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Title:Devon Shipwrecks
Originator:Larn, R.

Associated Monuments (67)

MDV2644Appledore Bible Christian (Ebenezer) Chapel (Monument)
MDV50848Beached vessel, possibly the Sally, at Westward Ho! Northam (Monument)
MDV18298Chantiloupe (Maritime)
MDV44686COMMEMORATIVE MONUMENT in the Parish of Malborough (Monument)
MDV18300Crossowen (Maritime)
MDV42473Dragon (Maritime)
MDV18299Driad (Maritime)
MDV8362Gold Coins found at Blackpool Sands (Find Spot)
MDV48806Great Mew Stone, Settlement (Monument)
MDV44790Hibernia Launch (Maritime)
MDV53086HMS Crown Prize (Maritime)
MDV46048HMS Montagu grounded on rocks off Shutter Point, Lundy (Monument)
MDV18295Jebba (Maritime)
MDV44656Jeune Adelle (Maritime)
MDV18305Lalla Rookh (Maritime)
MDV43349Lloyd's Signal Station, Prawle Point (Monument)
MDV18304Meirion (Maritime)
MDV44791Portsmouth Hoy (Maritime)
MDV51832Resolution (Maritime)
MDV42475Ruperra (Maritime)
MDV45491Settlement at South Hallsands (Monument)
MDV42472SS Maine wreck, 2 miles south of Bolt Head Brixham (Monument)
MDV71237SS Persier Steamer, wrecked off Bigbury Bay (Monument)
MDV45493Stained Glass at Stokenham Parish Church (Find Spot)
MDV18306The Gossamer, tea clipper ship, wrecked off Ballsaddle Rock (Monument)
MDV42474Volere (Maritime)
MDV42476Westmoreland (Maritime)
MDV44737WRECK in the Parish of (Maritime)
MDV44195WRECK in the Parish of (Maritime)
MDV53574WRECK in the Parish of (Maritime)
MDV53576WRECK in the Parish of (Maritime)
MDV44802WRECK in the Parish of Plymouth (Maritime)
MDV42834WRECK in the Parish of Plymouth (Maritime)
MDV46498Wreck of Jenny, Lundy (Maritime)
MDV57912Wreck of the Ab near Clovelly (Maritime)
MDV58148Wreck of the Amoretta near Bideford (Maritime)
MDV42489Wreck of the Cantabria in Steeple Cove, Malborough (Monument)
MDV58188Wreck of the Clifton at Bideford Bar (Maritime)
MDV57916Wreck of the Dewi Wyn near Clovelly (Maritime)
MDV51987Wreck of the Empire Grove near Hole Rock, off Hartland (Maritime)
MDV44756Wreck of the Green Ranger at Longpeak, Hartland (Maritime)
MDV57817Wreck of the Gregynog off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV42487Wreck of the Herzogin Cecilie in Starehole Bay (Monument)
MDV14370Wreck of the HMS Ramillies off Bolt Tail (Monument)
MDV51964Wreck of the Hoche on Blegberry Cliff, Hartland (Maritime)
MDV44754Wreck of the Huddersfield under Gawlish Cliff, Hartland (Maritime)
MDV52268Wreck of the Johannan & Mary on Bideford Bar (Maritime)
MDV42490Wreck of the Liberta off Bolt Head (Monument)
MDV57914Wreck of the Little Jane near Clovelly (Maritime)
MDV57179Wreck of the London, Rapparee Cove, Ilfracombe, North Devon (Monument)
MDV43504Wreck of the Louis Sheid (Maritime)
MDV57918Wreck of the Melbury on Exmouth Bar (Maritime)
MDV57919Wreck of the Odone at Portledge (Maritime)
MDV57816Wreck of the Ouse off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV58198Wreck of the Paquebot-de-Brest at Abbotsham Rocks (Maritime)
MDV57915Wreck of the Perrosien near Clovelly (Maritime)
MDV42492Wreck of the Providence off Bolt Head. (Monument)
MDV57818Wreck of the Saint Georges off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV58149Wreck of the Salisbury on Northam Burrows (Maritime)
MDV18293Wreck of the San Pedro el Mayor, Hope Cove (Monument)
MDV57827Wreck of the Sir R R Vyvyan at Hartland (Maritime)
MDV42488Wreck of the Soudan off Bolt Head (Monument)
MDV58187Wreck of the Supreme Sagesse off Bideford Harbour (Maritime)
MDV58151Wreck of the Susanna at Northam Burroughs (Maritime)
MDV44884Wreck of the Tehwija at Ocombe Point, Exmouth (Maritime)
MDV57936Wreck of the Thistlemor to the north-east of Clovelly (Maritime)
MDV58096Wreck of the Woodlands near Clovelly Pier (Maritime)