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Title:Admiralty Chart 1164b
Originator:United Kingdom Hydrographic Office

Associated Monuments (73)

MDV50848Beached vessel, possibly the Sally, at Westward Ho! Northam (Monument)
MDV58262Beacon Foundations in Taw Estuary (Monument)
MDV57575Columbo (Maritime)
MDV57572Francis Anne (Maritime)
MDV57574Hannah More (Maritime)
MDV46048HMS Montagu grounded on rocks off Shutter Point, Lundy (Monument)
MDV57573Landing Beach Wreck (Maritime)
MDV57577Mary (Maritime)
MDV58144Remains of a wooden barge, River Torridge. (Maritime)
MDV57621Site of the Wreck of the Senagambie off Hartland (Maritime)
MDV58261Taw Estuary Beacon Foundations (Monument)
MDV58147Torridge, 3 Wooden Hulks (Maritime)
MDV58260Torridge, Wooden Sailing Barge (Maritime)
MDV58146WRECK in the Parish of Westleigh (Maritime)
MDV51974Wreck of an American Ship off Hartland Quay (Maritime)
MDV57913Wreck of an unidentified Vessel at Clovelly (Maritime)
MDV57917Wreck of an Unknown Vessel at Clovelly (Maritime)
MDV51984Wreck of Frederick II off Hartland (Maritime)
MDV58263Wreck of French Vessel at Bideford Bar (Monument)
MDV57609Wreck of the Reine Francois Leonie off Embury Beacon, Hartland (Maritime)
MDV57912Wreck of the Ab near Clovelly (Maritime)
MDV57815Wreck of the Abracadabrante off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57615Wreck of the Affo off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57610Wreck of the Alexandra off Hartland (Maritime)
MDV57819Wreck of the Alexandra off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57595Wreck of the Alexandria, Spekes Mill, Hartland (Maritime)
MDV57940Wreck of the Alpha near Clovelly (Maritime)
MDV57590Wreck of the Anne off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57596Wreck of the Auspicious off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57598Wreck of the Bessie, 3 miles off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57616Wreck of the Briez Huel off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57606Wreck of the Cottager off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57916Wreck of the Dewi Wyn near Clovelly (Maritime)
MDV57594Wreck of the Diligence off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57814Wreck of the Dimithrous off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57591Wreck of the Dolly, Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57603Wreck of the Eclipse off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57617Wreck of the Electra off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV51987Wreck of the Empire Grove near Hole Rock, off Hartland (Maritime)
MDV57605Wreck of the Fame off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57817Wreck of the Gregynog off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57601Wreck of the Iris off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57597Wreck of the Isabella near Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57914Wreck of the Little Jane near Clovelly (Maritime)
MDV57600Wreck of the Lochlibo near Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57602Wreck of the Mars at Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57918Wreck of the Melbury on Exmouth Bar (Maritime)
MDV57820Wreck of the Molly B off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57607Wreck of the Nancy off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57919Wreck of the Odone at Portledge (Maritime)
MDV57816Wreck of the Ouse off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV58198Wreck of the Paquebot-de-Brest at Abbotsham Rocks (Maritime)
MDV57915Wreck of the Perrosien near Clovelly (Maritime)
MDV57813Wreck of the Poitieros off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57911Wreck of the Pomona near Clovelly (Maritime)
MDV57592Wreck of the Providence, Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57604Wreck of the Queen off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57620Wreck of the Queenswood off Hartland (Maritime)
MDV57821Wreck of the Radyr off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57608Wreck of the Ravald off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57618Wreck of the Rollon off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57613Wreck of the Royal Saxon at Warren Cliff, Hartland (Maritime)
MDV57818Wreck of the Saint Georges off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57599Wreck of the Sarah at Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57827Wreck of the Sir R R Vyvyan at Hartland (Maritime)
MDV57611Wreck of the St. Joseph off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV58151Wreck of the Susanna at Northam Burroughs (Maritime)
MDV57936Wreck of the Thistlemor to the north-east of Clovelly (Maritime)
MDV57593Wreck of the Thomas near Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57614Wreck of the Tudor off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV57619Wreck of the Ville de Bayonne off Hartland Point (Maritime)
MDV58096Wreck of the Woodlands near Clovelly Pier (Maritime)
MDV57828Wreck off Hartland (Maritime)