dyer's Shaft, Ding Dong Mine (Monument)
MDV70494East Wheal Luscombe water engine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV4083East Wheal Russell Mine (Monument)
MDV70431Elvan quarry on site of East Wheal Luscombe Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV70332ENGINE HOUSE in the Parish of Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV123337Estate Cottages, Morwell Down (Building)
MDV51330Extractive pits on Morwell Down (Monument)
MDV37381Farmstead at Morwellham (Building)
MDV123098Fitzford Bridge, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV114291Former Mine at Crease (Monument)
MDV5467George and Charlotte Mine (Monument)
MDV19378Gulworthy, New Quay, Leat (Monument)
MDV70440Hatchwood Leat, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV63122Headweir, Tavistock Canal (Monument)
MDV26314Hill Bridge Leat, Mary Tavy (Monument)
MDV79932Hitchen's Shaft, Tavistock Canal Tunnel (Monument)
MDV79932Hitchen's Shaft, Tavistock Canal Tunnel (Monument)
MDV79932Hitchen's Shaft, Tavistock Canal Tunnel (Monument)
MDV79932Hitchen's Shaft, Tavistock Canal Tunnel (Monument)
MDV114364Holming Beam middle lode, Morwell Down (Monument)
MDV123335Holming Beam north lode, Morwell Down (Monument)
MDV123336Holming Beam south lode, Morwell Down (Monument)
MDV21606Horse Tramway south of Millhill Quarry (Monument)
MDV62956Hydroelectric Power Station at Morwellham (Monument)
MDV70462Impham Cottage, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV78252Inclined Plane at Morwellham Quay (Monument)
MDV116038Inclined Plane, Wheal Crebor, Buctor (Monument)
MDV56137Inclined railway shaft, Wheal Friendship Mine (Monument)
MDV70337Inclined shaft at Bedford United Mines, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV79918Kelly's, 'Smith's and Cock's Shafts south-east of Buctor, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV47971Leat at Morwellham Quay, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV72836Leat at Wheal Russell Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV61767Leat from Head Weir to Mount's Foundry, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV19388Leat from Tavistock Canal, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV79799Leat North of Morwellham (Monument)
MDV77697Leat Through Maddacleave Wood (Monument)
MDV121796Leat to Reservoir for Morwellham Hydro-Electric Power Station (Monument)
MDV106396Leat to West of River Lumburn (Monument)
MDV20309Lime Kiln at Tavistock Wharf, south of Tavistock Canal (Monument)
MDV19384Lime Kilns, Incline and Storage Yard at New Quay (Building)
MDV37382Limekiln at Morwellham Quay (Building)
MDV18723Limekiln southwest of Mole End at Mill Hill (Monument)
MDV5438Limekilns at Morwellham Quay (Building)
MDV123151Line of the pre-Turnpike Callington Road at Lumburn (Monument)
MDV5464Little Duke Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV123103Lock keepers cottage, Lumburn Aqueduct (Building)
MDV123150Lower Lumburn Bridge (Monument)
MDV4068Lumburn Aqueduct, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV106271Lumburn lock and lock gate, Tavistock Canal (Monument)
MDV21283Lumburn Mill, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV124671Lumburn Wharf, Tavistock Canal (Monument)
MDV70432Luscombe Engine Shaft, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV3887Luscombe Mine (Monument)
MDV124525Manager's house, Tavistock Gasworks (Building)
MDV76288Manganese mill at Morwellham Quay (Monument)
MDV70329Marquis Engine Shaft, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV123149Middle Lumburn Bridge (Monument)
MDV21611Mill Hill Cottages south of Higher Lumburn Bridge (Monument)
MDV18721Mill Hill Cut Canal Branch to Millhill Quarry (Monument)
MDV124672Mill Hill Wharf, Tavistock Canal (Monument)
MDV3957Millhill Quarry north of Higher Lumburn Bridge (Monument)
MDV70471Mine Shaft circa 268 metres east-south-east of Chimney Rock, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV124658Mine Shaft, Morwelldown Plantation (Monument)
MDV68397Mine shafts, Wheal Friendship Mine (Monument)
MDV78701Mine Track, Morwellham to New Quay (Monument)
MDV124526Morwellham Pump House (Building)
MDV7160Morwellham Quay (Monument)
MDV7160Morwellham Quay (Monument)
MDV7160Morwellham Quay (Monument)
MDV7160Morwellham Quay (Monument)
MDV7162Morwellham Quay (Monument)
MDV124814Morwellham Terminus Wharf (Monument)
MDV124677Morwellham Tunnel end wharf (Monument)
MDV4093Mount Foundry, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV124529Newton Mills, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV123286North Crebor Mine Adit (Monument)
MDV37342Northern Portal to the Tavistock Canal Tunnel (Building)
MDV70365Old Dyer's Shaft, Ding Dong Mine (Monument)
MDV124309Parson's Quarry Leat (Monument)
MDV70484Pit of South Wheal Luscombe Engine Wheel, Impham Ball Wood (Monument)
MDV78260Plate Railway at Old Dock, Morwellham (Monument)
MDV78253Plate Railway Lines at Lime Kiln Quay (Monument)
MDV123501Possible building at East Wheal Luscombe Mine (Building)
MDV123492Powder House at East Wheal Luscombe Mine (Building)
MDV106400Pumping House to North-west of Shillamill Viaduct (Building)
MDV21609Quarries south of Higher Lumburn Bridge (Monument)
MDV51328Quarry in Crowndale Wood (Monument)
MDV51346Quarry west of Drake's Walk (Monument)
MDV123101Quarry west of the Shillamill Viaduct (Monument)
MDV78250Railway Turntable at Morwellham Quay (Monument)
MDV78251Railway Turntable at Morwellham Quay (Monument)
MDV78255Reconstructed Crane on Devon Consols Quay, Morwellham (Monument)
MDV78256Remains of Crane on Manganese Dock, Morwellham (Monument)
MDV124663Remfry's Shaft, Tavistock Canal Tunnel (Monument)
MDV123490Reservoir at East Wheal Luscombe Mine (Monument)
MDV121804Reservoir for Morwellham Hydro-Electric Power Station (Monument)
MDV124665Rowe's Shaft, Tavistock Canal Tunnel (Monument)
MDV123497Sawpit and timber store at East Wheal Luscombe Mine (Building)
MDV70358Shaft at Ding Dong Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV70359Shaft at Ding Dong Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV70466SHAFT in the Parish of Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV70469SHAFT in the Parish of Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV114356Shaft Pit West of Lumburn (Monument)
MDV115950Shillamill Leat (Monument)
MDV124308Shillamill Manganese Mill (Building)
MDV124299Site of third water engine in Sheepridge Wood, George and Charlotte Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV123495Smithy at East Wheal Luscombe Mine (Building)
MDV22883South Bedford Copper Mine (Monument)
MDV65833South Wheal Crebor, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV16802South Wheal Luscombe Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV3882Southern Portal to Tavistock Canal Tunnel (Building)
MDV70356Sprague's Shaft, Ding Dong Mine (Monument)
MDV123491Store at East Wheal Luscombe Mine (Building)
MDV123500Store building at East Wheal Luscombe Mine (Building)
MDV123232Tavistock Canal (Monument)
MDV4069Tavistock Canal Tunnel (Monument)
MDV124675Tavistock Canal Wharf at Wheal Crebor (Monument)
MDV5449Tavistock Canal, Inclined Plane (Monument)
MDV4067Tavistock Canal, Northern Section (Monument)
MDV52866Tavistock Canal, Weir & Sluice (Monument)
MDV3879Tavistock Canal, Western Section (Monument)
MDV104286Tavistock Gas Works (Monument)
MDV43882Tavistock Wharf, Tavistock Canal (Monument)
MDV5459Tavy Consols Mine (Monument)
MDV104355Taylor's Inclined Shaft, Wheal Friendship Mine (Monument)
MDV79951Taylor's Shaft, Tavistock Canal Tunnel (Monument)
MDV124815The Copper Ore Road, Morwellham (Monument)
MDV75619The Meadows Pleasure Ground, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV124648The Mission House, Mill Hill Wharf, Exeter (Monument)
MDV5570The Reddaford Leat, Mary Tavy (Monument)
MDV124300The Wheal Gawton Arsenic Works Leat (Monument)
MDV70448The Wheal Impham Leat, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV124301The Wheal Tamar Leat (Monument)
MDV70363Thomas's Shaft, Ding Dong Mine (Monument)
MDV79980Tinworking in Morwelldown Plantation, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV123339Vawter's Beam tinwork, Morwell Down (Monument)
MDV23071Warehouse, Canal Road, Tavistock (Building)
MDV23074Warehouse, Canal Wharf, Tavistock (Building)
MDV4719West Wheal Friendship Mine, Mary Tavy (Monument)
MDV124307Western leat at Morwellham Quay (Monument)
MDV124673Wharf Keepers house, Mill Hill Wharf (Building)
MDV3185Wheal Betsy Mine (Monument)
MDV3954Wheal Crebor Mine (Monument)
MDV3954Wheal Crebor Mine (Monument)
MDV3954Wheal Crebor Mine (Monument)
MDV3954Wheal Crebor Mine (Monument)
MDV123099Wheal Crowndale Leat (Monument)
MDV3956Wheal Crowndale Mine, Tavistock (Monument)
MDV4185Wheal Friendship Mine, Mary Tavy (Monument)
MDV123502Wheal Impham Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV58396Wheal Pixon Copper Mine (Monument)
MDV123433Wheal Pixon Engine Shaft (Monument)
MDV22886Wheal Russell Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV72772Wheal Russell Mine, Leats (Monument)
MDV72802Wheal Russell Mine, Smithy & Leat (Monument)
MDV72771Wheal Russell Mine, Waterwheel (Monument)
MDV72788Wheal Russell Mine, Wheelpit & Flat Rod Cutting (Monument)
MDV72798Wheal Russell Mine, Wheelpit & Stamps (Monument)
MDV116040Wheel Crebor House, Buctor Farm, (Building)
MDV43332Wheel Pit at Bayly's Shaft, Gawton Mine (Monument)
MDV78677Wheel Pit in Sheepridge Wood, George and Charlotte Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV78691Wheel Pit, George and Charlotte Mine (Monument)
MDV72860Wheelpit at Tavistock Canal Incline, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV22889William and Mary Mine, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV70430Williams or Whim Shaft, Gulworthy (Monument)
MDV124659Williams' Shaft, Tavistock Canal Tunnel (Monument)