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Title:Environment Agency LIDAR Composite DTM 2020 - 1m
Originator:Environment Agency WMS
Summary:Raster elevation model at 1m spatial resolution. Combining EAs Time Stamped archive and National LIDAR Programme, merged and re-sampled to give the best possible coverage. Where repeat surveys have been undertaken the newest, best resolution data is used. The 2020 LIDAR Composite includes surveys undertaken between 6th June 2000 and 1st September 2020. Further details: https://data.gov.uk/dataset/b1ff0a9c-74d3-4b97-a3fb-c8ab39ef6152/lidar-composite-dtm-2020-1m

Associated Monuments (221)

MDV13594Adit in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV13595Adit in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV133190Boundary work in Broomhill Wood (Monument)
MDV134619Bowl Barrow, east of Brooklyns, Exbourne (Monument)
MDV133143Cairns in Bowdley Plantation (Monument)
MDV11705Castle at Higher Walland, Milton Damerel, Torridge (Monument)
MDV13458Channels from Bala Brook Head to clay dries (Monument)
MDV29408Charcoal burners' hearth in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV29409Charcoal burners' hearth in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV78191Charcoal burners' hearths, Nelder Wood (Monument)
MDV29360Charcoal burning platform in Charles Wood (Monument)
MDV29361Charcoal burning platform in Charles Wood (Monument)
MDV29337Charcoal burning platform in Hannicombe Wood (Monument)
MDV29339Charcoal burning platform in Hannicombe Wood (Monument)
MDV29338Charcoal burning platform in Hannicombe Wood (Monument)
MDV29340Charcoal burning platform in Hannicombe Wood (Monument)
MDV29341Charcoal burning platform in Hannicombe Wood (Monument)
MDV29372Charcoal burning platform in Hannicombe Wood (Monument)
MDV133455Charcoal burning platform in Meldon Woods (Monument)
MDV29448Charcoal hearth in Butterdon Ball Wood (Monument)
MDV29451Charcoal hearth in Butterdon Ball Wood (Monument)
MDV133575Charcoal hearth in Butterdon Ball Wood (Monument)
MDV29299Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV29300Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV29301Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV29304Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV29306Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV29310Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133636Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133637Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133638Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133639Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133640Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133641Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133642Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133643Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133644Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133645Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133646Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133647Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133648Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133649Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133650Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133651Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133652Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133653Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133662Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133663Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133664Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133665Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133666Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV133667Charcoal hearth in Cod Wood (Monument)
MDV29330Charcoal hearth in Hall's Cleave (Monument)
MDV133627Charcoal hearth in Hall's Cleave (Monument)
MDV133628Charcoal hearth in Hall's Cleave (Monument)
MDV29260Charcoal hearth in Hitchcombe Wood (Monument)
MDV29237Charcoal hearth in Hitchcombe Wood (Monument)
MDV29238Charcoal hearth in Hitchcombe Wood (Monument)
MDV29239Charcoal hearth in Hitchcombe Wood (Monument)
MDV29268Charcoal hearth in Hitchcombe Wood (Monument)
MDV29311Charcoal hearth in Hitchcombe Wood (Monument)
MDV29314Charcoal hearth in Hitchcombe Wood (Monument)
MDV29315Charcoal hearth in Hitchcombe Wood (Monument)
MDV29317Charcoal hearth in Hitchcombe Wood (Monument)
MDV29318Charcoal hearth in Hitchcombe Wood (Monument)
MDV29319Charcoal hearth in Hitchcombe Wood (Monument)
MDV29320Charcoal hearth in Hitchcombe Wood (Monument)
MDV29321Charcoal hearth in Hitchcombe Wood (Monument)
MDV29236Charcoal hearth in Hitchcombe Wood (Monument)
MDV29242Charcoal hearth in Hitchcombe Wood (Monument)
MDV29241Charcoal hearth in Hitchcombe Wood (Monument)
MDV29282Charcoal hearth in Houndsmoor Wood (Monument)
MDV29283Charcoal hearth in Houndsmoor Wood (Monument)
MDV29275Charcoal hearth in Houndsmoor Wood (Monument)
MDV29278Charcoal hearth in Houndsmoor Wood (Monument)
MDV29253Charcoal hearth in Houndsmoor Wood (Monument)
MDV29334Charcoal hearths in Hitchcombe Wood (Monument)
MDV27813China clay culvert on Hickley Ridge (Monument)
MDV27814China clay culvert on Hickley Ridge (Monument)
MDV133434Clearance cairns, Dittisham Wood (Monument)
MDV133175Curvilinear earthwork in Erme Wood (Monument)
MDV133612Curvilinear enclosure in Combland Wood, Newton St Cyres (Monument)
MDV133391Dressing floor in South Park Wood, Holne (Monument)
MDV133418Dry leat in Burrator Wood (Monument)
MDV133443Dry leat in Meldon Woods (Monument)
MDV133342Dry leat in Shere Wood (Monument)
MDV133392Earth bank and ditch in South Park Wood, Holne (Monument)
MDV133404Earth bank in South Park Wood, Holne (Monument)
MDV133136Earthwork in Boro Wood (Monument)
MDV132874Enclosure at Brendon, Thornbury (Monument)
MDV132872Enclosure circa 125m north-east of Paddocks, Brendon, Thornbury (Monument)
MDV7985Enclosure in Boro' Wood, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV132875Enclosure to south of Brendon, Thornbury (Monument)
MDV132316Extractive pit or enclosure south-west of Redstone, Germansweek (Monument)
MDV28574Extractive pit west of Sharpitor, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV27079Field system on a west-facing slope of Little Mis Tor, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV133435Field walls, Dittisham Wood (Monument)
MDV133380Former field system south of Adams Hele Farm, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV51529Former gravel pit, Walkhampton Common (Monument)
MDV51528Former gravel pit, Walkhampton Common (Monument)
MDV28235Former roadside quarry, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV133226Fragment of reave in Mel Tor Wood (Monument)
MDV3606Great Sortridge / Plaster Consuls, Whitchurch (Monument)
MDV1666Hillfort in South Longridge Woods, Lydford (Monument)
MDV11975Hillfort south of Halsdon House, Dolton (Monument)
MDV132313Hilltop enclosure at West Banbury, Broadwoodwidger (Monument)
MDV133668Hilltop enclosure noth-east of Orway Cross, Kentisbeare (Monument)
MDV133131Holloway or track in Boro Wood (Monument)
MDV133142Holloway or track in Boro Wood (Monument)
MDV133417Hut circle settlement, Burrator Wood (Monument)
MDV52430Hut circle within enclosure to the west of Cross Gate, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV129075Hut within settlement north of Bala Brook (Monument)
MDV132540Knight of Dart (Monument)
MDV28282Leat between Bala Brook and Petre's Pits Bottom (Monument)
MDV25959Leat channels, Roundhill Farm (Monument)
MDV25271Leat east of Drizzlecombe Brook, Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV130678Leat east of Southpark Wood, Holne (Monument)
MDV133138Leat in Boro Wood (Monument)
MDV133397Leat in South Park Wood, Holne (Monument)
MDV24945LEAT in the Parish of South Brent (Monument)
MDV24785Leat north of Avon Dam Reservoir, Dean Prior (Monument)
MDV25725Leat north of Peter's Pits Bottom (Monument)
MDV25724Leat north of Peter's Pits Bottom (Monument)
MDV25736Leat on Brent Moor (Monument)
MDV26439Leat on Brent Moor (Monument)
MDV26438Leat on Brent Moor (Monument)
MDV25316Leat on Harford Moor (Monument)
MDV25671Leat on Hickley Ridge (Monument)
MDV26427Leat on northern part of Brent Moor (Monument)
MDV25434Leat on northern side of Holne Ridge (Monument)
MDV25365Leat running north from Wellaby Gulf (Monument)
MDV27334Leat south-east of Great Nodden (Monument)
MDV25281Leat south-east of Yellowmead Down (Monument)
MDV24787Leat south-west of Lud Gate, West Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV24853Leat west of Zempson Farm, Dean Prior (Monument)
MDV24854Leat west of Zempson Farm, Dean Prior (Monument)
MDV28227Leat, Walkhampton Common (Monument)
MDV28214Leats, Walkhampton Common (Monument)
MDV132308Linear bank south-west of Germansweek (Monument)
MDV29387Longhouse in King's Wood, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV75586Medieval settlement in South Longridge Woods (Monument)
MDV133370Mine shaft and spoil heap in Shere Wood (Monument)
MDV53895Mine shaft on Plaster Down, Whitchurch (Monument)
MDV14219Okehampton Deer Park. Okehampton Hamlets (Monument)
MDV29416Old stone wall in Charles Wood (Monument)
MDV133478Old trackway in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV133479Old trackway in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV28218Openwork near Settlement south of Leeden Tor (Monument)
MDV133583Ornamental Tree Ring, Coryton, West Devon (Monument)
MDV1668Oval Enclosure in Brandis Wood (Monument)
MDV13135Pedlar's Brook, Harford (Monument)
MDV133326Pillow mound in Mel Tor Wood (Monument)
MDV133225Pillow mounds in Mel Tor Wood (Monument)
MDV133385Pit in South Park Wood, Holne (Monument)
MDV133132Pits in Boro Wood (Monument)
MDV29391Platform and brick box in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV133473Platform in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV29388Platform in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV29392Platform in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV29394Platform in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV29395Platform in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV29396Platform in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV29397Platform in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV29398Platform in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV29399Platform in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV29400Platform in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV29402Platform in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV29403Platform in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV29407Platform in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV29406Platform in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV29401Platform in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV133474Platform in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV29405Platforms in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV29333Possible charcoal hearth in Hitchcombe Wood (Monument)
MDV29389Possible dam, King's Wood (Monument)
MDV26436Possible leat on Brent Moor (Monument)
MDV26437Possible leat on Brent Moor (Monument)
MDV133377Possible old routes, Shere Wood (Monument)
MDV133475Possible platform in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV133476Possible platform in King's Wood (Monument)
MDV133416Prehistoric enclosure with hut, Burrator Wood (Monument)
MDV133386Prospecting pit in South Park Wood, Holne (Monument)
MDV133390Prospecting pits in South Park Wood, Holne (Monument)
MDV29390Quarry in King's Wood, West Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV133384Quarry in South Park Wood, Holne (Monument)
MDV133227Reaves south-west of Rowbrook (Monument)
MDV133407Rectangular Earthworks, southwest of Hembury Fort. (Monument)
MDV133048Rectilinear ditched enclosure in Lew Wood, Lewtrenchard (Monument)
MDV132315Rectilinear ditched enclosure south of Burscott, Thrushelton (Monument)
MDV132314Rectilinear double ditched enclosure south of Burscott, Thrushelton (Monument)
MDV133381Ridge and furrow south of Adams Hele Farm, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV133525Round barrow on Ball Hill, Farway (Monument)
MDV29386Settlement in King's Wood, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV4211Settlement north-east of Shillapark, Dartmoor Forest (Monument)
MDV7986Shaft at Boro' Wood Castle, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV133388Shaft in South Park Wood, Holne (Monument)
MDV133396Shaft in South Park Wood, Holne (Monument)
MDV133341Shaft or pit in Shere Wood (Monument)
MDV20453Silver lead mine in Meldon Woods (Monument)
MDV28217Stanlake Eluvial Streamworks, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV133456Stone walled enclosure, Old Walls (Monument)
MDV133457Stone walls in wood, Old Walls (Monument)
MDV25731Streamworking along stream between Zeal Plains and Brent Moor (Monument)
MDV133334Streamworking around Pixie's House, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV61831Streamworking in Flat Wood, Meavy (Monument)
MDV13449Streamworking on the Bala Brook, South Brent (Monument)
MDV12826Streamworks in woodland to south-east of Eggworthy, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV27081Streamworks on west facing slope of Little Mis Tor (Monument)
MDV27325Streamworks south of Great Nodden (Monument)
MDV132989Strip fields around Haxton, Bratton Fleming (Monument)
MDV133129Surface excavations in Boro Wood (Monument)
MDV133130Surface quarries in Boro Wood (Monument)
MDV130627Tin prospecting pits, Walkhampton Common (Monument)
MDV28229Tin prospecting pits, Walkhampton Common (Monument)
MDV133140Track in Boro Wood (Monument)
MDV133224Trackway in Mel Tor Wood (Monument)
MDV21214Tree ring enclosure, west of Pennard's Point (Monument)
MDV28228Trial pits, Walkhampton Common (Monument)
MDV133141Wall in Boro Wood (Monument)
MDV133389Whim platform, shaft and spoil heaps in South Park Wood, Holne (Monument)
MDV2344Yennadon Iron Mine (Monument)