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Originator:Department of Environment
Summary:Petrol filling station and station attendants house.1930 by architects Orphoot and Whiting of Bideford for Christine Hamlyn. Brick walls, all roughcast and whitewashed, hipped and gabled slate roofs. Plan: in 2 halves; to right the petrol filling area with a covered filling area (a sort of port-clochere), flanking service rooms and shop at rear; to left the station-attendants house; all in a loose Italianate style; "a model of its kind". Exterior: covered filling area with a hipped roof with a bellcast, on front 2 narrow semi-circular headed archways which flank abroad central square-headed opening, emphasised imposts, underneath these arches stood the original petrol pumps, now replaced by those of the late c20; broad square-head opening on each return through which vehicles enter; along the rear the shop and cash-register area, this with a large replaced wood shop-front, flanking service rooms, hipped roofs, to left with a plank door (oil stove), to right lavatories; attached to the right the attendants house; single storey and attic, 2 coped verges to gables with rendered stacks at their apexes, small gabled central dormer with a 2-light 12-pane metal casement; 2 window openings on the ground floor, altered c20 3-light casements, flanking a central door opening in a projecting porch with incurving side walls, inserted altered late c20 outer door opening with small original corbels at eaves level. Short section of wall to each side of the house, ramped down to end piers with ball caps, a semi-circular head throughway to right, to left an inserted 2-light semi-circular head casement; leanto at rear; this formerly thought to be an ornamental verandah.

Associated Monuments (104)

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MDV74962Two Cottages south-west of Wrinkleberry School, Clovelly (Building)
MDV63553Walls enclosing Kitchen Gardens, with Gazebo and Cottage, Clovelly Court (Building)