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Title:Torbay HER record
Summary:Imported from Torbay HER in January 2019. Monument records for the Torbay area were originally supplied to Torbay by the Devon HER in 1998 (when Torquay HER was established). Many of these were subsequently altered by Torbay HER, and new monuments were added to the Torbay HER. When the Torbay HER was migrated back into the Devon HER in 2019, a number of duplicate records were therefore made, for monuments originally recorded prior to 1998. These have where possible been associated with the original record as a related monument. These imported monument records are in the process of being merged with the original record where duplicates exist.

Associated Monuments (527)

MDV123733100-106 Drew Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV123735110-112 Drew Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV123803125 Babbacombe Road, St Marychurch, Torquay (Building)
MDV1237991-4 Higher Court, Churston Ferrers (Building)
MDV1237981-6 West Terrace, Churston Ferrers (Building)
MDV12402416-18 Winner Street, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123804171 &173 Westhill Road, St Marychurch, Torquay (Building)
MDV1240492-3 Palace Place, Paignton (Building)
MDV12357928-30 York Road, Paignton (Find Spot)
MDV123987391 and 393 Totnes Road (Building)
MDV12404850-54 Swan Street, Torquay (Building)
MDV12408856 Second Avenue, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV12372357 Drew Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV1240475-7 Sunbury Road, Paignton (Building)
MDV12372960-66 Drew Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV12403760-68 Winner Street, Paignton (Building)
MDV12373068-70 Drew Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV12372569 Drew Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV12372671 Drew Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV12373182-84 Drew Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV12380185-85A New Road, Lower Brixham (Building)
MDV12372787-91 Drew Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV12399891 Drew Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV12372893 Drew Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV12372294 Drew Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV12373298 & Pomeroy Cottage, Drew Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV123580A Barrow-shaped mound, Sugar Loaf Hill, Goodrington, Paignton (Monument)
MDV124021A Barrow-shaped mound, Sugar Loaf Hill, Goodrington, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123984A former Lime Kiln (Monument)
MDV124239A Possible Promontory Fort, Anstey's Cove, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123975Air raid shelter in Palace Avenue (Building)
MDV123973Air Raid Shelter, Borough Road, Paignton (Building)
MDV123972Air Raid Shelter, Paignton Community College Playing Fields, Paignton (Building)
MDV124217All Saints Church, Bampfylde Road, Torre, Torquay (Building)
MDV123669Allotment Gardens, Quinta Road, Babbacombe, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV124082Almshouses east of Cockington Lane (Building)
MDV124081Almshouses north of Cockington Court (Monument)
MDV123744An oval cropmark west of King's Ash Road (Monument)
MDV124151Anstey's Cove, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV123707Aylmer, Milton Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV124102Babbacombe Beach, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV124036Babbacombe Cliff Railway (Monument)
MDV123856Baptist Church, Fore Street, Barton, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123985Barn at Home Farm (formerly Manor Farm), Cockington (Monument)
MDV123940Barrow west of Sharkham Point, Brixham (Monument)
MDV124028Bathing House, Elbury Cove, Churston Ferrers, (Monument)
MDV39549Battery at Corbyn's Head, Torbay (Monument)
MDV39550Battery Gardens, Brixham (Monument)
MDV124023Beacon Hill, Totnes Road, Higher Blagdon, Paignton (Find Spot)
MDV64076Bee boles at Grange Farm, Goodrington (Monument)
MDV123834Beechdown Quarry, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123734Bell Inn, 108 Drew Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV124141Bench Cavern, Blackball Lane, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123645Berrington, Trumlands Road, St Marychurch, Torquay (Building)
MDV123681Berry Acre, Yalberton Road, Paignton (Monument)
MDV124063Bishop's Palace, Palace Place, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123964Bittam House (Monument)
MDV123997Black Cottage, Milton Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV123602Blackler's Quarry, Petit Tor, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123976Blast shelter, Breakwater Quarry, Berry Head Road, Brixham Harbour (Building)
MDV123853Boathouse, Watcombe Beach, Watcombe , Torquay (Monument)
MDV123637Boundary bank (Monument)
MDV123638Boundary bank between 78 and 80 Marldon Road (Monument)
MDV123631Boundary bank on Marldon Road (Monument)
MDV123599Boundary stone at Parson's Bridge, Torquay (Monument)
MDV20091Boundary stone at Shoulstone Point, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123600Boundary stone south of Newton Road (Monument)
MDV123946Boundary stone south of Newton Road, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123824Boundary stone, New Road, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123962Boundary Wall (Monument)
MDV123577Bowl Barrow on Sugar Loaf Hill, Dartmouth Road, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123584Broadsands Beach, Goodrington, Paignton (Find Spot)
MDV123572Broadsands Chambered Tomb, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123676Broadsands Viaduct Lime kiln, Broadsands, Paignton (Building)
MDV123818Brockenbury Quarry, Dartmouth Road, Churston Ferrers, Brixham (Monument)
MDV124043Browse's Farm, Goodrington (Monument)
MDV123737Brunel Manor (Watcombe Park), Teignmouth Road, Watcombe, Torquay (Building)
MDV123592Burial Chamber, King Street, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123840Burial from Venford Close, Hookhills (Monument)
MDV124233Cary Parade, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV123653Castle Park (Monument)
MDV123741Castle Tor Gardens, Oxlea Road, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123936Castor Farm, Castor Road, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV124152Causeway, Torre Abbey Sands East, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124143Causeway, Torre Abbey, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123607Cavern near Anstey's Cove, Saint Marychurch Torquay (Monument)
MDV123608Chapel, Lupton Manor, Brixham (Monument)
MDV124149Chapel, Tormoham Manor (Monument)
MDV123838Chelston Cottage, Old Mill Lane, Chelston, Torquay (Building)
MDV123839Chelston Cross, Seaway Lane, Chelston, Torquay (Building)
MDV124234Chelston Tower, Rawlyn Road, Preston, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV123640Chelston Windmill (Building)
MDV124119Church House site (?), Higher Brixham (Monument)
MDV124209Church House, Church Street, Torre (Monument)
MDV123860Church of Our Lady Help of Christians, Priory Road, St Marychurch, Torquay (Building)
MDV124074Church of St. George and St. Mary, Cockington (Building)
MDV123604Church of St.John, Montpelier Terrace, Torquay (Building)
MDV124131Churston Court, Churston Ferrers (Building)
MDV123656Churston Mill, Churston Ferrers (Building)
MDV124007Churston to Kingswear Railway line, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123603Clay pits, Watcombe Potteries, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123783Clayland Brickworks, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123830Clennon Hill Quarry, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123926Coastguard Lookout, Daddy Hole Plain, Torquay (Building)
MDV123925Coastguard Lookout, Hope's Nose, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123828Cobbled pavement off Shiphay Lane, Shiphay, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124067Cockington Court (Building)
MDV123745Cockington Manor (Monument)
MDV123655Cockington Mill, Totnes Road, Cockington, Torquay (Building)
MDV124235Cockington Millstone Quarry, Corbyn Head, Torbay Road, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123900Cockington Park and formal & informal gardens at Cockington Court (Monument)
MDV124148Coffin, Torre abbey (Monument)
MDV123754Coin hoard from Cockington Park (Find Spot)
MDV123784Collaton Brickworks and Torbay Brickworks site, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123613Collaton St Mary, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123634Combe Pafford, St.Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123911Combe Quarry, Teignmouth Road, Hele, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123867Comfort's Quarry, below Walls Hills, Babbacombe, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123595Costrel from Rose Cottage (Find Spot)
MDV124103Court House, Maidencombe, Torquay (Building)
MDV124147Cross Shaft, Torre Abbey (Find Spot)
MDV124146Cross, Torre Abbey (Find Spot)
MDV123800Crossways and Orchard Cottages, 1-2 Brixham Road, Churston Ferrers (Building)
MDV123581Crystal Cove, Paignton (Find Spot)
MDV124026Culvert at Coverdale Court, Bishop's Place, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123630Dairy Hill and Collaton Road (Monument)
MDV124017Daison Farm Cottages, Chatto Road, St Marychurch, Torquay (Building)
MDV123916Daison Farm, Chatto Road, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123906Daison Lodge, Chatto Road, St Marychurch, Torquay (Building)
MDV123849Daison Quarry, Lymington Road, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124055Darley Cottage, Water Lane, Shiphay, Torquay (Building)
MDV123670Deer Park at Barton Hall (Monument)
MDV123724Dolphin Cottage, 61 Drew Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV123743Double-ditched enclosure, King's Ash Road, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123720Dovecote, Eveleigh House, Doctors Road, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV124022Early Manor House, Walnut Road, Chelston, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124215Early Quays and Harbour, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123961Earthworks south of Stantor Cottages (Monument)
MDV124105Earthworks, Daison, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124101Ebenezer Chapel, Western Road, St Marychurch, Torquay (Building)
MDV123805Edginswell Hall, Edginswell Lane, Edginswell, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123611Edginswell Manor and Settlement, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124219Efride's Well, Torre Churchyard, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123742Enclosure NE of Brockenbury Quarry (Monument)
MDV123876Enclosure south of Higher Blagdon, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123938Enclosure west of New Barn Farm (Monument)
MDV123902Enclosures West of Lupton Down (Monument)
MDV123954Enclosures, Higher Alston Farm Fields, Alston Lane, Churston, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123694Engine House, Yalberton Tor Quarry. Paignton (Monument)
MDV124135Eveleigh House, Doctors Road, Brixham (Find Spot)
MDV123719Eveleigh House, Doctors Road, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV124229farm (Monument)
MDV124227Field South of Hopes Farm, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV124139Field System, Landscove, Brixham (Monument)
MDV124125Field System, Milton Fields, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123897Find Scatter east of Brokenbury Quarry, Brixham (Find Spot)
MDV123625Fish Market, Brixham (Monument)
MDV124228Flete Mill, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123952Flint scatter north-west of Kingsland (Find Spot)
MDV123593Flint scatter, Broadsands Court, Paignton (Find Spot)
MDV123587Flint Scatter, Lydwell Road, Babbacombe, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV123573Flint Scatter, Paignton (Find Spot)
MDV123951Flint scatter: Moles Lane, Kingskerswell, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV124096Font, Parish Church of St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123931Fonthill, Lower Warberry Road, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV124045former Post Office, Fleet Street, Torquay (Building)
MDV124027former Second World War Building, Westlands School, Warbro Road, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123870former St Paul's Church, St Paul's Road, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123846Former Vicarage, Fore Street, St Marychurch, Torquay (Building)
MDV124083Friary at Lower Blagdon (Monument)
MDV123922Fuel Pipe, Breakwater, Brixham Harbour (Building)
MDV123921Fuel Store, Breakwater Quarry, Berry Head Road, Brixham Harbour (Monument)
MDV123844Furrough Cross United Reform Church, Babbacombe Rd, St Marychurch, Torquay (Building)
MDV123641Furzeham Windmill, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123959Gallows at Gallowsgate Field (Monument)
MDV124085Gallows Gate, Marldon (Monument)
MDV123610Galmpton Manor, Galmpton, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123574Galmpton Windmill, Higher Warborough Road, Galmpton, Brixham (Building)
MDV123932Garden walls adjoining to the NW of Cockington Court (Monument)
MDV124014Garden Walls, Steps and Balustrades, Brunel Manor, Teignmouth Road, Torquay (Building)
MDV124015Gate Piers, Brunel Manor, Teignmouth Road, Watcombe, Torquay (Building)
MDV124150Gatehouse, Torre Abbey, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123942Gattery Lane, Challycroft Lane & Yards Lane, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123711Goat House, Horsepool Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV123937Goodrington Coastal defences (Monument)
MDV123833Goodrington Quarry, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123582Goodrington Sands, Paignton (Find Spot)
MDV124010Grandstand, Racecourse, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123791Grant's Marble works, Teignmouth Road, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123594Graves from Windy Corner, and elsewhere on Galmpton Warborough Common, Brixham (Find Spot)
MDV124051Great Gate Cottage site, Rea Barn Road, Brixham (Monument)
MDV124098Great Hill, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124044Great Parks Farm, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123875Greatpark Leat (Monument)
MDV123710Greenover Farmhouse, 25 Horsepool Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV123806Ha-ha wsw of Edginswell Hall, Edginswell, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124093Happaway Cavern, Lummaton, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123748Harbour Defence Pillbox, Berry Head Road, Brixham (Building)
MDV53004Harbour gun, Battery Gardens, Brixham (Monument)
MDV124039Harvest Moon Public House, Grange Road, Goodrington, Paignton (Monument)
MDV124104Hele Cross, Hele Road, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV124030Hengrave House, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123709Hill House, Horsepool Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV123751Hole in the Wall, 6-10 King Street, Lower Brixham (Building)
MDV124066Home Farm (formerly Manor Farm), Cockington (Monument)
MDV124214Hope's Nose, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV123896Hospital burial ground, Goodington House (Monument)
MDV123792Hotel Roseland, Warren Road, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV124035House plot sites of Maidencombe, Rock House Lane, Maidencombe, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124009Ice House, Chelston Cottage, Old Mill Lane, Chelston, Torquay (Building)
MDV124210Ilsham Manor House Site, Stoodley Knowle, Ilsham Road,Torquay (Monument)
MDV124211Ilsham manor. (Find Spot)
MDV124212Ilsham manor. (Find Spot)
MDV124005Inner Harbour, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123949Inscribed stone on Newton Road, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124086Iron Mine, Sharkham Point, Brixham (Monument)
MDV124236Junction Barton and Newton Roads, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV124140Junction of Victoria and Wall Park Roads, Brixham (Find Spot)
MDV124204Kent's Cavern (Find Spot)
MDV124153Kent's Cavern, Ilsham Road, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123736Kent's cavern, torquay. (Monument)
MDV124154Kent's Cavern. (Find Spot)
MDV124155Kent's Cavern. (Find Spot)
MDV124159Kent's Cavern. (Find Spot)
MDV124163Kent's Cavern. (Find Spot)
MDV124166Kent's Cavern. (Find Spot)
MDV124167Kent's Cavern. (Find Spot)
MDV124168Kent's Cavern. (Find Spot)
MDV124169Kent's Cavern. (Find Spot)
MDV124170Kent's Cavern. (Find Spot)
MDV124171Kent's Cavern. (Find Spot)
MDV124172Kent's Cavern. (Find Spot)
MDV124187Kent's Cavern. (Find Spot)
MDV124206Kent's Cavern. (Find Spot)
MDV124186Kent's Cavern. Spare (Monument)
MDV124189Kent's Cavern. Spare (Monument)
MDV124200Kent's Cavern. Spare (Monument)
MDV124202Kent's Cavern. Spare (Monument)
MDV124203Kent's Cavern. Spare (Monument)
MDV124205Kent's Cavern. Spare (Monument)
MDV124207Kent's Cavern. Spare (Monument)
MDV124162Kent's Cavern: Breccia (Monument)
MDV124158Kent's Cavern: Cave Earth (Monument)
MDV124181Kent's Cavern: Cave of Rodentia (Monument)
MDV124188Kent's Cavern: Clinnick's Gallery (Monument)
MDV124052Kents Cavern: External platform and slope outside the cave (Monument)
MDV124157Kent's Cavern: Granular Stalgmite (Monument)
MDV124195Kent's Cavern: Matthew's Passage (Monument)
MDV124178Kent's Cavern: Smerdon's Passage (Monument)
MDV124164Kent's Cavern: Southwest Chamber East (Monument)
MDV124173Kent's Cavern: Southwest Chamber North (Monument)
MDV124156Kent's Cavern: Southwest Chamber West (Monument)
MDV124193Kent's Cavern: The Alcove (Monument)
MDV124196Kent's Cavern: The Bear's Den (Monument)
MDV124161Kent's Cavern: The Black Band (Monument)
MDV124160Kent's Cavern: The Black Mould (Monument)
MDV124190Kent's Cavern: The Cave of Inscriptions (Monument)
MDV124182Kent's Cavern: The Charcoal Cave (Monument)
MDV124192Kent's Cavern: The Great Oven (Monument)
MDV124194Kent's Cavern: The Labyrinth (Monument)
MDV124174Kent's Cavern: The Lake (Monument)
MDV124165Kent's Cavern: The Lecture Hall (Monument)
MDV124184Kent's Cavern: The Long Arcade (Monument)
MDV124177Kent's Cavern: The North Sally Port (Monument)
MDV124201Kent's Cavern: The Rocky Chamber (Monument)
MDV124179Kent's Cavern: The Sloping Chamber (Monument)
MDV124176Kent's Cavern: The South Sally Port (Monument)
MDV124198Kent's Cavern: The Swallow Gallery (Monument)
MDV124197Kent's Cavern: The Tortuous Gallery (Monument)
MDV124199Kent's Cavern: The Undervault (Monument)
MDV124175Kent's Cavern: The Water Gallery (Monument)
MDV124180Kent's Cavern: The Wolf's Cave (Monument)
MDV124185Kent's Cavern: Underhay's Gallery (Monument)
MDV124191Kent's Cavern:The High Level Chamber (Monument)
MDV124089King George V Playing Fields, Watcombe, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV123571King William Cottage, Higher Yalberton, Paignton (Building)
MDV123623Kings Quay, Brixham (Monument)
MDV124056Kingsland, Marldon Road, Shiphay, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV8875Kirkham House, Kirkham Street, Paignton (Building)
MDV123968Kitchen block at Kirkham House (Building)
MDV124041Land adj to 21 Milton Street, Brixham (Monument)
MDV105400Light Anti Aircraft Gun Emplacement in Battery Gardens, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123687Lime kiln 3 in Clennon Valley, Paignton (Building)
MDV123686Lime kiln in Clennon Valley, Paignton (Building)
MDV123674Lime kiln site, Hookhills Road. Paignton (Monument)
MDV123827Lime kiln south of St Mary's Road, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123675Lime kiln west of Broadsands Beach, Paignton (Building)
MDV123826Lime kiln west of Sharkham Point, Brixham (Building)
MDV123825Lime kiln, at cliff edge, Marina Road, Brixham (Building)
MDV123673Lime kiln, Beverley Park, Paignton (Building)
MDV124012Lime kiln, Blackler's Quarry, Petit Tor, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123689Lime kiln, east of Stapelton Close, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123746Lime kiln, Kiln Road, Galmpton, Brixham (Building)
MDV123601Lime kiln, Orestone Plantation, Kingskerswell, Devon (Monument)
MDV123821Lime Kilns, Kiln Path, Brixham (Building)
MDV123684Limekiln in Clennon Valley, Paignton (Building)
MDV123700Limekiln, Lummaton Quarry, Combe Pafford, Torquay (Building)
MDV123955Limekiln, Paignton Road, Stoke Gabriel (Monument)
MDV123995Limekiln, The Grove, Churston Ferrers (Building)
MDV123996Limekiln, The Grove, Churston Ferrers (Building)
MDV124016Limekiln, Wallshill Quarry, Babbacombe Road, Torquay (Monument)
MDV53007Limekilns below Bench House, Blackball Lane, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123903Limekilns, Daison Quarry, Lymington Road, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123866Linhay west of an unamed lane, King's Aish, Paignton (Building)
MDV124128Little Rey Windmill, Windmill Hill, Brixham (Building)
MDV124218Livermead Harbour, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123823Llime kiln site, Laywell Road, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123738Lodges, Gates & Railings, Lupton House, Brixham (Building)
MDV124050Lodgings Block, Bishop's Palace, Church Path, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123790Long Quarry, Babbacombe, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124136Lower Manor Road, (then Comber's Bottom), Brixham (Find Spot)
MDV123612Lower Yalberton Farm, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123914Lowes Bridge Brick Works, Hele Road, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124116Lowe's Bridge, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV123699Lummaton Quarries, Happaway Road, Commbe Pafford, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123648Lummaton Quarry, Combe Pafford, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV123739Lupton House Park, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123615Lupton, Brixham (Monument)
MDV124208Lyd Well, Wellswood, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123929Lynchet, Maidencombe, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123930Lynchet, Maidencombe, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123708Manor House, Milton Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV123618Manor of Briseham (Monument)
MDV124132Manor of Churston, Churston Ferrers (Monument)
MDV123617Manor of Peintona (Monument)
MDV124130Manor Road, Furzeham Hill, Brixham (Monument)
MDV124090Mapleholme, Priory Road, St Maryhurch, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV123848Margaret Clitherow House, Priory Road, St Marychurch, Torquay (Building)
MDV123864Marldon and Paignton Manorial boundaries, Paignton (Monument)
MDV15857Medenecoma, Domesday Manor (Monument)
MDV124092Medieval Strip Fields, St Marychurch (Monument)
MDV123904Methodist Chapel (Monument)
MDV123717Methodist Chapel, Fore Street, Brixham (Building)
MDV124029Middlepark Hotel, Marine Drive, Paignton (Building)
MDV123831Milestone on Dartmouth Road (Monument)
MDV123819Milestone on Stoke Gabriel Road (Monument)
MDV123868Milestone, 163 Union Streeet, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123835Milestone, adj. 69 Totnes Road, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123855Milestone, Gabwell Lane, Maidencombe (Monument)
MDV48392Milestone, Maidencombe Cross, Maidencombe (Monument)
MDV123943Milestone, Milton Street, Higher Brixham (Monument)
MDV123822Milestone, New Road, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123850Milestone, St Marychurch and Cedar Court Roads (Monument)
MDV123857Milestone, Teignmouth Road, Watcombe, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124220Mill Leat, Old Mill Road, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123874Millpair Fields, Luscombe Road, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123950Moles Cross, Kingskerswell, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123953Moot at Kingsland (Monument)
MDV9761New Harbour, Beacon Quay, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123841New Quarry, Babbacombe, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123703Newton Abbot to Torre Branch Railway, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124138Northfields Lane, Brixham (Find Spot)
MDV123965Occombe (Devon) (Building)
MDV123948Odicknoll Farm, Edginswell Lane, Kinskerswell, Devon (Building)
MDV123913Old limekiln, Yeadon Common, Windmill Hill, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123714Old Manor Farmhouse, 191-3 Fore Street, Barton, Torquay (Building)
MDV123842Old Quarries, Babbacombe Road, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123909Old quarries, Gloucester Close, Coombe Pafford, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123912Old Quarries, Yeadon Common, Windmill Hill, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123789Old Town Hall, Union Street, Torquay (Building)
MDV123915Old Woods Brick Works, Old Woods Hill, Torre, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123901Oldway Historic Garden, Torquay Road, Paignton (Monument)
MDV124068Oldway Mansion, Torquay Road, Paignton (Building)
MDV124127On Churston Road, Churston Ferrers (Find Spot)
MDV123873Orchard earthworks north west of Red Barn, Middle Blagdon, Paignton (Monument)
MDV124084Paignton Churchyard Cross (Monument)
MDV124069Paignton or Fernacombe Windmill, Windmill Lane, Paignton (Building)
MDV124072Paignton Rectory (Monument)
MDV123636Paignton Zoological and Botanical Gardens, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123788Palk United Iron Mine, Higher Union Street, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123782Parish boundary north of Kingsland (Monument)
MDV124094Parish Church of All Saints, Babbacombe, Torquay (Building)
MDV124118Parish Church of St Mary, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV124095Parish Church of St Marychurch, Torquay (Building)
MDV123928Peaked Tor Cove Minewatchers Post, Torquay (Building)
MDV123797Perimeter walls, 1-6 West Terrace, Churston Ferrers (Building)
MDV123851Petit Tor Quarry, St Marychurch (Monument)
MDV124100Petitor, St Marychurch, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV123933Pill Box, Maidencombe Beach, Torquay (Building)
MDV123678Pillbox site, Broadsands Beach, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123639Piscina, Church of St George, Barn Road, Goodrington, Paignton (Monument)
MDV124223Pool Meadow, [Union Street] Torquay (Monument)
MDV124033Possible Bronze Age Barrow site (Monument)
MDV123861Possible Gallows Site, Windy Corner, Galmpton Warborough Common, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123597Pottery find from Kingsland (Find Spot)
MDV123713Presbytery, Church of Our Lady Help, Priory Road, St Marychurch, Torquay (Building)
MDV48398Pump house on the west side of Brim Hill, Maidencombe (Monument)
MDV123858Pumphouse, Moor Lane, Watcombe, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124032Quarries between Ivy and Churston Coves, Churston Ferrers, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123685Quarry 2 in Clennon Valley, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123680Quarry 2, The Grove, Churston Ferrers (Monument)
MDV123963Quarry and linear features north of Widdicombe Cross, Marldon, DEVON (Monument)
MDV123683Quarry in Clennon Valley, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123832Quarry in Grange Avenue. Paignton (Monument)
MDV123829Quarry Site, Wheatlands Road, Paignton (Monument)
MDV124019Quarry site, Hookhills Road, Paignton (Monument)
MDV124020Quarry west of Broadsands Beach, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123820Quarry west of Kennel Wood, Kennels Road, Brixham (Monument)
MDV124018Quarry, Beverley Park, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123910Quarry, Coombe Lane, Coombe Pafford, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123688Quarry, east of Stapelton Close, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123907Quarry, Hele Road, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123605Quarry, nr. Black Head, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123679Quarry, The Grove, Churston Ferrers (Monument)
MDV123697Racecourse, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124230Remains of Granary/barn of Torwood Grange, Torquay (Building)
MDV17090Reservoir, Bolton Cross, Brixham (Monument)
MDV124080Roman coin find from Lower Blagdon (Find Spot)
MDV124076Roman coin find from Paignton (Find Spot)
MDV124061Ropewalk off Exe Hill, Shiphay, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124145Rowdens, Torre Abbey Land Grant, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123845'school' (Monument)
MDV123971Sea Wall, Inn on the Quay, Goodrington Sands (Monument)
MDV105313Searchlight base above Broadsands (Monument)
MDV123778Shipbuilding Yards, Berry Head Road, Lower Brixham (Monument)
MDV123626Shiphay Collaton Manor, Shiphay, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123627Shiphay Collaton, Manorial Fields of 1540 Ridgeway grant, Shiphay, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123628Shiphay Collaton, Manorial Fields - Torre Abbey desmesne, Shiphay, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123643Shiphay Manor House, Shiphay, Torquay (Building)
MDV123939Site of Beacon N of Challeycroft Road, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123682Site of building at Oreston Cross (Monument)
MDV124062Site of coin find in Cockington Park (Find Spot)
MDV124006Site of Court of Torwood Manor, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124226Site of Fulforde Mill, Old Mill Road, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123869Site of Independent Chapel, Abbey Road, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123693Site of lime kiln 2 at Yalberton Tor Quarry, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123696Site of lime kiln 3, Yalberton Tor Quarry, Yalberton Road, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123690Site of lime kiln in Stapelton Close, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123692Site of lime kiln in Yalberton Tor Quarry, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123677Site of Lime kiln, Steed Close, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123695Site of lime kiln, Yalberton Tor Industrial Estate, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123780Site of Lupton Farm, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123935Site of Rope Walk, Windmill Close, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123644Site of tidemill, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123779Site of Victoria Shipyard, Berry Head Road, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123590Site of Windmill, Windmill Copse, Lupton, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123923Small fuel tank, Breakwater Quarry, Berry Head Road, Brixham Harbour (Building)
MDV124079Southfield Chapel, Cecil Road (Building)
MDV124075St John the Baptist Church, Paignton (Building)
MDV124038St Mary's Churchyard, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123781St Matthias Church, St Matthias Church Road, Torquay (Building)
MDV124097St Michael's Chapel (Monument)
MDV123721St.Kilda House, Drew Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV123862St.Martins Church (Monument)
MDV123837Stable Block, Chelston Manor, Old Mill Road, Torquay (Building)
MDV123706Stables and Coach House adjoining Cockington Court (Building)
MDV123960Stantor Estate (Monument)
MDV123947Strip fields either side of Kingkerswell Road, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123578Strip lynchet site, Pennine Drive, Grampian Close, Paignton (Monument)
MDV124046The Bay, St Luke's Road South, Torquay (Building)
MDV123647The Cottage (Shorton Manor), Shorton Road, Paignton (Building)
MDV123905The Daison, Westhill Road, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124040The Glebe, 55 Trumlands Road, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123718The Globe Hotel, 61 Fore Street, Brixham (Building)
MDV123895The Inn on the Quay, formerly Goodrington House (Building)
MDV123752The Kirkham Chantry, St John the Baptist, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123646The Manor House, Lincombes, Torquay (Building)
MDV123619The Manor of St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123715The Old Custom House, Overgang, Lower Brixham (Building)
MDV123956The Old Farmhouse, Lower Westerland, Marldon, Devon (Building)
MDV123796The Old School House, Churston Ferrers (Building)
MDV123794The Old Smithy, Brixham Road, Churston Ferrers (Building)
MDV124216The Parish Church of St Saviour, Torre, Torquay (Building)
MDV123701The Torbay and Brixham Railway: Churston to Brixham (Monument)
MDV123785Tin workings in Westhill Road area, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124240Tollhouse, Torbay Road, Torquay (Building)
MDV123702Torbay and Brixham Railway (Monument)
MDV8902Torbay House, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123635Tormoham Manor, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124013Torquay Terra Cotta Works, Hele, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV123609Torquay Terra Cotta Works, Hele, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124222Torre Abbey Sands, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV124225Torre Abbey Sands, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV124237Torre Abbey Sands, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV124183Torre Abbey Sands. Submerged Forest (Monument)
MDV124142Torre Abbey, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124060Torre Pumping House (Building)
MDV123705Torre to Paignton Branch Railway, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123986Torre to Paington Railway (Monument)
MDV123704Torre, Torquay and Paignton Railway (Monument)
MDV124231Torwood Grange, Torquay (Monument)
MDV13896Tower in Sladnor Park, Maidencombe, Torquay (Building)
MDV124137Track parallel to Copythorne Road, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123793Trackway southwest of Edginswell Farmhouse, Edginswell, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123969Trench system above Broadsands Beach, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123847Trumlands Quarry, Teignmouth Road, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124232Tudor Archway, Torwood Mount, Torquay (Building)
MDV123980Two Prehistoric Hilltop Enclosures, Ditch & Four Bowl Barrows, Totnes Road, Paignton/Marldon (Monument)
MDV123629Upper Cockington Lane (Monument)
MDV123632Upper Cockington Lane, Cockington, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123650Victoria Hotel, Belgrave Road, Torquay (Find Spot)
MDV123899Walled enclosure at Goodrington House (Monument)
MDV123651Walls Hills Prehistoric Field system, Babbacombe, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124099Walls Hills Prehistoric Field System, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124106Walls Hills Prehistoric Field System, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124107Walls Hills Prehistoric Field System, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124108Walls Hills Prehistoric Field System, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124109Walls Hills Prehistoric Field System, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124110Walls Hills Prehistoric Field System, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124111Walls Hills Prehistoric Field System, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124112Walls Hills Prehistoric Field System, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124113Walls Hills Prehistoric Field System, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124114Walls Hills Prehistoric Field System, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124115Walls Hills Prehistoric Field System, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123795Walls; Gates; and Railings,The Old School House, Churston Ferrers (Building)
MDV123843Wallshill Quarry, Babbacombe Road, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123786Warren House, Churston Ferrers (Building)
MDV123802Watcombe Hill House, Teignmouth Road, Watcombe, Torquay (Building)
MDV123698Watcombe Potteries, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123633Watcombe, St Marychurch, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123865Water Meadow east of Middle Ramshill Lane, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123863Watercourse, Westerland, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123716Watermans Arms, Drew Street, Higher Brixham (Building)
MDV123871Well at 142 Torbay Road, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123957Westerland Manor, Marldon, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123672Whitehill Copse Lime Kiln, Yalberton, Paignton (Building)
MDV124004Windmill Cottage, 25 Windmill Hill, Brixham. (Building)
MDV123872Windmill Hill (Monument)
MDV123606Windmill Hill Cavern, Windmill Hill, Brixham (Monument)
MDV123583Windmill Hill Clump (Monument)
MDV123852Windmill Hill Quarry, Teignmouth Road, Torquay (Monument)
MDV123642Windmill site, Tormohan, Torquay (Monument)
MDV124091Yaddon Down Windmill, Hele, Torquay (Building)
MDV123671Yalberton Tor Field System, Yalberton Road, Paignton (Monument)
MDV123691Yalberton Tor limestone Quarry, Paignton (Monument)
MDV124238Zion Chapel, Torhill Road, Torquay. (Building)