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Historic England Research Records

Monument Number 115949

Hob Uid: 115949
Location :
Malvern Hills
Grid Ref : SO8477049140
Summary : Part of a Roman Milestone inscribed to Constantine the Great (AD 307-337) found before 1818. It is now in the Victoria Institute, Worcester.
More information : Part of a Roman milestone inscribed to Constantine the Great
broken in two pieces was found a few years before 1818 in the
kitchen garden of the Parsonage Farm, now Court House, Kempsey
at a depth of 4ft (SO 84774914). It appeared to have formed the
foundations of a building as it was associated with several other
stones cemented together and presumably came from the line of the
Roman road (RR 180) which runs north to south about a mile east
of Kempsey village. Now in the Victoria Institute, Worcester. (1-2)

Sources :
Source Number : 1
Source : The Roman inscriptions of Britain, 1. Inscriptions on stone : epigraphic indexes
Source details : No 2249
Page(s) : 2249
Figs. :
Plates :
Vol(s) : 1965
Source Number : 2
Source : Transactions of the Worcestershire Archaeological Society
Source details : (HE O'Neil)
Page(s) : 37-8
Figs. :
Plates :
Vol(s) : 33 - 1965

Monument Types:
Monument Period Name : Roman
Display Date :
Monument End Date : 337
Monument Start Date : 307
Monument Type : Milestone
Evidence : Find

Components and Objects:
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External Cross Reference Source : National Monuments Record Number
External Cross Reference Number : SO 84 NW 7
External Cross Reference Notes :

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