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St Marys Hospital

Hob Uid: 79804
Location :
North Yorkshire
Grid Ref : TA0236079470
Summary : Site of medieval hospital, documented in 1297, and cemetery, excavated in 1950, one skeleton and sherds of pottery were found, later buildings now cover the site. This may be the same as St Mary's Hospital, `Harfordlithe, by Willerby' documented in 1394.
More information : TA 0235 7953. Spital House on site of Hospital [G.T.]. (1)

Staxton Mediaeval Hospital Site and mediaeval cemetery [at
"A": TA02367947]: Finds in possession of T.C.M.Brewster. (2)

Excavations on site of the Hospitum of St Mary, in 1950 by T.C.M. Brewster:- old house & buildings, known as Spital Farm, now
cover part of former Hospice.

Main structures lie slightly to S.E. of present farm, to N. & W.
is a large enclosure bounded by a foss: part of its southern ditch
was the bed of a running stream, which was deepened when area
became enclosed: this channel makes the limit of the graveyard:
about 120 gaps. of coarse pottery, including a few glazed
piece, though mostly of the unglazed grey and red cooking-pot type
with sagging bases etc. (all sherds dated between c.1250 & 1310),
found in the channel. Suggestion [in 1a.] of 12th-13th century

3. Foundation belonging to priory at Bridlington. Trenching
to E. of Hospital revealed filling of chalk-stones, peat-ash,
bones & potsherds, 2 1/2' - 5" down, most of which was probably
from structures excavated previously; from centre of trench
towards the N., was a band of subsoil containing human bones,
under which were some frags. of 19th cent. [?], pottery.

Excavation of burying ground - area had been wrecked - revealed
only part of one skeleton "in situ"; under the vertebrae were 5 sherds of 13th-14th cent. coarse ware. 4 graves were located, 3 of which had remains of wooden stakes (2 birch & 1 pine) stuck into the
heaps of bones: many bones found in the soil, probably disturbed
during previous excavations. (3-3b)

TA 022 794. Hospital of St Mary, Staxton (site of). Scheduled no.
NY/558. (4)

Sources :
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Source details : OS 6" Prov 1909-1950
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Source Number : 5
Source : Medieval religious houses in England and Wales
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Monument Types:
Monument Period Name : Medieval
Display Date : Hospital documented in 1297
Monument End Date : 1297
Monument Start Date : 1297
Monument Type : Hospital, Cemetery, Inhumation
Evidence : Sub Surface Deposit, Find

Components and Objects:
Period : Medieval
Component Monument Type : Hospital, Cemetery, Inhumation
Object Type : VESSEL
Object Material : Pottery

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External Cross Reference Number : NY 558
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External Cross Reference Number : TA 07 NW 44
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Associated Activities : Primary, SPITAL HOUSE
Activity type : EXCAVATION
Start Date : 1950-01-01
End Date : 1950-12-31