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Hill Barn

Hob Uid: 1086588
Location :
Somerset West and Taunton
Grid Ref : SS9240040650
Summary : Hill Barn is visible as a ruined building with associated earthworks of a yard and pond.
More information : For details see Somerset SMR. (1)

A visit by the Somerset SMR officer in 1987 describes Hill Barn as follows "Only earthworks remain at the site - there is a pond with a substantial platform next to it and the vague outlines of the barn shown as just a few courses of stone".

Hill Barn is shown on the 1st edition OS 25" mapping of 1888 (sheet Somerset XLVI.3). A three-celled barn is depicted between two hedged paddocks or yards, one to the north, one to the south. At the southern end of the the latter is a large pond. (2)

The remains of Hill Barn are as described in the SMR. They seem to represent a former outfarm, probably associated with the enclosing of Harwood Brakes. (3)

Sources :
Source Number : 1
Source details : Somerset county SMR
Page(s) :
Figs. :
Plates :
Vol(s) :
Source Number : 2
Source : Ordnance Survey Map (Scale / Date)
Source details : Ordnance Survey 1st edition 25" mapping 1888. Somerset sheet XLVI.3
Page(s) :
Figs. :
Plates :
Vol(s) :
Source Number : 3
Source : Field Investigators Comments
Source details : R Wilson-North 23 July 1997 RCHME Field Investigation
Page(s) :
Figs. :
Plates :
Vol(s) :

Monument Types:
Monument Period Name : Post Medieval
Display Date : Post Medieval
Monument End Date : 1901
Monument Start Date : 1540
Monument Type : Barn, Yard, Pond
Evidence : Ruined Building, Earthwork

Components and Objects:
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External Cross Reference Source : SMR Number (Somerset)
External Cross Reference Number : 33519
External Cross Reference Notes :
External Cross Reference Source : National Monuments Record Number
External Cross Reference Number : SS 94 SW 46
External Cross Reference Notes :

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