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Monument Number 1463329

Hob Uid: 1463329
Location :
North Devon
Lynton and Lynmouth
Grid Ref : SS7286044240
Summary : A late Neolithic or early Bronze Age single stone row, 99m long, lies on the west side of Warcombe Water.
More information : A stone row to the west of Warcombe Water was discovered by Celia Haddon in 2006. The stone row lies on a low spur defined by Warcombe Water and the West Lyn River. It is centred at SS 7286 4424 and lies on the edge of a terrace (a geomorphological rather than man-made landscape feature) on the west side of Warcombe Water, at a height of 320-330m OD. It comprises nine upright and three prone stones (A-L) which form a single row 99m long. Two further stones, a prone quartz block and an edge-set slab (M &N), on the same alignment and some 43m and 27m to the north-west were also recorded but are unlikely to be associated with the stone row.

The stones are all of pale yellow/grey sandstone, local to the area. Their dimensions are set out below

A48cm6cm8cmUpright & edge-set, slight lean to north
B30cm8cm11cmUpright & edge-set; lean to north
C16cm8cm10cmUpright post buried in heather
D36cm28cm7cmProne & close to original position
E26cm12cm12cmUpright post
F30cm10cm14cmUpright post, slight lean to north
G20cm9cm6cmUpright post
H17cm6cm10cmUpright post, lean to north
I20cm5cm7cmUpright & edge-set
J18cm14cm-Prone stone exposed by sheep path
K42cm13cm5cmProne stone off line, prob part of row
L13cm5cm9cmUpright & edge-set
M7cm7cm-Prone quartz block: doubtful
N26cm8cm5cmDoubtful upright

The stone row was recorded by the EH AS&I team (Exeter) using differential GPS at a scale of 1: 500 (1).

Sources :
Source Number : 1
Source : Field Investigators Comments
Source details : Riley, H 2007 EH Field Investigation
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Monument Types:
Monument Period Name : Late Neolithic
Display Date : Late Neolithic
Monument End Date : -2200
Monument Start Date : -2900
Monument Type : Stone Alignment
Evidence : Structure

Components and Objects:
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External Cross Reference Source : National Monuments Record Number
External Cross Reference Number : SS 74 SW 164
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