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Monument Number 1044626

Hob Uid: 1044626
Location :
North Devon
Brendon and Countisbury
Grid Ref : SS7481043370
Summary : A prehistoric stone setting comprising at least two earthfast stones measuring (A) 0.6m x 0.15 x 0.27m high and (B) 0.3m x 0.1m x 0.1m high. There are four additional stones protruding through the turf but it cannot be established it they form part of a setting or are natural features.
More information : SS 74814337. A possible stone setting consisting of at least two stones.

This possible setting is situated about 375m above OD. on a fairly steep west-facing, heather, rough grass and bracken-covered slope, on the west side of Cheriton Ridge overlooking Hoaroak Water.

(Letters as shown on 1:100 Plan)

A - SS 7480443374 is a well set, upright stone 0.6m NW/SE by 0.15m and 0.27m high.

B - SS 7481343363 is a thin earthfast, well set, slatey slab 0.3m N/S by 0.1m and 0.2m high.

C - SS 7480443372 The top of a stone just protruding through the turf, 0.2m by 0.1m and 0.1m high. This could be no more than a natural stone.

D - SS 7480343365 The top of a stone 0.2m E/W by 0.05m protruding 0.05m high through the turf. It appears upright but may be natural.

E - SS 7480243361 A flat slab 0.6m by 0.5m level with the ground. Probably only the top of a natural stone.

F - SS 7482543349 A similar flat, ground-level, slab 0.7m by 0.2m possibly natural.

There is a scatter of natural stone in this area amongst which are several surface stones typical of those found associated with the Exmoor stone settings. Most of the stones in the area are rather dubious however the two stones, A and B are almost certainly earthfast set stones. Stones C to F though rather doubtful, may be associated with A and B and be the remnants of a possibly larger setting.

Stones A-F Surveyed at 1:100
Stones A and B Surveyed at 1:2500 (1)

Sources :
Source Number : 1
Source details : Sainsbury I S 15-SEP-1994 RCHME Field Investigation
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Monument Types:
Monument Period Name : Later Prehistoric
Display Date : Later Prehistoric
Monument End Date : 43
Monument Start Date : -4000
Monument Type : Stone Setting
Evidence : Structure

Components and Objects:
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External Cross Reference Source : National Monuments Record Number
External Cross Reference Number : SS 74 SW 141
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