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Yorkshire Dales National Park Historic Environment Record

Host Local Authority:
Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

Other Local Authority areas covered by HER:

Parts of North Yorkshire (Craven and Richmondshire), Cumbria (South Lakeland and Eden), Lancaster District

Contact information for key staff:
Name Job Title Telephone Email
Miles Johnson Senior Historic Environment Officer 01969 652361 herinfo@yorkshiredales.org.uk
Linda Smith Countryside Archaeological Advisor 01969 652360 linda.smith@yorkshiredales.org.uk 
Luke Bassnett Barker Countryside Archaeological Advisor 01969 652362  luke.barker@yorkshiredales.org.uk 

Access to HER information:
Access to Online Database: via Heritage Gateway
Information on HER Services:  https://www.yorkshiredales.org.uk/park-authority/looking-after/cultural-heritage/historic-environment-record/

North Yorkshire


Opening Hours:
9am - 5pm. Monday to Friday by appointment

Visitor Facilities:
Visitor PC with access to digital HER; printing and copying facilities (charges may be made for printing and copying).

Range of information available:
The Yorkshire Dales NPA HER is a computer database (HEROS) and GIS map-based record of all known archaeological and historical sites and buildings supported by hard copies of survey and research reports, local society publications, reports of developer funded interventions, an extensive aerial photographic collection (vertical and oblique), a collection of ground-based images and a small library.

Selected highlights of the HER and interpretative information about the heritage of the National Park are available on the Out of Oblivion website.

Information last updated 11 May 2020

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