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Title:Environment Agency LIDAR Composite DTM 2022 - 1m
Originator:Environment Agency WMS
Summary:Raster elevation model at 1m spatial resolution. Combining EAs Time Stamped archive and National LIDAR Programme, merged and re-sampled to give the best possible coverage. Where repeat surveys have been undertaken the newest, best resolution data is used. The 2022 LIDAR Composite includes surveys undertaken between 6th June 2000 and 2nd April 2022. Further details: https://www.data.gov.uk/dataset/01b3ee39-da3f-47b6-83da-dc98e73a461f/lidar-composite-dtm-2022-1m

Associated Monuments (133)

MDV25368Bank north of Meltor Wood (Monument)
MDV25200Bank or reave north-east of Beacon Cottages (Monument)
MDV134078Barrow to south-east of Northmostown, Newton Poppleford (Monument)
MDV134620Bowl Barrow, east of Brooklyns, Exbourne (Monument)
MDV134872Building or enclosure within Fort No. 3, Berry Head, Brixham (Monument)
MDV13068Cairn in field north of West Wyke, South Tawton (Monument)
MDV132246Cairn to the west of Stalldown, Cornwood (Monument)
MDV13052Cairns in field at Skaigh Warren, South Tawton (Monument)
MDV13053Cairns in field at Skaigh Warren, South Tawton (Monument)
MDV134866Chapel to north-west of Venn Barton, Beaworthy (Monument)
MDV13739Charcoal burner's hearth, Chase Wood (Monument)
MDV13735Charcoal burner's hearth, Chase Wood (Monument)
MDV13740Charcoal burner's hearth, Chase Wood (Monument)
MDV134229Charcoal burner's hearth, Chase Wood (Monument)
MDV134230Charcoal burner's hearth, Chase Wood (Monument)
MDV134231Charcoal burner's hearth, Chase Wood (Monument)
MDV134232Charcoal burner's hearth, Chase Wood (Monument)
MDV134233Charcoal burner's hearth, Chase Wood (Monument)
MDV134234Charcoal burner's hearth, Chase Wood (Monument)
MDV134235Charcoal burner's hearth, Chase Wood (Monument)
MDV13736Charcoal burner's hearth, Chase Wood (Monument)
MDV134237Charcoal burner's hearth, Chase Wood (Monument)
MDV134238Charcoal burner's hearth, Chase Wood (Monument)
MDV134239Charcoal burner's hearth, Chase Wood (Monument)
MDV134240Charcoal burner's hearth, Chase Wood (Monument)
MDV134241Charcoal burner's hearth, Chase Wood (Monument)
MDV134242Charcoal burner's hearth, Chase Wood (Monument)
MDV134243Charcoal burner's hearth, Chase Wood (Monument)
MDV134244Charcoal burner's hearth, Chase Wood (Monument)
MDV134245Charcoal burner's hearth, Chase Wood (Monument)
MDV13067Clearance cairn in field north-east of West Wyke, South Tawton (Monument)
MDV134417Curvilinear Enclosure, Black Torrington (Monument)
MDV25201Ditch in wood north of Beacon Cottages (Monument)
MDV134215D-shaped enclosure, west of Mambury Farm, East Putford. (Monument)
MDV134710Earth banks in in Skaigh Wood (Monument)
MDV134135Earthworks on Four Shilling Moor, Northlew (Monument)
MDV134883Enclosure and earthworks to east of Great Rutleigh Farm, Northlew (Monument)
MDV78909Enclosure and field system west of Poundsgate (Monument)
MDV60805Enclosure at Birch Hill Wood, Buckland Filleigh (Monument)
MDV26810Enclosure in reave system at Chinkwell Tor (Monument)
MDV134857Enclosure to north-north-west of Greenhill Cross, Poughill (Monument)
MDV134882Enclosure to south of Higher Southcombe, Northlew (Monument)
MDV134858Enclosure to south of Upcott, Dowland (Monument)
MDV134718Enclosure within field system on Holwell Lawn (Monument)
MDV26484Enclosures north-west of Brake Corner (Monument)
MDV134867Enclosures on Wadland Down, Beaworthy (Monument)
MDV21521Field system at Skaigh Warren (Monument)
MDV25367Field system east of Mel Tor, Widecombe (Monument)
MDV26254Field system north-west of Huccaby Farm (Monument)
MDV26976Field system on Hedge Down, Manaton (Monument)
MDV26977Field system on Holwell Lawn, Manaton (Monument)
MDV25134Field system south-west of Poundsgate, Widecombe in the Moor (Monument)
MDV134868Hollow way to west of Hanginghill Wood, Ashbury (Monument)
MDV26251Hut circle 180m east of Mel Tor, Widecombe (Monument)
MDV26252Hut circle east of Mel Tor, Widecombe (Monument)
MDV25304Hut circle in field south of Shaden Moor (Monument)
MDV3306Hut circle in settlement south-west of Deadlake Foot (Monument)
MDV3308Hut circle in settlement south-west of Deadlake Foot (Monument)
MDV7517Hut circle on Hedge Down (Monument)
MDV7518Hut circle on Hedge Down (Monument)
MDV134725Hut circle on Thornworthy Down (Monument)
MDV7516Hut circle settlement on Hedge Down (Monument)
MDV55522Hut circle settlement west of Lower Shapley (Monument)
MDV6649Hut circles in settlement west of Higher Shapley (Monument)
MDV50749Hut in settlement south-west of Deadlake Foot, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV50750Hut in settlement south-west of Deadlake Foot, Peter Tavy (Monument)
MDV6632Hut in settlement west of Lower Shapley, Chagford (Monument)
MDV134129Hut in streamworking east of Southerly Down (Monument)
MDV134130Hut in streamworking east of Southerly Down (Monument)
MDV5943Hut on the south-eastern slope of Hartland Tor (Monument)
MDV134720Hut south-east of enclosure on Holwell Lawn (Monument)
MDV134719Hut within field system on Holwell Lawn (Monument)
MDV13069Large cairn in field north of West Wyke, South Tawton (Monument)
MDV28287Leat at Holne Lee (Monument)
MDV28288Leat at Huntingdon Warren (Monument)
MDV28193Leat east of Crazy Well Pool, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV134252Leat in Chubbtor Wood (Monument)
MDV25899Leat in Rock Plantation, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV133335Leat in Scae Wood, Buckfastleigh (Monument)
MDV25967Leat on east bank of the Cherry Brook (Monument)
MDV24687Leats associated with openwork 1000m north of Gibby Coombe (Monument)
MDV134253Leats in Mabor Wood (Monument)
MDV26797Line of trial pits south of Honeybag Tor, Widecombe in the Moor (Monument)
MDV134236Linear earthwork, Chase Wood (Monument)
MDV28210Linear feature on Walkhampton Common, west of Princetown (Monument)
MDV134479Linear feature west of Princetown (Monument)
MDV134293Linear features north-west of Great Combe, Holne (Monument)
MDV25379Lynchet east of Simon's Lake, Widecombe (Monument)
MDV28291Lynchet in field north-west of Great Combe, Holne (Monument)
MDV28292Lynchets in field north-west of Great Combe, Holne (Monument)
MDV6404Lynchets in field system around Hexworthy (Monument)
MDV25454Lynchets north of Little Stennents Plantation (Monument)
MDV25449Lynchets north-west of Huccaby Farm (Monument)
MDV62675Millpond to west of Middlehill, Tedburn St Mary (Monument)
MDV134255Mine adit in Birchanger Wood (Monument)
MDV134254Mine shaft in Birchanger Wood (Monument)
MDV8072Mine shaft of Sigford Consols Mine, Ilsington (Monument)
MDV49641Mine shafts at Furzehill Mine, Walkhampton (Monument)
MDV134092Motte to the west of Woodlands Farm, Littleham (Monument)
MDV134900Mounds on Summer Moor, Swimbridge (Monument)
MDV24756Open cut north-west of Great Combe, Holne (Monument)
MDV78205Openwork, 180m south-west of the Holne Moor Leat (Monument)
MDV25140Parallel reave system around Hannaford Manor, Widecombe (Monument)
MDV134879Parkland and gardens at Ashbury (Monument)
MDV134292Partial circular feature north-west of Great Combe, Holne (Monument)
MDV134722Pillow mound in Skaigh Warren (Monument)
MDV134723Pillow mound in Skaigh Warren (Monument)
MDV64149Pillow mound north of Ivy Tor, South Tawton (Monument)
MDV64150Pillow mound on South Tawton Common (Monument)
MDV13741Platform, Chase Wood (Monument)
MDV134278Possible building in Scae Wood (Monument)
MDV134726Possible enclosure on Thornworthy Down (Monument)
MDV134716Possible hut on Hedge Down (Monument)
MDV134717Possible hut on Hedge Down (Monument)
MDV134721Possible hut south-east of enclosure on Holwell Lawn (Monument)
MDV34275Possible wall in field north of West Wyke, South Tawton (Monument)
MDV134472Quarry excavation adjacent to track bed, Foggintor Quarry (Monument)
MDV35347Ridge and furrow north of Hexworthy Farm (Monument)
MDV13359Ridge and furrow on Aish Ridge, South Brent (Monument)
MDV25063Ridge and furrow on Lynch Common (Monument)
MDV25149Ridge and furrow south-west of Rewdown Cross (Monument)
MDV134856Ring ditch or barrow to the east of Yeomadon Cross, Clawton (Monument)
MDV134291Roughly circular feature north-west of Great Combe, Holne (Monument)
MDV52433Section of leat south-east of Cuckoo Rock, Sheepstor (Monument)
MDV6453Settlement east of Mel Tor (Monument)
MDV51833Small reservoir north of Dart Vale, Ashburton (Monument)
MDV27491Streamworks on Throwleigh Common (Monument)
MDV134279Sunken lane running through Scae Wood (Monument)
MDV25066Three areas of ridge and furrow on Ringmoor Down (Monument)
MDV134251Tin working at northern edge of Mabor Wood (Monument)
MDV134287Tinworking in Horseshoe Falls woodland (Monument)
MDV34273Wall in field north of West Wyke, South Tawton (Monument)
MDV34274Wall in field north of West Wyke, South Tawton (Monument)