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Brierley Moat

Hob Uid: 114344
Location :
Grid Ref : SO7983085890
Summary : Probable medieval moat, square with a raised central platform and possible building stones. A nearby marshy hollow is suggested to be an associated fishpond.
More information : (SO 79838589) Moat (NR).(1)

Brierley Moat lies on the 550 ft contour, on the western side of a
bluff which rises to a height of 580 ft. The site is approximately
square, and has a total area of 2500 square yards. The central
platform measures some 66 ft square and rises six feet from the
present moat surface. The moat seems to have been fed by natural
springs, and although the stream now flows along the northern channel
only, the whole of the moat is muddy. The banks on the outer lip of
the moat have been ploughed out, except on the western side.

The platform has trees growing upon it, and there is considerable
evidence of stonework, particularly on the sides of the platform and
moat, and on the platform, and around the outer edges of the moat.

To the west a rectangular pool measuring 168 ft by 38 ft was probably
a fishpond associated with the moat. A further pool to the south
appears to fairly modern. To the west a possible earthwork feature
may represent a boundary or outer defence. To the south there are a
series of soil marks which were not investigated.(2)

The moat, generally as described above, was overgrown at the time of
investigation. The western bank is a retaining bank (on the downhill
side) and there is nothing to suggest that there were formerly banks
on the other sides. Individual stones were seen but no stonework in
situ. The outer slope of the southern arm has been reduced by

Published Survey (1:2500) revised on MSD.(3)

SO 79788584: A marshy flat hollow 0.5m in depth, 44.0m in length from
north-west to south-east and 5.0m in width at the higher, south-east
end, and 9.0m in width at the open, north-west end, its south-west
side is formed by a straight flat-topped bank, 8.0m in width, 1.4m in
height internally, and 1.0m in height externally, which turns
parallel to the track on its south-west side; it is connected to the
moat by a modern drainage ditch but its date and purpose is uncertain
and its association with the moat is doubtful although the suggestion
(3) is that it was a fishpond.

The field to the south was under grass, and nothing of significance
was seen. (4)

SO798859 Moat with fishpond noted in a list of moated sites in Shropshire (5)

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Monument Types:
Monument Period Name : Medieval
Display Date : Medieval
Monument End Date : 1540
Monument Start Date : 1066
Monument Type : Moat, Fishpond
Evidence : Earthwork
Monument Period Name : Post Medieval
Display Date : Post Medieval
Monument End Date : 1901
Monument Start Date : 1540
Monument Type : Moat, Fishpond
Evidence :

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External Cross Reference Number : SO 78 NE 6
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Start Date : 1979-06-05
End Date : 1979-06-05