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Title:Notes on Two Wrecks at Westward Ho!
Originator:Hughes, B. D.
Summary:The larger of 2 wooden ship hulls. Length 82', width 25'. Lying roughly n-s parallel to and 300 yds seaward of present base of pebbleridge. Bows seem to be at N end and are almost semicircular, stern is more oval. Frames are of oak varying in cross section from timbers 9" square at bow and stern to more widely spaced 12" by 8" frames amidships. Many frames are doubled and joined by 1.25" diam oak trunnels. The 2" planking is joined to the frames by trunnels, as is the 1.25" inner ceiling. Hull slightly tilted to sea with c.4-5' of hull still under sand and large pebbles. The tilt has left the port side bilge strakes protected + in position. The starboard ones are missing. These strakes are made up of 2 10" by 5" timbers laid edge to edge. Amidships is a section of doubled planking above the strakes, made up of an inner plank of 3.5" timber and 1.5" outer plank with what could be a layer of felt in between. The only metal found on the hill was an iron pin in the upper edge of one of the bilge strakes on the port quarter. The wreck lies on a bearing of 340 degrees magnetic N from corner of wall at top of slipway. Northam church tower has a bearing of 120 degrees from the wreck. As a wooden vessel would be driven ashore to the limit of high water and would settle into a scour pit, we can assume that this ship went aground at the base of the existing pebbleridge. Keene estimates the average landward movement of the pebbleridge as one yard per year over the past 125 years. Inspection of maps + Admiralty charts dated 1809 to 1995 also gives an average of one yard per year. The position of the wreck would therefore suggest a date at the end of the 17th century. This would be consistent with the shape + trunnel construction.

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