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Title:NRHE to HER website
Originator:Historic England
Summary:Monument and event records each have a specific url, for example https://nrhe-to-her.esdm.co.uk/NRHE/RecordDetail.aspx?pageid=45&he_uid=1549591

Associated Monuments (419)

MDV12586815 West Street, Ashburton (Building)
MDV2290726-29 Chapel Street, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV232303 Kingsbridge Lane, Ashburton (Building)
MDV212235 and 7 Kingsbridge Lane, Ashburton (Building)
MDV130687A wheelpit at East Brookwood Mine, West Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV132937Adit and shaft in Brook Wood (Monument)
MDV130698Adit, Virtuous Lady Mine (Monument)
MDV130707Adit, Virtuous Lady Mine (Monument)
MDV130709Adit, Virtuous Lady Mine (Monument)
MDV130710Adit, Virtuous Lady Mine (Monument)
MDV107744Aircraft crash site at Kitty Tor (Monument)
MDV107745Aircraft crash site near Standon Hill (Monument)
MDV107781Aircraft crash site near Steeperton Tor (Monument)
MDV107778Aircraft crash site near White Tor (Monument)
MDV6145Alignment 'D' on Shovel Down, Chagford (Monument)
MDV57360Alleged cairn, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV132268Alleged chambered tomb south of Piles Brook Head (Monument)
MDV8210Alleged enclosure, Ashburton Down (Monument)
MDV6937Alleged enclosure, Halstock (Monument)
MDV8212Alleged enclosure, Storms Down (Monument)
MDV28507Alleged hut circles, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV13363Alleged pillow mounds, Middlebrook (Monument)
MDV122712Ancient trackway known as The Lichway (Monument)
MDV4622ARTEFACT SCATTER in the Parish of Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV14557ARTEFACT SCATTER in the Parish of Manaton (Monument)
MDV63575Artillery emplacements on Barn Hill, Whitchurch (Monument)
MDV107666Ashburton and Buckfastleigh Cottage Hospital (Building)
MDV132547Ashburton open air pool (Monument)
MDV8467Axe found at Natton Hole Quarry, Drewsteignton (Find Spot)
MDV77442Babeny farmstead, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV4735Bachelors Hall Tin Mine (Monument)
MDV12724Bal Mine south of Norsworthy Bridge, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV130880Barn at Upperton, Drewsteignton (Monument)
MDV4200Beardown Man standing stone west of Devil's Tor, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV5968Beardown Warren, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV8171Belford Mill, Ashburton (Building)
MDV8792Blackaller Hotel, North Bovey (Building)
MDV130708Blocked adit, Virtuous Lady Mine (Monument)
MDV3328Blowing house recorded at Brisworthy - duplicate (Monument)
MDV69265Boundary stone on Buttern Hill, Gidleigh (Monument)
MDV4948Boundary stone on Walkhampton Common (Monument)
MDV131239Boundary stones, Drizzlecombe Brook (Monument)
MDV126717Broad Rock, Erme Head (Monument)
MDV12886Bronze Age remains on Homerton Hill, Okehampton Hamlets (Monument)
MDV7808Buckfast Abbey (Building)
MDV132544Buckfastleigh swimming pool (Monument)
MDV37294Bullaton farmhouse, Bovey Tracey (Building)
MDV3375Cairn 170 metres north-east of Down Tor Stone Row, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV20155Cairn 240 metres south-east of Standon Farm, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV4027Cairn 265 meters north-west of Ditsworthy Warren House (Monument)
MDV12887Cairn 330 metres west of Meldon Reservoir on South Down (Monument)
MDV4163Cairn 350 metres east of White Tor, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV15372Cairn 400 metres north-west of Mis Tor Farm, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV12884Cairn and cist forming part of a cairnfield on Homerton Hill (Monument)
MDV4021Cairn and cist to the east of Willings Walls reave, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV19463Cairn north of Ruelake pit, Throwleigh (Monument)
MDV2893Cairn north-north-west of Beacon Plain, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV2892Cairn north-west of Beacon Plain, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV14523Cairn on the right bank of the River Lyd (Monument)
MDV3125Cairn on the south-western brow of Western Beacon, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV51504Cairn on Walkhampton Common (Monument)
MDV51503Cairn on Walkhampton Common (Monument)
MDV51502Cairn on Walkhampton Common (Monument)
MDV51501Cairn on Walkhampton Common (Monument)
MDV35898Cairn on Whitchurch Common north of Vixen Tor, Whitchurch (Monument)
MDV4180Cairn south-south-east of White Tor, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV3369Cairn south-west of enclosure east of Drizzlecombe, Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV5012Cairn to north-east of stone row on Walkhampton Common, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV4144Cairn to south-south-east of White Tor, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV6615Cairn west of West Vitifer Mine on Chagford Common, Chagford (Monument)
MDV14796Cairn with cist in middle of stone row, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV4022Cairn with cist on the Willings Walls reave, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV131705Cairn, Whitchurch Common (Monument)
MDV3477Cairnfield and enclosure 725 metres east of Cuckoo Rock (Monument)
MDV131704Cairnfield, Whitchurch Common (Monument)
MDV130705Capped mine shaft, Virtuous Lady Mine (Monument)
MDV132546Chagford swimming pool (Monument)
MDV6059Challacombe Medieval Settlement, Manaton (Monument)
MDV7936Chapel of St Michael, Brent Hill (Building)
MDV22081Chapple, Gidleigh (Monument)
MDV4178Churchyard cross south-west of tower of church of St Mary (Monument)
MDV28493Clearance cairn close to the Merrivale hut circle settlement (Monument)
MDV3218Clearance cairn, High Down (Monument)
MDV3219Clearance cairn, High Down (Monument)
MDV4133Coxtor Farmhouse and farm buildings, Peter Tavy (Building)
MDV8221Cranbrook Castle univallate hillfort . Moretonhampstead (Monument)
MDV105342Crash site near Black-a-Tor Copse, Dartmoor (Monument)
MDV5027Crazywell Farmstead, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV2923Cross east of Manor Cottages, Wrangaton (Monument)
MDV7449Cross in Churchyard, Widecombe-in-the-Moor (Monument)
MDV12707Cross shaft in Horrabridge (Monument)
MDV130692Crushing house, Virtuous Lady Mine (Monument)
MDV69604Cut Hill Stone Row, Lydford (Monument)
MDV7952Cuttleford Farmstead, South Brent (Monument)
MDV42843Dartmoor Prison reservoir, Princetown (Monument)
MDV15309Dartmoor Prison, Princetown (Building)
MDV53204Dartmoor Sanatorium (Building)
MDV14212Deserted Medieval Settlement (Linehan Site 53a & b), Okehampton Park (Monument)
MDV14218Deserted Medieval Settlement (Linehan Site 54), Okehampton Park (Monument)
MDV14211Deserted Medieval Settlement (Site 52), Okehampton Park (Monument)
MDV7414Deserted Medieval Settlement at Hound Tor (Monument)
MDV4737Deserted Medieval site 500 meters south of Sourton (Monument)
MDV4161Deserted Medieval Site, Lower Butterbury (Monument)
MDV2380Dewerstone hillfort or Tor enclosure, Meavy (Monument)
MDV21355Doccombe Mill, Moretonhampstead (Monument)
MDV130691Dressing floor, Virtuous Lady Mine (Monument)
MDV33489Drewe Arms, Drewsteignton (Building)
MDV3376Drizzlecombe Stone Row '1', Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV14776Drizzlecombe Stone Row '2', Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV14777Drizzlecombe Stone Row '3', Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV8828Earthwork in Houndtor Wood (Monument)
MDV130688East Brookwood Mine, West Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV52870East Lady Bertha Mine, Berra Tor, Buckland Monachorum (Monument)
MDV130701Eastern Engine Shaft, Virtuous Lady Mine (Monument)
MDV22296Edgcombe farmhouse, Cudlipptown (Building)
MDV63568Embankment: part of the unfinished Merrivale Light Railway (Monument)
MDV4141Enclosed hut circle settlement to the north-west of White Tor Camp, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV18817Enclosed stone hut circle settlement 300 metres south of Broad Hole (Monument)
MDV3702Enclosed stone hut circle settlement 700 metres south of Leeden Tor, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV4017Enclosed stone hut settlement south-west of Gutter Tor, Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV50104Enclosure 170 metres north-east of Leather Tor (Monument)
MDV3462Enclosure and huts north-west of Hentor Meadow, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV2926Enclosure at Owley Farm, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV50101Enclosure attached to reave 180 metres north-north-east of Leather Tor (Monument)
MDV3371Enclosure east of Combestone Tor, Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV20164ENCLOSURE in the Parish of Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV57373Enclosure north-west of Lower Halstock Farm (Monument)
MDV128505Enclosure remains with hut on Walkhampton Common (Monument)
MDV4140Enclosure with hut circle north-west of White Tor Camp, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV4132Enclosure with hut circles 650 metres south-west of Cox Tor, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV15289Enclosure with huts 250m north-west of Little Trowlesworthy Tor (Monument)
MDV2532Enclosure with huts in Trowlesworthy Warren (Monument)
MDV3361Enclosure with huts metres south of 'Giants' Basin', Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV49063Engine House and mine shaft, South Devon United Copper Mine (Monument)
MDV40383Engine house, Wheal Exmouth Mine, Christow (Building)
MDV3326Extensive hut circle settlement south-west of Legis Tor, Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV3330Eylesbarrow (Ailsborough) Tin Mine (Monument)
MDV3330Eylesbarrow (Ailsborough) Tin Mine (Monument)
MDV3330Eylesbarrow (Ailsborough) Tin Mine (Monument)
MDV3330Eylesbarrow (Ailsborough) Tin Mine (Monument)
MDV130565Farm buildings at Bythedown, Sampford Spiney (Building)
MDV130564Farmhouse and barn at Bythedown, Sampford Spiney (Building)
MDV6970Farmhouse at Higher Shilstone, Throwleigh (Building)
MDV22141Farmhouse at Reed Farm, Christow (Building)
MDV2979Farmhouse, Blackadon Farm (Building)
MDV12802Features on the summit of Cox Tor, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV4199Fice's Well north-east of Rundlestone, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV64822Field system around Shapley Tor (Monument)
MDV24936Field system in Hentor Warren (Monument)
MDV8115Field system north-east of Bagtor Cottage (Monument)
MDV8805Field system north-east of King's Tor, North Bovey (Monument)
MDV27973Field system to the south-east of Easdon Down, North Bovey (Monument)
MDV132153Field system west of the Black-a-ven Brook (Monument)
MDV65417Finchs Foundry, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV65417Finchs Foundry, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV65417Finchs Foundry, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV65417Finchs Foundry, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV113508Flagpole and Semaphore Station on Black Down, Okehampton Hamlets (Monument)
MDV3760Flint found at South Hessary Tor (Find Spot)
MDV132924Former longhouse; now cow shed at Middlecott (Building)
MDV132013Former military lookout, Doe Tor (Monument)
MDV59501Former site of inscribed stone/cross at Sourton Cross (Monument)
MDV132262Fragment of reave, Ugborough Moor (Monument)
MDV7844Gages Mill, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV3372Giant's Basin cairn south of the Drizzlecombe stone rows, Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV41884Graveyard, Lustleigh (Monument)
MDV8752Great Wheal Eleanor tin mine, North Bovey (Monument)
MDV80253Greenhill Primary School, Fore Street (Building)
MDV56207Greenstone axe found near Buckland Abbey (Find Spot)
MDV8778Grimspound enclosed settlement, Manaton (Monument)
MDV104798Grosvenor House, Princetown (Building)
MDV48266Group of hut circles north-east of Conies Down Tor (Monument)
MDV130436Group of spoil heaps, north-west of Meavy (Monument)
MDV26929Hamlyn's or Palmer's Newtake, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV29839Hannaford Manor House, Widecombe (Building)
MDV8058Haytor Quarry, Ilsington (Monument)
MDV14381Headland Warren House, North Bovey (Building)
MDV8281Headless Cross, Mardon Down, Moretonhampstead (Monument)
MDV7776Hembury Castle Hillfort, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV7797Higher Mill, Buckfast (Building)
MDV22100Higher Uppacott Farmhouse, Widecombe in the Moor (Building)
MDV7957Hillfort on Brent Hill, South Brent (Monument)
MDV72074Hillsons House, Bombing decoy, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV9336Hoard of Bronze palstaves, Plumley (Find Spot)
MDV8824Hunter's Tor Camp, Lustleigh (Monument)
MDV132929Hut circle 350m east of Coxtor Farm (Monument)
MDV61955Hut circle 570 metres south-west of Down Tor (Monument)
MDV61954Hut circle 570 metres south-west of Down Tor, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV48276Hut circle and enclosure west of the Cowsic River (Monument)
MDV48267Hut circle east of Conies Down Tor (Monument)
MDV48273Hut circle east of Conies Down Tor (Monument)
MDV50103Hut circle in enclosure on reave north-north-east of Leather Tor (Monument)
MDV4177Hut circle in field, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV4136Hut circle in north of the settlement to the south-east of Roos Tor, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV5893Hut circle in settlement north of Muddilake Brook (Monument)
MDV122294Hut circle near enclosure on north side of Hound Tor Down (Monument)
MDV132927Hut circle north-east of Coxtor Farm (Monument)
MDV29894Hut circle on Bittleford Down (Monument)
MDV48271Hut circle on Conies Down (Monument)
MDV5985Hut circle on east side of Riddon Ridge (Monument)
MDV3969Hut circle settlement on the south-west flank of Hingston Hill, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV8717Hut circle settlement on Vogwell Down (Monument)
MDV4202Hut circle settlement west of Dead Lake, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV12903Hut circle settlement, Shaden Moor, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV58419Hut circle south-east of enclosure on north side of Hound Tor Down (Monument)
MDV48275Hut circle west of the Cowsic River (Monument)
MDV133426Hut circle within enclosure 650 metres south-west of Cox Tor, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV133427Hut circle within enclosure 650 metres south-west of Cox Tor, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV48270Hut circles west of the Cowsic River (Monument)
MDV6709Hut circles within settlement on Chagford Common (Monument)
MDV61438Hut in settlement 1030m east of The Thirlstone (Monument)
MDV5848Hut north-west of Powder Mills, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV5943Hut on the south-eastern slope of Hartland Tor (Monument)
MDV28573Hut within enclosure on Walkhampton Common, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV7470Hutholes Medieval Settlement, Widecombe in the Moor (Monument)
MDV131567Huts in North Wood, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV14116Incised Cross Fragment at Gisperdown Farmstead, South Brent (Monument)
MDV28487Inscised stone on the green, Sourton (Monument)
MDV5942Iron Age coin found near a hut circle at Bellever Tor (Find Spot)
MDV132168Ivybridge Station (Monument)
MDV37395Jacob's Well, east of Moretonhampstead (Monument)
MDV132992Job's Well, Moretonhampstead (Monument)
MDV15156Joint Mitnor Cave, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV132993Joseph's Well, Moretonhampstead (Monument)
MDV8829Kelly Mine, Bovey Tracey (Monument)
MDV3515Kingsett Mine, Newleycombe Lake (Monument)
MDV13048Lady Well, Sticklepath (Monument)
MDV25033Large enclosed hut circle settlement at Owley Corner, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV130678Leat east of Southpark Wood, Holne (Monument)
MDV24933Lee Moor China Clay Leat, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV50102Length of reave north of Leather Tor (Monument)
MDV130720Ley Ridge, Holne (Building)
MDV28093Line of disused target butts and bunkers on the south slope of White Hill and Ger Tor (Monument)
MDV60049Lithic working site, East and West Week Farms, South Tawton (Monument)
MDV7994Lizwell Bridge, Widecombe (Monument)
MDV29387Longhouse in King's Wood, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV8220Lower Brownswell farmhouse, Ashburton (Building)
MDV7783Lower Buckfast Woollen Mills (Building)
MDV76857Lower Dittisham farmstead, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV21306Lower Mill; Chagford Woollen Mill (Building)
MDV130937Lustleigh station (Monument)
MDV14312Lydford Castle (Monument)
MDV57362Lydford Station (Monument)
MDV6653Lynchets in field south of Jurston, Chagford (Monument)
MDV38013Mardle Woodhouse and adjoining Mill (Building)
MDV130939Mary Tavy and Blackdown Station (Monument)
MDV57374Meldon Quarry Halt, Okehampton Hamlets (Monument)
MDV4897Merrivale hut circle settlement (Monument)
MDV14797Merrivale Stone Row A, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV14795Merrivale Stone Row B, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV63572Military redoubts on Whitchurch Common (Monument)
MDV93441Mill pond at fulling mill, Chagford (Monument)
MDV46484Millstone at King's Oven Pound, Chagford (Monument)
MDV130703Mine shaft, Virtuous Lady Mine (Monument)
MDV130706Mine shaft, Virtuous Lady Mine (Monument)
MDV52881Mine shafts, Virtuous Lady Mine (Monument)
MDV33261Moorlands Hotel (the old Town Mill), Chagford (Building)
MDV42275Moretonhampstead Cottage Hospital (Building)
MDV132545Moretonhampstead swimming pool (Monument)
MDV8177Mountsland Farmhouse, Ilsington (Building)
MDV48272Natural feature east of Conies Down Tor (Monument)
MDV96413Newberry Cottage, Berrynarbor (Building)
MDV131336Non antiquity - alleged cairn site (Monument)
MDV132638North Street Mill, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV5020Northern stamping mill at Black Tor Falls (Monument)
MDV54153Observation Post (11) south of East Mill Tor, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV54156Observation Post (12) south of East Mill Tor, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV54155Observation Post (13) at Blackhaven Head, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV54157Observation Post (14) at Blackhaven Spur, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV54154Observation Post (5) at Dinger Hill, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV14326Okehampton Castle (Building)
MDV14219Okehampton Deer Park. Okehampton Hamlets (Monument)
MDV64026Okehampton Royal Artillery Training Camp (Monument)
MDV6021Old Pizwell farmhouse, Dartmoor Forest (Building)
MDV132930One of two ring cairns on Whitchurch Common (Monument)
MDV42445OPEN CUT in the Parish of Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV3426Outcombe Farmstead near Narrator Brook, Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV54443Pair of gateposts at Prince Hall Drive (Monument)
MDV4776Parish church of St. Thomas Becket, Sourton (Building)
MDV108112Parlby Arms Cottage, Huckworthy (Building)
MDV121029Parson's Cottage, Princetown (Building)
MDV13630Part of the hillfort on Brent Hill, South Brent (Monument)
MDV107503Peat Charcoal Burning Platforms on Greena Ball, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV5124Peat mound once thought to be a barrow, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV12814Peat stack on Langstone Moor (Monument)
MDV4121Peat stacks on Langstone Moor (Monument)
MDV55292Pillow mound east-north-east of Merrivale Bridge (Monument)
MDV66370Pillow mound or tin pits, Langstone Moor (Monument)
MDV131569Pipeline in North Wood, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV130697Pit, Virtuous Lady Mine (Monument)
MDV33318Pond Cottage, Chagford (Building)
MDV8020Ponsworthy Mill, Widecombe (Building)
MDV130337Possible barrows near Sands Gate Cross, Drewsteignton (Monument)
MDV13811Possible beacon, Hennock (Monument)
MDV26286Possible buddle/mortar emplacement (Monument)
MDV29078Possible cairn associated with stone row, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV6071Possible cairn south of Challacombe (Monument)
MDV3373Possible cist near Giant's Basin cairn south of Drizzlecombe stone rows, Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV6711Possible enclosure south of West Vitifer Tin Mine, Chagford (Monument)
MDV13671Possible farmstead at Thynacombe, South Brent (Building)
MDV25384Possible hut circle south-east of Skerraton Down, Dean Prior (Monument)
MDV28318Possible hut circle, Black Ridge (Monument)
MDV3368Possible hut south of an enclosure east of Drizzlecombe (Monument)
MDV122321Prehistoric field system on Hound Tor Down (Monument)
MDV2307Prehistoric Hut Circle Settlement on Wigford Down, Meavy (Monument)
MDV42842Prison gateway, Princetown (Monument)
MDV42841Prison wall and inner gateway, Princetown (Monument)
MDV3757Probable ring cairn, Merrivale (Monument)
MDV130938Pullabrook Halt (Monument)
MDV13188Puper's Reave, Buckfastleigh Moor (Monument)
MDV114204Rack field and buildings, Chagford (Monument)
MDV53240RAILWAY STATION in the Parish of Ugborough (Monument)
MDV55004Reave on Walkhampton Common (Monument)
MDV4130Reave south of Cox Tor (Monument)
MDV29954Reaves on Cudlipptown Down (Monument)
MDV28489Rectiliniar enclosure near Peek Hill, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV56860Recumbent boundary stone to the south-west of a round cairn west of Shell Tor, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV12839Reddipitt Farm, deserted site north-east of Leather Tor Bridge (Monument)
MDV57368Remains of a cross on Sourton Green (Monument)
MDV7943Remains of mansion at Moors Head, Dean Prior (Building)
MDV21128Remains of Red Cottages, Walkhampton Common (Building)
MDV8200Rew Mill, Ashburton (Building)
MDV12841Riddipit hull 700 metres west-south-west of the northern end of Raddick Lane (Monument)
MDV35584Riddon Farmhouse (Building)
MDV28684Ring cairn on Buttern Hill, Gidleigh (Monument)
MDV13252Ring cairn on Cudlipptown Down, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV63574Ring cairn on Whitchurch Common (Monument)
MDV124457Ring ditch south-west of Lee, Bickington (Monument)
MDV28533Ring of stones 490 metres north-east of Great Trowlesworthy Tor, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV55113Rippon Tor Small Arms Firing Range (Monument)
MDV58008Roborough Down decoy airfield (Monument)
MDV131214Rock basin, Great Staple Tor (Monument)
MDV9521Roman coin, unknown find spot, Christow (Find Spot)
MDV4593Round cairn 120 metres south-east of Langstone Moor stone circle, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV12738Round cairn 340 metres east-south-east of Norsworthy Bridge (Monument)
MDV48268Round cairn 600 metres south-west of Beardown Man (Monument)
MDV3747Round cairn 685 metres north-east of Sharpitor summit (Monument)
MDV5008Round cairn 740 metres west-south-west of Crazy Well Pool, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV3440Round cairn and later tin prospecting pits north-west of Hingston Stone Row, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV13064Round cairn on Cosdon Hill, 1010 metres north of Cosdon Beacon, South Tawton (Monument)
MDV56852Round cairn on Lee Moor 950 metres south-east of Great Trowlesworthy Tor (Monument)
MDV14309Round cairn on Walkhampton Common lying east of the reave, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV56855Round cairn west of Shell Top, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV5026Roundy Farmstead, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV6117Roundy Pound on Kes Tor, Gidleigh (Monument)
MDV78208Royal Air Force "Y" Station, Lydford (Monument)
MDV63631Royal Air Force Gee Master Transmitting Station, Peek Hill (Monument)
MDV56775Ruined building attached to the Willings Walls Reave, Shaugh Prior (Building)
MDV56217Ruins, Bal Mine, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV14321Saxon Burh at Lydford (Monument)
MDV3179Saxon Mint at Lydford (Monument)
MDV130704Season Shaft, Virtuous Lady Mine (Monument)
MDV131566Settlement in North Wood, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV27670Settlement north-east of Smith Hill Farm, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV7505Settlement south of Greator Rocks (Monument)
MDV72073Shapley Tor, Bombing decoy (Monument)
MDV2396Shaugh Bridge Prior Mine north-east of Shaugh Bridge, Meavy (Monument)
MDV2590Shaugh Moor parallel reave field system (Monument)
MDV4044Sheepstor village cross (Monument)
MDV77427Sherrell farmstead, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV8748Site of a chapel at Moorgate Farm, North Bovey (Building)
MDV6875Site of Cleave Mill, Sticklepath (Building)
MDV80591Site of Hawkmoor Hospital (Building)
MDV131254Site of Horrabridge Station (Monument)
MDV53245Site of Moorhaven Hospital, Ugborough (Building)
MDV7903Site of the Church House, Ashburton (Building)
MDV131255Site of Yelverton Station (Monument)
MDV4150Small hut circle settlement south-east of Roos Tor, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV4774Sourton Down Cross (Monument)
MDV3104South Devon Railway (Monument)
MDV5019Southern stamping mill at Black Tor Falls (Monument)
MDV130700Spoil heap, Virtuous Lady Mine (Monument)
MDV130702Spoil heap, Virtuous Lady Mine (Monument)
MDV131256St John The Evangelists Church, Horrabridge (Building)
MDV5013St Michael and All Angels Church, Princetown (Building)
MDV1658St Michael's Church, Brentor (Building)
MDV3256St Petrock's Church, Lydford (Building)
MDV53209St. Anne's Well, Moretonhampstead (Monument)
MDV7788St. Mary's Parish Church, Holne (Building)
MDV8049St. Michael's Cottages, Ilsington (previously Church House) (Building)
MDV130912Stone alignment, Cripdon Down (Monument)
MDV6300Stone cross on Ter Hill (Monument)
MDV4991Stone row 450 metres north of Sharpitor, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV2890Stone row near Spurrell's Cross, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV4592Stone row on Conies Down, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV132978Stonepark Barn, Ashburton (Building)
MDV12963Stones within settlement east of Royal Hill (Monument)
MDV13448Streamworking along Middle Brook and Petre's Pits, South Brent (Monument)
MDV44275Target tramway on the south-west slope of Nattor Down (Monument)
MDV26925Target tramway on the south-west slope of Nattor Down (Monument)
MDV132621Tenter Loft, North Street, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV5076The Abbots Way, Dartmoor (Monument)
MDV130560The Moors, Belstone (Building)
MDV25052The Phillips Leat, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV15295'The Smithy', Trowlesworthy Warren (Monument)
MDV8827The Writhelstan; inscribed stone in Lustleigh Church (Monument)
MDV24707Tin working remains at Eastern White Barrow (Monument)
MDV5100Tinners building south of Fish Lake (Building)
MDV55413Tinners' shelter north-west of Hentor Warren (Building)
MDV132996Tinworks and other archaeological remains in the Meavy Valley (Monument)
MDV4652Torwood Mine, Sourton (Monument)
MDV14148Trowlesworthy Warren, Shaugh Prior (Monument)
MDV2888Two fallen standing stones east of Hangershell Rock, Ugborough (Monument)
MDV62782Two spindle whorls found at Dockwell Farm (Find Spot)
MDV27901Unenclosed hut circle settlement east of Yealm Steps, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV4145UNENCLOSED HUT CIRCLE SETTLEMENT in the Parish of Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV6256Unlikely cairn north-east of Round Hill (Monument)
MDV4201Upper Merrivale Tin Mill, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV21305Upper Mill; Chagford Woollen Mill (Building)
MDV5458Virtuous Lady Copper Mine (Monument)
MDV80529Walkham Mill, Walkhampton (Building)
MDV20665Warrener's House, Merrivale Warren (Monument)
MDV8206Water mill, Lurgecombe Farm (Monument)
MDV55152Week Ford Tin Mills (Monument)
MDV54521West Coombe farmstead, Chagford (Monument)
MDV7839West Woollen Mill, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV6002Western double stone row south of standing stone south of Laughter Tor, Datmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV130695Wheel pit, Virtuous Lady Mine (Monument)
MDV130696Wheel pit, Virtuous Lady Mine (Monument)
MDV8276Whiddon Deer Park, Moretonhampstead (Monument)
MDV26923Willsworthy Range military camp (Monument)
MDV7834Woollen Mill, Buckfastleigh (Building)
MDV13412Zeal Reave (Monument)